What Actually Happens If You Get Coronavirus?

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What is the coronavirus and what does it actually do in your body?
Mask vs No Mask Lab Results - Do they work? ruvid.net/video/video-qDeP7-rUZmo.html
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Jan 29, 2020




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Comments 100
AsapSCIENCE 7 months ago
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Gibbles 3 days ago
Layne G
Layne G 8 days ago
No because it's like the Flu
Sensake gacha
Sensake gacha 17 days ago
It honestly makes it more scary 😅
TOP 10 FACTS 2 months ago
Top -10 Covid 19 affected countries list ruvid.net/video/video-A1uJdrWabdQ.html
I Am A Human
I Am A Human 2 months ago
Sup Sapi
Sup Sapi 2 hours ago
Im no see no talk.all bullshitt
Sup Sapi
Sup Sapi 2 hours ago
Its a big rush all.wat rush.pasien dengan penobat saa2 curiga akbibatnya pasien ngak dapat obat makanya tewas yang si aalahkan siapaa.its all about rush.maybe they win in this time nut iff ur sonot listen that fuker maybe we are be human againn
Searia Kett
Searia Kett 6 hours ago
The *United States* now has a _Death Toll_ of *200,000* Souls. ▪︎▪︎▪︎ 🤬 Trump has blood on his hands.
janet namuleme
janet namuleme 7 hours ago
I am wiping myself with virus killing wipes it might ruin my skin but idc
Muneerah Robbani
Muneerah Robbani 19 hours ago
Year 2020
Year 2020 Day ago
"WHO" is watching this in 2021
yixing's favourite exo-l
I watched this in February, when corona virus had Just started spreading in Italy,where I live, the good old times, little did I know there would have been 30 millions cases later on.
Retro Startrust
im hoping my mom recovers and thanks for the information
Super Gaming cupcake
I am sick my head hurts my whole body hurts I am scared and crying 😢
trevor baker
trevor baker 3 days ago
7 months ago? Yikes
LH Yoo
LH Yoo 4 days ago
Eric Jia
Eric Jia 4 days ago
There is no evidence that COVID-19 came from China wuhan
Mateo Browne
Mateo Browne 4 days ago
Faith Megarry
Faith Megarry 6 days ago
This “pandemic” is a scam
Always_Dreaming 6 days ago
I was watching Dorime shitposts and now I'm here like 👁👄👁
GamingTime 6 days ago
Me has Flu The Test: Positive Me: 🖕
Rosé the Protégé
It’s all fun and games till *115* starts playing
dumb rat b!tch
dumb rat b!tch 6 days ago
TheFykxian 7 days ago
I Know How To Prevent Corruptionvirus. Bring A Table Wherever You Go. This Is Proven To Work, As Seen In Restaurants, Planes, And Other Food Places. You Have To Walk In With A Muzzle, But Can Take It Off While Eating. I'm Telling You, This Is The First Sapient Virus To Ever Exist.
Fifamaker Y
Fifamaker Y 7 days ago
28 million cases 900,000 deaths
surkid101 b
surkid101 b 7 days ago
The ONE thing America can brag about..
Oscar birch
Oscar birch 8 days ago
Future comments be like : "wHos WaTcHiNg tHiS AfTeR ThEY fOunD A vAcCinE fOr Coronavirus 🌏😷
Tejas 9 days ago
Who here after 4 million cases in india
Tejas 9 days ago
Man the times were good when this video came😔😔
The MrMoney Playz
100 deaths then now...
Eduardo Cerna
Eduardo Cerna 10 days ago
Smh now we have 10m infected
Ruqayyah Ali
Ruqayyah Ali 10 days ago
Now when you look at it now there’s more people who died.......
Michael Mazzocco
Michael Mazzocco 11 days ago
26,000,000 cases now...
firewalk kenpachi
firewalk kenpachi 11 days ago
I love this channel so much. But wtf maaaaain? Why u pushing blame on china? How can i believe anything you're saying after this point?!?! I feel dirty right now
Cameron Mead
Cameron Mead 8 days ago
theyre not. theyre just saying that the cause is mainly from bad animal treatment in a market in china.
Charisse Jaia Galula Sia
who planned corona
HelloIts RandomJake
"132 dead and 6000 infected" Me from the future: "874,000 dead and 26 million infected"
Fernanda Canizares
Fernanda Canizares 12 days ago
What is bam bam
mmashearer 12 days ago
Hahae so good
Solar 12 days ago
China: we got it under control. A week later: Mr.worldwide
Anonymous Girl
Anonymous Girl 12 days ago
So we become zombies I wanna get corona now
Salvatrucho USA
Salvatrucho USA 12 days ago
I feel good knowing that cells take down virus take that you dumb viruses
Salvatrucho USA
Salvatrucho USA 12 days ago
How can 6000 be infected i dont believe
zac baldwin
zac baldwin 13 days ago
1:02 what is it?
Nxb Nv TenTen
Nxb Nv TenTen 13 days ago
My head is real hot my body feels weak i hope it's not covid
pianoforme122 13 days ago
wuhan virus
Not Now Narcolepsy
Not Now Narcolepsy 13 days ago
Sept 2020
carrot kid
carrot kid 13 days ago
I like thinking of it as a war in your body
Andy Lozano
Andy Lozano 14 days ago
1:11 love this momment
NotEpic 14 days ago
Jeez, this has COVID-19 has been going out for almost a year.
Ivan Karpenko
Ivan Karpenko 14 days ago
There is a 30 min Covid-19 at home saliva test from Columbia University. The company that licensed it is Sorrento Therapeutics $SRNE called Covi-Trace. Must see videos below. With this rapid test we can open the economy. ruvid.net/video/video-hgE0a1fWEiQ.html&ab_channel=CGTNEurope www.cnbc.com/video/2020/08/04/sorrento-therapeutics-on-the-companys-covid-19-saliva-test.html
Stanton Shirlee
Stanton Shirlee 14 days ago
Anyone still watch this video?
Jacqueline Wraight
Jacqueline Wraight 13 days ago
Stanton Shirlee yes
Gerardo Martin
Gerardo Martin 14 days ago
My school in January: just put some ice on it
Jacqueline Wraight
Jacqueline Wraight 13 days ago
KJ Gamiongs
KJ Gamiongs 15 days ago
This has been up for 7 months. Let that skin in.
Limeon Husky
Limeon Husky 15 days ago
if the virus' goal is to replicate itself, and multiply, then why does the virus eventually kill it's host, therefore killing itself?
Isabella Gaeta
Isabella Gaeta 15 days ago
bruh when its been 7 months and now its like 6 mill
Rosemary David
Rosemary David 15 days ago
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Thanos 15 days ago
Whos here after 1 billion people been diagnosed with covid-19? (Just saying for the future comments )
AeX on Music
AeX on Music 16 days ago
At the time I’m writing this there are 853.385 deaths cause of this virus😪 F’s in chat ladies and gentlemen 🥺
Jacqueline Wraight
Jacqueline Wraight 13 days ago
jordan fraser
jordan fraser 16 days ago
you guys seem intelligent and sweet and kind and lots of other positive things but coronavirus is 100 % phony.
ICC TV 16 days ago
corona : all your base are belong to us
Kauezito 17 days ago
20 million infected double diamond plaque going for 50 mill to get the cool unique plaque
Matt Caleb
Matt Caleb 17 days ago
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Abselhk 17 days ago
Just find the cure already!
tard reee
tard reee 18 days ago
Oh boy they dont know....
nawfal safaa
nawfal safaa 18 days ago
Hahahahha lol 132 dead do you even die bro pathetic 😭
Lou 18 days ago
I'm 16 and I just got it today. Sad :(
Jeremy Ang
Jeremy Ang 19 days ago
just missing a fix
Remi 19 days ago
who else thought they had covid-19 but it was just a common cold and were scared they were gonna die
Laljiahir 5
Laljiahir 5 20 days ago
*Now world ended bcz of covid19*
Noah Yong
Noah Yong 20 days ago
no way u live in toronto... i live there
Lqne 21 day ago
My entire insides is fighting a bigger war Isn't that crazy? There's an entire force of- *Cough* Oops I better drink my pills MY white cells need reinforcements
lazy xyz
lazy xyz 21 day ago
#Type_2_diabetes is the United States’ seventh-largest cause of death. Nearly 7 out of every 10 people with #diabetes over 65 years old will die of some type of #heart_disease, #stroke , #kidney_problems, #nerve_damage and eye_problems. according to the CDC. If you do, the average risk of death is about double that of someone the age does not and in this article, we going to share some research and knowledge about how can type 2 diabetes kill you. fitnessfact24.com/can-type-2-diabetes-kill-you-myths-facts/
Prabath Hemachandra
Why are you using hashtags, Dr.boomer?
itscarobaro! 21 day ago
Thank you for addresssing the racism!!
Fatima Jbari
Fatima Jbari 21 day ago
Sometimes i think i have corona vuirus
Create Ideas Plus
Create Ideas Plus 22 days ago
I share the video 🎥 how to make a mask 😷 with filters easy and fast at home ✔️♻️🌐 ruvid.net/video/video-DHaDmYHuDlc.html
Luka Gojšina
Luka Gojšina 22 days ago
4:14 endgame in nutshell
G00ober 22 days ago
Hearing you describe how a Virus lives off from cells reminds me of people who sit at home and gets money from those who work.
YungJayJay 22 days ago
cool masks to make a statement during Corona szn www.redbubble.com/shop/ap/54772522?asc=u
Jordan Vas
Jordan Vas 23 days ago
Covid damages lungs,heart,brain. So inhale eucalyptics oil steam for 7 days,also receive God Jesus died n arose,saved sinners,healed all. C ' Jesus heals' in Google
Elijah Santamaria
Elijah Santamaria 23 days ago
Can it happen at once
Lulu 23 days ago
what I've learned from this: ur body is awesome wear ur mask sub to asapSCIENCE
Alaska 23 days ago
4:09 not today nigga
Bea Bea
Bea Bea 23 days ago
Anyone else tested positive? It sucks not being able to taste or smell.
checkmate 24 days ago
You forgot to mention one *big* cause of "immuno-compromised" individuals... don't forget to use a love glove, IYKWIM...
EG Geforce
EG Geforce 24 days ago
1. how did you get those scenes from the inside of a body. and 2. thanks. i'ma go brag to my friends Lol. no but seriously. this is really cool. never knew i had a frickin' war in my body. what if i'm in a body and i'm a researcher. but slacks. what if i am in the body but am supposed to fight. what if bullys are really just viruses that you just ignore. and thats what makes the world a bad place. what if your in a war and think your the good guy but fighting. what if the bad guys thing the same. what if its all a simulation... WHAT IF IM A VIRUS. what if schools are teaching you to not turn into a virus. what if viruses were white cells but changed to viruses and got kicked out and tried to get revenge. what if medicine did nothing to the viruses. what if life was nothing. what if were a spec to the earth. are white cells supposed to make us then we make the world then the world makes the moon then the moon makes astroids then makes more planets which make up the galaxy. which makes the universe and other galaxys. and then black holes. what if there is no end. what if there is no barrier. what if there is. a barrier, a barrier that is around our galaxy. but people are just smart and make up stuff. what if all this came from other galaxys. what if aliens make these galaxys. what if no one was a person. what if we were all just cells. what if we all just died. what if the world had 0 people. what if animals were gone. what if there were ufos crashing into the earths core. what if there was a megalodon. what if there was a fire as big as the earths core. what if i am just dumb but my friends are smart. and i somehow teach them things/ what if we all burnt. what if we got eaten by a virus. what if animals were carrying viruses and when they die they turn into aliens. what if we all die and turn into aliens. what if the devil and god made up. what if we all got transformed into aliens. and we have 62 fingers. and we have elephant ears. what if we have no eyes but can still see. what if viruses were just a huge GOOD cell we think is bad. what if we had it for long enough we get used to it then it some how transfers to other people. and we all dont die to firuses and all live wars. what if life just turns into peace. WHAT IF WE ALL JUST TURN INTO BLOCKS. what if we were all lies. what if we were being recorded. what if we were a TV show. inf we all live... and all die. are we invincible. are we imortal. ARE WE AS BIG AS THE EMPIRE STATE BUILDING. what if all buildings are eral. and you thing thats what earthquakes are. what if they dicide to move together but then get unstable then try to get back down. and we are good. what if plates were white cells and thats how you get white cells. what if you lick a plate. do you get an extra cell. what if prison was just a punishment for nothing. what if cells were'nt real. what if prison was just black cells for confuesed people. what if cells had no purpose. what if we all got rid of our hearts, what if he had no spines. what if we didnt know how to do things. what if life is just something we dont need. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| Thank you for reading. these are all theories. please support my channel.| ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
Cameron Mead
Cameron Mead 8 days ago
how tf isnt there a read more button
Majettza 25 days ago
I have a good metabolism
Ghirahim 25 days ago
I have it, and it sucks :(
-strawberry icetea-
Gundham Tanaka hi gundham- But in all seriousness, I honestly hope you feel better soon!
Maeve C
Maeve C 23 days ago
Gundham Tanaka get well soon
Jae Woot
Jae Woot 25 days ago
Yassin Farah
Yassin Farah 26 days ago
Asia is shitwhole country specially China
Jake Watson
Jake Watson 23 days ago
I dont think you understand how important asia is to the rest of the world. You also Called it a Country sooo
mysticat ÙwÚ
mysticat ÙwÚ 26 days ago
This video is very helps very much because this also teaches people to be careful,and what happens when you get it so thank you for making this video.
Brett Murray
Brett Murray 26 days ago
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TheVlogShack 26 days ago
whos here after 10 000 000 infections
Joshua The Basketball Player
❤️ VS 🦠. heart wins 🖤VS🦠. virus wins
qltyqwtylv 27 days ago
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the one 2020
the one 2020 27 days ago
And. There you have the gr8 america again.
Samuel Rueda
Samuel Rueda 27 days ago
Like how inhale thing gotten so freaken fast 💨 😭😢😣😖😟😔🤕
Samuel Rueda
Samuel Rueda 27 days ago
Why does this happen like I watch this and like life gets harder and harder.
kaylla1000 27 days ago
;( 😥😥😥☠️☠️👎🏻
LeSmittySmith 27 days ago
Alot can happen in 6 months...
PJ RavenWolf
PJ RavenWolf 27 days ago
Man-Made Virus I thinking.
Sean Mcmahon
Sean Mcmahon 27 days ago
About 768000 deaths as of Rn
Lynda Macaulay Eden
I don't know what it is
ArkDiscovery ShroudTurin
THE CURE..... they don't want you to know. this video has been taken down everywhere except BITCHUTE.... www.bitchute.com/video/ziPzc6xY47ZC/
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