What a toxic friend looks like

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Jun 30, 2020




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Comments 11 384
Erik Toland
Erik Toland 21 day ago
As an Erik I am very offended
ERIC18 17 hours ago
Ahhhh yes another
Lard Lover
Lard Lover Day ago
Killian Well, it’s 3.5k now.
Jsandifer27 YT
Jsandifer27 YT 2 days ago
STIX Gaming
STIX Gaming 2 days ago
Iyioluwa Owoeye right joke, but WRONG time
Jasmine George
Jasmine George 23 minutes ago
-Let's go kidnap puppies-
Grey Ethington
Grey Ethington 2 hours ago
Thankyou swoozzie
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi 3 hours ago
offending or whatever.
Emira Gashi
Emira Gashi 7 hours ago
Well at least is better to have a friend then to have none like me :(
SO_NOT Plays
SO_NOT Plays 10 hours ago
Love it😍😍😍
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi 3 hours ago
doesn’t know how to take the word ‘no’ nor can she fathom compromise because she’s never had to.
Dj D
Dj D 11 hours ago
anupam das
anupam das 14 hours ago
Inell Lancaster
Inell Lancaster 15 hours ago
I'm a toxic friend I'm the freaking harley/joker of the group
Agera R
Agera R 19 hours ago
I have a toxic "friend" in my friend group and I always knew that he is toxic but others barely believed me and he turned everyone else toxic. They blame everything on me and they don't even go out that much anymore and if they do its just gossip, arguing, fighting and they're not even fun to me anymore, they're boring. So I cut them off.
Corona Virus
Corona Virus Day ago
sWooZie: “They are always the victim” Me remembering the type of people in society who love to claim victim hood: *You don’t say...*
Javier Olivera
Mack a video
The Frist Lord
This Erik has 80% chance that he is playing LoL
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui 21 hour ago
Great now how do you do this when there're your parents
Garnet Garcia
I haven’t seen a Swoozie video in literally years and he is every bit of entertaining and real as I remember lol what an OG
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui 21 hour ago
Where to get this jacket-_-
MATTSPACE587 Day ago
My dude put on da drip in this one
Olivia Wackt
Olivia Wackt Day ago
The dad of the group is you for sure 😂
YouTube Animator
my favourite part is when he says i have spoken
Potatoe O04
Potatoe O04 Day ago
Im sure not all things about toxic people in the video are true
Potatoe O04
Potatoe O04 Day ago
I support no injustice in the video and comment section if there is any
Valie Kabuya
Valie Kabuya Day ago
Inner thug jumped out
DuckyDae X
DuckyDae X Day ago
Honestly, I really needed this video right now. I’m having a little bit of a crisis with my two closest friends being toxic. One’s got compulsive liar as a personality trait and the other doesn’t know how to take the word ‘no’ nor can she fathom compromise because she’s never had to.
An Average Internet Idiot
Eric stands for Eric Cartman
I’m a V-22 Osprey
Ballin’ with the off white converse
I am terrified of the boy
Zakey Pritchard
I have spoken 👏🏾
Johnny Boi
Johnny Boi Day ago
Does "Eric" know about your channel because if he didnt i just imagine him telling you "oh im sorry il never do it again btw can i have a shout out for my social medias in ine of your vids thank youuuuuuu" XD
lucado 99
lucado 99 2 days ago
Where to get this jacket-_-
TheDede508 2 days ago
Great now how do you do this when there're your parents
Sleepy_ pando
Sleepy_ pando 2 days ago
I have a toxic friendship that I can’t avoid. She’s my cousin smh.
Daisy351 2 days ago
Haha, I have had a toxic friend. She talked about having sex with other people's boyfriends, baby daddy's and husbands. She gossiped about all her other friends. She is a fatty out of shape woman with tons of plastic surgery. And still looks horrible. I finally told her to quit wearing slutty clothes while working out at my home gym and around my husband. She got super offended. And now I am the bitch.
boujee izuku
boujee izuku 2 days ago
everyone needs a adonde in their Friend group
Brandy Resendiz
Brandy Resendiz 2 days ago
Like my brother :))))))
Karen King
Karen King 2 days ago
I really hope I'm not toxic. I've been called toxic before. I try my best to be a good person.
asioe kiou
asioe kiou 2 days ago
I think I might be a toxic friend and I’m trying to get better alsoooo (Erik: *watching this video 👁👄👁)
Anakin Skywalker
Anakin Skywalker 2 days ago
I had a toxic friend his name was obi won Kenobi I offered my hand to him so we can bring peace to the galaxy he denied and instead put me through mental and physical pain and left me in my suffering and as I promised my new empire brought peace and security to the galaxy and once we met agian I had no mercy for the pain he has put me through was too much his actions could not be forgiven...
asioe kiou
asioe kiou 2 days ago
vent in your comments section 😊 hope your doing good
Madmar500 2 days ago
This video is so accurate
Matlde B
Matlde B 2 days ago
Hello this video was really fun to watch, the animations are great too ! Im now subscribed :D
LUCIA ALCALA 2 days ago
Mack Whitelaw
Mack Whitelaw 2 days ago
All funny post more videos
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu 3 days ago
“watch yourself around Omar” all the Omar’s like me are 😞
bonnie underscore
I actually never had a toxic friend so I am ready😈
Lata Hoxha
Lata Hoxha 3 days ago
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu 3 days ago
Swoozie's holding the dog so Eric can't get to it
Richard Brisbane
Richard Brisbane 3 days ago
Love for Trinidad Respect
Ashley Ellis
Ashley Ellis 3 days ago
Bro your mad that he is leaving when he picked the movie what about HES ASKING SOMONE FOR THERE OWN CAR that he doesn't own. Btw love the vids
kenji montalban
kenji montalban 3 days ago
70% of my friends are toxic but they SOMETIMES do favors Wait i forgot to take my schizophrenia meds
avery 3 days ago
damn your skin looks good.
Heidi Tan
Heidi Tan 3 days ago
Xavier Ż
Xavier Ż 3 days ago
I have know this kid with both of those behaviors
senpieloven 3 days ago
The worst is when the toxic person starts getting/ is close to your family. Oh my god. And if they start dating one of your siblings 😔 over for the sibling. God, i fight with this man every time i see him. my sister knows i don't like him, yet he still comes over acting like a creep without even asking to come over. "Saw your car. Just wanted to come over" cause he knows if he asks, imma say "nah. I just got off work and he always makes a mess. Wait till i leave for my bf's place" ASKINg if he can use our address for his income taxes. Known this man 2 days Love your work swoozie! Thanks for the opportunity to rant about some (1) toxic people in my life. I know a lot of people appreciate being able to vent in your comments section 😊 hope your doing good
Leap_ Playz
Leap_ Playz 3 days ago
I think I might be a toxic friend and I’m trying to get better alsoooo (Erik: *watching this video 👁👄👁)
Mireya Torres
Mireya Torres 3 days ago
He has spoken 😇
dcoog anml
dcoog anml 3 days ago
i like how he's literally just describing a typical sociopath
Matt My duck
Matt My duck 3 days ago
5:39 I swear he got angry just remembering that incident
Lillly Eevee
Lillly Eevee 3 days ago
I used to have a toxic friend. He the worst. I wished I met someone different when a new kid come in Kindergarten. He guilt trip me alot in 7th grade. He knew I care about my friendship, that I have effort to build. He told the teacher assistant that I was being ignoring him. He like to put me into a very worst spot. I like to tease my feeling like a yarn ball of my emotions. He always shown his true colors infront of me. Til the year of softmore of April, I decide I skip school and never came back. Until, in Auguest 2017, I came back to school. This was his last year of school, and I have two more years left in high school. He told one of the Cafe Teacher that I was still best friend with him. I told her the truth, "No, I'm not his friend anymore." Then she nodded and told him not to talk to me anymore. He broke my trust (always) and like to treat me or *ANYONE* as lackey. Looking back when we were kids. He wasn't interstead a real friendship at all. He was looking for lackeys and butlers, to used as pawns. It lot better if the school catching on what toxic friends would do. Forcing friendship is not always a best idea to help someone in the ground.
dcoog anml
dcoog anml 3 days ago
This is true on so many levels I have spoken
ZAC 3 days ago
“Help, the blue paint won't come off”💀
Cupcakes and stars
Swoozie's holding the dog so Eric can't get to it
kkmadi1 3 days ago
I just realized Swoozie still has an orange tag on his left shoe
Hollowing -_-
Hollowing -_- 3 days ago
BarltheDog 3 days ago
Hehehe want to kidnap puppies
Sarah Escobar
Sarah Escobar 4 days ago
Rosaleigh Hogan Kelly
My name is Sophie hi
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