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Win an Acer Swift Laptop!
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One winner will receive an Acer Swift SF114-32-P30S model.
Herschel Backpack - amzn.to/2KLNeUr
Cheap Backpack - amzn.to/31REm5f
Logitech M705 Mouse - amzn.to/2ZfFbTO
JBL GO 2 Speaker - amzn.to/2Hi9C5B
Apple iPad Mini - amzn.to/31RWbBd
Apple iPad - amzn.to/2zdKLLQ
Google PIxel 3A Phone - amzn.to/2Zh2eBW
Acer Swift 3 Laptop - amzn.to/31Sr5tc
10,000mAh Power Bank - amzn.to/2zaTYor
Ultimate College Dorm Living Room Setup! - ruvid.net/video/video-41RGmxdRknE.html
WHAT’S IN MY SCHOOL TECH BACKPACK | 2019 - ruvid.net/video/video-wOwjQp333Zc.html
Final Cut Pro X plugins I use - motionvfx.sjv.io/LyXMa
Royalty Free MUSIC - share.epidemicsound.com/s8Cw8
Comment "broke" if you see this!
Business Inquiries - JTechApple@gmail.com
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Comments 80
Datman 3 months ago
Man you have an amazing visual sense. Great colors.
IdiotSavant 4 months ago
I really appreciate the diversity in your content.....
Shreyas Annagiri
Shreyas Annagiri 4 months ago
have the swift 5.....its dope...got it on sale for like 700, and it even has an Nvidia
squidward 5 months ago
idk why but when I instantly saw the video, I instantly liked subbed and turned on post notification
BasicallyImOrlly 5 months ago
For college students on a budget. Galaxy A10: £130 $168 Earbuds(Wired) IN BOX Lenovo IdeaPad: £200 $258 Crucial 240 GB Internal SSD: £28 $36 Mayhem Power Bank Portable Charger: £8 $10 Total: £365 Great British Pound(Sterling) Total: $472 United States Dollars Total: 33399 Indian Rupee Total: $685 Australian Dollar Total: $621 Canadian Dollar
Evans Maroulakis
Evans Maroulakis 5 months ago
Dude the price of the pixep is the budget of the average student
BlackCat273 5 months ago
Can you give me link buy Case for Apple iPad Mini in video
Faizan I.
Faizan I. 5 months ago
The thumbnail
Kims Girl15
Kims Girl15 5 months ago
Lucky for ya guys in india we dont have option for digital note taking unless in uni but there also profrssir not allows everytime😿😾😫
GreenPixel5 5 months ago
Change title to: What to expect when you steal from me
HAHAHA 5 months ago
The acer laptop is what I want
Brian Ott
Brian Ott 6 months ago
Just buy a surface then you dont need a iPad and laptop
mateo cvetic
mateo cvetic 6 months ago
Ben.Chapuis 6 months ago
Not really budget
Sarah Ebrahem
Sarah Ebrahem 6 months ago
your video transition is really nice and smooth , I wish I could edit as nicely as you do -_-
Roos Lemmens
Roos Lemmens 6 months ago
Really love your videos dude!
MR. Daved
MR. Daved 6 months ago
You say budget and then apple. It ain’t adding up here. Apple is a literal scam
Omar Ahmad
Omar Ahmad 6 months ago
Not iPads. Find one competitor at the price that's even close
Eren Atakan
Eren Atakan 6 months ago
I LITERALLY have the same setup! How is this possible?
WolfyHD 6 months ago
It was my birthday when this video was uploaded :)
Shan Weerasinghe
Shan Weerasinghe 6 months ago
I bought an old pixel 2 xl for the same price as pixel 3a xl, is it worth it?
Sejuti Sharmin
Sejuti Sharmin 6 months ago
I love it how you don't waste any time and just get to the facts. The video is pretty organized. Nice work!
omair Murshad
omair Murshad 6 months ago
I love you justin ❤️
James Heller
James Heller 6 months ago
Great vid, nice recommendations! Pixel 3a has a 600 series processor, a 670, not a 700 series one tho
Syau 01
Syau 01 6 months ago
Wait.. so those are 'budget'?
Ahmad Mukthar
Ahmad Mukthar 6 months ago
Dope setup and well executed!
Corona Updates
Corona Updates 6 months ago
I am looking for laptop under $850 having all-round performance, please give suggestions
Madhavi latha
Madhavi latha 6 months ago
You can take the acer Niro 5 2019
Jack Sylvester
Jack Sylvester 6 months ago
The Samsung galaxy tab s6 is better value than the mini
Jillarina Greene
Jillarina Greene 6 months ago
University!!! Here I coooommmme!!!!!
blacktiger 123
blacktiger 123 6 months ago
Yooo where's The vape :Dddd
It's Deadpool
It's Deadpool 6 months ago
Love ur vids ❤️❤️
Luke Castle
Luke Castle 6 months ago
Den 6 months ago
KoryDaSavage 6 months ago
The xiaomi redmi note 7 or the 9t is a good option too
Not Sob
Not Sob 6 months ago
Jonas .H
Jonas .H 6 months ago
I have nothing! Should I buy the Acer Swift 3 and an i pad and pen or a surface pro 6? Budget 1000€
Thaqif : TV
Thaqif : TV 6 months ago
The first option is the best in my opinion
Preston Hunt
Preston Hunt 7 months ago
I like watching things that I cant afford I need a laptop and I entered the giveaway
Lololl He
Lololl He 7 months ago
Don't lie
Israel Soyombo
Israel Soyombo 7 months ago
Hey justin I've done everything instructed for the giveaway.....pls any laptop even if it's a cheaper one...God bless I wish I win this IG: speakingof_israel
Rushikesh Gadakh
Rushikesh Gadakh 7 months ago
Hey bro im your new subscriber from india ♥️ I need a google phone 🤗
Sheller Qube
Sheller Qube 7 months ago
All tech reviews: this is only the essentials Price: only around a *kidney* or two , a *lung* and maybe a *brain* if u have one around my size (tiny) So the question is what is the *big deal*
Ms Unicorn
Ms Unicorn 7 months ago
Would love to win this giveaway! @mariamobaid_0
Ethical Slayer
Ethical Slayer 7 months ago
Dude Herschel is good bag
Imaan Basha
Imaan Basha 7 months ago
Daniel Mendoza
Daniel Mendoza 7 months ago
I want to win
xzakex 16
xzakex 16 7 months ago
fethi dehiles
fethi dehiles 7 months ago
I would loove to start my school year with this amazing laptop
Ana Steele
Ana Steele 7 months ago
I didn't win the other giveaway so I hope I win this one 🤞🏻 really really need a new laptop 😭🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻 IG: bieberdior
João Pedro Silva
João Pedro Silva 7 months ago
I reallylike that laptop. It doesn't have the top notch specs but is very good for what i need for my engineering degree
ABHISHEK DHYADE 7 months ago
I don't wanna win 😅😂
Devon Lacy
Devon Lacy 7 months ago
I don't have a laptop, I use my dad's old one, so a new laptop would be amazing 😁😁😁 awesome content by the way
1of9 7 months ago
Love the video! Thank you for finding so many affordable products for us broke students haha
Ali Mirza
Ali Mirza 7 months ago
I would love to win the give away man
TOMB RAIDER FAN 7 months ago
I don't have any laptop this moment and I really need one for school and editing so I hope I win because I am sick of entering give aways and not win even a 15 bucks selfie stick 😒😣
frankie aMad1
frankie aMad1 7 months ago
Tax-fraud-o-saurus 7 months ago
GA Balan
GA Balan 7 months ago
I might need a new laptop for college, don’t think my Dell from 2010 can do the job anymore😢
Bilio Gamer
Bilio Gamer 7 months ago
neeeed the pc
PewPew 7 months ago
Yea i need a new laptop.. my laptop is from 2012
Tiziana Lategana
Tiziana Lategana 7 months ago
Ariel Johnson
Ariel Johnson 7 months ago
OverlordKinsey 7 months ago
I’m broke lmao. College tuition for just one semester murdered me. Is the giveaway still on haha
theactualstuff 7 months ago
What it do
Matt Dzoan
Matt Dzoan 7 months ago
great video! seems like a great set of things to bring to college this fall!
Hetalia ForLife
Hetalia ForLife 7 months ago
Monitor 7 months ago
Why is the outro so flippin loud. It almost blew my ears away.
10k.shotz 10k
10k.shotz 10k 7 months ago
Hey I love ur vids ur soo inspirational ❤❤ I really really really wanna win the Acer laptop cuz school is getting harder and I need one hopefully I win 🙏🙏
dallas mavs
dallas mavs 7 months ago
bro chill out with the music volume at the end of the video
cyclone538 7 months ago
Need this for cal state
Mitch Chin
Mitch Chin 7 months ago
broke. Winning a laptop would be sweet but I think I’m a little late... keep up the videos
adjsavedmylife105 7 months ago
Thanks for posting this! Hope see more budget friendlier tech videos in the future.
CAN CEL 7 months ago
Troix Clarke
Troix Clarke 7 months ago
I dont even know wat to comment I'm just tryna win the prize cause I Needdd a new computer but since I'm here hi
Shraavan Krishna
Shraavan Krishna 7 months ago
Would love to win one.. 🙌
Mana Good
Mana Good 7 months ago
i want it >
andromeda ah
andromeda ah 7 months ago
Good stuff.
fatin nitaf
fatin nitaf 7 months ago
I love watching your videos they are so nice.
Aquarius KP
Aquarius KP 7 months ago
Omg, I would love to win that laptop.
quasar jewel
quasar jewel 7 months ago
Good luck !
ABEED 7 months ago
I want that Acer Swift Laptop!
haheas 12
haheas 12 7 months ago
Backpack is so cool.
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