What’s Hiding at the Most Solitary Place on Earth? The Deep Sea

Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
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Sometimes the world feels boring. All the remote islands are visited, the arctic conquered, the dense jungles discovered. Except, there is still a place to explore: A wet deadly desert where mysterious creatures live in total darkness: The deep sea. Let us dive down.
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Sep 15, 2019




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Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
To support Kurzgesagt and learn more about Brilliant, go to www.brilliant.org/nutshell and sign up for free. The first 688 people that go to that link will get 20% off the annual Premium subscription.
Pushkar Deshpande
Pushkar Deshpande 16 days ago
Man you Germans are so perfect in your work...... Hats off
Robloxplayz Liao
Robloxplayz Liao 18 days ago
Your smart:)
Huyen Dung Mai
Huyen Dung Mai Month ago
M Syathiry
M Syathiry Month ago
When you make video about you penetrated deepest jungles?
Riena Larasati
Riena Larasati Month ago
The Pencil Wizard
The Pencil Wizard 9 hours ago
Anyone eles see the Ponyo reference
Andrew Ace
Andrew Ace 23 hours ago
9:20 - Are you sure those aren't some strange sea creatures?
Andrew Ace
Andrew Ace 23 hours ago
6:39 - Otherwise known as *_The End_*
Cheeki breeki
"Passing 200 meters. Oxigen efficiency greatly decreased."
Joseph Howard
Your mom.
freakylocz14 Day ago
All the Pokémon in this video, though. 🔥
Jeremy Mathew
There are water type pokemon at 1:31
Jeremy Mathew
There are water type pokemon
Nokyno Day ago
me : learn 3% in school also me: learn 97% on youtube
John Colthar
John Colthar Day ago
‘Fun’ fact: female angler fish can grow to sizes around 2 meters (7 feet)
kaTsu Day ago
"and penetrated the deepest jungles", oh yeah I definitely did that
Shane Owens
Shane Owens Day ago
1:38 Nice shiny Luvdisc 😉
L S 2 days ago
Your Videos are the Most beautiful ive ever seen
Aaron Joji
Aaron Joji 2 days ago
1:34 there is a goldeen
mr squishy15
mr squishy15 2 days ago
Anybody else get subnautica vibes?
Uma Pessoa Qualquer
the Ponyo reference ♡
Kazuto Kirigaya
Kazuto Kirigaya 2 days ago
We lost the money from the bank heist
TNT CrEePeR 2 days ago
I saw the Pokémon at the beginning ;)
Jur Van Oerle
Jur Van Oerle 2 days ago
That plastic bag makes me sad
Shuang CUI
Shuang CUI 3 days ago
I think I heard a Minecraft Ghast at 7:31
Young Quagmire
Young Quagmire 3 days ago
soo many pokemons here :P
Lord Doggo
Lord Doggo 3 days ago
bruh i didnt know kim jong un captioned videos
Dex Chrainx.
Dex Chrainx. 3 days ago
Plot Twist: that plastic bag isn't human made, instead it was made by an underwater civilization that has perished ages ago.
Pro Genius
Pro Genius 3 days ago
1:39 you missed a shiny dude
VexXi x
VexXi x 4 days ago
Imagine being the human that threw that plastic bag in the ocean....
Erich Harding
Erich Harding 4 days ago
wow thats deep.
Max Power
Max Power 4 days ago
who saw the lileep
Swordworks 4 days ago
1:51 wait, wait, wait a minute. Was that Granmamare from Ponyo? Cause if so, thats just awesome.
Mai ngothanh
Mai ngothanh 4 days ago
Kurzgesagt:we penetrated the deepest jungle Vietnam:I’m gonna end this bird whole career
Otterax 4 days ago
What if extinct animals still exist on other planets, that’d be cool
Lucas Sanchez
Lucas Sanchez 5 days ago
1:32 is that a POKÉMON?
Ehab Yaseen
Ehab Yaseen 5 days ago
1:51 ponyo mom 😂😂😂
Reeceeboy2410 5 days ago
Nah this channel is too well done nowadays what's the catch 〰️👄〰️
ocean jianhong
ocean jianhong 5 days ago
Anyone else see the Pokémon
ToeSmith 5 days ago
You got it wrong. I'm hiding down there, it's lonely but quarantine isn't a problem for me.
Noufil Muhammad
Noufil Muhammad 5 days ago
The deep sea creatures could have just swam above and not have to adapt so much lol dumbasses
Janice Brown
Janice Brown 5 days ago
This was absolutely amazing and Beautiful ❣️👌👍💯
Savary 4975
Savary 4975 6 days ago
Is nobody going to talk about the name of the deepest spot in the ocean? I mean come on the challenger deep has to be one of the sickest names ever!
Opecuted 3 days ago
Kneels deep in hell
LaLa 123 abc
LaLa 123 abc 6 days ago
1:30 Is it just me or are those Pokémon?
Smokekid5 6 days ago
Could have just shown my dms
now kursgasegt is truly an alien …..
Pratik 7 days ago
The plastic bag thing...... dammmnnnnnnn 😠😠😠😠
Angel Morales
Angel Morales 7 days ago
All the pokemon in the coral reef. I love it. Corsola, Luminion, quilfish, goldeen, lileep.
Miguel Ian
Miguel Ian 7 days ago
Mujda Ameen
Mujda Ameen 7 days ago
Elder Drake
Elder Drake 7 days ago
So no ones gonna talk about the pokemon animated at 1:33??!?!?
Maely 7 days ago
wait is that lileep playing a piano?? 1:37
Tosti 8 days ago
Where are mermaids?
Nhat Ly
Nhat Ly 8 days ago
I like the pokemon Easter eggs at 1:32 haha
Bath and body works Ashfur
To think that's only five percent of the ocean
Slippy Napkins
Slippy Napkins 8 days ago
Everyone knows that a biological AI tasked with maintaining research sites has gone out of control, now covering most of the abyssal plane and part of the plateau.
ØSLØ Orange
ØSLØ Orange 8 days ago
The nature is to beatiiful for us.
maribel soriano
maribel soriano 9 days ago
Me: *opens captions* The video: *intro starts* The captions: *CaTchY iNtRo JinGlE*
E Huera
E Huera 9 days ago
Ur mom
Vizzous 9 days ago
Damn you didn’t encounter any ghost leviathans or sea dragons
Piece One
Piece One 9 days ago
May I ask why is it always a bird that represent human in your video?
ninjasinpyjamas 9 days ago
1:50 was that Ponyo’s mum?
Ryan Truong
Ryan Truong 9 days ago
Ah a chicken in a submarine And a lot of pokemon references
Ramon Quiroz
Ramon Quiroz 9 days ago
It's about 6.9 miles to the bottom. That's crazy to think about
just a random gd player
The animation is so beautiful
Freya Dench
Freya Dench 10 days ago
1.34 for pokemon
EJ Scion
EJ Scion 10 days ago
1:50 Is that?! *Is that Ponyo's mom???*
27 Sayu Sukma
27 Sayu Sukma 10 days ago
1:51 look closely
Chethan Burre
Chethan Burre 10 days ago
Who all noticed Pokémon in the starting of the video?
Miles Greer
Miles Greer 10 days ago
7 36 is a league's league's under the sea reference
Miles Greer
Miles Greer 10 days ago
1 52 is a ponyo reference
Eric !
Eric ! 10 days ago
i wanna do mushrooms down there
Delta's Tutorials
Delta's Tutorials 11 days ago
I bet Godzilla is in the deep sea huh?
Owff 11 days ago
I really thought its a jelly fish. damn you plastic bag
Cheri Dingle
Cheri Dingle 11 days ago
9:13 so that's how strong plastic is
Francisco Fernandes
1:31 I didn't notice till now that these fish were pokemon lol
박성현 11 days ago
If these deepsea creatures are adapted to endure such high pressure, would they still survive with a car on top of them pressing down on land? (Which would be way less than actual deepsea pressure)
Magielyn Romano
Magielyn Romano 11 days ago
Make more!
BlazingFaze X
BlazingFaze X 11 days ago
I love how they sneak in some Water type Pokémon in the ocean!
King David
King David 11 days ago
Did you catch the giant squid 🦑 the size of a house? Imagine what else might be hiding down there?
Abigail Pritchard
Abigail Pritchard 12 days ago
Michael Parton
Michael Parton 12 days ago
Why not just use very compressed titanium. Fight fire with fire, or an extremely compressed version of titanium.
Shafizul Afeeq
Shafizul Afeeq 12 days ago
1:30 It's Pokemon Corsola
Magnus Juul
Magnus Juul 12 days ago
I loved the Goldeen, Qwilfish, Finneon, Lileep, Corsola and Luvdisc
Jinqi Xu
Jinqi Xu 12 days ago
The most exciting deep sea thing ever, the plastic bag. Wow.
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