What’s Driving California’s Mass Exodus?

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As Oracle, Palantir and Hewlett-Packard Enterprise move their headquarters out of California and Elon Musk moves to Texas, California is considering raising taxes on the wealthy to unprecedented levels. Experts say California needs to find more ways to reverse the trend.
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What’s Driving California’s Mass Tech Exodus?

Published on


Jan 23, 2021




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Comments 100
MC G 51 minute ago
And when all the tech companies depart California will be left with only Hollywood Hypocrisy, Democrats, Pelosi, high taxes, broken school systems, poverty, illegal aliens in sanctuary cities and a lot less power in congress. Keep it up California.
Jack Again
Jack Again Hour ago
Ty Salerno
Ty Salerno Hour ago
No mention of Newsom...what a joke of a video.
leeboy244 2 hours ago
Don't come to arkansas
Pryce Ratka
Pryce Ratka 2 hours ago
Was the gun laws, taxes, homeless rate, and cancel culture not obvious enough for you?
propblast82nd 3 hours ago
Democrats destroyed California
nick 3 hours ago
Democrats ruin everything!!!!The whole country soon!
Marlene Alvarez
Marlene Alvarez 3 hours ago
They should make use of empty Universities and buildings for people in need. It’s been 1 year since the pandemic and nothings been used.
Jon H
Jon H 4 hours ago
Highest taxes in the country, some of the lowest performance in education, leading the nation in homelessness, whats not to like?!?!?!
Dark Carnival
Dark Carnival 4 hours ago
I'm typing this as I listen and man, is much of this ringing so familiar to me, especially that part of my heart still having a "thing" for CA. After 38 years there, I moved from CA to FL a couple years back. I had no crystal ball but based on what happened with Covid and the lockdowns still ongoing I'm a genius. I watched Los Angeles for 18 years and then the Bay Area for 20 years go down the proverbial toilet, I could not have guessed a better time to get the hell out of there. Considering I had always planned to move to FL as the rest of my NJ based family and many of my lifelong friends had already moved there, same reasons - weather, taxes, general cost of living. I bought a 2B, 2BA condominium in West Palm Beach for approximately 20% of the down payment I would have needed to buy a home in the Bay Area where when I left the median home price was $1.6M. Based on his statement, this cat Broome @ 7:50 is a big a CA bureaucrat idiot as there is - this is the govermental version of "I'm sorry, honey, I promise, I'll change". Apparently he didn't get the memo that the State and local governments in CA aren't about listening, they are about dictating - see "CA Pandemic Response" for more on that. I will mention one bit of rude awakening some of these work-at-home CA expats are getting when they get to TX and other states. They thought they were making a huge score taking their work-from-anywhere SIlicon Valley salaries to a place where the cost of living is 50% less - that was until the employers wised up and adjusted those expats salaries to the level they would pay in the employee's new location.
Tommy Ymmot
Tommy Ymmot 4 hours ago
California is like a big beach house, you want to be there forever and just have a good time but then your vacation ends and you realize just how expensive it is to live in a beach house and have fun every day and every night.
Alex R.
Alex R. 4 hours ago
2:39 “After it was CEEDED by Mexico” that’s bs lol.
J Futrell
J Futrell 5 hours ago
Easy. It sucks ass in California.
Freddy Marcel-Marcum
I left San Francisco for Kentucky after 25 years of watching the City go from a paradise to a gigantic homeless/zombie encampment. Back in the day you had to keep your eyes open if you were just drinking a beer in public, by 2012-20 you had people shooting up and collapsed and dealing in front of the local police station. I drove a taxi for many years, I saw it.
homebo 5 hours ago
#s show that is not true. Bayarea yes but mostly to another city in cali. Cali in general no sign of exodus
John Legg
John Legg 6 hours ago
Move to Texas and vote for the same political theater that caused them to flee their state of origin. People are stupid.
Priest Thurmond
Priest Thurmond 6 hours ago
I knew california was shallow 35 years ago killer cali is now a snowflake state keep them poor is the mantra of the elites
Priest Thurmond
Priest Thurmond 6 hours ago
Elites making it empty too buy it all up than put us in fema camps getting ready for the hunger games agenda 21
dirbrody 6 hours ago
Why people are leaving? The looney left & they’re culture...
Juan Martinez
Juan Martinez 7 hours ago
Kommiefornia. No further explanation required.
David Morrison
David Morrison 7 hours ago
Like the question even had to be asked. Taxes. Ridiculous legislation that invites millions of illegal, non-tax paying people to enjoy all the resources of legal tax paying workers. Did I mention generations of Democrat leadership?
Not Bob
Not Bob 8 hours ago
Yet MSNBC keeps favoring the same agenda that ran California into the ground. I don’t get it.
Steve M
Steve M 8 hours ago
Schwarzenegger and his globalism really kicked it off.
J Ewert
J Ewert 8 hours ago
Let’s interview people that voted all these constituents into office and ask them why they’re unhappy and leaving state.... to only affect the states they’re moving to. Best of luck Texas, Nevada and Arizona
ws279 xL7
ws279 xL7 10 hours ago
Rent is way to damn high
Ryan Hannigan
Ryan Hannigan 11 hours ago
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Timothy8 Eight
Timothy8 Eight 11 hours ago
What's behind the mass exodus? Why Liberalism of course.
Nathaniel Selby
Nathaniel Selby 11 hours ago
This is some very mediocre analysis and cherry picking. Mainly it tries to infer dubious long term trends from short term issues due to the coronavirus. Although California's population grew rapidly up to the early 90s to say it is shrinking is a bit of an overstatement. California's population has declined slightly over the last 5 years but nothing in excess of normal short term fluctuations. Source: fred.stlouisfed.org/graph/fredgraph.png?g=BuQo In terms of a dip in employment, despite a small decrease in population, California's employment continued to grow at a faster rate than the US average up until the Coronavirus. Source: fred.stlouisfed.org/graph/fredgraph.png?g=BuQ8 Personal income shows a similar pattern decreasing up until the 90s and then rising since then. I used total average per capita PI instead of median because total PI better reflects high incomes like those being discussed in the video. Source: fred.stlouisfed.org/graph/fredgraph.png?g=BuSp Overall, California was impacted more by the Coronavirus than other states but nothing in the video shows that there is a long term decrease due to tax rates. The problem with this argument is that California has had relatively high taxes for years but also had relatively high growth.
A 1
A 1 13 hours ago
Real estate speculation has ruined Los Angeles for many people. Tech company overload is another problem in California.
ZephlarNation 13 hours ago
Lefties happened.
ImaginingMonitor 14 hours ago
The cost of living is the main reason people are considering leaving. This also allows companies to talk about relocation because they know their employees are likely willing to leave as well. Also the timing of this video and its fixation on Texas looks awkward at this moment - less than a month after this was uploaded Texas and its lack of regulation and all its "freedom" plunged millions of families, businesses into the dark for days. Dozens died, hundreds hospitalized. But I guess freedom? And now Texas Republicans are talking about regulation which restricts 'freedom'.
paysonfox88 14 hours ago
Hey idiots! Socialism doesn't work! California isn't even fully socialist, and it's still sucks so bad everyone runs away. this is what high taxes and crazy policies and telling little boys that they're actually little girls does to a society. All the sane people and businesses that want to remain running are leaving the state which oppresses them. Welcome to the socialist Utopia folks! Crap all over the place in San Francisco to where there has to be poop maps, oppressive tyranny and businesses being shut with little compensation never to open again, and the voting system so rigged that Democrats cannot possibly lose.
Martha S
Martha S 14 hours ago
Regarding Elon Musk -- good riddance. Anyone who insists on keeping his factory open and sacrificing his workers in the middle of a pandemic doesn't deserve a business. Disgusting. And the Texas governor bragging about not taxing people -- while those people are freezing to death in their beds... priceless.
Martha S
Martha S 14 hours ago
I grew up in California when we had millions fewer people. We were getting along just fine. We had plenty of room on the freeways, the infrastructure was good, and there was enough housing for everyone. Today, there are simply too many people, and they can only keep coming in for so long before the freeways are permanently gridlocked and half the population is on the street. I think it's good that some people are leaving. There's enough business for other states, and we get breathing room.
GourmetNYCTV 14 hours ago
Progressives never learn. That's why all the communist countries end up broke and people leaving.
Myhigh 15 hours ago
Democrat politicians.
David Alexoff
David Alexoff 15 hours ago
California is supposed to slide into the ocean. Maybe they all need to evacuate.
aaron Regiigi
aaron Regiigi 15 hours ago
In Oklahoma we don't want you 👍
Juan Gonzalez jr
Juan Gonzalez jr 16 hours ago
California Sucks Now 2021 & so on!
Jim Bell
Jim Bell 16 hours ago
I have to give you “some” credit being the Liberal Democrats I am sure you are, but you missed a couple points. You showed a clip of Colin Noir, but you really still don’t understand. In California for the most part “Only”Criminals have guns. In Texas and Florida “Law Abiding” citizens have more guns than Criminals. More LegalGuns=Less Crime, an equation Liberals don’t understand. Overall, not a bad video, considering the Source...
devil rain
devil rain 16 hours ago
democrat marxism...............
Doug McClelland
Doug McClelland 16 hours ago
Oh Erica, where is www.WooshTraffic.com ??? it is currently a dead link
Doug McClelland
Doug McClelland 16 hours ago
Baltimore Maryland is on fire with e-commerce and internet businesses Especially around Canton and the taxes are low compared to the Northeast of Boston, NYC or New Jersey.
Fred Sager
Fred Sager 17 hours ago
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Dorothea Jacobsen
Dorothea Jacobsen 18 hours ago
China wants U.S. west coast states! Mark my words. Rioters target Washington and Oregon to take them down and destabilize their police force. CA has been over-run with migrant labor....this big exodus of investors and businesses suits them well. The first line of defense will soon be the next row of states. Click "like" if you sense this plan is a high possibility.
Captain Neckbeard
Captain Neckbeard 18 hours ago
People left California for Texas to pay less taxes, and when things got a little chilly, their entire infrastructure fell apart. You get what you pay for, folks.
Ryan47 17 hours ago
In California you pay for rolling brownouts and water shortages every year. People can deal with a once every 50 year occurrence in TX. Must be sad to have so much hate.
SEMA james LLLKkaniaru
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Beng Keng Ng
Beng Keng Ng 21 hour ago
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Rob Moilanen
Rob Moilanen 21 hour ago
California has become the "shithole" of America?
Stephen Cannon
Stephen Cannon 22 hours ago
Simple explanation............ People are finally getting tired of having the already high taxes and not seeing any results.....wait there is a result.....tired of the money going on support Illegal aliens who don’t pay taxes because they are undocumented so no SSN, no legal paperwork and usually get paid cash. I have no problem with reasonable taxes but use the money to focus on programs that support Americans and legal documented immigrants. Simple as that!......yes other states have the same issue but California gets the attention because that’s probably one of the most common entry points for sneaking into the US.
Evangelos Kantianis
Evangelos Kantianis 22 hours ago
The outcome of progressive economics. Is America on the way of California?
Avi Akbar
Avi Akbar 22 hours ago
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G T 23 hours ago
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I wonder why 🤣🤣🤣🤣
LostConciousness 23 hours ago
so? Let the parasites leave. They want to benefit from the California economy but don't want to contribute. Paying employees a fair wage or hiring staff is a tax ride-off. The problem is these billionaires only know how to hoard wealth. A large portion of California real-estate isn't owned by the people who live here. I'd say place a tariff on non-California residents that want to benefit from the California real-estate and commerce. All these rich people leaving should also be asked if they will be selling all their real estate. Chances are they will go on to buy more. These parasites aren't heroes, just greedy.
Gary Day ago
Simple. pelosi is the reason. Her complete disregard for the people she represents
David Alfonso
California is dying because of its democratic views, it's very simple.
Virgilius Day ago
where democrats take over a state prosperity pass away! 150.000 homeless in California.
Angels fan
Angels fan Day ago
I definitely have considered moving out even if I would get homesick. I just do eventually see myself moving out of my home state. Its too expensive living here honestly its hard to move out of my own home. I am just saving money while I live with my parents while I figure out my life.
M. C.
M. C. Day ago
Liberal government policies
Ben G
Ben G Day ago
TAXES and too many snob laws. Ban this ban that, goes too far.
Jonathan Fiore
I live in Texas: I want out. I could make way more in California even including taxes and costs.
jerry hollie
jerry hollie Day ago
This once great state is being demolished by one guy. Newsome, the governor who has destroyed this stats
Benjamin Mondi
It's called the Exodus from Democratic States & cities
dcgarrett68 Day ago
Crime, homeless and taxes.
T A Day ago
Overcrowded, overpriced, I’m out this year.
Sam Brooke
Sam Brooke Day ago
Lol this video is so neo-liberal it’s painful, Musk literally defies lockdown rules and yet is presented as some genius maverick, what’s it like 500,000 Covid deaths in the US now?? These people (these billionaire, multimillionaire CEOs) are greedy af. Pay your taxes, that’s it...
Judge Advocate
The problem with California? Democrat Party policies, which includes, greed and keeping political power.
T A Day ago
We are not a Democrat State, it’s a mix that leans to the right for the most part. Get your facts straight.
SisQ Services
Talking about small business exodus being less impactful is representative of the heart of the issue. Policy makers don't value small business despite the fact that just like a natural ecosystem, diversity is key to sustainability. One small business leaving might only represent a fraction of the job loss that a company like Tesla does, but when small towns lose 9/10 small businesses we lose economic diversity and community resilience that can't be replicated by big business. In short, the stupid is heavily concentrated in the capitol.
Bj D
Bj D Day ago
No California is fantastic. Everywhere else sucks. Please listen all you vegan non-binary liberals .... STAY THERE!
Martha Simmons
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Bertalan Feher
The dem way to ruin a beautiful state. Taxes and nothing more - you can feed your moron politicians.
Tahzib Hussaini
glory to the Communists.....
Bernhard Ecklin
California has attracted too many leftists, do-gooders and parasites. It pays the price. If you don't believe it, you just have to stroll through San Francisco.
Shirley Y
Shirley Y Day ago
Seems like some large corporations are leaving CA, but not residents in general. Why? Check out the traffic in CA on any given day, especially SoCal. Traffic is slightly better but not by much. I wouldn't call it mass exodus. More like a trickle.
Jordan Hogan
Jordan Hogan Day ago
What I don't understand is how these people are fleeing Democrat policies, then going to Texas and voting blue..
branned Day ago
Liberals destroyed Cali.....go figure!
Small Axe
Small Axe Day ago
You wanna know how awesome California is? Just look at how many Republicans live here. That's right. Numbers don't lie. More Republican voters than any red state, including Texas. They hate the politics of CA, but stay anyway because its that great here. Chew on that, contards!
Cardboard Empire
Ryan Hazer
Ryan Hazer Day ago
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Orange Muscle
😂 😂 that’s like asking if the 2020 election was fraudulent. Why are people leaving?? Unless you’re super rich and therefor plain don’t care, you leave because liberals are flat out destroying the state. Tough one!
Mai Chi
Mai Chi Day ago
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Gary Lindenschmitt
Gov Gruesome Newsom & his auntie Nasty Pelosi have ruined CA now sanctuary state open borders for Everyone that will vote DEMOCRAT. Taxes and rules force the exodus.
ALLHOUR Premium Fragrances
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Adorable Deplorable
Newssolini and Pelosi are pretty good bets .
Phil Chilton
Phil Chilton Day ago
The state has to cut spending. Follow what Texas is doing. Lower taxes.
Linda Warren
Linda Warren Day ago
It's deeper than people realize! Where was all the money they collected in taxes? San Francisco is ran by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi! Why wasn't she tending to all the economic problems in San Francisco.. It's unrecognizable and filthy now. Hold her responsible ‼️💯 plus Deep State Politicians run the State, so what does that say ⁉️ Open your eyes people! If you would have allowed TRUMP to clean the Swamp you'd still be thriving,‼️
Better yet, remember the whole "defund the police" crap? The current Mayor defunded 128 million from the police to go to the "black community". Anyone know where that money is today? Everyone seems to have forgotten about that little bit of missing cash.
Jose Hernandez
My great grandfather a Chumash AmerIndian I am sure his opinion of who destroyed California would be different . The stories I hear the white man Infeasting not only here but throughout many Indegenous cultures throughout the world spreading there cancer capitalism using there Christianity to tame us. Christianity Capitalism the real evil of this world.
K L Day ago
It's an easy solution. Kick all the democrats out of the state and it will solve the problem.
mel pe
mel pe Day ago
Umm Democrats
William Gray
William Gray Day ago
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But what are we suppose to do? If no one wants us to move out of California for a better life. If politicians don’t do anything to improve it (which regardless if you vote R or D, most tend to not help in anyways) If we do in fact move to a different state the price skyrockets just like California.. What are we suppose to do?
de danging
de danging Day ago
The reason for the exodus: liberal policies. Saved you 20 mins.
Yo tengo otros datos
Rieka C.
Rieka C. Day ago
Next on News: What is driving Texans mass exodus? Californians: * recreating Texas state*
Douglas Hanlon
That the stupiest question ever...its liberal democrats and everyone knows it
Ryan Hazer
Ryan Hazer Day ago
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When the news reads "29 million people leave Crapifornia", then I'll be happy. I would love to see my pathetic state go down into a complete crash and burn.
sergeant5027 Day ago
Thats what happens when Liberals take over a country. Make notes
Ben Höflinger
Democratic policies. Wow that was hard.
booger butt
booger butt Day ago
People get tired of stepping on needles and feces
The Rise And Fall Of Subway