Western Demonization of Xi Jinping Let the Slime Begin 44 Days Radio Sinoland, 2015 4 4

Jeff J. Brown
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18 июл 2015




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William Yuen
William Yuen Год назад
Mr. Brown, why is it that you do not have a picture thumbnail on any of your board cast title? Is hard to draw audience attention amongst all the other RUvid posting you know. Not that you needed a click bait but at least do some justice for your work.
Jeff J. Brown
Jeff J. Brown Год назад
Thanks, William. More Western beliefs need to be contradicted, for humanity to avoid World War III. Please share my work liberally. Best from China, Jeff
William Yuen
William Yuen Год назад
Btw, I have watched/listened at least half a dozen of your interviews and I am impressed for the extensive knowledge you have on China be it present and the past. I must say the truth you have share may not be the most pleasing amongst the majority of the western audience as it totally contradict their regular belief. Nevertheless, trusting time will tell the truth and your work will soon be appreciated by more people.
William Yuen
William Yuen Год назад
Glad to know that you will consider my suggestion.
Jeff J. Brown
Jeff J. Brown Год назад
Thank you William for your accurate comments. I recently began doing what you recommended. So all my newer clips have a thumbnail image. I apologize for the earlier ones being black. Thanks for following China Rising Radio Sinoland, Jeff in China
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