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If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, help is available.
For more information visit thehunter-foundation.org or call 1-888-5Hunter (548-6837).


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Mar 19, 2019




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littlepat 4 days ago
I don’t understand why people think facelifts don’t make you look like a lizard. No matter how good your surgeon is... it’ll always be extremely obvious. I’ve been clean from heroin for 2 and a half years and never talked about how glamorous I was. props to her an all but also wow. just a lot going on in this clip
Rachel Dunn
Rachel Dunn 13 days ago
I don’t like her at all. But as long as you see the problem it can always turn around.
Beth A
Beth A Month ago
She looks wired
Fire Child
Fire Child 2 months ago
WOW! So brave! Thank you for confessing this to us Wendy Williams. Praying for you and all that's going through some type of addition.
Daniel Talks
Daniel Talks 3 months ago
Cocane is freaking bad Wendy 😠😠😠
Tea GROU 3 months ago
Andy Mo
Andy Mo 3 months ago
As a man, Wendy shouldn't be mocking the appearance of other men. Wendy has a history of doing things like this and her sponsors are being boycotted. Wendy William's went around telling the world Method Mans wife had cancer when the family hadn't even told people yet. Wendy William's makes her money off the sickness and misery of others, she exploits and bullies people with genuine medical issues. Shame on Wendy William's and SHAME ON HER SPONSORS.
Seth Setiadha
Seth Setiadha 3 months ago
We're proud of you Wendy. So inspirational.
Rafael Pezott
Rafael Pezott 5 months ago
Wendy is a woman with the power of life and she deserves all her success for telling her truth and help others.
Bobby Bane
Bobby Bane 6 months ago
I want to know if she’s still sober - she completely stopped talking about this on the show.
main pop girl
main pop girl 6 months ago
does anyone else see the girl in the back laughing? 😂 she is so wrong
red red
red red 7 months ago
Alexis Hudson
Alexis Hudson 8 months ago
I can relate and she has freed herself with this 3 minute confession...u got this Wendy..I just looked at u in a whole nother light...addiction is no joke
Bula 88
Bula 88 8 months ago
Why does wendy cry too much?
Teri Valentine
Teri Valentine 9 months ago
I don’t wish bad luck on anyone but maybe all this is happen to her because of all the people she’s hurt in her career Wendy I wish you well but I hope this really shows you that karma is real and it’s not joy being on the other side of the mic and camera being exposed karma is real people don’t put out what you don’t want returning
Maxine Ingram
Maxine Ingram 10 months ago
I am so proud of you Wendy for admitting to your problem! Now you can heal and can finally go on with your life. I love you Wendy! God has great things in store for you!
Leslie Vasquez
Leslie Vasquez 10 months ago
I also been struggling with addiction myself I been clean 2 months and I feel better every day .am glad your getting the help you need Wendy and awesome that you're helping others .. keep going 💪👌🙂😉
kaitlyn Amira
kaitlyn Amira 10 months ago
I love her strength and honesty. You keep doing you Wendy!
M J 10 months ago
At least she admitted. Best wishes. We love you
Tina Morris
Tina Morris 10 months ago
These comments for wendy got to be pay trolls
ChocolateC B
ChocolateC B Year ago
It's not exactly why she's upset..she upset because of her husband's infidelity
Vv Foxy
Vv Foxy Year ago
Everybody is going Thur some S#$&$#s Ms Williams your not along. As a disable veteran I get grief all the time (I ignore such behavior (as some Americans really don’t know how great our country is or the value of our freedom) & I focus on keeping myself right). Peace Love & Blessings to You, Your family love ones & The Hunter Foundation. Ms.Vicki VVFoxySolutions.wordpress@com
Doggy Houz
Doggy Houz Year ago
She smokes crack not sniffing cocaine. She still lying. I can see her relapsing again in 2020
Name Changed to Punty
Well done Aunt Wendy 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾
Antonio Beardall
She should definitely focus on getting her own life together instead of passing judgment and gossip about everyone else. But you know that won't happen. Many people do what you do, but they are not called brave because they don't fish for sympathy or attention.
Vibehighnshine Tarot and self help
Thank you Wendy! I am truly greatful for this it was sooo brave! Thank u for the hunter foundation and just being you! U got this girl even if you have still been struggling u can start ur day right now! ✨✨✨❤️✨
Amber windom
Amber windom Year ago
That was so powerful Wendy ❤️ Dang I know this pain it hurts soooo bad,🗣️You stood strong like a G Wendy 💪😘 Keep pushing!
niet mijn naam
Wendy: Nobody knew Me:are you sure about that?
Consuelo Romero
God bless you and prayers for your families journey . You’re a strong woman and you can do it, god bless you
Name Changed to Punty
Poor baby, we feel your pain, may the Most High send his own angels to protect you Blessed Wendy Mou, Nuffield love we send to you from the uk, Respect on a grand level sister.
SAY UNCLE!!! Year ago
Take time off.
Sarah Blanche
Sarah Blanche Year ago
I Love her ! She is so honest and talented !! I wish I could Come to her show and just have the chance to meet her and get a hug! You can tell that she is one of a kind ❤ Sending her all the best from Aix en Provence.
Melissa Cooper
Bravo Wendy! This a a bigger problem than anyone can ever know. Thank you for raising awareness and for saving lives!
Oli O
Oli O Year ago
i am praying for you Wendy!!! Keep healing!!
April Kuzniar
April Kuzniar Year ago
I love this....I have been sober 4 1/2 yrs...My sober date is 5/2/14 It is so refreshing to hear more people talking about addiction. It is a life changing process, it's not just putting down the drugs, it's an over haul of the person. We are the problem and the change needs to come from us. I commend you Wendy. Thank you for sharing.
iam happy where iam
She deserve it, Wendy is horrible person.
Miss Trinidad and Tobago
miss nadia So are you!
Diana Blake
Diana Blake Year ago
Am so happy for you Wendy, Our father God is with you all the way, keep Shining Hun💪🏾
Jessica Uyvette Thompson
I am very proud of you, Wendy! God bless!!!
Juaz Style
Juaz Style Year ago
Brave woman
Y Singh
Y Singh Year ago
Hibiscus Angel
We love u Wendy
C F Year ago
Guess "God sitting on your shoulder" ain't enough.
Marcus Key
Marcus Key Year ago
Sending so much love, Wendy. You are inspiring people across the globe to change their life. Wishing you love, good health, joy and happiness in your life now and forever. ❤️
Cielarko Year ago
I rather hear that someone is looking for help and struggling with drugs than to hear that they died. I wish more celebrities did what you're doing Wendy. Anthony Bourdain, Amy Winehouse so many others. Wow I thought Wendy was a crazy looking ladybut now I know I was wrong and I have so much respect for her.
Esther Nwousi
Esther Nwousi Year ago
we love you Wendy, we are proud of you and thank you for sharing life and being vulnerable and brave. Thank you for speaking your truth and choosing sobriety.
Regie T
Regie T Year ago
Wendy, I hope your reading these. Please be strong. I hope and pray you will be covered in prayers and love and that you will be comforted. You will be ok. You are ok. God's strength over you. You are loved by many. If do change your shows name and start your own company we'll still be watching you for you.
harris nina
harris nina Year ago
you just said: 'GOD was on my shoulder,' Wendy, indicating to me that you know GOD exists and is not restricted to Heaven but interacts WITH us on earth/world. now seek His Son JESUS who is as close to YOU as your breath! JESUS WILL TAKE AWAY YOUR DRUG URGES!!! and you will not have to go through rehab. God bless you, though, for your hotline
Realkilo G
Realkilo G Year ago
Check out Wendy and Charlemagnes relationship
OMAR D Year ago
Wow I’m proud of you!keep up the great work!
#mood Year ago
She relapsed and is now getting help? Is this why she fainted last year?
Bryce Goddard
Bryce Goddard Year ago
Shoutout to the Asian woman in the pink tiara. Apparently, the audience was told about Wendy’s announcement before they filmed it and she was in the bathroom and didn’t hear it. So that reaction was genuine.
Alexis Cabello
perra metiche
Nathan Lee
Nathan Lee Year ago
Now the Truth , About Your Marriage !!!! #Honesty
Sparke Royal Debacle
Kevin is killing her and he doesn't care. I hate him ... He is a true abuser mentally, emotionally and who knows what else.
Ruby Martinez
Ruby Martinez Year ago
There’s always more but that’s ok 👌 It’s not for us to know everything . Hope Wendy gets well ❤️
xgiav vv
xgiav vv Year ago
Did she replace her food addiction with this? I liked her when she was a little heavier. Since she went on that lifestyle change diet and cut out all her favourite things maybe she started craving back drugs. Who knows.
Aura Khaos
Aura Khaos Year ago
As a person who has been in and out of recovery from heroin addiction, I know the struggle. I must say, I'm extremely impressed and inspired that someone as famous as Wendy was capable of humbling herself down to the point of moving into a sober living house. Any other famous person would most likely scoff at the prospect of these living arrangements when they have enough money to buy the world....and that's the problem. The celebs that eventually meet their demise were unable to take control because their money clouded their judgement just as much as the substances. I'm really hoping that Wendy's awareness will set her apart from the heartbreaking stories that have played out before her. You can always stumble, but keep getting back up girlfriend!! We love youuuuu!!!
Patrick Pmd
Patrick Pmd Year ago
Wendy you’re a racist big eyes freak crack head and you should be banned from being on TV
Iam Silvie
Iam Silvie Year ago
Wendy, don't give the side chic what she wants, your husband and a marriage. Just separate and give that middle age fck boy his monthly allowance so he can furthermore feel emasculated because of the money that mommy Wendy will give him so his side chic and child will live off if you as they have for the past 11 yrs, allegedly 😉😉 let him feel like a man by him finding a job that's NOT linked to you so them fools can be happily ever after. Wendy, what advice would Wendy give another woman that's living what you are living? Wendy would say to leave him. So leave him. Just don't divorce him.
Minnipearls Year ago
What about the baby from your husband?
Margaret Smallwood
You're so brave Wendy! I love you no matter what! I'm an addict too! The struggle is REAL!
S2daUZ Year ago
What about a number for women who's husbands are cheating!! Hmmm Wendy?
stag3t-m uspsa
That took bravery ....
Maria Perez
Maria Perez Year ago
Wendy talk about ur husband it’s about time ....you talk about everyone so talk about u..
PresKanye Year ago
Lelo Year ago
You always advising woman to walk away from toxic relationships , you should take your own advice and walk away from that man!
monika johnson
Oops baby!
OliviaOnAir Winsteard
Wendy, I'mma share the best Instagram advice I scrolled across today... "Don't let somebody's dusty son stress you out" ❤️
Jesse Abel
Jesse Abel Year ago
Wendy I dont know if you will ever read this but I am so glad to hear that you are getting the help you need. I recently lost my sister-in-law to a drug overdose and she left behind a husband and 3 beautiful girls. Please stay the course and get the help you need! We are all praying for you, many good people are praying! 🕇💝🕊
Cherri Herut
Cherri Herut Year ago
Big Up Wendy ❤️❤️❤️🙏🏼
36 HITMAN36 Year ago
Wendy you fucking COKEHEAD
Noah Year ago
Key words: Kelvin NOT Kevin*Hedonism Jamaica**Sharina Hudson aka Nikki***Addiction****Charlamagne****
Keith Hall
Keith Hall Year ago
My name is Keith Hall and I am a recovering addict and alcoholic God bless me and my recovery
Nadine Year ago
But what triggered you? What's brought this on? Whatever or whomever it is.... get rid of it.
Love you Wendy!! So proud of you. You are the most brave woman.
Kayla Alyak
Kayla Alyak Year ago
I feel bad but then came across the video her being rude to the audience.
Jaron Marval
Jaron Marval Year ago
My brother and I have been struggling with Heroin addiction and I would love to be on your show
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