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If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, help is available.
For more information visit thehunter-foundation.org or call 1-888-5Hunter (548-6837).


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Mar 19, 2019




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Sarah Blanche
I Love her ! She is so honest and talented !! I wish I could Come to her show and just have the chance to meet her and get a hug! You can tell that she is one of a kind ❤ Sending her all the best from Aix en Provence.
Melissa Cooper
Melissa Cooper 2 days ago
Bravo Wendy! This a a bigger problem than anyone can ever know. Thank you for raising awareness and for saving lives!
Oli O
Oli O 2 days ago
i am praying for you Wendy!!! Keep healing!!
April Kuzniar
April Kuzniar 4 days ago
I love this....I have been sober 4 1/2 yrs...My sober date is 5/2/14 It is so refreshing to hear more people talking about addiction. It is a life changing process, it's not just putting down the drugs, it's an over haul of the person. We are the problem and the change needs to come from us. I commend you Wendy. Thank you for sharing.
miss nadia
miss nadia 5 days ago
She deserve it, Wendy is horrible person.
Miss Trinidad and Tobago -
miss nadia So are you!
Diana Blake
Diana Blake 5 days ago
Am so happy for you Wendy, Our father God is with you all the way, keep Shining Hun💪🏾
Jessica Uyvette Thompson
I am very proud of you, Wendy! God bless!!!
Juaz Style
Juaz Style 5 days ago
Brave woman
Y Singh
Y Singh 6 days ago
Hibiscus Angel
Hibiscus Angel 6 days ago
We love u Wendy
K W 6 days ago
Guess "God sitting on your shoulder" ain't enough.
Marcus Key
Marcus Key 7 days ago
Sending so much love, Wendy. You are inspiring people across the globe to change their life. Wishing you love, good health, joy and happiness in your life now and forever. ❤️
Cielarko 8 days ago
I rather hear that someone is looking for help and struggling with drugs than to hear that they died. I wish more celebrities did what you're doing Wendy. Anthony Bourdain, Amy Winehouse so many others. Wow I thought Wendy was a crazy looking ladybut now I know I was wrong and I have so much respect for her.
Esther Nwousi
Esther Nwousi 8 days ago
we love you Wendy, we are proud of you and thank you for sharing life and being vulnerable and brave. Thank you for speaking your truth and choosing sobriety.
Regie T
Regie T 9 days ago
Wendy, I hope your reading these. Please be strong. I hope and pray you will be covered in prayers and love and that you will be comforted. You will be ok. You are ok. God's strength over you. You are loved by many. If do change your shows name and start your own company we'll still be watching you for you.
harris nina
harris nina 9 days ago
you just said: 'GOD was on my shoulder,' Wendy, indicating to me that you know GOD exists and is not restricted to Heaven but interacts WITH us on earth/world. now seek His Son JESUS who is as close to YOU as your breath! JESUS WILL TAKE AWAY YOUR DRUG URGES!!! and you will not have to go through rehab. God bless you, though, for your hotline
Sparkle & Shine
Sparkle & Shine 9 days ago
My respect and you are brave. Speak the truth. We all are broken.🙏🏼 we need Jesus! God almighty is with us.❤️
Realkilo G
Realkilo G 10 days ago
Check out Wendy and Charlemagnes relationship
omar delgado
omar delgado 11 days ago
Wow I’m proud of you!keep up the great work!
#mood 11 days ago
She relapsed and is now getting help? Is this why she fainted last year?
Bryce Goddard
Bryce Goddard 12 days ago
Shoutout to the Asian woman in the pink tiara. Apparently, the audience was told about Wendy’s announcement before they filmed it and she was in the bathroom and didn’t hear it. So that reaction was genuine.
Alexis Cabello
Alexis Cabello 13 days ago
perra metiche
Nathan Lee
Nathan Lee 14 days ago
Now the Truth , About Your Marriage !!!! #Honesty
CBD4Anxiety NoBuzz
CBD4Anxiety NoBuzz 14 days ago
Very brave. Good 4 U.
Milgo Muse
Milgo Muse 14 days ago
Kevin is killing her and he doesn't care. I hate him ... He is a true abuser mentally, emotionally and who knows what else.
Ruby Martinez
Ruby Martinez 15 days ago
There’s always more but that’s ok 👌 It’s not for us to know everything . Hope Wendy gets well ❤️
xgiav vv
xgiav vv 16 days ago
Did she replace her food addiction with this? I liked her when she was a little heavier. Since she went on that lifestyle change diet and cut out all her favourite things maybe she started craving back drugs. Who knows.
Aura Khaos
Aura Khaos 16 days ago
As a person who has been in and out of recovery from heroin addiction, I know the struggle. I must say, I'm extremely impressed and inspired that someone as famous as Wendy was capable of humbling herself down to the point of moving into a sober living house. Any other famous person would most likely scoff at the prospect of these living arrangements when they have enough money to buy the world....and that's the problem. The celebs that eventually meet their demise were unable to take control because their money clouded their judgement just as much as the substances. I'm really hoping that Wendy's awareness will set her apart from the heartbreaking stories that have played out before her. You can always stumble, but keep getting back up girlfriend!! We love youuuuu!!!
Patrick D
Patrick D 17 days ago
Wendy you’re a racist big eyes freak crack head and you should be banned from being on TV
Iam Silvie
Iam Silvie 17 days ago
Wendy, don't give the side chic what she wants, your husband and a marriage. Just separate and give that middle age fck boy his monthly allowance so he can furthermore feel emasculated because of the money that mommy Wendy will give him so his side chic and child will live off if you as they have for the past 11 yrs, allegedly 😉😉 let him feel like a man by him finding a job that's NOT linked to you so them fools can be happily ever after. Wendy, what advice would Wendy give another woman that's living what you are living? Wendy would say to leave him. So leave him. Just don't divorce him.
Sam LSD 17 days ago
Why did she say hunter, she should've used her own name Williams. Her husband might be supportive but he's a man whore
Minnipearls 17 days ago
What about the baby from your husband?
Margaret Smallwood
Margaret Smallwood 17 days ago
You're so brave Wendy! I love you no matter what! I'm an addict too! The struggle is REAL!
S2daUZ 18 days ago
What about a number for women who's husbands are cheating!! Hmmm Wendy?
stag3t-m uspsa
stag3t-m uspsa 18 days ago
That took bravery ....
Maria Perez
Maria Perez 18 days ago
Wendy talk about ur husband it’s about time ....you talk about everyone so talk about u..
PresKanye 18 days ago
Lelo Lee Bangz
Lelo Lee Bangz 18 days ago
You always advising woman to walk away from toxic relationships , you should take your own advice and walk away from that man!
Laura Croft
Laura Croft 18 days ago
monika johnson
monika johnson 20 days ago
Oops baby!
Olivia Winsteard
Olivia Winsteard 20 days ago
Wendy, I'mma share the best Instagram advice I scrolled across today... "Don't let somebody's dusty son stress you out" ❤️
Jesse Abel
Jesse Abel 21 day ago
Wendy I dont know if you will ever read this but I am so glad to hear that you are getting the help you need. I recently lost my sister-in-law to a drug overdose and she left behind a husband and 3 beautiful girls. Please stay the course and get the help you need! We are all praying for you, many good people are praying! 🕇💝🕊
Cherri Herut
Cherri Herut 21 day ago
Big Up Wendy ❤️❤️❤️🙏🏼
THE HITMAN36 21 day ago
Wendy you fucking COKEHEAD
Bo Oz
Bo Oz 21 day ago
Key words: Kelvin NOT Kevin*Hedonism Jamaica**Sharina Hudson aka Nikki***Addiction****Charlamagne****
Keith Hall
Keith Hall 21 day ago
My name is Keith Hall and I am a recovering addict and alcoholic God bless me and my recovery
Nadine 22 days ago
But what triggered you? What's brought this on? Whatever or whomever it is.... get rid of it.
Love you Wendy!! So proud of you. You are the most brave woman.
Kayla Alyak
Kayla Alyak 22 days ago
I feel bad but then came across the video her being rude to the audience.
Jaron Marval
Jaron Marval 22 days ago
My brother and I have been struggling with Heroin addiction and I would love to be on your show
Lamont  Stephens
Lamont Stephens 22 days ago
What makes me mad about her is she always commenting on other people so Wendy how you doin
Heather Smith
Heather Smith 20 days ago
Lamont Stephens Curious what about it that makes you mad 🤔 Yes, her job ironically has always been about being a gossip reporter. That’s her job...but how does that change anything SMH
T Francis
T Francis 23 days ago
Shes talking about everything but the elephant in the room. Just tell us what we already know wendy
jimmy ONLINE
jimmy ONLINE 23 days ago
That's is what it takes to be famous drugs.
Inoue 23 days ago
The legend 50Cent brought me here Love when he bully’s Wendy lol
NJ 23 days ago
Whats up with her eyes though?
David 23 days ago
I’m sorry but I feel no sympathy for her. She’s a horrible person to many people. I don’t understand why some people can support her and go to her shows.
JackGeezy 23 days ago
Only talked because she was about to get exposed smh. They need to get good evidence of Kelvin cheating, so she talks.
yung boi oystr
yung boi oystr 24 days ago
That drip hitting her
Kevin K Adj
Kevin K Adj 24 days ago
Colleen Rollins
Colleen Rollins 24 days ago
I love your show. I hope you get the help you need.💖
julian anderson
julian anderson 24 days ago
Let those without sin cast the first stone! Nobody's perfect!
Jax G
Jax G 24 days ago
Angie Cerpas
Angie Cerpas 24 days ago
Poor Wendy! At the end of the day shes a normal gal. Praying she gets thru it.
Leman Nur Detchman
Leman Nur Detchman 24 days ago
Wendy is so amazing ❤️❤️ I love her!! I am sorry to hear this :’( I hope she can overcome her addiction. Don’t give up hun !!!
lordqueenofthetrap Queen
My grl😘got heart💗looking good😍
lordqueenofthetrap Queen
Luv u 💗Wendy no matter wht!
stancexpunks 24 days ago
Love this
James Hero
James Hero 24 days ago
keep pushing forward wendy!
Luxe Beauty Supply (Exclusively Online)
Take a break Queen, it's ok.💟💝💟
Tori Black
Tori Black 24 days ago
Once a man has a baby outside of his marriage he has Blatenly said fuq you as his wife and fuq your life. He doesn't care that he could be putting his wife's life in danger with aids or any other transferred bodily fluid that could be life threatening and internally damaging. Its time to let him go and move on to safety. #Run #WendyWilliams
Alli H
Alli H 25 days ago
Wendy you're only Human Please don't be so hard on yourself. YOU CAN DO THIS !!!!
Carol Revis
Carol Revis 25 days ago
You only human stay strong and keep it moving sis. Praying for your strength addictions is a powerful demon to fight off. Folks should not judge everybody is fighting something. It takes a big heart to admit it. Isn’t that what God wants us to do own your stuff and repent and get better day to day
Mary Pettit
Mary Pettit 25 days ago
Why did no person stand up and give her a hug??
Amber Maroney
Amber Maroney 25 days ago
Wendy I admire you. But it looks like someone is holding a gun to your head and making you say this. Is it kevin??? If Kevin is a part owner of the show and is making you confess your "truth" then why doesn't he come out and confess his, all the alleged rumors going around about a mistress and a baby???? Practice what you preach Kevin 🐍 🤥🙏🙏
joey baggs
joey baggs 25 days ago
She looks fucking scary lol
wanda j
wanda j 25 days ago
When she say doors locked by 10 p. M. Lights Out by 10 p. M. I cry like a baby
Riko Lopez
Riko Lopez 25 days ago
All these comments about the Asian lady have me dyyyyyyiinng!!! 😂😂 I'm glad Wendy is getting treatment tho. Hope she gets well.
Sarah Misner
Sarah Misner 25 days ago
Wendy I know I'm not a famous person but I have been watching your shows a very long time I do see the media and when I see the heartache in your face I really wish I could hug you I have been where you are right now and it is possible to get clean it is going to be hard but it is so possible and remember you are worth it.
Black Sheep
Black Sheep 25 days ago
Morale of the story: we are all human and make mistakes and wrong decisions. Don't shine light on other people's mistakes when you have a big one of your own!
sasha cooley
sasha cooley 25 days ago
Proud of you Wendy
Harbinger Lissome
Harbinger Lissome 25 days ago
This is a proof this world is just crap! I mean, look at her face, why in world wd somebody wants to look up this woman as some kinda role model? Just looking at her face, her body language tells you any piece of garbage can climb high but nothin to give
moska amarkhel
moska amarkhel 25 days ago
Who watched this over again just to watch the Asain girl after reading the comments about the asian girl?
T Wilson
T Wilson 25 days ago
Can you "de-program" Wendy?
Juanita Vargas
Juanita Vargas 25 days ago
I been going through so much changes since August of last year I found he doing meth and I been married with him for 27 years never never knew or noticed he was doing meth and it's been hell the reason I found out is his way changes on him that at first I thought he was going through mental illness but no. But I'm already looking for rehabilitation and help it's breaks our heart especially my three adult kids.
Hunna Ferdinand
Hunna Ferdinand 25 days ago
I feel so sad for Wendy Williams
inparadise 25 days ago
I love your truth. We are crying with you :’(
Alana Soul
Alana Soul 25 days ago
amazing wendy just remember someone watching this is going through this is inspired by you god bless you and by gods grace you will get better
Flora Maphutha
Flora Maphutha 25 days ago
Wendy she’s an Amazing person n I hope she gets better n We all know she deserves better❤️God is with you ❤️🙌🏾
Courtney Smith
Courtney Smith 26 days ago
I love how real you are Wendy! ❤️
Orange Juice
Orange Juice 26 days ago
Poor Wendy ;( Hope she feels and gets better. ❤️
Qu Artz
Qu Artz 26 days ago
Why does it look like she is in front green screen
Charley Cartagena
Charley Cartagena 26 days ago
What a hott drunk mess we have here and still Bayless. Is that a word, who cares !
Totville TV
Totville TV 26 days ago
You are more likeable & relatable when you speak your truth. It's relatable because of the fact that no one in this world is perfect.
The ELEVEN 26 days ago
Kit Kat
Kit Kat 26 days ago
Good luck Wendy we love you - it was very brave of you to speak on tv about your issues. I commend you!! HUGS FROM CANADA YOU GO GIRL!!!!! 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
Dylan Koster
Dylan Koster 26 days ago
Love from the Netherlands Wendy. Get well ❤️🇳🇱
J.D. Contreras
J.D. Contreras 26 days ago
She looks SPUN OUT on something.
Joseph Borrero
Joseph Borrero 26 days ago
Judge Mathis was right all the time about her. After she talked so much crap about him.😏
Michael Pasto
Michael Pasto 26 days ago
You mean WENDEll... Willy. . Williams, tells no truth!
A L 26 days ago
Just tell the truth that Kelvin is out here with that girl and their new baby and you trying to keep it cool but It's breaking you down mentally And things are getting crazy at home and abusive got you all broken up and on pain pills relapsing. Be the voice for other women that don't have this platform that are going through the same cuz it's everywhere. I'd respect that so much more especially with all the gossip that's talked about other people on this show
A L 19 days ago
+Heather Smith that's true.. however for someone who plans their day around staying in other peoples dirt.. stop talking about others journeys and deal with it. Double standards.. don't act like you don't see the irony and I'm out of pocket for commenting in a way she comments on everyone else's under the sun.. either address yours or drop hot topics..
Heather Smith
Heather Smith 20 days ago
A L Shut up geez it’s her journey not yours...back off and let her deal
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