Welcome to the Sunshine State. Sailing in FLORIDA! ☀️⛵️ Ep.194

Sailing La Vagabonde
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We sail down to Fort Lauderdale in Florida. Welcome to the sunshine state. I've never seen so many boats in my whole damn life! Or had to dodge as many. Lol. Enjoy the sail. Videos made with love, Elayna, Riley and Lenny.
Song Credits:
00:00 Alone - Jason Winks - open.spotify.com/artist/3cE0AGMVfh6lTOAiaSizmB
00:39 Chase McBride - Days Move Easy - open.spotify.com/artist/6RlaScSXjYLYi4RAq4FgCX
02:15 Isaac Balson - Any Day Now - ruvid.net/show-UCJMujF249iGrDPS8zhR2b2Q
06:10 Koresma - Canyon Walls (Andrew Rothschild Remix) - www.koresmamusic.com
07:18 Daniel Champagne - Satellite City - facebook.com/danielchampagnemusic
10:01 Rays Of Fire - Jack and the Weatherman - www.jackandtheweatherman.nl
12:09 Spuren im Sand - Windspiel - www.windspiel.band
14:10 Live My Life - Getgogetter - www.getgogetter.bandcamp.com/releases
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Apr 22, 2019

sailing in floridasail florida




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Sailing La Vagabonde
Get mad swag and an overwhelming sense of well-being for becoming part of our crew (trust me... it feels so good it’s selfish). Check it out here: bit.ly/SLVPatreon
Fortis Silicis
Fortis Silicis Month ago
hahaaaaa Lenny is such a sweet boy :DD
Graham Hutchinson
I just picked up the blue hoodie that Riley wore in this video. It’s really nice and well worth it.
Blue _ Boy
Blue _ Boy Month ago
For the overhang thing... have you tried fitting a bent piece of stainless tube? And bolt it down with stainless bolts. Maybe call Matthew in France
Josh G
Josh G Month ago
I’m going to check out this Patreon thing...you guys really bring some joy to my wife’s and I lives. You even really motivated me to take sailing lessons and I just finished my first 5 classes. Love it! Real quick, I’ve been having sleeping issues too...can you tell me where I can buy the “don’t give a shit drops?” I cannot find them. Hope to see you guys on the water soon!
Ellie Garcia
Ellie Garcia 7 hours ago
So awesome I live like 15 mins away from there.. I go fishing out there all the time
Martha Curly
Martha Curly 10 hours ago
What's the fastest you've been in the cat
Robert Norvell
Robert Norvell 2 days ago
Sorry we missed you when you were here in west palm! Our Catalina is moored just south of where you were and the sailing club would have welcomed you. Next time 😀 enjoying the content thank you
Nancy Ramski
Nancy Ramski 2 days ago
My husband and I just celebrated our 40th Anniversary and we love ❤️ watching you two on your journey! We are from Daytona Beach Florida and moved to Fort Pierce Florida and Stuart Florida where my daughters where born. We live in Nashville TN now if you ever come this way lol We like invitation to the “ Wedding” when you two beautiful people get that figured out! Big big smile! Safe travels you two! With Love Nancy
Mama Point
Mama Point 2 days ago
My goodness I am so so envious! Much love y'all!
Shea holmes
Shea holmes 3 days ago
How do you wash your clothes? Whenever you get in town or do y'all handwash clothing?
Shea holmes
Shea holmes 3 days ago
Will you still be sailing whenever Lenny grows up?
Garrett Rohde
Garrett Rohde 4 days ago
The container ship y'all saw with "PROTECT THE ENVIRONMENT" on it prompted me to think about a conversation I had with a couple other people some time ago, about the justification for tractor-trailer rigs, container ships, etc., and this particular area of study is actually really interesting, so I thought I'd share a bit because I think Riley especially would get a kick out of it. Anyway, the what it all boils down to is efficiency; specifically, efficiency-per-pound-mile, which means: let's say, for example, that you have 400,000-tons of cargo to move across an ocean, say from China to North America as one potential example. Is it more efficient, in terms of total fuel burned, man-hours, overhead costs (port fees, longshoreman man-hours, etc.), crew costs, the effect on port traffic and traffic in the shipping lanes, etc. to have many, many smaller vessels to ship that amount of weight, or fewer (or one) much larger vessels? Obviously, if you look at just nautical-miles made good per gallon of fuel burned for a container ship, that number is *very* low. But, this is not a meaningful number, because it fails to take into account the enormous payload these vessels are able to move. A more meaningful number is considering nautical miles covered, per gallon of fuel, per pound (or Kg) of payload; and then comparing that number to the hypothetical situation of transporting the same overall payload with a greater number of smaller vessels. When you do this comparison, the container ship wins hands down by a HUGE margin; it's not even a competition.. Then, when you consider the other costs associated with moving such huge amounts of cargo; overhead, port fees, crew expenses, even things like the impact of anti-fouling on the ocean (and most notably, port/marina) environments, it's even clearer that container ships are the best option. It's the same with tractor-trailer rigs. Several well-meaning friends of mine rail against the number of trucks we have on the highways here in the states, especially in Atlanta; they see the black smoke from the stacks of these trucks, and they immediately judge that this is just a horrible way to do things. But, just as with container ships, when you look at efficiency in terms of gallons-per-pound-mile, these rigs are our very best option, in terms of least air-quality impact to move that amount of cargo, cargo that enables cities like Atlanta to even exist. (Without the food shipments, for example, these trucks provide, the Atlanta metropolitan area would be completely devoid of food in 72 hours) Anyway, sorry to go on at length, I just thought that maybe someone would find the topic interesting and maybe enlightening. There is a *huge* amount of material about this topic; whitepapers, research papers, conversations...all over the internet and in public libraries, so anyone who is interested I would definitely encourage you to have a look. It's a very interesting area of study, I find.
Scott Blair
Scott Blair 4 days ago
As my wife and I had 6 children. Evening primrose oil. An herb you can buy at walmart in the vitamin section. Or at an herb shop. As you just had a baby. Post partum blues. Maybe part of your anxiety. But for ladies the evening primrose oil is good. Especially with younger ladies
Jannell's Vlogs
Jannell's Vlogs 4 days ago
Omg when u guys come to Florida again let me know. You come to land and take Selfie together AHHHHH! So cool!
amps_yt _
amps_yt _ 9 days ago
How are you guys always so posotive
Amelia Muttrie
Amelia Muttrie 9 days ago
i love you all so much and you make such inspiring videos 🥰
Glenda Sprague
Glenda Sprague 11 days ago
Why are you so stressed? I don't understand ? Love your Vlogs
Sa Te
Sa Te 7 days ago
She is a young mother....new experience...sailing with a baby...Pretty much self-explanatory.
Ammara Altaf
Ammara Altaf 11 days ago
Omg the night sky was so beautiful ❤
sandy patton
sandy patton 12 days ago
I really love love what you're doing as a family and "Lenny" has stolen my heart!!!! I'm and American whose lived in France and Switzerland for the last 30 years.....the next time you're on the Mediterranean be it France, Italy or Spain...I come to see you and if you are anywhere near Bern, Switzerland, you must me my guest here in Bern. With much admiration, Sandy Patton. www.sandypatton.net / sandstonesing@bluewin.ch RUvid Channel/FaceBook
Mackenzie Bruger
Mackenzie Bruger 13 days ago
John Tatum
John Tatum 13 days ago
Lenny seems like a really happy baby...he loves the boat..eh?
Arise Atomic
Arise Atomic 13 days ago
The videos are cute and I wish if my boat was done because one thing I know is that you are in Miami by ft Lauderdale marina ore you park in Hollywood marina. Keep up the good work with your adorable baby
Wizzi Wiz
Wizzi Wiz 13 days ago
are you german or do you at least speack german ? the song in the end is so nice
Think LEAN Business
Love the videos! Kepp them coming!
Nancy Hedderson
Nancy Hedderson 14 days ago
more videos of Lenny please
Melissa Smith
Melissa Smith 15 days ago
Get a baby carrier so you can work with both hands 😊 I used to wear my baby around the house 👶🏻👶🏻👶🏻
Olivia Patricia
Olivia Patricia 17 days ago
I just started watching you guys a few days ago. I'm such a fan of Lenny what a sweet smile! You are in my country, The Bahamas, right now. It's a long holiday weekend (7 - 10 June) and there are lots of festivals happening maybe you will come across one. Enjoy!!! ❤
Angie Fernandez
Angie Fernandez 17 days ago
You both look like a great couple/ wonderful family. Just always go with your gut feeling because that is usually the Holy Spirit talking to you and warning you about something bad or dangerous. God bless you all.
Sirena Tay
Sirena Tay 17 days ago
More videos pleasssseeee I live off your adventures
LOUISE schlater
LOUISE schlater 18 days ago
I love all of your videos and amazing beautiful ocean. I look forward to you new adventures there always amazing.. plus l love seeing Lenny with his sweet smiles....keep safe ❤✨🎏⛴☀️
Melanie Ramos
Melanie Ramos 19 days ago
You guys came to my hometown ! Wow that is amazing wish you guys the best ! Come back soon!! 💛
Melanie Ramos
Melanie Ramos 19 days ago
I love your videos ! It’s makes me want to pursue sailing
Evie _Samantha
Evie _Samantha 20 days ago
Hey!!! Queensland is the sunshine state!!!!!!!
Jack Towson
Jack Towson 21 day ago
And look up crayator on RUvid he kinda looks like ur husband with the mustache
Jack Towson
Jack Towson 21 day ago
I feel so bad for u ur mans is eating vegemite lol jk
amber rusted
amber rusted 21 day ago
I love this channel so much. Its my dream to do what you do but I'm terrified of the open ocean, any advice ??
Cesar Arellanes
Cesar Arellanes 21 day ago
Where can one buy Don't Give a Shit drops??
skyfooty 21 day ago
That's a slice of bread not a sandwich
bluehors3 23 days ago
You're probably an inspiration to millionaires everywhere.
Oof Ooff
Oof Ooff 23 days ago
What about sharks?
True Life Average Jane Vlog
I dont like FL, but i love this vlog
S R 24 days ago
Thanks guys for the priceless opportunity to see my good old Costa Classia. 7:12 lots of great memories there. :-)
robert sears
robert sears 25 days ago
What are those sleep inducing herbs names again? Melatonin and L- Theanine work well in combination, however, i'm always seeking alternatives. Please repeat.
robert sears
robert sears 25 days ago
AND I WILL buy Swag! Promise.
Eric Aufdembrink
Eric Aufdembrink 26 days ago
Idea for your canopy. Thin plywood panel. Cut to fit just over length to fit underneath your canopy. It should fit underneath in a slight bow, no more than the height your canopy can be gently pushed up. Waterproof by painting a cool design on the bottom. I'd go with a planetarium type design if it was mine, you guys have a lot of cool La Vagabonde branding. Should hold itself in place if you get the length right!
Ryan Cooke
Ryan Cooke 27 days ago
That’s a lot of butter on a vegemite sandwich
Travis Wallace
Travis Wallace 29 days ago
Lenny's little personality is blossoming! His smile is contagious!
David Simbolon
David Simbolon 29 days ago
Carlos Garza
Carlos Garza Month ago
Carlos Garza
Carlos Garza Month ago
U guys are kool i like watching ur videos
Jason Peter Sharpe
Your baby 🍼 is BEAUTIFUL 💕
Jason Peter Sharpe
So impressed with your courageous lifestyle and beautiful baby 😁. Many blessings and may Yahweh shine upon your wonderful family, always. -j
Lui Rivera
Lui Rivera Month ago
I really admire you lifestyle it seems at times like alot of work,but i wish i could be in a space with family and nobody else with the scenery you guys get. Lennny is such a cool little guy. Good luck,GOD BLESS and ⛵ on..
kragseven Month ago
"Protect the environment" in a vessel that measures it's fuel use by tons per hour LOL
Aleksy Rodriguez
If and when you come back to florida... you also have to check out boca raton... there is a huge lagoon its called lake Boca...... you can hang out in there for a day or two before the water police give you a hard time. You should also make a Key West video....
Richard Skaggs
Richard Skaggs Month ago
Hey kiddos- you were just in my neighborhood- west Palm inlet- sorry i missed y'all- i see you were next to the cruise ship and went to sail fish marina--- you guys are awesome- thanks for the inspiration--- wish i could of crewed for you-- cheerio--- i live in a 30 foot sailboat and y'all give me hope--- TY
John marston
John marston Month ago
U guys went to where I live I wish I could say hi
william gosvener
Your son has stolen the show, but he has that look like he can mutiny at any time. Have fun and be safe out their. Oh and Riley you are a lucky lucky man, you have a great family and get to do what you love.
Dmytro Picky
Dmytro Picky Month ago
laughing about tanker and using diesel every day
Jonnes __
Jonnes __ Month ago
Nice Palstek... .
Kevin Garrison
Kevin Garrison Month ago
For the pooling water grab some bamboo pools and arch them under for a inexpensive fix and they can be removed in high winds easily. Expensive fix have some stainless steel ribs made.
Kevin Garrison
Kevin Garrison Month ago
Make sure u put something on the ends so no rips happen. I use cheap face clothes with duct tape
Bravo Bravo
Bravo Bravo Month ago
The baby smile is really the essence of the vids 😍 i cant help but to smile to 😂😂
Boris-Smiff Month ago
Beautiful people with a beautiful baby! Keep living the dream.
Andrew Hamilton
Andrew Hamilton Month ago
That Stefan is god damn legend!
MrBlockyTV Month ago
wtf random german words and german song?
Velmurugan Kandasamy
This is the live for future. Escape from pollution from public. Sea still less polluting PLACE. COMPARE with land.
Lauren Loucks
Lauren Loucks Month ago
Love the day vlogs, though, you two need aot of rest time. Do not exhaust yourselves.by overworking.
Rich Oldschool
Rich Oldschool Month ago
Thanks, for another amazing video, From Texas
Mark Sonter
Mark Sonter Month ago
Use some sail battens to hold the Bimini from filling with water, cheers from the Gold Coast Aus
William Nichols
William Nichols Month ago
Maybe an old fiberglass baton might be bowed under that canvas cover to keep the water from pooling.
Boating Chesapeake
Elayna, where can I find those "don't give a sh!t drops"? I google it and nothing.
Jim Stang
Jim Stang Month ago
Damn I missed you guys, I live in Fort Pierce
Karin Groenewoud
Hi there you gorgeous people, could you please give me a link or something where to get the I dont give a shit drops? ashwaganda check, but those drops I need for my bad, baaaaad insomnia , thx! Namasté
Darren Purcell
Darren Purcell Month ago
A is for Annapolis. Hey, Guys, I am looking forward to meeting you in Annapolis. It would be my pleasure to take you 3 out for dinner if you would like. Please let me know and I’ll make some kid-friendly reservations. Best Darren
Toby Garcia
Toby Garcia Month ago
4:23 - FYI, that's only half a sandwich
Chris Hudson
Chris Hudson Month ago
Seeing a lot of comments about Lenny and the sun etc, I bet that’s its all hard to hear but I’m sure it’s all with love and care, at the same time you are both very capable parents, you can sail around the world, little Lenny is just along for the ride. With the yacht transporter, owners don’t want to risk it, I work on a 100+m yacht and we sail across the pond but smaller that 70 owners like to ship them as its safer and faster. But I agree the sailing boats should be given a crew and let loose. Motor yachts with fuel you can understand.......
Sa Te
Sa Te 7 days ago
Sun is good! Driving with a baby in a car is more dangerous than sailing with a baby.
Chris Hudson
Chris Hudson Month ago
How you have the time to improve intros and filming quality with Lenny and relocating amazes me! You guys are fricken awesome. Keep going guys you will be at a million soon enough! Being a motor boater you guys have inspired me to learn to sail, Riley you are my hero, sorry cant afford to be a Paetron yet but I recommend you to all my friends!
Be Gö
Be Gö Month ago
What's up with the random German in the videos?
Joep Selles
Joep Selles Month ago
Oh menn these vlogs are motivating to change life style... For the water catching on the bimini i would suggest to take sail battens of something similar and put them in under tension... Just a thought. Lenny thanks for joining the show, you make me smile every time, haha. Cheers
Donna R
Donna R Month ago
What did you eat or take for sleep, I need it, please
George Wagner
George Wagner Month ago
Great editing work on this one guys!!!
Nathanael Finlayson
8:22 I died.
Ken Dorsey
Ken Dorsey Month ago
Nice pirate cut off pants there E. Sleep is wonderful for sure.
The Cruising Kiwis
Interested in hearing how the vessel struck by lightning got on.
curt5253 Month ago
it's like the matrix!
G David
G David Month ago
Please make more daily vlogs!!!!!
curt5253 Month ago
love you guys..time for me to order some new shirts. mine are looking a little ragged..btw..love the pirate pants, El.
Michael Dundee
Michael Dundee Month ago
Congratulations on your new crewmate and thank you for sharing your sailing adventures
Justin Blouet
Justin Blouet Month ago
Pouvez vous mettre des sous-titres en français ?
Sailing New Beginning
Great video! Hope y'all enjoyed Florida. Happy sailing!
Steven Kukene
Steven Kukene Month ago
OMG when Lenny smiles he's so darn cute! Melt your heart much?
Sanam A
Sanam A Month ago
Bliss suits all 3 of ya! Lenny seems to be getting cuter by the minute. Thanks for another video and all the effort for the daily ones. Best wishes guys
Amelia Holland
Amelia Holland Month ago
I love your videos so much! Thank you for continuing to make them for us.
Andrew Phillips
Andrew Phillips Month ago
I was trying to figure out if you have sailed across the pacific or not. I remember videos about going thru the panama canal and galapagos islands, but didnt follow it after that.
Yair Month ago
Whats that song in the end ?? amazing
Lucy Walsh
Lucy Walsh Month ago
Hey could you guys to a video about the logistics of visas and how long you’re allowed to stay in country and if that affects your route etc. That would be super interesting !!
Alex Bond
Alex Bond Month ago
7:40 Lenny literaly always looks like he is trying to sneeze
kokid10 Month ago
Amen sister
Susanna Zrucky
Susanna Zrucky Month ago
I ❤ watching ur dideos. U both are amazing parents! Please more videos! 😊
Who has eaten a vegemite sandwich and how is it?
Beverly Genader
Beverly Genader Month ago
Please get a PFD for that beautiful baby. You are incredible parents and always have acted responsibly in caring for each other and for our planet. Please do the same for your precious child. And yes, they do make PFD’s for infants. You can google for styles and reviews. We always had our children in PFDs with a leash attached. A little easier to grab that way. REmember that drowning is the #1 cause of acccidental death in children aged 1 - 4. We love you. Keep up the good work.
Sa Te
Sa Te 7 days ago
They are not stupid.
Jeanine Sofia
Jeanine Sofia Month ago
Was that a dirty bowline you tied, Riley?? 😝
My Paradise on Bantayan Island, Cebu, Philippines
You guys need to get Lenny a "Baby Vest" so while on deck you are hands free and he is strapped securely to his Mom or Dad. I love to see Lenny laugh, he is such a good son, It is hard to tell at this young age however I think he favors his fathers looks😎
Matthew Miller
Matthew Miller Month ago
Could put a bar in the middle of that cover orrr maybe tie it off and have it tied to something so it's pulled up to make a point in the middle. Then the water will slide down
o o
o o Month ago
That container ship was laden with jars of Vegemite for Riley. “Lord Riley of LaVagabonde the 2nd needs his Vegemite!” Haha
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