Welcome to the Sunshine State. Sailing in FLORIDA! ☀️⛵️ Ep.194

Sailing La Vagabonde
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We sail down to Fort Lauderdale in Florida. Welcome to the sunshine state. I've never seen so many boats in my whole damn life! Or had to dodge as many. Lol. Enjoy the sail. Videos made with love, Elayna, Riley and Lenny.
Song Credits:
00:00 Alone - Jason Winks - open.spotify.com/artist/3cE0AGMVfh6lTOAiaSizmB
00:39 Chase McBride - Days Move Easy - open.spotify.com/artist/6RlaScSXjYLYi4RAq4FgCX
02:15 Isaac Balson - Any Day Now - ruvid.net/show-UCJMujF249iGrDPS8zhR2b2Q
06:10 Koresma - Canyon Walls (Andrew Rothschild Remix) - www.koresmamusic.com
07:18 Daniel Champagne - Satellite City - facebook.com/danielchampagnemusic
10:01 Rays Of Fire - Jack and the Weatherman - www.jackandtheweatherman.nl
12:09 Spuren im Sand - Windspiel - www.windspiel.band
14:10 Live My Life - Getgogetter - www.getgogetter.bandcamp.com/releases
Videos made by Elayna, starring Riley!!
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Apr 22, 2019




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Sailing La Vagabonde
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Fortis Silicis
Fortis Silicis 4 months ago
hahaaaaa Lenny is such a sweet boy :DD
Graham Hutchinson
Graham Hutchinson 4 months ago
I just picked up the blue hoodie that Riley wore in this video. It’s really nice and well worth it.
Blue _ Boy
Blue _ Boy 4 months ago
For the overhang thing... have you tried fitting a bent piece of stainless tube? And bolt it down with stainless bolts. Maybe call Matthew in France
Josh G
Josh G 4 months ago
I’m going to check out this Patreon thing...you guys really bring some joy to my wife’s and I lives. You even really motivated me to take sailing lessons and I just finished my first 5 classes. Love it! Real quick, I’ve been having sleeping issues too...can you tell me where I can buy the “don’t give a shit drops?” I cannot find them. Hope to see you guys on the water soon!
Manic Mommi
Manic Mommi 7 days ago
My 4 year old goggles when she sees Riley’s nipples. So I can’t watch around her anymore because I can’t hear anything over her giggles. It’s adorbs. Also, she loves Lenny and wants to teach him how to ride her bike and he can teach her to drive boats. 🤣👍🏻
Matt Nicholls
Matt Nicholls 14 days ago
Such a wonderful happy family ! ❤️
South West Florida Aerial
whats vegemite and anything with butter is awesome
Marc Anthony Marquez
Denny Medeiros
Denny Medeiros Month ago
RVs have spring steel type things that put a bow in the canvas
Bunyip Dan
Bunyip Dan Month ago
Catching up while doing the dishes.....had to dry off and rewind, misheard Ashwagandha, thought you said Ayahuasca (pronounced - aya-wash-ka) but thats very much a different kind of dream chaser....and would not be adviseable....phew Riley you could try stitching in a couple of sleaves for shortened fibreglass tent poles or sail batons to hold an arch in the bimini Loving the episodes, thanks for sharing
p m
p m Month ago
I'm so confused Im following along with your RUvid vids and was up around the 207 mark, then it ran into a couple of random (no #) vids about Rile's on an island and you guys in Florida and now we're back before you do your shark dives, episode 194. Do the vids not run sequential? Or better yet, are the vids meant to run sequential? Lenny was almost 8 or 9 months and now he's practically a new born. What's going on???
Rogier Scheen
Rogier Scheen Month ago
I work for Zeelander Yachts and DutchCraft Yachts, we use yacht transport all the time to deliver new yachts. They have a huge amount of work.
B-Rad Jeezy from Malibu
Why would you bypass Miami to go to ft shiterdale
JC Baily
JC Baily Month ago
I can't stop watching your vlogs especially when Lenny is part of them....thanks so much for sharing!
Baylee Long
Baylee Long Month ago
I’m sorry if you mentioned it and I missed it but where did you get the I don’t give a shit drops?
Diana Olson
Diana Olson Month ago
Lenny makes me smile non stop.
Diana Olson
Diana Olson Month ago
Yes, chose your words well. I would love to share your site with our grandchildren. I am so proud of you both. When's the wedding!!
Diana Olson
Diana Olson Month ago
You two need to meet Jonna Jinton and Johan. I think that would be a great video. Check there you tube channel Jonna Jinton
The Donger
The Donger Month ago
Riley, I am a programmer and your 'programming' scene had me cracking up, thank you
William Schmidt
William Schmidt 2 months ago
Welcome to my beautiful state
The Potsy Painter Rhonda Wilson
What a GREAT channel!!! You guys are the best & your content is perfect!!!
Rj 2 months ago
Oh!!! Bolins are done in revers because your from down under and in that reign water down toilets go down the opposite way!!! Brain reconnected. Cheers!
Rj 2 months ago
You did your bolin opposite from what I teach, but it comes out perfect.... I teach rabbit comes out of the hole around the tree and back down the hole. Key point is that I teach the loop from under and you do it from over and reverse the rabbits progression to goes into the hole and around the tree and comes out of the hole.... So in theory the tree is in the hole.... but its a perfect bolin.... you just wrecked my brain... Cheers!
Andrew Brown Cow
Andrew Brown Cow 2 months ago
Gawd Lenny is adorabubble! You guys made a beautiful little human
Andrew Brown Cow
Andrew Brown Cow 2 months ago
Question, who thumbs down these videos? I mean, why? It bewildering to me how someone could be offended by your videos enough to be bothered to anonymously and without explanation so they're bad.
Serenely 2 months ago
Lenny is so cuuuute!!!! Awesome videos!
RockStarVee 2 months ago
I looked up that ship; seems as though it's a chemical/oil products tanker--the irony continues!
Jasmen Smith
Jasmen Smith 2 months ago
wow thats crazy
chris soto
chris soto 2 months ago
One question how the hell are you paying for all this?!
fishcat 2 months ago
Florida is the worst place on earth
Tammy Kroll
Tammy Kroll 2 months ago
What were the drops please.
Hatch Man Do
Hatch Man Do 2 months ago
What is vegemite? Is it like Nutella in the US? (Chocolate?)
FunGryphon 2 months ago
Nooooo, for us Americans, most of us will hate it. It’s a type of yeast extract, salty, kind of bitter. Google says it tastes sort of like a beef bouillon. Most Australians do eat it like Nutella tho, on toast.
I love it when leny is jumping like crazy 😂 it shows how satisfied he is and contented being in the ocean 😍
theresa lynes
theresa lynes 2 months ago
Lenny is such a bright light with that smile of his. I watch your videos because they make me smile.
Estrella cortez
Estrella cortez 2 months ago
Go go million!
Ellie Garcia
Ellie Garcia 3 months ago
So awesome I live like 15 mins away from there.. I go fishing out there all the time
Martha Curly
Martha Curly 3 months ago
What's the fastest you've been in the cat
Robert Norvell
Robert Norvell 3 months ago
Sorry we missed you when you were here in west palm! Our Catalina is moored just south of where you were and the sailing club would have welcomed you. Next time 😀 enjoying the content thank you
Nancy Ramski
Nancy Ramski 3 months ago
My husband and I just celebrated our 40th Anniversary and we love ❤️ watching you two on your journey! We are from Daytona Beach Florida and moved to Fort Pierce Florida and Stuart Florida where my daughters where born. We live in Nashville TN now if you ever come this way lol We like invitation to the “ Wedding” when you two beautiful people get that figured out! Big big smile! Safe travels you two! With Love Nancy
Mama Point
Mama Point 3 months ago
My goodness I am so so envious! Much love y'all!
Shea holmes
Shea holmes 3 months ago
How do you wash your clothes? Whenever you get in town or do y'all handwash clothing?
Shea holmes
Shea holmes 3 months ago
Will you still be sailing whenever Lenny grows up?
Garrett Rohde
Garrett Rohde 3 months ago
The container ship y'all saw with "PROTECT THE ENVIRONMENT" on it prompted me to think about a conversation I had with a couple other people some time ago, about the justification for tractor-trailer rigs, container ships, etc., and this particular area of study is actually really interesting, so I thought I'd share a bit because I think Riley especially would get a kick out of it. Anyway, the what it all boils down to is efficiency; specifically, efficiency-per-pound-mile, which means: let's say, for example, that you have 400,000-tons of cargo to move across an ocean, say from China to North America as one potential example. Is it more efficient, in terms of total fuel burned, man-hours, overhead costs (port fees, longshoreman man-hours, etc.), crew costs, the effect on port traffic and traffic in the shipping lanes, etc. to have many, many smaller vessels to ship that amount of weight, or fewer (or one) much larger vessels? Obviously, if you look at just nautical-miles made good per gallon of fuel burned for a container ship, that number is *very* low. But, this is not a meaningful number, because it fails to take into account the enormous payload these vessels are able to move. A more meaningful number is considering nautical miles covered, per gallon of fuel, per pound (or Kg) of payload; and then comparing that number to the hypothetical situation of transporting the same overall payload with a greater number of smaller vessels. When you do this comparison, the container ship wins hands down by a HUGE margin; it's not even a competition.. Then, when you consider the other costs associated with moving such huge amounts of cargo; overhead, port fees, crew expenses, even things like the impact of anti-fouling on the ocean (and most notably, port/marina) environments, it's even clearer that container ships are the best option. It's the same with tractor-trailer rigs. Several well-meaning friends of mine rail against the number of trucks we have on the highways here in the states, especially in Atlanta; they see the black smoke from the stacks of these trucks, and they immediately judge that this is just a horrible way to do things. But, just as with container ships, when you look at efficiency in terms of gallons-per-pound-mile, these rigs are our very best option, in terms of least air-quality impact to move that amount of cargo, cargo that enables cities like Atlanta to even exist. (Without the food shipments, for example, these trucks provide, the Atlanta metropolitan area would be completely devoid of food in 72 hours) Anyway, sorry to go on at length, I just thought that maybe someone would find the topic interesting and maybe enlightening. There is a *huge* amount of material about this topic; whitepapers, research papers, conversations...all over the internet and in public libraries, so anyone who is interested I would definitely encourage you to have a look. It's a very interesting area of study, I find.
Scott Blair
Scott Blair 3 months ago
As my wife and I had 6 children. Evening primrose oil. An herb you can buy at walmart in the vitamin section. Or at an herb shop. As you just had a baby. Post partum blues. Maybe part of your anxiety. But for ladies the evening primrose oil is good. Especially with younger ladies
Jannell's Vlogs
Jannell's Vlogs 3 months ago
Omg when u guys come to Florida again let me know. You come to land and take Selfie together AHHHHH! So cool!
amps_yt _
amps_yt _ 3 months ago
How are you guys always so posotive
Amelia Muttrie
Amelia Muttrie 3 months ago
i love you all so much and you make such inspiring videos 🥰
Glenda Sprague
Glenda Sprague 3 months ago
Why are you so stressed? I don't understand ? Love your Vlogs
Sa Te
Sa Te 3 months ago
She is a young mother....new experience...sailing with a baby...Pretty much self-explanatory.
Ammara Altaf
Ammara Altaf 3 months ago
Omg the night sky was so beautiful ❤
sandy patton
sandy patton 3 months ago
I really love love what you're doing as a family and "Lenny" has stolen my heart!!!! I'm and American whose lived in France and Switzerland for the last 30 years.....the next time you're on the Mediterranean be it France, Italy or Spain...I come to see you and if you are anywhere near Bern, Switzerland, you must me my guest here in Bern. With much admiration, Sandy Patton. www.sandypatton.net / sandstonesing@bluewin.ch RUvid Channel/FaceBook
Mackenzie Bruger
Mackenzie Bruger 3 months ago
John Tatum
John Tatum 3 months ago
Lenny seems like a really happy baby...he loves the boat..eh?
Atomic 3 months ago
The videos are cute and I wish if my boat was done because one thing I know is that you are in Miami by ft Lauderdale marina ore you park in Hollywood marina. Keep up the good work with your adorable baby
Wizzi Wiz
Wizzi Wiz 3 months ago
are you german or do you at least speack german ? the song in the end is so nice
Inspiring eCommerce
Inspiring eCommerce 3 months ago
Love the videos! Kepp them coming!
Nancy Hedderson
Nancy Hedderson 3 months ago
more videos of Lenny please
Melissa Smith
Melissa Smith 3 months ago
Get a baby carrier so you can work with both hands 😊 I used to wear my baby around the house 👶🏻👶🏻👶🏻
Olivia Patricia
Olivia Patricia 3 months ago
I just started watching you guys a few days ago. I'm such a fan of Lenny what a sweet smile! You are in my country, The Bahamas, right now. It's a long holiday weekend (7 - 10 June) and there are lots of festivals happening maybe you will come across one. Enjoy!!! ❤
Angie Fernandez
Angie Fernandez 3 months ago
You both look like a great couple/ wonderful family. Just always go with your gut feeling because that is usually the Holy Spirit talking to you and warning you about something bad or dangerous. God bless you all.
Sirena Tay
Sirena Tay 3 months ago
More videos pleasssseeee I live off your adventures
LOUISE schlater
LOUISE schlater 3 months ago
I love all of your videos and amazing beautiful ocean. I look forward to you new adventures there always amazing.. plus l love seeing Lenny with his sweet smiles....keep safe ❤✨🎏⛴☀️
Melanie Ramos
Melanie Ramos 3 months ago
You guys came to my hometown ! Wow that is amazing wish you guys the best ! Come back soon!! 💛
Melanie Ramos
Melanie Ramos 3 months ago
I love your videos ! It’s makes me want to pursue sailing
Kookies with Jimin’s jams
Hey!!! Queensland is the sunshine state!!!!!!!
Jack Towson
Jack Towson 3 months ago
And look up crayator on RUvid he kinda looks like ur husband with the mustache
Jack Towson
Jack Towson 3 months ago
I feel so bad for u ur mans is eating vegemite lol jk
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