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Thank you Toronto's Raptors Uprising for letting us crash over the winter! We'll treat the place with care. #BellFibeHouse
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Oct 16, 2018




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Comments 100
caked _apex3
caked _apex3 Day ago
So theres two FaZe agony's?
TheSpartaN_G 5 days ago
idk why they showed so much of the scenery but then hid the street number on the door. Took 5 minutes of genuine curiosity to figure out the address based on the geography from the 2 second intro. Might be the fact that it's an 8 minute drive from my house that made it easy for me but if someone with mal-intentions wanted to they could easily find the address.
-resqu- 7 days ago
6:36 Nice ethernet ;p
3illy K
3illy K 9 days ago
Awesome I’m trying out for faZe
Dreamwake 10 days ago
Hewse, cewch. So Canadian 😂
Playerz 14 days ago
Those polo socks firetho
Captain Guns
Captain Guns 14 days ago
Cool video
Neil’s Take
Neil’s Take 16 days ago
Can I move in
Games Class Blonde
Games Class Blonde 16 days ago
Nice home bro 👍👍👍
BlitzFN 16 days ago
Fun fact: you can’t breathe while you smile. Joking, just wanted to make u smile. (Don’t I deserve a sub for that??)
Hyper 6 days ago
Stfu self promoter
BlitzFN 9 days ago
Liquid Lakuzma thx for the sub I’m sorry for self promo
Liquid Lakuzma
Liquid Lakuzma 9 days ago
Every on : 🙂 Me : why you always lying! Why you always lying stop friggin lying! Btw I subbed 🙂
9T Oreo
9T Oreo 17 days ago
is there still a faze Toronto house?
Shoalharbour 466
Shoalharbour 466 17 days ago
Faze Nikon dog
david preci
david preci 17 days ago
Parker C
Parker C 17 days ago
Kind of small for that many people, how come the other faze guys have a mansion
DJ Barry
DJ Barry 18 days ago
Anyone know if they still live here?
Luis InShadowz
Luis InShadowz 18 days ago
wow I live in Toronto and I'm a gamer so... nah never gonna happen.
its.fernandojr-_-SUB TO ME PLS
Isint faze nikan in 2020 faze house
Jawid Karimi
Jawid Karimi 18 days ago
who's watching frome toronto😂 drope a like
RedBolt Gaming
RedBolt Gaming 18 days ago
This is like the FaZe house for the giants
GH05T 18 days ago
Well if a tsunami ever comes then ur house is the first to be wiped out 😂😂
Endo_Nate 18 days ago
Pamaj Is the best to hit the sticks 🔥🔥🔥. Hes a big inspiration
Rasmus Kiowsky
Rasmus Kiowsky 19 days ago
anyone know the beat starting at 5:10? sounds amazing, but not as amazing as the house!
JmoneyGoCrazy 20 days ago
We don’t really go outside that much
Geø Garcia
Geø Garcia 20 days ago
He said nekan it’s nikan
Scoped sniper
Scoped sniper 22 days ago
whoever is reading this you are amazing 😉 I am a small youtuber if anybody wants to check me out My dream is 1k and we have a long way to go please subscribe
FIREZ PH03N1X 22 days ago
theres a faze house in california and a faze house in canada. Someone explain.
Lucky_Ace 23 days ago
Do they still all live there is that house gone already?
UIU venos
UIU venos 23 days ago
I know I’m gonna be in there one day
Laurence Lalla
Laurence Lalla 23 days ago
Nick Fox
Nick Fox 24 days ago
Am gonna Get a full set up and my room so big
SUMUKHA .H 27 days ago
I wish I could be in faze clan BET I WILL BE IN IN 4 YEARS
Massimo Aspromonte
Massimo Aspromonte 28 days ago
Faze agony has the best room
Infamous WuTube
Infamous WuTube Month ago
Someone needs to make an outdoor setup
Zacky K
Zacky K Month ago
Im from canada
Rizz clutch
Rizz clutch Month ago
im so happy that i live in Toronto
Gabriella Noelle
Gabriella Noelle 11 days ago
What makes you love living in Toronto? Just curious since I'm planning to move there too
Saiphhh Month ago
Bruh i have that internet at my house
AchillixZ Month ago
I’m just grinding to join faze
ttv2010tom 22
ttv2010tom 22 Month ago
This is how much that house costs 👇
ttv2010tom 22
ttv2010tom 22 Month ago
Ye true
zerk Month ago
ayooooo nahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
PRO Panda
PRO Panda Month ago
Faze sukc
SeiZo Vibe
SeiZo Vibe Month ago
Mans better not say I died cuz I was lagging
George Skills
George Skills Month ago
I thought faze sway was gonna be in your room
SanctuM Month ago
3:20 sounds like the n word lmfao
GamingWithDan Month ago
Replays look so different now
Aseel Yacoub
Aseel Yacoub Month ago
Ya @Mr. Relistic
Tens0r Month ago
Bruh this is tripping me out either they're all 8ft tall or the cameraman is 2ft lol
NAEditzzz Month ago
@ernsto where are you?
Jacob Thomas
Jacob Thomas Month ago
When are you guys going to do faze five stuff
DragoX Gaming
DragoX Gaming Month ago
Da 968 ms replaced by *968 internet speed*
Cliz Clan
Cliz Clan Month ago
Vani Batgeri
Vani Batgeri Month ago
Looks so small from outside but from inside it's way tooo big!!!!!
Tristan P6B
Tristan P6B Month ago
Jaomock looks like fresh but taller
Clxpdby clan
Clxpdby clan Month ago
What about jarvis
Demoqckra Month ago
Wait so where's cbass's room???!
Pro Gamer Boy
Pro Gamer Boy Month ago
Lets be honest jaomock looks like mrfreshasian
Chef Simran Kohli
I love FaZe Migo
Team Velocity
Team Velocity Month ago
1.26 nikaan Instead of nikan
Marvin Hicke
Marvin Hicke Month ago
Why does Jaomock look like mrfreshasian
MASTER user Month ago
Damm people on faze Toronto are tall ass hell
28 Jaxx
28 Jaxx Month ago
I live in Toronto
NATTY ON 60fps
NATTY ON 60fps Month ago
2020 vibes
Aiden Legacy
Aiden Legacy Month ago
How is he in faZe but he sleeps
aquaFN Month ago
I’m from Brampton 30 minutes away from Toronto
Phoenixgrails FN
his voice makes me want to go to sleep 😴
Adam Akhter
Adam Akhter Month ago
why is kieran and devin both faze agony
Ronin Month ago
Is this house still exist bruh
MalulFN Month ago
why sway and monngral not hose
Charlie D
Charlie D Month ago
Kierran's room is the best room. omg
lillo xd
lillo xd Month ago
Mejor la de heretics
Finley Linssen
Finley Linssen Month ago
Lol destroy it naw nick do it
Greekeman Month ago
Pamaj jumps clans like every month
Chillzaz Month ago
This is Toronto so this home is AT LEAST 100 million. Maybe more.
venomTang Month ago
My guy that's not Toronto lol, that's practically oakville. 2 cities away
Zylo Month ago
Subscribed, local support from Toronto! Great job guys, looks great.
Braudy Ramirez
Braudy Ramirez Month ago
Jaomock can like teleport
Heating shadow
Heating shadow Month ago
I wish I can join faze clan 😢
D 192706 Play
D 192706 Play Month ago
I’m from Toronto Canada 🇨🇦💎
STY_ Hazdog
STY_ Hazdog Month ago
What up with all the axe deodorant posters
Dkobe Loves you
Dkobe Loves you Month ago
bruh i live in canada toronto
Kevin Avila
Kevin Avila Month ago
NRG PancqkeZs
NRG PancqkeZs Month ago
Why, I have 60mbs connection and THEY HAVE 920 JUST NO
Caylem Farquhar
Caylem Farquhar Month ago
Caylem Farquhar
Caylem Farquhar Month ago
Kierans room is ire
Caylem Farquhar
Caylem Farquhar Month ago
They all tall af lol
BinAktiv DuPassiv
why all have a smal setup in her Livingroom ?
Scourage71 2 months ago
My internet is 5mbps On a good day lmso
ImSmpay 2 months ago
buy me a mansion for me and my friends we blow up pass you and then send half the money back
FTCrusader 2 months ago
why the fuck am i getting this now in my recommended
Ram Barman
Ram Barman 2 months ago
What happen if rain in backyard
Sehnys 2 months ago
Durham Reigon Gang wya?
SpecifyX 2 months ago
Why would he show the ip..
Gabrielle Darvell
Gabrielle Darvell 2 months ago
wow i didn't know all the other faze members in this vids except for nikan and replays but wow what a house
A ZoNe
A ZoNe 2 months ago
This house is ur own or rent
Mohamed Hassan
Mohamed Hassan 2 months ago
Srinivasan S
Srinivasan S 2 months ago
I wish had that internet
H DOG 2 months ago
2:12 I have that lamp!
Jim Jim
Jim Jim 2 months ago
6:38 they leaked their ip lmfao
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