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From playing dead on the sidewalk to kissing a tattoo, the Planet Dolan crew re-enact some of the best true stories from our subreddit about the weirdest jobs we were ever paid to do
Patreon: www.patreon.com/planetdolan
What was the craziest thing your boss ever asked you to do? Let us know on our reddit page and you may be featured in a future countdown
Legal notes
Art & illustrations by Sweetcommando twitter.com/Sweetcommando
Video narrated by Pringle twitter.com/PringleTheOne
Stories curated/edited by Derek: twitter.com/DerekRushlow
Video edited by CivilSpider twitter.com/civilspiderr
From www.reddit.com/r/PlanetDolan/comments/6ipvnl/whats_the_weirdest_job_you_ever_got_paid_to_do/?limit=500
10 - HeartHero456
CHARACTER: Tolop twitter.com/tolop07
9 - DasMyPillow
CHARACTER: Danger Dolan twitter.com/TheDDGuides
8 - FanOfDangerDolan0217
CHARACTER: MKyleM twitter.com/mkylem
CHARACTER: Nixxiom twitter.com/Nixxiom
6 - AzureMidnight0
CHARACTER: Doopie twitter.com/DoopieDoOver
5 - ThatOneDorkThatDraws
CHARACTER: Jameshark twitter.com/jamesharknado
4 - Bikeridermike
CHARACTER: Slapped Ham twitter.com/SlappedHam
3 - Salty-soda
CHARACTER: SaltySquid twitter.com/SquidWasTaken
2 - pixiepaigex
CHARACTER: Legna twitter.com/Legna_Tweets
1 - PringleTheOne twitter.com/PringleTheOne
Music and Artists: pastebin.com/JixVqQnp


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Feb 17, 2018




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Comments 4 151
arian_ghaussi 2 days ago
dat thumbnail tho
jace Townsend
jace Townsend 3 days ago
Wait that means doopie smelled me to right?
Lucia Villanueva-Juarez
DasMyPilliow? Hilarious name, I love it😂😂🤣🤣
Poochiee DG
Poochiee DG 5 days ago
Zane Campell
Zane Campell 5 days ago
ashton duffy
ashton duffy 5 days ago
My dick bg
DingoAteMyKids 5 days ago
Ijijjhkkjnhjjjjjjkhikhhjijhk happened on that part 8:08 click to see Ijijjhkkjnhjjjjjjkhikhhjijhk
Its me i play
Its me i play 5 days ago
2:23 click me for the NOPE button
Albert Abilez
Albert Abilez 5 days ago
Ahmed Dhiyaa
Ahmed Dhiyaa 5 days ago
So mkayle got a girl twerking at his face shit I would smash
Leighton Charles
Leighton Charles 7 days ago
Omg who wishes 8 happened to u
hijainee Plays
hijainee Plays 7 days ago
Want Good luck Good luck Good luck Good luck Good luck Good luck Good luck Good luck Good luck Good luck Good luck Good luck Good luck Good luck Good luck Good luck Good luck Good luck Good luck Good luck Good luck Good luck Good luck costs a dislike on this comment
Erica Little Hawk
When I see a spider 8:08
Erica Little Hawk
Oh sorry forget the numbers
Rafael Villanueva
Some random guy: give another random guy 25 bucks for laying on the street. Me: that guy is getting paid
Sean Madden
Sean Madden 14 days ago
Am I allowed to say how much I love when Pringle voices? 😂
YOLO POLLO 20 days ago
How lucky I’ll be smacking ass and see a girl twerk
Choas_is_life 24
Choas_is_life 24 21 day ago
Emperor Arkunus
Emperor Arkunus 24 days ago
I love the first one. I wanna meet her
Kassim Abubakar
Kassim Abubakar 25 days ago
I just have been dared to steal some kids dragon ball mcdonalds toy and kill...it😂
Anonymous Egg
Anonymous Egg Month ago
2:23 dat face do 😂🤣
Academic Games
Academic Games Month ago
Since the people submiting these are not the caracters * Dolan , Doopie , mkylem ect. * Did these really happen?
Da Duong
Da Duong Month ago
And you talking in his face no he doesn’t like it then do you to the tune of a person even know wereDude somebody is a perfect
Da Duong
Da Duong Month ago
Twerking into his face that’s a good one for Peru’sBut this girl should be doing with the burgers
The phun maker
The phun maker Month ago
Old man: MMM-MM pencils licked by Pringles, MM-DELICIOUS!!!!! Me: so disgusting....
Jonathan N
Jonathan N Month ago
Number 8 tho😂😂😂
allison randall
allison randall Month ago
Draculea Month ago
i sell myself for money, tha is weird
Austin Brister
Austin Brister Month ago
I wouldnt be doing number 10 for money, i would do it for free
diarmaid207 diarmaid207
Number seven was submitted by MEGA_PICKLE
diarmaid207 diarmaid207
Number nine was submitted by DasMyPillow
Milena Srbova
Milena Srbova Month ago
Morgan Muhly
Morgan Muhly Month ago
Trying to say how nice he is gets twerked on for 100$ dollars
wen hua sim
wen hua sim Month ago
Sally Face Fan girl
U wanna see a magic trick? Make the thing that looks like this 👍 blue!!
Faraad Rasul
Faraad Rasul 2 months ago
Picklerick 6209
Picklerick 6209 2 months ago
Holy shit I’d love to do the first one
Kaiasia Swift
Kaiasia Swift 2 months ago
Oh dear god 0:50
landyn mcinerney
landyn mcinerney 2 months ago
It appears that only a few people in this video are oppurtnists
Vilma Gruzauskaite
Vilma Gruzauskaite 2 months ago
I got paid for being useless! I dont really get money for free
Gabriell Lipo
Gabriell Lipo 2 months ago
I got a jOb AnD I GoT OnE PeEnNy fRoM tHe TrAsH cAn OoF
Sans Biggest fan
Sans Biggest fan 2 months ago
Sans Biggest fan
Sans Biggest fan 2 months ago
Sans Biggest fan
Sans Biggest fan 2 months ago
hi I'm actualy a teen not a child you know ;-; this pic is from along time ago
Becky Campo
Becky Campo 2 months ago
bEn sky
bEn sky 2 months ago
Down with Tom steyer the Socialist! Nobody be distracted by the climate. Let's focus on making America great and keeping it great. No raised wages which will only increase prices, no Universal healthcare for all which will only raise taxes immensely and no and forced opportunity disguised as equal opportunity. Trump for 2020
Acronix - MC & more
Acronix - MC & more 2 months ago
Daniel Klingensmith
Daniel Klingensmith 2 months ago
0:39 damn she thicc
K REAL [yes it is] BETA 創造的な
Therapist: “Old man Dolan doesn’t exist, he can’t hurt you.” Old man Dolan: 4:30 Therapist: “Well at least it can’t get any wo-“ Older man Dolan: 6:23
Ronald mineblox Gaming Paul HD 4 LIFE
0:46 that mouth😂
Ronald mineblox Gaming Paul HD 4 LIFE
30$ just to spank yo girlfriend!? WTF
RandomCat Animates
RandomCat Animates 2 months ago
My brother is named James and he really loves sharks...
Ronald mineblox Gaming Paul HD 4 LIFE
2:31 reminds me of toy chica
Ronald mineblox Gaming Paul HD 4 LIFE
2:41 2:57 DAT FACE 😂😂😂😂
Ronald mineblox Gaming Paul HD 4 LIFE
3:09 me when I drink coke
Frightmare lord of the nightmares
I want to grab doopie ass and give it to her dirty.
Denise Graham
Denise Graham 2 months ago
Ncddcssndwds. A d. C dcfsdd edmdf d did d. Did. Dsmddmees SMS’s day. Did. V g hv dcf
Talks *clap* talks talks *claps*
AkumaGacha 3 months ago
I don't have a boss so the weirdest thing I ever did was disgusting. Everytime I wouldn't be able to leave my room I peed in my trash can.. My mom found out & I was screwed.
Novetic Hound
Novetic Hound 3 months ago
So much porn words
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