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From a little boy drawing on the wall with his poop to parents doing the deed in Doctor Who cosplay, the Planet Dolan crew re-enact some of the best true stories from our subreddit about the weirdest thing we have ever seen at a friend’s house
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Legal notes
Art & illustrations by GhostToast twitter.com/GhostToastToons
Video narrated by Doopie twitter.com/DoopieDoOver
Stories curated/edited by Derek twitter.com/DerekRushlow
Video edited by CivilSpider twitter.com/civilspiderr
From www.reddit.com/r/PlanetDolan/comments/7d1ef4/whats_the_weirdest_thing_youve_ever_seen_at_a/?limit=500
10 - _ima_crik_ur_neck101
CHARACTER: Sweetcommando twitter.com/Sweetcommando
9 - candycat731
CHARACTER: Froggy twitter.com/FroggyWithFriez
8 - gxgbro
CHARACTER: Honeybits twitter.com/honeeybits
7 - Roxy_And_Stitch
CHARACTER: SacredSnewpee twitter.com/SacredSnewpee
6 - Weirdgirlinternet
CHARACTER: Pandora twitter.com/PBarzahd
5 - otaku_sans
CHARACTER: Spincess twitter.com/ArachnidMafia
4 - Mote-of-Lobross
CHARACTER: Cidius twitter.com/CidiusV
3 - YourDivorcedMom
CHARACTER: Slapped Ham twitter.com/SlappedHam
2 - Kiri2118
CHARACTER: Ladybot twitter.com/Ladybot3
1 - Doopie twitter.com/DoopieDoOver
Music and Artists: pastebin.com/iz7yicLZ


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Feb 10, 2018




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Comments 80
Planet Dolan
Planet Dolan Year ago
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Davian And Zayden
Davian And Zayden 7 months ago
Planet Dolan I don’t even know what you just said
gacha cookie
gacha cookie 7 months ago
Here's my story I was with a boy but a girl kissed me and and then my friend saw oh and make me look like doopie but black byeee
Trenton Caranci
Trenton Caranci 8 months ago
Hi Planet Dolan please be my friend my mom did some bad things that I can't undo and I'm really upset
departed spirit
departed spirit 8 months ago
Planet Dolan i need more nsfw or the act stories *danger dolan*
ClassJlover 2000
ClassJlover 2000 9 months ago
Supreme Yote
Supreme Yote Day ago
Moral of the story: Knock
Greyson Whiteplume
👦🏻+💩=💩 👕🤳🏿 👖
Claira Pham
Claira Pham 5 days ago
I can’t believe cameos friends and older sister was doing it.......
Galaxy Trooper
Galaxy Trooper 6 days ago
The mom likes to get freaky at night😏😏😏
Galaxy Trooper
Galaxy Trooper 6 days ago
No Homo
AMeRICA MERICA 8 days ago
That was a creepy house the devil house t cross
Cruz 9 days ago
Does no one know how to knock.
lovly lottie
lovly lottie 13 days ago
Who tf just goes in other people rooms when you sleepover at someone’s house
Koiry Story
Koiry Story 13 days ago
I wasent thinking it to be like this...
Not dank Flames
Not dank Flames 13 days ago
Why didn’t you join 😑
Derp Ssundee
Derp Ssundee 14 days ago
lilac animation
lilac animation 15 days ago
I REGRET watching this while i was eathing qwq
AZW512MKW (official 3 star Ninja General) hurricane andrew
Never go over to hellbents house period!!!!
10spongeboi loud
10spongeboi loud 20 days ago
Slapped ham is great
Q.H.S 22 days ago
How he hell do you “try to have sex with a lamp”?
Vaughan Bussard
Vaughan Bussard 25 days ago
Vaughan Bussard
Vaughan Bussard 25 days ago
When ur mom is from alabama
DEFAULT JP 28 days ago
I love love love love love love doctor who but omg
Miju Month ago
Wait i came to rewatch this after 4 years And wow i just realized thag no 10 was incest af
Rico Heagle jr
Rico Heagle jr Month ago
This is some weird shit
Mint Chocolate
Mint Chocolate Month ago
Friend: wanna join? Me: Σ(°△°|||)︴
Randy Waldner
Randy Waldner Month ago
How did you my mom was divorced
Lillian Jones
Lillian Jones Month ago
why was he doing it with his sister???
King of beanies
King of beanies Month ago
Tell me... No one believes this... This isn't real... Right?
Cameron Adams
Cameron Adams Month ago
What the hell
AP3X_CU4TRO Month ago
The best thing to do is knock on the door
darknight 1ox
darknight 1ox Month ago
The weirdest thing I've ever seen is my friends boobs through facetime I was 11yo I'm 11yo
DontrellPlaysGamingkid LOL
No one was out there :°?
or ralseimomラルセイモム
uhh WTF 1 a guy fucking his sister 2 snewpees friend is undyne
BL4ZE LEGEND Month ago
Wow this is my first video of planet Dolan I watched
Luke Prescott
Luke Prescott Month ago
BL4ZE LEGEND I think these guys are cringy, and the intro doesn’t help
Minecraft chicken nugget
3:10 well that was horror movie
KING SKULL Month ago
Oh see alot of werid stuff at my friend's house
Christian Graves
AnD aTe ShIt
Noa Goldenberg
Noa Goldenberg Month ago
When she said, they were cosplaying as Dr. Who characters, I thought she said they were cosplaying as Dr. Seuss characters. I'm just picturing the dad as cat in the hat and the mom as the lorax
nrmri Month ago
Why is everything about it
TheGamer Playzz
TheGamer Playzz Month ago
Love it
Marsh Melon
Marsh Melon Month ago
Eww hes eating sh** and drawing with sh**
Bloody bunny Dreams
0:57 oh yea that my sister all right xD
Luna Moon Heart 09
Luna Moon Heart 09 2 months ago
The stuff in Hellbent's mom's room is something I'd have most likely just to make Christian's angry
Porky 432
Porky 432 2 months ago
The I’m a gummy bear got me
Bailey Green
Bailey Green 2 months ago
Wow, slapped ham as a pig
t q m m y
t q m m y 2 months ago
4 fingers?
Cringe_Man 2 months ago
For the first story Like=join Comment=Leave
Lucas 2 months ago
1 of them should be in jail seriously making your kid eat poop That sounds like child abuse making your kid clean up I’m not mad but could eat it that’s just cruel
Callie Frisco
Callie Frisco 2 months ago
The weirdest thing I saw at my friend's house was when we were watching TV in her room and her brother came in and started to sing the pop song
Alina Shakya
Alina Shakya 2 months ago
Why sans
Chloe Do
Chloe Do 2 months ago
i was sleeping over with my cousins and i walk in on my Aunt and she was butt naked
joey Malley
joey Malley 2 months ago
These are all relatable
3NameChanges 2 months ago
Oh shit the first story alabama...
Erik Lindtoft
Erik Lindtoft 2 months ago
These are the most fake stories I’ve ever heard.
skyfire shootout
skyfire shootout 2 months ago
Love the music from total miner forge in the background of number 3
Kavisrapee Banchongsilpa
The last one the boy was fucking himself
ASFvsASAP 1 2 months ago
“Her parents were sick” I think you mean the friend’s parents were sick
My Little Pony fan animation fan
If they happen to me at a friend's house I would say yes to the sister
Mtc Assault
Mtc Assault 2 months ago
6:13 why is this a name
Mtc Assault
Mtc Assault 2 months ago
Large amounts of shit 2:27
KraftyKitties RBLX
KraftyKitties RBLX 2 months ago
Up next is a coronavirus..
Bianca Ramirez
Bianca Ramirez 2 months ago
O k that was fake
Bianca Ramirez
Bianca Ramirez 2 months ago
So one time I went to my friends house my friend was peeing off the roof
Bianca Ramirez
Bianca Ramirez 2 months ago
This one is just for show
Bianca Ramirez
Bianca Ramirez 2 months ago
What the poopy
Jack Skellington
Jack Skellington 2 months ago
The fuck is wrong with people
Hazzikaze 2 months ago
How much you wanna bet that 5:35 is actually the “Saturn Devouring His Son” painting by Francisco Goya.
Xflips 2 months ago
dominick olsch
dominick olsch 2 months ago
good art
Vincent Bui
Vincent Bui 2 months ago
*S H E T*
Vintage. Cloud
Vintage. Cloud 2 months ago
3:56 made me not want to live anymore
Vintage. Cloud
Vintage. Cloud 2 months ago
ROBLOXGamerz1990s 2 months ago
This video should be calla d sweet home Alabama also why did Doopie cough when she said “c*m in me” ???
Theresa Holmes
Theresa Holmes 2 months ago
Reuben Hornet King
Reuben Hornet King 2 months ago
Doopy:They stopped being friends because his friend was the one outside me: what the f**k
piggy roblox
piggy roblox 2 months ago
My one is: when I was at my friend house I was in the same room and my friend was getting naked
Youtube Person
Youtube Person 2 months ago
Most of this is prolly fake
Bobby Williams
Bobby Williams 2 months ago
The most weirdest thing I've seen out of my cousins house was with my cousin I when my cousin woke up and I woke up and we're gonna make everybody else open and we found my other cousin um in his boxers and doing a dance and we were like what are you doing and he was like nothing but we still laugh at it
Bobby Williams
Bobby Williams 2 months ago
the weirdest thing I have seen at a friend's house is when now is understand night and it was the next day so I was getting up and getting ready and I heard some loud music coming from my room and I was like wait what why is this playing so I went up to the room because I knew everything was coming from and I noticed my cousin had a panties on and was dancing to her favorite song I was like what are you doing and she was like uh nothing so I just left because my mom is there but I still went back and we are still laughing about it 😐😂
Thorn the hedgehog
Thorn the hedgehog 2 months ago
Jar jar Binks Studios
Sex with a lamp 😮
Tony Page
Tony Page 2 months ago
Tate Davis
Tate Davis 3 months ago
Hey slapped ham I love his yt
No Name
No Name 3 months ago
Next videos
I painted with nail polish