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Weird things that only exist in Japan! Just some Japanese products, inventions and strange things you don't really find in the rest of the world! Leave a Like if you enjoyed! Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack and enable notifications! bit.ly/SubSSSniperWolf
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Jun 2, 2019




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Comments 80
Henry Johnson
Henry Johnson 3 hours ago
hmm nah
Nany Cartton
Nany Cartton 10 hours ago
I am allergic to eggplant
Katie Mcquade
Katie Mcquade 16 hours ago
Can u plz do uk ?
Linus Toh
Linus Toh 22 hours ago
But the signs are chinese
undertale lover
undertale lover 22 hours ago
youtuber: *ask q and to commet it down below* others:*tells every thing but q* me:da fq *also i would not eat the heart chips*
SL Summerplays Lin
The first signs are actually Chinese, I can tell because I am Chinese Japanese kind of look like this: 乙乇爪 Chinese looks like this: 你很漂亮!
Mary Ryon
Mary Ryon Day ago
there was frickin blue pepsi what does blue taste like.
Meme 101
Meme 101 Day ago
The world: Red light!! green light Yellow light The nerd in Japan:green light! The bully:WE HAVE BLUE LIGHTS HOW DARE YOU COMPARE US TO THE WORLD
shelby ault
shelby ault Day ago
Where’s my Tokyo ghoul squad at?!?!!!
Aubrey Rider
Aubrey Rider 2 days ago
Japan has everything cool I bet😿
Hannah Sierra
Hannah Sierra 2 days ago
I think i've already eaten a few japan kit kats, i think its a gift from my dad from work.. idk. that was long ago.. but i think i still remember the taste of japan kit kats. the cheesecake one or apple (idk what that was ok-) it just tasted like cheesecake lol and a few other's tasted almost the same but not all of them.
Stoneage Revolt
Stoneage Revolt 2 days ago
🈷️🈷️🈷️🈷️🈷️🈷️🈷️🈷️🈷️ (RUvid ™️)
Steve Blackwell
Steve Blackwell 2 days ago
2019 : Im going too japan! 2020 : Im staying home!
dinogamer 2 days ago
They have blue for stop ready and sadness cuz they different
Nate Makasiar
Nate Makasiar 2 days ago
I love chocolate covered potato chips and french fry+ice cream/milkshake am i wierd
VLZ261 3 days ago
I wish Japan had Pikachips. What would they taste like?
Kathleen Mason
Kathleen Mason 3 days ago
this was the day before my b day
Pradip Ghosh
Pradip Ghosh 3 days ago
I just hate orange Fanta
Emma LaCrosse
Emma LaCrosse 3 days ago
I feel like the "pods" would be so useful quarantining people
Nein 3 days ago
I went to Japan and me and my sister and brother and friends were play truth or dare and it was in a hotel well we were about to play it when we get to the room and there was a vending machine there and my sister took out a halloweeen police costume and said these laws aren’t allowed
Zinger Linger
Zinger Linger 3 days ago
She Looks like "Azula" From "The Last Airbender"
Nephatani Spencer
imma open up a overwatch and yugioh cafe
Mattic Monday
Mattic Monday 4 days ago
Citrus one 4 sure
Ahmed Yahya
Ahmed Yahya 4 days ago
I have a Starbucks vending machine
doll world!
doll world! 4 days ago
This is going to be crazy but I can't drink orange soda
L kabob
L kabob 4 days ago
I think they made it a different colour because if someone is colour blind red and green look vary simller to each other
Gacha Alien
Gacha Alien 5 days ago
What’s amonga?
Kitiki Morris Marebane
sara fawaz
sara fawaz 5 days ago
Japan 🇯🇵🗾
BoarderChum 5 days ago
This is random but.. angel= 👼 Angle=math
john obudho
john obudho 5 days ago
Salute to the vending machines
Raneem the Cearator
Japan is rich af
Mindful Depths
Mindful Depths 5 days ago
Mmmmmm banner is me faverut foot
Gabriella Razunguzwa
ya wont wanna go now!!!!!
Danielle LaNae
Danielle LaNae 6 days ago
0:53 I don't get it but I still liked the video! LOL
Andrew Collier
Andrew Collier 6 days ago
I love how they have square WATERMELONS 🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉
ITz_ MiMi
ITz_ MiMi 6 days ago
I tried it the cheesecake KitKat it HELLAA GOOD
eBay Cat
eBay Cat 6 days ago
Welcome to Carvana we do car vending machines in AMERICA
Addison Sein
Addison Sein 6 days ago
Sniper: They have so many Kit Kat flavors Me: When I thought mint Kit Kat’s were cool
no named platypus
id try flesh flavored kitkat...
Emily Plue
Emily Plue 6 days ago
I was whatching this and it is on my b day last year.
Aoife and buddy
Aoife and buddy 6 days ago
I feel for you, I'm coeliac too :(
Amiyah Sayles
Amiyah Sayles 6 days ago
🧐🧐🧐🤓 so weird
henry meng hui ang
Georgina Nuttall
Georgina Nuttall 6 days ago
I Ate A Lemon Flavored Hotdog At Japan lol
·Mxchi playz·
·Mxchi playz· 7 days ago
7:44 im pretty sure the eyes in the mask are mesh giving off the effect of accrual anime eyes !
Collette Carter
Collette Carter 7 days ago
When I went to Japan and tasted wasabi kit Kat it was good for my taste buds
Kerri King
Kerri King 7 days ago
oh god lol a vending machine!!!!!! :O
god girl
god girl 7 days ago
Potato potato potato potato potato potato brain
Friends Forever
Friends Forever 7 days ago
For the chicken nuggets and hamburgers, not really. The machine is usually in a restaurant and it dispenses a ticket to bring to the counter.
Nora Lemer
Nora Lemer 7 days ago
Who lives in Japan
mariplayz q
mariplayz q 7 days ago
Me live in los Angeles
Fatima Sarah Mercado
I live in Japan .....they are so nice
Frozen 2
Frozen 2 8 days ago
Pin or gay
Finley Curry
Finley Curry 8 days ago
I had no idea what to say so... hi =_=
Monique Olivas
Monique Olivas 8 days ago
yes 👍
moon light
moon light 9 days ago
Me: why god? Why does everything come from China
Hilde Murangi
Hilde Murangi 9 days ago
somebody plz warn spongebob about the nasty patty on the run
the blonde bunny
the blonde bunny 9 days ago
Have any of you tried chips and ice cream together and I’m not gonna lie it’s good
Bianca de Jager
Bianca de Jager 9 days ago
Valeria Carrillo
Valeria Carrillo 9 days ago
Valeria Carrillo
Valeria Carrillo 9 days ago
Olinette Webster
Olinette Webster 9 days ago
Sniperwolf:what does the snowman taste like! Me: propolly like ice =_= U-U
Aaron Ward
Aaron Ward 9 days ago
Doritos I love to try I would Pepsi kitkat trying all of them I love it black Hamburger I try its good
Tiffany Nowell
Tiffany Nowell 9 days ago
ur not the only one i love aot too UwU
Antonio Arjona
Antonio Arjona 10 days ago
Fresca is the BEST leterly!!!!!🤤
Emily Mendez
Emily Mendez 10 days ago
Lia:you can only pick one Witch one will you pick Me: WiTE cHoColAtE
:3 Mancare
:3 Mancare 10 days ago
È: 30$ yay :( 1$ Nu!!!!
:3 Mancare
:3 Mancare 10 days ago
Ik. It you
Miaa 10 days ago
I've had a kitkat from Japan. I'm pretty sure it was the pineapple flavor. I mean it did taste tropical
Brianna’s Parrots
I can describe every single thing mmmmm it taste good says both else me: well is it a good flavor like bruhhh
Brianna’s Parrots
I want the banana flavor it sounds really good
Charlee Oglesby
Charlee Oglesby 11 days ago
I looked up the eggplant one…I regret it
Hollie Mais
Hollie Mais 11 days ago
lia: JAPAN THIS JAPAN THAT my dad; holli where do you want to go abroard me: japan?? dad: NO THEY ARE BORING AND HAVE NOTHING japan: pink pepsi everything in vending machines and like everything you could imagin me: ;-;
Justin Daniels
Justin Daniels 11 days ago
We have a car vending machine in Phoenix
Lillian P
Lillian P 11 days ago
Bill Swag
Bill Swag 12 days ago
20m subscribers is so close!
MJTV 12 days ago
Cezar Mandache
Cezar Mandache 12 days ago
I loveeee Leah🙃
Kyle Laurel
Kyle Laurel 12 days ago
is there taro's family flavor
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