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Weird things that only exist in Japan! Just some Japanese products, inventions and strange things you don't really find in the rest of the world! Leave a Like if you enjoyed! Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack and enable notifications! bit.ly/SubSSSniperWolf
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Jun 3, 2019




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Erika Mitchell
Erika Mitchell 9 hours ago
Japan doesnt have blue traffic lights! Mabey some places but its not common at all.
doodledoodlepencilfart 69
boys its official she likes it white and a little clear liquid
doodledoodlepencilfart 69
ted bundy is a good man the only bad thing that he did was he killed alot of people but overall he was a good man
Dreamy Eyes
Dreamy Eyes 12 hours ago
U should take a trip to JAMAICA in the CARIBBEAN
I Isabella Muniz
I Isabella Muniz 17 hours ago
Snowman flavored Pepsi,It taste like water
Jose Melendez
Jose Melendez 17 hours ago
CRribian gold is champaign cola
Salim Mohamed
Salim Mohamed 20 hours ago
You not my favorite you tube
Emily Wester
Emily Wester 20 hours ago
Who do you like to watch do a video with Sssniperwolf better? Like for DigitalMax, comment for Sausage.
Mimin Noona
Mimin Noona Day ago
i once saw a video about a yaoi cafe in japan, it was kind of weird
Alivia Jackson
I feel your pain I'm also on a gluten free diet too
Greninja16 the Epic Chill
1:32 Carvana made something like that
Shade Legends
i saw banana Fanta in Canada once
little zezly makolomakwe
I want to live in Japan
wajiahah baig
wajiahah baig 2 days ago
9:37 Literally me right now 😂
Celine Cordero
Celine Cordero 2 days ago
0:48 angel not angle ahahahaahh
Leann Morales
Leann Morales 2 days ago
In Japan that have a Pusheen cafe
Amanda Huang
Amanda Huang 3 days ago
That’s Chinese
Jelly Lover
Jelly Lover 3 days ago
OML DONT TELL ME THAT U GUYS DIDNT KNOW ABT DIFFERENT KIT CAT FLAVOURS !!! P.S. The milk tea flavoured kit cat is my FAVOURITE y’all NEED to try it :D
hOpA SEarLe
hOpA SEarLe 3 days ago
SSSniperWolf: you have to pick one KitKat which flavour? me: ummm
Christopher Grass
The vending machine with the car if you look in the bottom right corner you will see that it says sold out
Crispy chicken nuggets
Blueberry Pie
Blueberry Pie 4 days ago
Safiya Nygaard went to the pod hotel
yvonne Bowman
yvonne Bowman 4 days ago
Hay sssniperwolf if in Japan traffic light is red yellow and blue that mean all the colors is primary color.
yvonne Bowman
yvonne Bowman 2 days ago
Think you
Nadia's covers
Nadia's covers 5 days ago
in china i had clear cola and blue pepsi haha
tanie paws
tanie paws 5 days ago
Love you lia
Вани Привет
A Messi Bun with a fancy dress please (not real)
Th e Pizza Man
Th e Pizza Man 6 days ago
Julianna V
Julianna V 6 days ago
I live in Japan. This is true. And i oop- skskkskskkskskakksks
Skylee Maness
Skylee Maness 6 days ago
Press this of you love sssniperwolf 👇
EMO KITTY CAT 6 days ago
mAh brain potot
Gacha VEVO
Gacha VEVO 6 days ago
I went to Japan and imma tell you right now the cheese cake kit Kat tastes amazing 😉
Riyad Najjar
Riyad Najjar 6 days ago
Eren, Levi, Mikasa, (RIP Petra), Armin (I forget the rest sorry) Titans: Santa titan (if you know what I mean by that),... Sorry that's all I remember I havent really watched anything about AOT lately
Ko01 K1D
Ko01 K1D 7 days ago
One time I had a Japanese white chocolate and raspberry KitKat. It was good.
Y_Girl _Chan
Y_Girl _Chan 7 days ago
Press de like button if u know/Are Japanese **likes Own Comment**
Keelyn Melican
Keelyn Melican 7 days ago
The cheese cake KitKat taste like HEAVEN
Ironicdoubt Ξ
Ironicdoubt Ξ 7 days ago
*japan be so extra lmao*
TheGODS LIE 8 days ago
Who loves iced tea Me
Ryu the Shadow
Ryu the Shadow 8 days ago
They are blue because people literally call green “ blue “ Don’t know why
ItzCrystal Kitty Gacha
Well if there a Picachu Cafe, theres also a Pusheen Cafe that maybe is on Singapore its so Adorable💕💕💕😻
Arie bailey
Arie bailey 8 days ago
so preetyy
laughingleaf x
laughingleaf x 8 days ago
All traffic lights are blue, but the glass messed up the color.
Chrystal Robinson
boi i play roblox
Chrystal Robinson
of course i am i know how to spell
0316bear 8 days ago
0316bear 8 days ago
0316bear 8 days ago
if you want free merch like
0316bear 8 days ago
can i have free merch plz
Lia: oRaNgOe fAnTa Me: excuse me? Thats mah fAvOrItE tYpe of fAnTa
Libby Hernandez
Libby Hernandez 8 days ago
There is also a animal cafe
fun time Diaz
fun time Diaz 8 days ago
i ate the strawberry kitkat its really good trust me
Dyllan Dii
Dyllan Dii 8 days ago
Press this if your over 5 👇
Larina Malsk
Larina Malsk 9 days ago
You have no video when you where in Japan?
Larina Malsk
Larina Malsk 9 days ago
The black burger is not only in Japan!
Blue _ berry
Blue _ berry 9 days ago
Amelia Jaigirdar
Amelia Jaigirdar 9 days ago
It’s angel as in God and light stuff no angle as the maths get my joking
गैचा आलू Gacha Potato
the japanese on the dorito packet said sweet cheese (恋チズ)
Press if you love sssniper wolf 👇
Gacha Fox
Gacha Fox 21 hour ago
I can't come with you,Can I?
wajiahah baig
wajiahah baig 2 days ago
And I do like sniper
wajiahah baig
wajiahah baig 2 days ago
I ain't fallin' for it!
Cat And Dog Lovers
Cat And Dog Lovers 10 days ago
Girl cholate covered potato chips are AMAZING.
Gamer Chase
Gamer Chase 10 days ago
Mami or something
Sam Harris
Sam Harris 10 days ago
You should do worst things ever
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