Week in My Life at School | #3

Luca Whitaker
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Go to www.audible.com/luca or text 'luca' to 500 500 to get a 30-day free trial and 1 free audiobook. Today I am doing a week in my life as a teen high school student!
Other vids in the series!: ruvid.net/group/PLa1WJY1SlEiDXtXEyelTRRR2F6V3qb4RF
Clothes I was wearing:
Fluffy Cloud Robe with Ears: rstyle.me/~aMwCP
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green hoodie: dote.app.link/7sCijfXFaU
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black shorts: dote.app.link/skeojUkGaU
colorado top: dote.app.link/JjDHZyyGaU
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♡About me♡
Age: 17 years old
Camera: Sony a6000. Lens: Sigma 1.4 30mm Canon G7x Mark ii
Editing software: Final Cut Pro x
Types of videos I make: lifestyle comedy.
Upload time? Every Sunday. Don't miss out!
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Feb 10, 2019




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Comments 366
Karyme Zambrano
Karyme Zambrano Month ago
Madi Month ago
you shud have atleast like one vlog thats super long sometimes its fun 2 watch those
wym DaNeis
wym DaNeis Month ago
What ur spotify name
Heather Phelps
Heather Phelps Month ago
This is the last video of yours until I workout
Life with Alexia & Desiree
I love Lucas videos!!!❤️
Ali Sweeney
Ali Sweeney 3 months ago
Im mad bc she’s so gorgeous
Kate Rushing
Kate Rushing 3 months ago
Get In my car by bronco is amazing! Yes it needed some recognition!
Nook Goul
Nook Goul 4 months ago
Omg abraham !! 😍
Taylor Schreiber
Taylor Schreiber 5 months ago
what’s the song called at 4:32 ?!!!
Carly Thompson
Carly Thompson 5 months ago
luca your such a great youtuber! never give up
Tierney 5 months ago
SAME COFFEE ORDER❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Antonella Notino
Antonella Notino 5 months ago
felt that I almost quit gymnastics but I still do it just for high school but I don't compete anymore
Your dressing gown looks so warm! Where is it from?
Zara Dear
Zara Dear 6 months ago
Lol that’s what my mom listens to
Lily Holley
Lily Holley 6 months ago
Living in Florida must be so cool
Gracie Quin
Gracie Quin 6 months ago
Gracie Quin
Gracie Quin 6 months ago
i literally love TV girl and whenever you use Birds Don't Sing it just makes my heart happy and i wanna see the rest of your music!!!!
Sarah Maine
Sarah Maine 6 months ago
I love that you're wearing Hannah's necklace from her wave set collection 😍
Jadah Snethlage
Jadah Snethlage 6 months ago
R u kidding I would love a 40 minute long week in my life
Amalia Roberts-Smith
1:01 😂🥰🥰
Emileigh Claudel
Emileigh Claudel 6 months ago
Don’t cut out as much, I want longer ones 😂😭♥️
Elena Cabrera
Elena Cabrera 6 months ago
I’m Spanish and I never pass the grammar exam, it’s horrible🥵 anyways I love u so much❤️❤️
cassie fowler
cassie fowler 7 months ago
you should try listening to where the light is by surfaces
Katrina Rodriguez
Katrina Rodriguez 7 months ago
Old why but you remind me of sally from the cat in the hat like the human one😂
Alex Oakes
Alex Oakes 7 months ago
13:39 to 13:45😂😂
Gillian Jimenez
Gillian Jimenez 7 months ago
that photoshoot outfit was siiiiiick luca omg
Emma Botzenhardt
Emma Botzenhardt 7 months ago
What is the song called that played at then end of the video?
peyton cox ✭
peyton cox ✭ 7 months ago
what podcasts is luca listening to?
cassady london
cassady london 7 months ago
At 8:03 where did you get your necklace???
heyhailey !
heyhailey ! 7 months ago
*can someone please retweet that*
StellaBeth Stella&SarahBeth
I watched the Shane Dawson video !! It's so interesting and entertaining ! My friends and I love his videos lol
Mj June
Mj June 7 months ago
working out with hair down is weird affff could never imagine
its lillian
its lillian 7 months ago
yay another week in your life!!!
Madison Hayes
Madison Hayes 7 months ago
NEW trio of youtubers!! Check out their first video!! ruvid.net/video/video-J9cdjYh-ORg.html
Amanda Rabelo
Amanda Rabelo 7 months ago
i live for ur vids
Savannah Skye
Savannah Skye 7 months ago
Please please pleaseee do a shoe collection or something!!! I love your style and such and I would love to see what type of shoes you pair things with. Even if you post it on your vlog channel or something!!!
It’s Faith
It’s Faith 7 months ago
can one of you lovely humans help me figure out what the outro song is? 😁❤️
Maris Brockway
Maris Brockway 7 months ago
What podcasts/videos are you watching about positivity, energy etc.? I've been trying to find different podcasts but I can't!
Nicole Grass
Nicole Grass 7 months ago
I love Lucas for funny vids. Also u Luca💕
Claire Bear15
Claire Bear15 7 months ago
FAV types of videos
Adryana Zanae
Adryana Zanae 7 months ago
Madison Wiedenhoff
Madison Wiedenhoff 7 months ago
You should honeslty keep the 40 minute week in my life videos I would love that
isa meso
isa meso 7 months ago
you so cute and innocent
Alejandro Beltran
Alejandro Beltran 7 months ago
Omgggg sameee 😂 I do the same thing to try to get out of school 💀
allyshiny 7 months ago
Imagine having an interesting life so you can actually film a week in my life. cant relate lol. I just love watching your vids luca 💛
haylee rinks
haylee rinks 7 months ago
where did you get ur necklace
Rachel Shen
Rachel Shen 7 months ago
U changed up ur necklace!!!😍😍😍
Yasmine Yousfi
Yasmine Yousfi 7 months ago
what are those positive vids in the morning cause i gotta needa know for when i have breakdowns at night?
Rachel Shen
Rachel Shen 7 months ago
Ur vlogs make me happy😊😊
Rachel Shen
Rachel Shen 7 months ago
These school day vlogs are the best!!! I live for them thank you for making another one🥰ILY LUCA❤️
Rachel Shen
Rachel Shen 7 months ago
I’m literally watching this instead of going to bed
Grace hullinger
Grace hullinger 7 months ago
where did you get your necklace when you were wearing the blue quarter zip
emma sullivan
emma sullivan 7 months ago
what is the favorite song u were talking about !!!
Liliana Ines
Liliana Ines 7 months ago
Sadie Smart
Sadie Smart 7 months ago
love u Luca !
Taya Hosking
Taya Hosking 7 months ago
This video is a mood ahaha Love the photoshoot outfit :)
Sobhana Archakam
Sobhana Archakam 7 months ago
What’s the outro song
Amalie F
Amalie F 7 months ago
Song at 4:32 ?
Maddy 7 months ago
these vids are my favourite !!!!
neta Mendelovich
neta Mendelovich 7 months ago
I loved shane's vid i watched the whole thing
neta Mendelovich
neta Mendelovich 7 months ago
I loveeee your vlogs
mynameisliana 7 months ago
School sucks 😩
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