Week in My Life at School | #3

Luca Whitaker
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Go to www.audible.com/luca or text 'luca' to 500 500 to get a 30-day free trial and 1 free audiobook. Today I am doing a week in my life as a teen high school student!
Other vids in the series!: ruvid.net/group/PLa1WJY1SlEiDXtXEyelTRRR2F6V3qb4RF
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♡About me♡
Age: 17 years old
Camera: Sony a6000. Lens: Sigma 1.4 30mm + Canon G7x Mark ii
Editing software: Final Cut Pro x
Types of videos I make: lifestyle comedy.
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Feb 10, 2019




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Comments 80
Nigon Kouk
Nigon Kouk 2 months ago
Usama rafieck
Usama rafieck 2 months ago
Please, get off your drugs.
Arabella And a Camera
what is the name of the song that plays at the end of her videos?
Mikaela Sundt
Mikaela Sundt 4 months ago
Obsessed with your videos!! Like binging them right now!!
Maya Rasa
Maya Rasa 8 months ago
I love your video!
Karyme Zambrano
Karyme Zambrano 9 months ago
Madi 9 months ago
you shud have atleast like one vlog thats super long sometimes its fun 2 watch those
DaNeis Brown
DaNeis Brown 9 months ago
What ur spotify name
Heather Phelps
Heather Phelps 10 months ago
This is the last video of yours until I workout
Life with Alexia & Desiree
I love Lucas videos!!!❤️
Ali Sweeney
Ali Sweeney 11 months ago
Im mad bc she’s so gorgeous
Kate Rushing
Kate Rushing 11 months ago
Get In my car by bronco is amazing! Yes it needed some recognition!
Nook Goul
Nook Goul Year ago
Omg abraham !! 😍
Taylor Schreiber
what’s the song called at 4:32 ?!!!
Carly Thompson
luca your such a great youtuber! never give up
Tierney Year ago
SAME COFFEE ORDER❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Antonella Notino
felt that I almost quit gymnastics but I still do it just for high school but I don't compete anymore
Your dressing gown looks so warm! Where is it from?
Zara Dear
Zara Dear Year ago
Lol that’s what my mom listens to
Lily Holley
Lily Holley Year ago
Living in Florida must be so cool
Gracie Quin
Gracie Quin Year ago
Gracie Quin
Gracie Quin Year ago
i literally love TV girl and whenever you use Birds Don't Sing it just makes my heart happy and i wanna see the rest of your music!!!!
Sarah Overmyer
I love that you're wearing Hannah's necklace from her wave set collection 😍
Jadah Snethlage
R u kidding I would love a 40 minute long week in my life
Amalia Roberts-Smith
1:01 😂🥰🥰
Elena Cabrera
Elena Cabrera Year ago
I’m Spanish and I never pass the grammar exam, it’s horrible🥵 anyways I love u so much❤️❤️
cassie fowler
cassie fowler Year ago
you should try listening to where the light is by surfaces
Katrina Rodriguez
Old why but you remind me of sally from the cat in the hat like the human one😂
Alex Oakes
Alex Oakes Year ago
13:39 to 13:45 😂😂
Gillian Jimenez
that photoshoot outfit was siiiiiick luca omg
Emma Botzenhardt
What is the song called that played at then end of the video?
peyton cox ✭
what podcasts is luca listening to?
cassady london
At 8:03 where did you get your necklace???
heyhailey !
heyhailey ! Year ago
*can someone please retweet that*
StellaBeth Stella&SarahBeth
I watched the Shane Dawson video !! It's so interesting and entertaining ! My friends and I love his videos lol
MJ Schultz
MJ Schultz Year ago
working out with hair down is weird affff could never imagine
its lillian
its lillian Year ago
yay another week in your life!!!
Madison Hayes
Madison Hayes Year ago
NEW trio of youtubers!! Check out their first video!! ruvid.net/video/video-J9cdjYh-ORg.html
Amanda Rabelo
Amanda Rabelo Year ago
i live for ur vids
Savannah Skye
Savannah Skye Year ago
Please please pleaseee do a shoe collection or something!!! I love your style and such and I would love to see what type of shoes you pair things with. Even if you post it on your vlog channel or something!!!
It’s Faith
It’s Faith Year ago
can one of you lovely humans help me figure out what the outro song is? 😁❤️
Maris Brockway
What podcasts/videos are you watching about positivity, energy etc.? I've been trying to find different podcasts but I can't!
Nicole Grass
Nicole Grass Year ago
I love Lucas for funny vids. Also u Luca💕
Claire Bear15
Claire Bear15 Year ago
FAV types of videos
Adryana Zanae
Adryana Zanae Year ago
Madison Wiedenhoff
You should honeslty keep the 40 minute week in my life videos I would love that
isa meso
isa meso Year ago
you so cute and innocent
Alejandro Beltran
Omgggg sameee 😂 I do the same thing to try to get out of school 💀
allyshiny Year ago
Imagine having an interesting life so you can actually film a week in my life. cant relate lol. I just love watching your vids luca 💛
haylee rinks
haylee rinks Year ago
where did you get ur necklace
Rachel’s life
U changed up ur necklace!!!😍😍😍
Yasmine Yousfi
what are those positive vids in the morning cause i gotta needa know for when i have breakdowns at night?
Rachel’s life
Ur vlogs make me happy😊😊
Rachel’s life
These school day vlogs are the best!!! I live for them thank you for making another one🥰ILY LUCA❤️
Rachel’s life
I’m literally watching this instead of going to bed
Grace hullinger
where did you get your necklace when you were wearing the blue quarter zip
emma Year ago
what is the favorite song u were talking about !!!
Liliana Ines
Liliana Ines Year ago
Sadie Smart
Sadie Smart Year ago
love u Luca !
Taya Hosking
Taya Hosking Year ago
This video is a mood ahaha Love the photoshoot outfit :)
Sobhana Archakam
What’s the outro song
Amalie F
Amalie F Year ago
Song at 4:32 ?
Maddy Year ago
these vids are my favourite !!!!
neta Mendelovich
I loved shane's vid i watched the whole thing
neta Mendelovich
I loveeee your vlogs
mynameisliana Year ago
School sucks 😩
Isabelle Cervantes
i watched shane’s vid right when it came out and i’m probably going to do the same today🤣💀👍🏼💞
Jenna Ann
Jenna Ann Year ago
this is so adorable!!!
Molly Elizabeth
Lucaaaaaa I love you 😝
aaliyah dockery
Hearing you talk about leaving the schools parking lot gives me post traumatic stress
Alyssa Lambert
i LOVE these videos & i LOVE u!! & i LOVED shane dawson’s video
esme Russell
esme Russell Year ago
When you said you start crying about gymnastics I could feel you because I was a gymnast as well for most of my life but had to stop because a gymnastics injury just before nationals
Liv Year ago
i am SO happy that you are into indie music and not rap!!! seriously, i feel like every youtuber is in love with rap music so i always have to skip drive with me's and stuff like that bc i don't really like it but ughhhh i love yours
Sierra Simone
Sierra Simone Year ago
the beginning is me-
Louise Miller
Louise Miller Year ago
We stan a citizen of Kurtistown
Sophie Caroline
i feel like i get sick of different youtubers really quickly but I NEVER GET SICK OF LUCA EVER
Sophie Caroline
hehehe love you luca thanks for the heart
Siena Meyrer
Siena Meyrer Year ago
okay crack addict joke is not cool, you don’t know who could be effected by it right now
Gracie Sacco
Gracie Sacco Year ago
you are such a great youtuber. i am one for good vibes! thanks for always keeping this channel happy and filled with good vibes. i love you !
Gaia Year ago
Destinie Channel
love your video 💖💖 ..... you should subscribe to my upcoming channel !!
Emma Gerritsen
I LOVE week in my life videos😍😍😍
Kaitlin Copeland
Kombucha contains alcohol and you’re not even supposed to drink it if you’re not 21+
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