Weddings gone wrong

Youness Ouder
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Newest Fun wedding compilation, amusingly video, fails and very funny bloopers moments, on the important day of the wedding from around the world.


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Nov 5, 2015




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Comments 97
Mona Kumari
Mona Kumari Hour ago
5:16 it was so funny
Hetal Shukla
Hetal Shukla 2 hours ago
I had tears in my eyes from laughing🤣😂
Anthony Wes
Anthony Wes 18 hours ago
I'm pretty sure gymnastics are just a general bad idea at a wedding... but this video proves it.
Maniwasaki 2 days ago
wedding parties are a scam.... just sign the name and be done with it
Touch Tech
Touch Tech 3 days ago
2:04 when your ex intervenes in your marriage
BershkaBoss 4 days ago
5:10 Just imagine what he got after that
Harry Jack
Harry Jack 4 days ago
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Raymond Solis Jr.
I love wedding fails.
Joe Cook
Joe Cook 5 days ago
Am I the only one that thinks every wedding is cringey and embarrassing anyway? People pretending to have fun when it'll probably end in divorce or unhappiness anyway.
in god i trust
in god i trust 5 days ago
1:48 that what happens when you dont know how to dance 😊
Mahadi Hasan
Mahadi Hasan 5 days ago
02:38 satisfying moment, hopefully, she'll be a careful lady.
Planete2025 6 days ago
"The rings please"...
elise s
elise s 6 days ago
5:18 the best!!!!
Tomedy 8 days ago
0:37: oh boy that guy got served
Mich Michael
Mich Michael 8 days ago
Dudes, I found a cool app with the funniest memes I've ever seen! I stuck in it yesterday until morning))) play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=memFB.app
sanjeev srinath
sanjeev srinath 9 days ago
2:05 guys at their EX's wedding
doug avila
doug avila 10 days ago
How romantic having your wedding next to a swimming pool....
G 7
G 7 11 days ago
5:19 i think the priest wanted to take a swim lolll
GabrielNicho 11 days ago
The one at 5:18 isn't real :O
Cedric Asdfghjkl
Cedric Asdfghjkl 11 days ago
5:31 that child that peed had me dead🤣🤣🤣
Giovanni Mannelli2
Giovanni Mannelli2 12 days ago
1:10 FAKE
The Lion
The Lion 12 days ago
That last one is legendary 🤣
Gaura Gopal
Gaura Gopal 13 days ago
1:05 is epic!😂
Ari Chama
Ari Chama 13 days ago
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Stephen Ireland
Stephen Ireland 13 days ago
They let children carry the wedding cake. Not Smart!
CLK 13 days ago
*shit gets fucked up* the guests: oh my g o d the priest: that's poor word choice
epic 13 days ago
1:57 and his name is John cena
epic 13 days ago
1:43 I laughed my ass off 😆😆
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Jerrin Abraham
Jerrin Abraham 14 days ago
And that's a headbutt to the feet 🤦🏼‍♂️
Ryan Walker
Ryan Walker 14 days ago
Anybody wants doing this types of wedding ?
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Sanjulata Rout
Sanjulata Rout 14 days ago
2:00 😂😂😂😂😂
Anna Borošová
Anna Borošová 14 days ago
Well... bad day
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lovey 15 days ago
Raditya Djatnika
Raditya Djatnika 15 days ago
indonesia at 3:23
Life in Germany with Natali Ziemann
Einfach klasse!
Mr Dragon
Mr Dragon 16 days ago
1:05 Can someone please tell me what the thing they jumped onto is called so I can try and find more vids of people doing that?
Raunaque's Way To Everyday
Its called pool baloon... You will get that in pool toys store
Konsker 16 days ago
Love Nature
Love Nature 16 days ago
5:16 He will never be invited in any of their functions ever and she will probably make him break his friendship with him... I'm pretty sure of that.
abdu kamal
abdu kamal 17 days ago
3:01 what's so funny about a man almost getting burned? why are they laughing?
Himanshu Rawat
Himanshu Rawat 9 days ago
The only thing I found out here is how serious he was he didn't even panic cause that would have ruined the wedding perfect professionalism
Jackson Park
Jackson Park 17 days ago
5:20 Triple Kill!
Queen Johnson
Queen Johnson 17 days ago
Moral of the story: Don't get married anywhere near water. Noted 😂
Arch Vile
Arch Vile 17 days ago
What's the music at the very end of the video?
Arch Vile
Arch Vile 17 days ago
I was expecting a great white to breach at 1:12
bruh bro
bruh bro 17 days ago
Stop making kids being the ring boy or flower girl they hate it Don’t force them into things they don’t want to do
Peter Ney
Peter Ney 18 days ago
J Hartman
J Hartman 18 days ago
humans are dum
Nashon Oyugi
Nashon Oyugi 18 days ago
1:10 makes my day. am finished
Black Spiderman
Black Spiderman 18 days ago
the man with the lady who swatted the mosquito........................I bet their marriage are gonna last the longest.
Black Spiderman
Black Spiderman 18 days ago
at 0:47 its so hilarious because it seemed like time stood still for them when the ring fell
Black Spiderman
Black Spiderman 18 days ago
glad they were a good sport about the cake falling...................but as a guest I would've been disappointed
FunCollectororg 18 days ago
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Mr. black beard
Mr. black beard 19 days ago
0:05 Groom be like OMG 😨 I didn't remember it was my wedding day . If so I would brush my teeth at least today 😂
DISNEY BYLL 19 days ago
Christine LAURENT
Christine LAURENT 19 days ago
Génial !!! Voilà au moins des mariages où l'on rigole !!!ou pas : les mecs qui font exploser je ne sais pas quoi sur les marches de l'église : il a peut-être fini à l'hosto !!!
ram ka
ram ka 19 days ago
@3.24 The balloons might be filled with Hydrogen gas
Mrs. Harwinder Kaur
bride in water
Amazing Facts
Amazing Facts 20 days ago
Amazing Facts
Amazing Facts 20 days ago
Kata List Productions
This is pure gold... thanks again!
Kata List Productions
Kata List Productions
1:49grapplingdancers... love it! great video.. thanks.
lott nio
lott nio 20 days ago
The guy who got fire was probably considered a good omen since G-d can appear in a flame.
#méhul G.
#méhul G. 20 days ago
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Rae Vandenberg
Rae Vandenberg 20 days ago
Why do people ruin the day by throwing cake around?
Amethyst Aragon
Amethyst Aragon 20 days ago
1:44 what the fuck is even going on
Zzasou Z
Zzasou Z 21 day ago
2:45 the girl is actually cute but also stupid!
Stacy Imbelloni
Stacy Imbelloni 21 day ago
#2 oh my god that going to hurt in the morning
Matthew Brown
Matthew Brown 21 day ago
I am a former Videographer. A friend had me film his wedding & I noticed a pushy Japanese tour bus instructing their wedding couples to line up for their park photographs. My couple was ready when I noticed a fast moving boat ready to dock. The wake from the boat seemed very powerful & the rude group were saturated in sea water. I grabbed my couple & told them this has happened before.
kennybo 21 day ago
why do fat women think they look better in a wedding dress???
Collins O'Connor
Collins O'Connor 21 day ago
5 reps ?
mark lucky
mark lucky 21 day ago
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ziotano85 22 days ago
What the f happened at 3:23?
john lenon
john lenon 22 days ago
now that guys breath must have stink so bad that is why the bride fainted hahahaha
onefoot7 22 days ago
5:20 fake and scripted, but a good stunt, obviously a pro
Gobindo Jana
Gobindo Jana 23 days ago
zoltan lajos varga
zoltan lajos varga 23 days ago
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Patriciaa _
Patriciaa _ 23 days ago
Omg i feel soooo sad for the womans that felt in the water!! Think im have a change of plans here 🤣
Mary Margaret Diaz
Mary Margaret Diaz 24 days ago
1:05 lol
BCN mk
BCN mk 24 days ago
Asta Video
Asta Video 24 days ago
The one at 5:25 where the best man has the rings, he trips hits the bride she falls in. That is a fake wedding. This was the 2nd take. They show the video on another channel. They had to dry the bride's hair, put on a different dress and try it again as she pinched her nose shut, knowing she was going to fall in. The director said that she can't do that! I will look if I can find the link to this fake wedding fail.
Ab Zed
Ab Zed 24 days ago
Nestride Yumga is 100% Hitler, check here: ruvid.net/video/video-SgnjrEIhAd0.html
Vaishnavi Darro
Vaishnavi Darro 24 days ago
Bride and groom __ we can fly😂😂
Kikyo-sama 24 days ago
GIMMIE DAT!!!! 03:17
Cláudio Carvalho
Cláudio Carvalho 25 days ago
My wedding cake also fall out, was so funny
Adin Maden
Adin Maden 25 days ago
4:55 that laugh 😂😂
matthias elsner
matthias elsner 25 days ago
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Marshall Muki
Marshall Muki 26 days ago
You western people have weird weddings
MorTobXD 26 days ago
Not gonna spoil, but there is a very unexpected fail making this worth watching ^^
Dark Sigma
Dark Sigma 26 days ago
0:34 I didn´t know that tasteless custom was outside of Mexico
Happy life
Happy life 26 days ago
2:44 that isn’t a fail......it is so cute....😂😂😂
Shikha Kashyap
Shikha Kashyap 27 days ago
The ring😂😭my heart broke
Shinzo Az
Shinzo Az 27 days ago
0:12 scored his best touchdown
senseisifu 28 days ago
5:15 - Okay that one was a REALLY epic fuck up.
Music World
Music World 28 days ago
hahahhahahaaahahahahah very funny
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