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John Oliver discusses the tension between the public and private worlds of predicting the weather.
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Oct 13, 2019




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Comments 80
Icognito 14 hours ago
I forecast my own weather #weathersquad as I am a student
shnglbot Day ago
Everyone's saying "only in America" as if every other country isn't getting fucked by capitalism.
Theo Higgins
Theo Higgins 7 days ago
Looking through Last Week Tonight videos basically reads as a list of "Things you thought were fine but are actually being completely undermined by greed and elitism"
Charles Cannon
Charles Cannon 12 days ago
Flashy Flashy, Boom Boom? Isn't that P'Li's origin story?
Lotadot 13 days ago
Can this dude teach me in class he makes me want to do the work
What Why
What Why 15 days ago
please, do a similar style episode on the post office and its new PMG.
Ashutosh Sharma
Ashutosh Sharma 17 days ago
Well, I'm a little disappointed that John Oliver went with anus for Janus, instead of joking about how Janus was the two faced Roman God who could look into the past and the future.
Xellos Kaczor
Xellos Kaczor 17 days ago
So what happened to noaa after this?
Andy Harris
Andy Harris 18 days ago
Pure comedy from the outside of the US that this sort of blatant conflicts of interest appointments are not blocked and shamed.
Syfer Polski
Syfer Polski 20 days ago
John Oliver is a public treasure
Osvaldo 26 days ago
Pls promise me you won't vote for Trump in November
John Vanderbeck
John Vanderbeck 26 days ago
As long as my tax money goes into the NWS, I don't see how they can legally prevent me from using its data.
Pounce Pounce
Pounce Pounce 13 days ago
If you supply the data in an format only that prevents the average citizen from using it then only organisations who can turn the data into usable formats have access. Or in other words, no founding for the internet service.
Kelley Hawley
Kelley Hawley 27 days ago
Can we, from here on out, refer to thunderstorms as “flashy flashy boom booms”.
James McMullan
James McMullan 29 days ago
Nice joke about Eddie Vedder's dead dad. John. That might have gone too far.....
Doug Caldwell
Doug Caldwell Month ago
If it hasn’t been said yet, Barry Meyers withdrew his name from the process due to “health concerns” just over a month after this video came up.
Onri Jay
Onri Jay Month ago
15:40 "that's a lot of damage!"....I thought was going say that lol.
Matthew Pepper
Matthew Pepper Month ago
The over the top graphics. Seriously Wth?
K D Month ago
It's an interesting "Gun Fingers" Nomination
Jack Lovejoy
Jack Lovejoy Month ago
Update: Barry Myers has withdrawn his nomination in November
Mateos Glen Hayes
Looking into gov agencies under the Trump administration is like discovering all your kitchen cabinets are swarming with roaches.
The Grump
The Grump Month ago
The first 13 seconds describe Iowa weather in one day
Dils Does
Dils Does Month ago
comin atcha from april 2020, lets hope the nyc weather twitter was right about may.
Spencer Beard
Spencer Beard Month ago
I get my news from you John, can you do the weather please.
victorvondean Month ago
It would be weak and subservient to share information with his family members
OfficialSumo6 Month ago
Everyone seems so close...
gokul balagopal Payyanur
The graphics that john made fun of at end was actually cool in olden times
gokul balagopal Payyanur
I really like the graphics of the weather channel it's greatly informative
MySerpentine Month ago
I get the weather by living in Hilo. It'll be in the 70s-80s and cloudy.
Rhy Month ago
I exclusively check my weather on the NOAA website. I encourage others to stop providing ad revenue to Weather.com and AccuWeather by using the free (and much better) National Weather Service forecast.
Christopher E
Christopher E Month ago
In Hindsight, they weren't lying about having a good month until May.... Hope it's true!
Keiron Month ago
1:35 is really hitting different right now😳
James Burk
James Burk Month ago
That snarky weatherman is not alone. I worked in a news station with a completely different weatherman who sometimes was like that. Although everyone in there with snarky dude whoever were asking him stuff from off-camera got yelled at by the news director for like an hour over professionalism for sure. Probably less the weather guy. Weather people are harder to come by than reporters or anchors.
Check Mate
Check Mate Month ago
Missed the opertunity to have a jANUS joke
Rich Gerow
Rich Gerow Month ago
Being from Oklahoma, Accuweather's conquest scares the hell out of me considering that Oklahoma has had more violent tornadoes (EF4's and EF5's) than any other state by a double-digit margin. So if it were up to Accuweather, I would have to pay them before I could see whether a violent tornado was heading toward me. Knowing these assholes, they'd also lobby to have tornado sirens torn down so you'd be forced to pay to them to ensure your survival. Welcome to 'Murica where corporate greed runs the show.
Rich Gerow
Rich Gerow Month ago
I feel like this could be an actual headline: "Nestle buys rights to air, charges people money to breathe it."
triopsate3 Day ago
It probably will be once they figure out a way to accurately measure how much air everyone's breathing
Team VLCN Month ago
It was the pitch for the Lorax movie.
Rich Gerow
Rich Gerow Month ago
This just in, toilet manufacturers are going to start charging you an arm and a leg to use public bathrooms because everything in America should be privatized! (Relax, it's just a joke ... for now.)
Lou Moon
Lou Moon Month ago
NOAA is sex ❤️
ロボット Month ago
Who's binge watching john oliver in quarantine?
William Girard
William Girard Month ago
"of course it did". Was this comment because it was the European forecast and you are European?
aurelien 57
aurelien 57 Month ago
1:45 that comment about the rest of the months being trash for NYC is on point with what’s happening right now
TyronasaurusRx 7
aurelien 57 for real! They didn’t know how scarily right they would be for new york
Wavy Davy
Wavy Davy Month ago
It's not 'Fuck if I know', it's 'FUCKED if I know' 9:02
zxKAOS1 Month ago
13:05 also sums up the whole situation nicely!
Trish Jean-Louis
This administration is keen on conflicts of interest and using your public servant position to advance yourself on taxpayer dollars and yet, the poorest/uninformed people voted for him and, will continue to do so.
cupidstunt22 2 months ago
Mass reindeer suicide 😂👍🏻😂
Berkley Pearl
Berkley Pearl 2 months ago
The scientists say it’s a good idea to keep your regular routines in place so here I am during the plague watching an old episode of John Oliver to comfort myself
Zijun Li
Zijun Li 2 months ago
12:10 John you really do look like a bird 🦜
Adam Horn
Adam Horn 2 months ago
We now have named winter storms in the UK.
Vlad Tepes
Vlad Tepes 2 months ago
last week ones is easy.
Francis Marino
Francis Marino 2 months ago
Wow! Of all of them I wouldn't have guessed AccuWeather would enter the list of asshole companies.
noah 2 months ago
So why doesnt congress do anything about it. People always blame the president but congress can stop anything the president does. Has congress forgot that or what? Why doesnt congress use its power and do its fcking job. Soo sick of this.
Honest Abe
Honest Abe 2 months ago
A private company forcing a governmental agency to stop providing services? Only in America the land of the Plutarchs
Jimmie Hammel
Jimmie Hammel 2 months ago
Lololol... I love that weather man at the beginning.
Charlie 2 months ago
Wouldn't it be beautiful if people watching this uninstall AccuWeather and don't go back reinstalling it.... 😂
Panda On Steroids
Panda On Steroids 2 months ago
I love what you guys do! You make stuff I'd hate to sit down and read but now it's fun to watch! This show's comedy sells it. Y'all are awesome.
Jason Clark
Jason Clark 2 months ago
John was a lil rough on eddy
theKIDnp 2 months ago
This is like if the US government were to put a lawyer of a major ISP in charge of the FCC... oh wait.
DormantLime 2 months ago
I think out of all of the weather channels'' over the top cgi weather segments, the flooding ones are actually one of the best; they do a really good job of putting into perspective how deep and powerful those flooding disasters can be.
Andre Zabala
Andre Zabala 2 months ago
Oh capitalism... Selling weather
MatMadik 2 months ago
The opening weather guy is such a Bruce Almighty prior to the “all mightiness” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣!!!
Theodore Slavo
Theodore Slavo 2 months ago
Magnus? you're cheapening the name of the Primarch of the Thousand Suns. Shame on you Weather Channel.
DanceGeekRob 2 months ago
AccuWeather stole and sold user personal info taken from apps installed on Android and IOS devices.
brc 2 months ago
Dude being american under trump must be tiresome. And I am spanish so I know what is incompetence in the government
Jordan W
Jordan W 2 months ago
Ahh John finds another “evil” corporation to get angry at
zengara11 2 months ago
Not really a corporation but several people that are trying to make accuweather (American weather system) Sellable, which is the source to all weather news in USA. And then they will make it illegal to see EU weather casting...... It is pretty horrible it I have to be honest, specially because weather systems are getting more and more important for everyone
maddhatter0 2 months ago
I live in Oklahoma so the weather is wrong almost everyday...And they cancel school a day early and are right 1/4 of the time.
Storm Streaks
Storm Streaks 2 months ago
Yo trained storm spotters for the NWS, where y'all at? ✌️ Let's go SKYWARN!
Loosey Goosey
Loosey Goosey 2 months ago
we need to get rid of these idiots in 2020. Make sure to vote
Ryan W
Ryan W 2 months ago
Coming from michigan, watching the first part made me chuckle. Sounds about right though, people dont understand michigan weather changes so easily and will complain that its not right
IFHQ 2 months ago
Update: Meyers Made up some Bull shit excuse about medical problems in order to tactfully withdraw his nomination, so now trump has to pick someone else
NightSky 2 months ago
The main problem is capitalism
ghobe' pltSa'chab es ist eine stirn
what's about the regression into proto-state ?
Pink Freud
Pink Freud 3 months ago
"...has stepped down & divested stake in company.." - single most obvious indication of direct involvement in impropriety [,sex-assault,gender,racism,fraud] > Every American immediately signs up to/bookmarks National Weather service website Absolutely loved "Super Storm Barry". 😂 Brilliant! Reindeer suicide. 😂
Snoaa 3 months ago
I’m almost sure that nobody cares, but in the 80s Accuweather graphics it says that the USA has the world’s deepest snows, when in fact it’s actually Aomori, Japan.
spongeintheshoe Month ago
So Accuweather isn't even accurate?
Sir Handel
Sir Handel Month ago
@Robert Nett You're correct though. Classical American exceptionalism, where they are both the rule, and everyone else hews to its conventions, AND the exception, where they are singularly the best in the world at anything and everywhere else is a shithole country.
Robert Nett
Robert Nett 2 months ago
@Steve Huff I talk as an outsider looking in. But a few years back it seemed on one hand that US foreign policy was all over the world, while the majority of it's inhabitants (again speaking from an outside perspective) didn't have much of a clue what's going on outside their borders.
Steve Huff
Steve Huff 2 months ago
I didn't know that.
Steve Huff
Steve Huff 2 months ago
@Robert Nett I have no clue what you are talking about.
Josny13 3 months ago
Just so we're clear, america never offered help. They let the holocaust happen before even listening to the calls for help from Britain. My point being, america doesn't offer help, and apparently is ungrateful for receiving it.
Lil Crappie
Lil Crappie 3 months ago
John Oliver would make a good lawyer
Samuel Rosander
Samuel Rosander 3 months ago
Accepting help and cooperating with others makes us weak and subservient...now, where have I heard people spout nonsense like that before? It was recent, I know that. Here in the U.S., too. And it's not uncommon among a certain part of our society. Oh. All I had to do was wait for a few more seconds for John to drop a name.
Tyler King
Tyler King 3 months ago
I find it so funny and scary that the Trump supporters still think he's draining the swamp since he became president he's filled the swamp up
Robert Nett
Robert Nett 2 months ago
He basically has swamped the drain.
Blackdragonss 3 months ago
7:39 Yay! John thinks my name rules =)
Marginal Experience
Marginal Experience 3 months ago
Hearing a British man attempt a 90s Seattle grunge voice was something I didn’t know I needed until I had it
Wubba Wubba
Wubba Wubba 3 months ago
Why are there so many evil and greedy assholes in this world who value money over lives??? We need to start placing everyone under penalty of perjury who give testimony in Washington.
Charlyne Gezze
Charlyne Gezze 3 months ago
Haha. I live in Madrid, Spain. Accuweather said there was zero precipitation while it rained cats and dogs, so go trust. it.
dcptiv 3 months ago
america thrives on instilling fear into its citizens to maintain control. These graphics are a great visual aid to keep low focused americans inline.
Robert Nett
Robert Nett 2 months ago
Nah. That's simple PR. It's less maintaining control - it's basically about selling stuff.
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