We Won a Zone Wars Tournament w/ Dubs & Melody

FaZe Sway
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Beats in this video were made by: ruvid.net/show-UCPcU4yK1qUAASEHW5krh2XA

Twitter: twitter.com/FaZeSway
Instagram: instagram.com/fazesway/


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Feb 18, 2020




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Comments 80
Sebas Calisthenics
Back then no one really knew who scoped was
Stincy 7 days ago
That Intro tho
Sto Cazzo
Sto Cazzo 9 days ago
Pls code🥺
Jaevien Eleam
Jaevien Eleam 17 days ago
What is the CODE????
Modiiest 20 days ago
What’s the map code ?
AFL_markiee 23 days ago
Use code sway
Vraith Melody
Vraith Melody 24 days ago
Is it me or did anyone notice Dqay didnt use his traps
Faze Daren
Faze Daren 29 days ago
Dubs: "laser the kid" Every Mongraal Fans : HE'S A CONTOLLA PLAYERRRRR
Imagine being good at the game so you and your friends enter a tournament and the first match you see: (your teammate) was eliminated by Sway LF
TachyFN Month ago
im snowzz
im snowzz Month ago
map code?
zx noxname
zx noxname Month ago
Some i notice is keyboard players are so intense during these kinda things and controller players are joking around
tipper Month ago
Markese King
Markese King Month ago
The best
Ethan Parham
Ethan Parham Month ago
41:06 🤣🤣
ZxroFn Month ago
Arvin Bhogal
Arvin Bhogal Month ago
What’s the island code
iTZzBliiTZz Month ago
This is the audio in the video: *Building sound for 10 hours* Then *Smg spam for 10 hours* Then *Ar spam for 10 hours* Then "LES GO CHAT LES GO"
CanadianGuy34 Month ago
What do you say? Tournament (Ternament) or Tournament (Tornament)
CanadianGuy34 Month ago
ngl, sway sounds like killy - eye for an eye, song
NSN_switchzz Month ago
sway seems rusty than how he usually plays
ツ TCH-Nicoツ
ツ TCH-Nicoツ Month ago
Trxzz Month ago
Is melody name kahzi! Rn because he added me
Random Dude
Random Dude Month ago
RUvid: Ok how many ads do you want to have in the video ?? Sway: many
Richboyy04 Yongmoney103
what’s the code for this map
ItsMikeCool1 2 months ago
sway u scammer
Jaden Clifton
Jaden Clifton 2 months ago
Not sways team the others
Jaden Clifton
Jaden Clifton 2 months ago
They ass got shit on bro
Max Herrera
Max Herrera 2 months ago
i have re watched this like 10 x or more
Makbule Burcu
Makbule Burcu 2 months ago
Best yautuber
Jerome Got Editz
Jerome Got Editz 2 months ago
Y’all wasn’t even trying tho
Axxhe Yt
Axxhe Yt 2 months ago
Whos watching this when dubs said the n word
SheLovesVoid XD
SheLovesVoid XD 2 months ago
Sway, what is the code
Max Herrera
Max Herrera 2 months ago
who watches this over and over
Jesse Sandoval
Jesse Sandoval 2 months ago
What’s the map code
Jay Fxndi
Jay Fxndi 2 months ago
It is confirmed he wears other skins
LoKo LIFE 2 months ago
What’s the code for the map?
EntroxxHDシ 2 months ago
What is Code to the island ?
Scribble 2 months ago
1v1 me
F u s s
F u s s 2 months ago
Slide. 2 months ago
Code map please?
Blynx Tryx
Blynx Tryx 2 months ago
Change the intro song is so gay
Jay Steez
Jay Steez 2 months ago
Faze dub is the racist kid I’m good
Junior Perez
Junior Perez 2 months ago
17:03 his voice cracked XD
Chris M
Chris M 2 months ago
What’s the song call in the intro
ZOMBIE AP 2 months ago
paco landzaat
paco landzaat 2 months ago
Mom: why you woont 1v1 your nephew My nephew: 6:13
Lil_applejuice 2 months ago
Whats the code for this zone wars?
ReVoZ 2 months ago
Use code map ?
Kurlix 250
Kurlix 250 2 months ago
You better not have use of the hard R😡😡
ELVAR 2 months ago
The thumbail tho
III Shotz.
III Shotz. 2 months ago
Does sway play on combat pro or what
Untraaa_ 2 months ago
player de criativo, mas e melhor que eu kkkkkkkkkkkkk
Labron Newson
Labron Newson 2 months ago
Heber 2 months ago
assit 1k
assit 1k 2 months ago
who’s here after he said the n word
Controlla Scoathy
Controlla Scoathy 2 months ago
* 0:47 *
ds kev
ds kev 2 months ago
Sway editor try your best to fix sway intro
earl gilson
earl gilson 2 months ago
i cant keep up with ur builds their too fast and thats a good thing.U_U
sandeep kaur
sandeep kaur 3 months ago
Faze sway is the best player
Rondinella Marco
Rondinella Marco 3 months ago
Code island?
xo- kosta
xo- kosta 3 months ago
whats the code to this zone war
Danny Munguia
Danny Munguia 3 months ago
whos here after he said the n word 😳🤣
Britney Leach
Britney Leach 3 months ago
Sway let’s play user name clapty
777 Kayoh
777 Kayoh 3 months ago
Dubs: get shit on Dubs: Ni-
Mallyb-yt 3 months ago
What’s the code to this world
Retarded Tv
Retarded Tv 3 months ago
Remember when sway was really good
Humberto De La Cruz
Humberto De La Cruz 3 months ago
0:52 how tf is he already up there?
PluG Maine
PluG Maine 3 months ago
The old Sway is back!..i gotta get back intu FN
Fat boi
Fat boi 3 months ago
What's the code to this map
Aly Hany
Aly Hany 3 months ago
Megga VS sway
Aly Hany
Aly Hany 3 months ago
Megga VS sway
Kollin Kish
Kollin Kish 3 months ago
U play like a wimp camping up top spraying go down and take a wall easy
Aiziefy 3 months ago
I dropped a 20 bomb in my new video full of trickshots please just check me out
Abdoulaye Diagne
Abdoulaye Diagne 3 months ago
Bonjour qui parle français
Geo Creator
Geo Creator 3 months ago
outcast was everywhere
Lanz Walis
Lanz Walis 3 months ago
What js the zone wars code for this map
HACKER ZELO 3 months ago
Um can anyone tell me what FC stands for cuz Ik it doesn’t stand for faze clan cuz people in chronic like scrubz have it and I need to know what it means
EvadeAteMilk 3 months ago
6:13 0mg
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