We Went To Japan to Buy MYSTERY TECH

Austin Evans
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Japan is a land of wonder, retro video games and MYSTERY TECH. 🗾
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Nov 23, 2019




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60secondsperframe xd
Guys, did yall just realise that austin is using a phone as a cameras....?
Carrot Bruh
Carrot Bruh 6 hours ago
6:33 aAaA-oOo
Cake Yeet
Cake Yeet 2 days ago
2:30 anyone knows whats the name of the song
Mikael Maldonado
Mikael Maldonado 2 days ago
ken the weeb
Cossak Rose
Cossak Rose 2 days ago
Let's be honest, we all know why the one-handed controller exists in Japan. The land of endless exclusive anime games with adult ratings. *A one-handed controller that frees up the RIGHT HAND.*
ethan doyle
ethan doyle 3 days ago
Me being a 14 year old gamer ouch
Stilt Josh
Stilt Josh 3 days ago
6:34 😂😂😂😂
Cole Bear
Cole Bear 4 days ago
Cole Bear
Cole Bear 4 days ago
SρყԃҽɾCαƚ Eɳƚҽɾƚαιɳɱҽɳƚ
Austin I think your hair is leaving you
DSC GAMING 5 days ago
Just i mean uh just 6:34
James Eddy
James Eddy 5 days ago
Certified Cheater Goldigger
You buy japanese girl austin.
Mohib Mahmud
Mohib Mahmud 10 days ago
I love how the headphones covered half of Austins face 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Rudro De
Rudro De 10 days ago
"The future looks grim"
Maninshinyyellow 10 days ago
6:34 is minecraft drowned noises
Maninshinyyellow 10 days ago
Hi Austin’s mommma
TheOfficialAwaken 10 days ago
In every mystery tech Austin always have the face of disappointment
paul tucker soul
paul tucker soul 11 days ago
I actually sometimes use the mouse and the Xbox controller as a combo when my Mrs gets fed up with having the keyboard in bed with us at night 😂
Connor Newby
Connor Newby 12 days ago
Omg 😮 I was in the background with my family we went for a holiday there
Gannon Pinkerton
Gannon Pinkerton 12 days ago
You will never know what i put before the edit....
Folalu Thomas
Folalu Thomas 13 days ago
Wait why is the keyboard from Japan written in English 😅
Folalu Thomas
Folalu Thomas 13 days ago
Hey dude it's also a mystery for us the viewerd🤸
Merc AMG Gtr Pro
Merc AMG Gtr Pro 13 days ago
5:04. Real problem in a family.
martin briones
martin briones 14 days ago
Austin hey guys this is austin in reality its japan
Christopher Sideratos
3:51 why is that scene so funny🤣
FH_n3il 024
FH_n3il 024 15 days ago
L2 FPS 17 days ago
Hey guys, this is Austin!
Jamie C
Jamie C 17 days ago
Remember your old house was on fire
UNG Ghost
UNG Ghost 17 days ago
Any body notice izuku midoria at 8:58
Switch Anime
Switch Anime 18 days ago
Austin looks like an egg 🥚 lmao
DramaticMazeRunner 19 days ago
Nice Finger Ken :)
Raw Dark
Raw Dark 19 days ago
6:33 like wat the hell
noah smith
noah smith 19 days ago
his dancing
Fishy on Wack
Fishy on Wack 20 days ago
Protekt _
Protekt _ 21 day ago
0:06 LIKE if u see his teeth OR COMMENT if u saw Japan
Cryptic 21 day ago
My man called a famicon a floppy (A famicon is the japanese version of the nes)
TrulyMDG 21 day ago
it’s probably not the GREYtest way to play
Sean Wu
Sean Wu 22 days ago
3do real games
Cryptic Velo
Cryptic Velo 22 days ago
before corna started
Jamerrzz 23 days ago
4:00 so many good references so fast
Welcome to Yodobashi Camera😄
Nischal K
Nischal K 24 days ago
Welp the future of gaming is a PS4 controller chopped in half well we need to deal with it
TyFletch 25 days ago
Ricardo Heathe
Ricardo Heathe 26 days ago
Dude bring back your sisters sweeter. Or maybe you are the girlfriend so you need it.
Chris The Man
Chris The Man 26 days ago
My dream country😱😱😱
JRYDUL 27 days ago
8:41 PAN AM airlines :)
Gabriel Isla
Gabriel Isla 27 days ago
This guy is a fucking idiot no from 90s would be like "oh look this shiny gamepad" and shit. People who had gameboy were cool because gameboys were portable, you had or not. This guy is more lustrating. I guess hes a luster.
Captain Spectrum!
Captain Spectrum! 27 days ago
12:31 I am 14 and and yet I am not overly fond of RGB...
Valentino Chavez
Valentino Chavez 28 days ago
I love Matt lmao
Lochlan animations
Lochlan animations 29 days ago
The only place in the world where ken would be considered normal. Asia
Beverly Howard
Beverly Howard Month ago
moldycameraツ Month ago
11:24 he mad
LayZ Typodo
LayZ Typodo Month ago
16:53 2019 Ken had no idea how accurate he was.
Formxfa1sal Month ago
Who else saw the bnha deku figure
Charlie Mueller
Charlie Mueller Month ago
Home alone clip - the plane
Delusion TTV
Delusion TTV Month ago
Ken is like Walmart Ned from spiderman
Jose Sanchez Carrillo
Is it just me or the tactical assault commander looks a lot like the thing that batman uses when he decrypts or gets a message on the batman Arkham serias?
Blueberry Pie asmr
Well it’s kind of closed
shivansh 01
shivansh 01 Month ago
Who else is watching this during vivid n is like traveling huh that used to be fun
Marc Chew
Marc Chew Month ago
Marc Chew
Marc Chew Month ago
Gene Quagmire
Gene Quagmire Month ago
6:30 Your mom sounds hot as hell, bro. I'm 42, it's cool!
Ken ate bat make chrooma virius :CCC
LU MO Month ago
For God sake, I have this video everywhere on recomend. EVERYWHERE.
z_xagger roblox Nicholas
3:45 it did make me hard so, i approve of a good anime (you know what)
Mr Cyborg
Mr Cyborg Month ago
Why do they have crt display lol
max lmao
max lmao Month ago
part of me thinks that the japanese makes good products, then i look at *SWITCH TRIPLE COOLING FAN*
PolarBearGaming Month ago
His mom made me laugh so hard
Misael Valero
Misael Valero Month ago
"Future looks grim" well he was right
Ketchy Month ago
Austin says we don’t see kens dumb s*** Me:but why do you use his thing he brings
Piet ice-only.de
how where you allowed to film? I wasn't even allowed to take pictures:D
Lacaranite Month ago
That first thing isn’t even 300 n man says months salary lmao
kijang pao
kijang pao Month ago
Japan is paradise of console
TheTheShizzler Month ago
Watching a mystery tech where they travel to Japan, from Japan.
Jake Francis
Jake Francis Month ago
So corny . Your voice and personality
Erik and Toby
Erik and Toby Month ago
Austin is acting like the dad and ken is the child
Josh Month ago
Austin looks like Sid the sloth 4:40
AltoHarbor 80961
What cameras do you use?
DBZ* Zeno
DBZ* Zeno Month ago
Loved it!
Markel Townsend
Markel Townsend Month ago
They all sum dorks😂
Live Tyco
Live Tyco Month ago
I have no idea why I watch u tall to fucking corny
Brody Rowell
Brody Rowell Month ago
Honestly these peeps are kind of like really annoying
Paul Berg
Paul Berg Month ago
Käiten Month ago
11:08 When you are depressed, nut and not feel anything
Käiten Month ago
Matt: *Roasts Austin* Austin: "I like that" Austin deep inside: 😭😭😭😭
Käiten Month ago
8:26 that's what she said
Hengbok Month ago
Those SNK cds caught my eye immediately :o
Adin Chandra
Adin Chandra Month ago
Oh My God. I like Japan. And yeah, I like All about Japan tech, Austin....
T O X I C Month ago
I was scratching my arm with my phone then this popped up. Subscribed though lol
karma _
karma _ Month ago
Hello children 😂😂😂
Seth Kauffman
Seth Kauffman Month ago
12:30 I was about to say, you hating on RGB, I love RGB. Here's my system: R7 3700x w/ H100i RGB Pro XT 240mm AIO 32gb (4x8gb to populate all 4 slots) 3200mhz Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro MSI Duke RTX 2070 OC 8gb 1 aRGB 1tb m.2, 1 1tb m.2, 1 RGB 2tb SSD, and a 5tb HDD All in a Corsair Crystal 680x with 8 Corsair LL120 fans. My peripherals (I'm switching to Corsair things asap, I just bought this new case, but even my last was RGB decked out with a Deepcool Captain RGB Pro 240mm AIO, with 6 matching Deepcool CF120 aRGB fans all inside a Deepcool Matrexx70aRGB) are a Razer Ornata Chroma hybrid-mech RGB keyboard, Razer Mamba Wireless, Razer Firefly RGB mouse mat, and a set of Razer Man'O War headphones that are also RGB. If you saw my system you wouldn't say you hate it, I'm sure of it.
Mr Pebble
Mr Pebble Month ago
10th time watching this video lol
David Garcia
David Garcia Month ago
I’m 14 and I don’t like RGB
Worthy Sen
Worthy Sen Month ago
Bro at the first 50 ms you can that is a conteolla
FollowerOfJesus Month ago
Jesus is coming! Please repent and turn away from your sins! May God bless the whole team's families!
TV Arif
TV Arif Month ago
I have a gameboy advanced but then I lost the charger then I cant find the actual Gameboy 😑
Anonymous Animations
Austin be like, I knew swallowing that computer chip was worth it
Smorelax 22
Smorelax 22 Month ago
Why was this mystery tech so raw like it just felt like even less professionalism than usual I really liked it shit was funny as hell
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