We Went to Hershey, PA To Find Out the Truth Behind the Christian Pulisic Myths | UCL on CBS Sports

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He's been called the Hershey Messi, the Pennsylvania Pele and Captain America. Ahead of the Champions League Final, we went to Christian Pulisic's hometown to find out the truth behind the young American stud.

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May 27, 2021




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Yahdo Month ago
Shalawam Worship YAH your Elohim, and his blessing will be on your food and water. I will take away sickness from among you. ❤️ I do videos too. Come over and watch some if you like All Glory to Yah!
EyoPlayz Month ago
4 days later. BREAKING NEW: Pulisic is the first American to win a UCL. What does this mean for U.S. Soccer? Is Pulisic the best American player of all time. I'm gonna go with yes, he is. Congrats on your Champions League Win Christian "Captain America" Pulisic.
ecbenny J
ecbenny J 2 months ago
I don’t ever wanna hear another Mexico fan say that Lozano is better, EVER!
VoodooChaos 2 months ago
Goodluck to our american 💎
Mike Raja
Mike Raja 2 months ago
Man city alway
Mukesh Khanal
Mukesh Khanal 2 months ago
Pulisic can make real impact on big games, he has to be in the starting XI in the Final......he just has to!!
Nur Md. Abidullah
Nur Md. Abidullah 2 months ago
Pulisic will deliver Chelsea to Glory in the champions league final. COME ON
Dr. Mantis Toboggan, M.D.
This was a hit piece against people from Twix Tennessee and Reese's Rhode Island
Dr. Mantis Toboggan, M.D.
True or false: a huge amount of people in Hershey PA are fat and obese?
Billy Noll II
Billy Noll II Month ago
It be false, as they might say in the city.
Mark P
Mark P 2 months ago
Alexander LeFebvre
Alexander LeFebvre 2 months ago
Big up Scamssss
Haj To
Haj To 2 months ago
that's called football ... with passion Christian Pulisic does football NOT SOCCER !! please take a note my American fellas LOL
Jordi Antonio
Jordi Antonio Month ago
@Haj To u just salty that I’m right 😂
Haj To
Haj To 2 months ago
@Jordi Antonio u clown 🤡
Jordi Antonio
Jordi Antonio 2 months ago
we literally have this in every sport dont act special
Ya Ya
Ya Ya 2 months ago
Too bad he’ll be on the bench the whole game
Jordi Antonio
Jordi Antonio 2 months ago
name one game in the past year hes been on the bench the whole game. Lol idiot
Fz Khan.
Fz Khan. 2 months ago
Football is love.
Toolio Jones
Toolio Jones 2 months ago
#3 my daughter
Mat 2 months ago
Captain America I have heard many times, I refuse to believe anyone has ever called him the Hershey Messi. One because that just does not roll off the tongue, two because he will never be close to the level of messi and ronaldo.
Mat 21 day ago
@Ben Schmelzer I'm not angry or trying to come at you, but as an American myself, so often I see other Americans on Reddit, RUvid, Online Streams etc.. coming spewing absolute nonsense and giving us all a bad name. I'm so happy that so many young Americans are continuing to make their way to Europe's top leagues and I think the 2022 World Cup will be a big moment for football in America. However, please don't spew this nonsense, it just gives us a bad name, our day will come and then we truly boast and celebrate.
Ben Schmelzer
Ben Schmelzer 21 day ago
@Mat I never said it was likely, calm down
Mat 21 day ago
@Ben Schmelzer No way man, just being realistic, I'm American and probably watch over 100 European league football matches a year. As good as Pulisic is and as happy as I am that so many Americans are now continuing to make their way to top European leagues you have to be absolutely deluded to say that. At 22 years old Messi and Ronaldo were already so far clear of Pulisic. To say someone will never be Messi's or Ronaldo's level is not a diss at them, its just an acceptance of how absolutely brilliant Ronaldo and Messi were and continue to be to a lesser extent. We were all so blessed to see them play at the same time, but as of now not a single player in the world has stepped up to their quality. Ronaldo at 36 just lead Serie A in scoring for the 2020-2021 season and Messi at 34 I have no problem in saying is still clear of 22 year old Pulisic. We can be proud of our homegrown players but being foolish and deluded is not going to get you any respect.
Andrew Roberts
Andrew Roberts Month ago
hershey messi sounds like what i did in my pants after i ate all that watermelon and drank all that coffee!!!
Ben Schmelzer
Ben Schmelzer 2 months ago
Never is a strong word, I think it’s possible
Vishrut Shenoy
Vishrut Shenoy 2 months ago
Pulisic 💙
Mr. Bubas
Mr. Bubas 2 months ago
He likes Justin Bieber so he’s doomed
Blox Boi
Blox Boi 2 months ago
I live in hershey
roaches23 2 months ago
He's also been called NRAymar
Jorge Cohetero
Jorge Cohetero 2 months ago
Bro it’s not Christian Puiisich it’s Pulisic K
This iSoccer
This iSoccer 2 months ago
Chelsea to win the Champions League
Karl Johansson
Karl Johansson 2 months ago
He is bigger than Christ. John Lennon, Gandhi and Einstein definitely are in danger.
Mnm mash
Mnm mash 2 months ago
@Karl Johansson its an indian youtuber named angry rantman who said the same thing as u
Karl Johansson
Karl Johansson 2 months ago
@Mnm mash I couldn't translate that on Google. Please simplify.
Mnm mash
Mnm mash 2 months ago
Delboy0 2 months ago
Mount and Foden the English guys are way better, but you can't knock the fact he is probably the first American to be an important player in a big team. With each generation the US player gets better as soccer grows and gets more coverage and Americans start to understand the sport more. What would accelerate the quality of the US American player is getting rid of the pay to play system take makes the most inclusive sport in the world, a rich white suburban sport in the US and developing more African America kids to a professional level. There is a trend happening in soccer that you are seeing the NBA-fication of soccer, where the players with high athleticism and high technique are starting to dominate. Just look FIFA top 5 ranked teams Brazil, France, Belgium, England and Portugal, the four countries with the biggest black populations in Europe and the most diverse teams. The US has a black population bigger than all those European nations and if black kids are trained correctly the US could leapfrog some traditional powers and join this group with how football becoming the sport of the most athletic teams. We have seen with Alphonso Davies of Canada become the first North American to be in World 11. The US could have 100 Alphonso Davies if US soccer became more about finding and training the best players rather than finding the richest parents to profit from. That team of 100% white kids in the video showed everything wrong with US soccer. If things don't change sending the US men's team to the world cup, will be like sending the Yale basketball team to win the NBA championship. The only reason the women's team has been successful is the rest of the world didn't fund or care about women's soccer and that is changing in the last 3 years.
Samuel Joshy
Samuel Joshy 2 months ago
POV: U luv Hershey Park
Ab 2 months ago
Pulisic will deliver Chelsea to Glory in the champions league final. COME ON 💪
Mike Raja
Mike Raja 2 months ago
Man city
999✔️ 2 months ago
Not a Chelsea fan but I hope y'all win cuz city knok out psg plz win Chelsea
Saif Osman
Saif Osman 2 months ago
Pulisic is so stupidly overrated just cuz he’s American. So many other talents are glossed over cuz of this overhyped potato. Why CBS doin a whole segment on him🤡🤡
Jordan Perdomo
Jordan Perdomo 2 months ago
@Saif Osman still chichartio is trash and Lozano sucks yeah sure you think Lozano is great but he's trash when he came to napoli he hasn't won anything to make him the best.🤡🤡🤡
Saif Osman
Saif Osman 2 months ago
@Jordan Perdomo oh yeah chicharito was garbage yeah sure. U do realize the MLS is a retirement home, right? And Lozano has been brilliant for Napoli. Vela is good and he’s retiring soon anyways.🤡🤡
Jordan Perdomo
Jordan Perdomo 2 months ago
@Saif Osman Chichartio was trash in LA Galaxy scored only 2 goals, Lozano was kinda crap when he came to napoli, and vela well vela he ain't overrated he's a little bit underrated but he's almost going to be overrated
Jay Gregg
Jay Gregg 2 months ago
Youre such an obvious hater lmao
Saif Osman
Saif Osman 2 months ago
@Jordan Perdomo are u suggesting Lozano, chicharito, and vela are overrated?
Matthew Reis
Matthew Reis 2 months ago
What kit is the interviewer wearing? Where can i purchase?
MSN Best Trio Ever
MSN Best Trio Ever 2 months ago
so overrated why does everyone talk about this guy he is chelsea worst foward
Delboy0 2 months ago
@Jay Gregg Only American thinks Pulisic is better than Foden and Mount. Better at dribbling and attacking than Foden? Lol. Pulisic is talented but he not consistent enough, while Mount and Foden are good every game so they far better players who never sit on the bench like Pulisic. In a 100 years of World Cups, England has only played the US 2 and the last time England where cleary superior and a lucky draw from a goalie error. in 70 years the US has only won 2 games in their history against England and the last victory was 30 years ago.
Jay Gregg
Jay Gregg 2 months ago
@Delboy0 Mount and Foden are not better at winger postition or attacking or dribbling. Strange opinion to take. Also England has never beaten the US in competitive play.
Mnm mash
Mnm mash 2 months ago
@KenDaKingArrives why u so pressed sheeesh man be writing long ass eassys calm down
KenDaKingArrives 2 months ago
@Mnm mash Guy: *says to chill, then uses "stupid"* 🤷‍♂️ I don't know what you are expecting but that doesn't make people chill arsewipe. So Konrad is there, so what?! Barca are loaning/selling him and who knows when he'll be back why would I be happy about that? He'll get playing time, but there is a chance he'll get comfortable, and I don't want to see him get comfortable someplace else and then his Barca career ends, because that is likely to happen! Not always, but most of the time. 🤷‍♂️
Mnm mash
Mnm mash 2 months ago
@KenDaKingArrives 💀Chill he’s not American stupid plus u forgot we have Konrad at Barca 😕😏
Abel Gaming
Abel Gaming 2 months ago