We Watch: Gulf x War - แฟนผมหาย (Missing Baby)

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Hey Guys!
We are reacting to Guld and War's Missing Baby :)
And what a cuteness overload!! They are just too cute!!
Hope you'll like the video :D
Official link to the MV:
Intro: royaltyfree music by Bensound
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Oct 28, 2020




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Comments 24
The Shipper
The Shipper 11 days ago
#YinWar FOREVER 💕💕
Zar Zar
Zar Zar 2 months ago
Gulf so cute. ..
sweetdrem zaza
sweetdrem zaza 2 months ago
Both of them are so cute.
Waraphon Chaiaom
Waraphon Chaiaom 2 months ago
WAR..... So cute.
Tt 16
Tt 16 2 months ago
Please reaction “I told the sunset about you” this series very popular in Thailand now and different another bl series , you are fall love with this series, I love you reaction ❤️❤️❤️ sorry for my bad English😭😭
Jun 2 months ago
VJK channel
VJK channel 2 months ago
Paola Estela
Paola Estela 2 months ago
Cómo siempre, me encantan sus videos. Lamento mucho no escribir en inglés esta vez, pero ando con unos temas del trabajo urgentes y no quería irme sin comentar. Al igual que ustedes, creo que Gulf y War son muy dulces y tiernos. ¿Saben que es lo que más me encanta de todo el vídeo? Que al final su "novia" perdida era su gatita. ♥️♥️♥️ Lo cual es curioso porque ví los vídeos de los otros chicos del Proyecto "Boyfriend" y siempre se referían a alguna mujer. Definitivamente la producción del proyecto buscó algo que fuera lindo, que tuviera relación con la letra, pero no que no haga enloquecer a los fandoms (en solitario de Gulf y War y de sus respectivos "shippeos" con Mew y Yin). De verdad que me encantó ese giro. En fin!! Amo sus reacciones aunque no comente. Un abrazo!!!
Dinara Zhumalieva
Dinara Zhumalieva 2 months ago
War is most talented guy 🥰 he can play in all music instruments
Tanaka kug
Tanaka kug 2 months ago
dontworrysmile1 2 months ago
Ladies we need a reaction for I told the sunset about you please :3
praneet kumar
praneet kumar 2 months ago
Give reaction to theory of love series
Ichimeida 2 months ago
More mewgulf content plz
Miggzy Cabahug
Miggzy Cabahug 2 months ago
Please react to twicee i can’t stop mee.They’re Come Backk
Vic Skhr
Vic Skhr 2 months ago
Patiently waiting for My Engineer 😌
roselle jacobe
roselle jacobe 2 months ago
Plottwist:missing cat is the girlfiriend niyhahahah
roselle jacobe
roselle jacobe 2 months ago
when from the start to end you keep on smiling hahhahahha
ki ki
ki ki 2 months ago
Actually,".Fan" in Thai langauge ,it mean "Lover" (might mean both Boyfriend or Girlfriend,) on MV Gulf might mean Mew ,War might mean Yin, It must use Boyfriend,Not Girlfriend
Cindy Bowser
Cindy Bowser 2 months ago
War’s single now has 4M views and this video has 1M in 2 days. This is total cuteness overload and then you have Gulf promoting his new perfume: ruvid.net/video/video-VG0_pdJzxKE.html. There is nothing he can’t do! Love the dynamic between the two of you guys!
park yeol
park yeol 2 months ago
Seriously, you should learn more about War. He's a very talented guy. It was filmed in the En of Love lacorn, there are three stories and in one of them War plays with Yin. The full version of their story will be released soon. Maybe you will be interested and you take a look. If that pair of them can be found by the hashtag #Yinwar
Nadecho Jirawattana
Nadecho Jirawattana 2 months ago
Johannes Leonandervin
Gulf x war 🤔
Nelly L.
Nelly L. 2 months ago
Girls i think i've watched all of your videos in three days haha i love it!! You guys are awesome
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