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if you see this comment team10 who???

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Mar 31, 2018




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Comments 1 509
Lauren 2 months ago
Chicken Nuggets
Chicken Nuggets 2 months ago
“Chef Ramsey Gordon” 😂
Daria Nerkowska
Daria Nerkowska 2 months ago
Zane’s editing killssss me. He is literally the funniest RUvidr eve
LoveJuanCarlos 3 months ago
#MakingMeWetterThanHurricaneKatrina ™
Ava Salazar
Ava Salazar 3 months ago
Bone apple teeth!
tralsey jhaneil
tralsey jhaneil 3 months ago
you couldn't just put the milk in the fridge
cye 3 months ago
when he got a rolex know how to work curry
Ryan Archer
Ryan Archer 3 months ago
Heath's face 9:12 "shit I left the oven on"
Katie George
Katie George 4 months ago
RUvidrs are the only people that have used blue apron and they haven't even paid for it 🤪
Lauren Rehder
Lauren Rehder 4 months ago
Gets Blue Apron so you don’t have to go to the store Goes to store to get pans 😂😂😂
Kendall Ward
Kendall Ward 4 months ago
aye there’s jc
robin crean
robin crean 6 months ago
Nick nack, patty wack, give the dog a bone!
trinity gerrans
trinity gerrans 6 months ago
Omg the stove top is so dirty
Adna H
Adna H 6 months ago
it's "nic nac patty wack give a dog a bone. This old man ain't going home"
Cheryl Said So
Cheryl Said So 6 months ago
I'd love to see more of these!
Malloree Holland
Malloree Holland 7 months ago
Okay first, your food is literally steaming. How are you eating it😂😩
That person Kayleigh
Mic nac paddy wac give a dog a bone
J Siegrist
J Siegrist 8 months ago
Eva Bartel
Eva Bartel 8 months ago
I love how Zane tilts his chin up whenever he talks about a product
Tiffany Jimenez
Tiffany Jimenez 8 months ago
Omg!! Yummmy!😋 I love you guy's!!!❤❤ Thanks for making my day better!!😊❤❤❤
Kaia Sikora
Kaia Sikora 8 months ago
Okay but peep how $10 only got 2 gallons of gas cause it’s 4.99 a f u c k i n g gallon like tf Shit must be rough
Xena Dusek
Xena Dusek 8 months ago
20 dollar nose bleed for the outro?? Damn Zane has a good taste in music. Love that for him
Ana Duarte
Ana Duarte 8 months ago
I love dom and jc 😂😂😂 i was dying at that part
Kearsten Dennis
Kearsten Dennis 9 months ago
Heath is so fine
Nissa Mccreery
Nissa Mccreery 9 months ago
I thought it was a cucumber tooooo
Ażalea Gray
Ażalea Gray 9 months ago
I thought it was ‘nick back paddy whack, give a dog a bone’
Ruby Sheehy
Ruby Sheehy 9 months ago
I say nick nack patty wack give the dog a bone lol
Leagh Michael
Leagh Michael 9 months ago
I thought it was give a dog a bone
Craig Simpson
Craig Simpson 9 months ago
Is Blue Apron still in business?
Mariam Ubiria
Mariam Ubiria 9 months ago
Zane in kitchen is me
arlen gonzales
arlen gonzales 9 months ago
5:01 i choked more than once lmao 😂😂🤣
Baby Lingling
Baby Lingling 9 months ago
Baby my notifications dont come up and I watched all your vids 2 times already BCS imma drop outta skl
Dallas Jackson
Dallas Jackson 10 months ago
Ashleigh Goodwin
Ashleigh Goodwin 10 months ago
love this but also the fall out boy song at the end 😍
Currently Reloading
Currently Reloading 10 months ago
Spoopy things
Caitlyn Kazet
Caitlyn Kazet 10 months ago
Your faces 😂
Caitlyn Kazet
Caitlyn Kazet 10 months ago
They way you got the garlic 😂😂😂
Caitlyn Kazet
Caitlyn Kazet 10 months ago
Love you and heath so much 🥰
RequiemForABuckeye 10 months ago
Why the fuck did I watch a 10 min ad?
RequiemForABuckeye 10 months ago
Zane is such a helpless child
Jasmine Renee Jesus
Jasmine Renee Jesus 10 months ago
"unless everyone watches ALL of my videos which is kinda impossible cause of how busy everyone is" yeah then theres me who watched 10+ videos a day for the past week.
Amanda Knoop
Amanda Knoop 10 months ago
Okay so I love this video. You two are the funniest. Also I just watched the first "spoopy" video. Now you're wearing Spoopy Things shirt and I literally died laughing. Also I can't cook either and like a year ago I would have thought that was a cucumber also 😂 I'm 26.
uOnlyMatterIfICare P’z
Nick Nack Paddy Wack give the dog a bone!!
Evani Harradine
Evani Harradine 10 months ago
Who else loves the way Keith said "Salmonella"?
Tiana.L Sive2
Tiana.L Sive2 11 months ago
No it is not it is knickknack paddy whack give a got dog are bone
Ajoni Simon
Ajoni Simon 11 months ago
5:50 is yo thumb ok?
ALR 11 months ago
I find 30 second brand deals annoying, I actually enjoy the fact they rep their brand deal and cook it and actually show us how easy it was
RAB2784 11 months ago
That looked so dam good man
natalie! 11 months ago
we don't wanna get *siLmOnElLa*
FancyPug 11 months ago
Nick back patty wAck paddy paddie hoe
Georgia Bullock
Georgia Bullock 11 months ago
GoRDoN RAmSAy WhO? I only know Zane and Heath.
Yisel Elizabeth
Yisel Elizabeth 11 months ago
Team ten who
Llama Cebu
Llama Cebu Year ago
Zane swallow the food before you say its good,🙃
Emely Torrez
Emely Torrez Year ago
Our way here is double double ice ice ,double double cream cream, double double ice cream!
Amelia Ostrander
You guys are so enjoyable
YDGGoddess Year ago
3:03 Heath was so cute when he said that
J RB Year ago
Much Hate
Much Hate Year ago
420 dislikes
Eileeniep Year ago
Kaylum Jonkers
Did you not wash the chicken???
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