We use ALL of the 2020 Color Trends to Decorate a Room!

Mr. Kate
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Feb 8, 2020




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Comments 100
Violet Rain
Violet Rain 7 months ago
There's nothing like a brand new Mr. Kate video to make the day better 😊
Ellie Bustillo
Ellie Bustillo Month ago
i love that!!!!!!!!
Zainab Mohammad
Zainab Mohammad 2 months ago
Violet Rain ikr
TigērLiłły 5 months ago
That is one of the truest things I have ever heard
Hums Mak
Hums Mak 7 months ago
Beautiful People
Beautiful People 7 months ago
sheila turner
Omgoodness this is so great!!!!!! It is. Beautiful!!!!❤️❤️👍🙏
sheila turner
Will you help do a room in NC a mobile home? My son moved in and my room was less us more but Omgoodness it is to much furniture. We do have a sun room, but it has become storage and it is crazy. Can you help us on Tampa Florida
Colleen the CatLady
Fantastic!!! I'm borrowing some of your ideas!!!
Chasing Leona
Chasing Leona 8 days ago
Am o the only one who thinks that people say they like “minimalism, bohemian,etc.” just because they’re trending right now? Because isn’t bohemian the exact opposite of minimalist? 🤷🏻‍♀️
Andrea Taylor
Andrea Taylor 9 days ago
When I started breastfeeding I got really bad migraines and would end up so depleted! I tried all kinds of things. Natural, because that's my preference, but nothing worked until I found fruits and vegetables in a capsules. Concentrated micronutrtion completely safe while breastfeeding and pregnant. In fact, I'm using them as my prenatal now. Its our family's health insurance...
Charmany Hill
Charmany Hill 16 days ago
Love when Kate says her feet don't reach the floor is a sign of a good couch. I usually have that problem. LOL.
R. Wright
R. Wright 20 days ago
Learning to nurse lying down helped my migraines. Holding baby strains the neck and shoulders. Up the water which I found was the hardest thing b/c I wasn't extra thirsty with nursing. Hope thing are working out.
Rachel Roth
Rachel Roth 22 days ago
I 💕 kates hair when its pink in a braid!
Oana 23 days ago
I'm happy for them, happy it wasn't mine. It's the first design of Mr Kate I don't like. I feel that all those walls induce sadness. Rug colours were happier, lighter, not so smoky. Trendy colours or not, their job should be to uplift, not the opposite. 😇
Amanda Dunbar
Amanda Dunbar 27 days ago
“2020 is our golden year”
Ari Wong
Ari Wong 28 days ago
34:00 Baby eat mama's hair , Cute!! and Yummy ?😄
rhonda powell
rhonda powell 29 days ago
Sorry about your arthritis issue Joey😔
Rachael M
Rachael M Month ago
Btw the thing about daddy long legs are true (they are extremely poisonous but the cant bite through our skin cause their mouths r too small)
Somakshi Sharma
Somakshi Sharma Month ago
did anybody watch baby lucy eating Ellis' hair lol
Blossom Month ago
2020 is our golden year “ okay so clearly u don’t know how bad it is
Nevaeh Moxey
Nevaeh Moxey Month ago
In 2021
Nevaeh Moxey
Nevaeh Moxey Month ago
Can you plz decorate my new room huge fan I am a creative wirdo
Nevaeh Moxey
Nevaeh Moxey Month ago
In 2021
Sharon Sze
Sharon Sze Month ago
"2020 for us is gonna be focusing on our health" oof that didn't age well 😂 ps seriously though stay healthy u guys
Roger O. Thornhill
Does anyone else is watching this in lock down and noticed that Kate said '2020 is are golden year'
Arya Month ago
Oh my freaking god. Spiders are poisonous!
Arya Month ago
Lol they are so funny. Love this couple ❤️😍
Arya Month ago
I wanted to see the babies playing together
Flicks and Smirf
I'm literally LIVING off the Mr Kate videos during quarantine! 😅 Lysm Me Kate (and Joey 😂) ✨
Amy Livesey
Amy Livesey Month ago
Awww... I have that exact polar bear teddy from sea world in Florida
Stella Lou
Stella Lou Month ago
them: 2020 will be our golden year me: I'm sorry
Kate FX
Kate FX Month ago
2020 colors? Like cyanosis blue and fever flush pink? ;)
Allie B
Allie B Month ago
This entire project is everything! Absolutely love everything about this ❤️️
Shirley Carter
Shirley Carter 2 months ago
This was right up my street, few Crystal's I'd have put on mirror and some hanging plants and wow , I'd move in,( don't worry in in England so not likely haha).
Erika Schmidt
Erika Schmidt 2 months ago
Thats what I am doing in my living room...!!! Love it!!
Scarlet Ribbons
Scarlet Ribbons 2 months ago
How is 'creamy mushroom' a 2020 color trend? Wasn't it just called 'griege' in the early 2000s?
Kuntarini Rahsilawati
This is what I'm looking for! A minimalist and a bit whimsical style. I dont like to dust, so playing with pastel color with paintings and not stuffs scattering the space is perfect!
Kate Carnac
Kate Carnac 2 months ago
where is the dinning room chandelier from?
sweetchocbiscut cookie
Focusing on our health they said. Ahhahahahah
Jacqueline Cosme
Jacqueline Cosme 2 months ago
Love you guys you inspire me you give me good ideas
Andrea Smith
Andrea Smith 2 months ago
I. Am. In. Love! I adore colors of nature and this is totally my creative weirdo jam! P.S. That dragonfly is calling my name...
Amanda Wright
Amanda Wright 2 months ago
Just discovered this show and loving it! Thanks guys!
Cj Ilustrisimo
Cj Ilustrisimo 2 months ago
Mr. Kate: 2020 is our golden year 🤞 Ms. Rona: *coughs* We'll see about that. 👉
Amelia O
Amelia O 2 months ago
Who else is binge watching Mr. Kate during quarantine?
Komal Mishra
Komal Mishra 2 months ago
Whenever I see moon I remember *Mr.Moon* _from the movie_ *Sing*
Niki Baby
Niki Baby 3 months ago
baby fever overload
Vicky Reigle
Vicky Reigle 3 months ago
Kate: “2020 is our golden year” Covid-19: NOPE
SKATERS 4 LIFE ! 3 months ago
The whole in tire Tim I was like. That’s so colorful are they going to like it 😳
HazelEyed Tales
HazelEyed Tales 3 months ago
Awww the kids
Ellie Samms
Ellie Samms 3 months ago
I think that they should renovate a house in house flipper!
casey 3 months ago
Idk why but I cried at the reveal as if it was my home
Philippa Louw
Philippa Louw 3 months ago
2020 is our golden year Uummm corona
nuala mcmillan
nuala mcmillan 3 months ago
Take a shot every time they mention “creamy mushroom”
Callam Watson
Callam Watson 3 months ago
Omg I love that house can you do mine 26 mate Road please👍🏡
BLACK BORED 3 months ago
I just want to ask, is all that paints not dangerous on moon's health? 😅
bcfriar Doyle
bcfriar Doyle 3 months ago
**** I have migraines too! First thing my neurologist put me on was vitamin B-2 ..NIACIN (NOT B-12 everyone will try to tell you B-12) 200 mg in AM 200 mg in pm. Also you might be low in magnesium. Ask your doc and see if these are ok for you. 💖🦩 could watch those babies play all day. As usual, EXCELLENT JOB
flem ish
flem ish 3 months ago
avab hancock
avab hancock 3 months ago
Mrs. Kate I have a question if i have light blue walls do you have any ways that i can redecorate with those colored walls
Danika Hanasan
Danika Hanasan 3 months ago
i cant for for moon to grow up and help out his parents transform other roooommmss
Jenny the Aquarian Goddess
That’s a lot of white for a baby
Nora Armenta
Nora Armenta 4 months ago
Thats nasty the baby was eating the mom hair so gross I would of spank her
Maya Quilici
Maya Quilici 4 months ago
When she said "2020 is our golden year" 😞 if only they knew about the future quarantine that was going to happen
Kamilah Buenfild
Kamilah Buenfild 4 months ago
can you guys pls ask the bramfam
Orange Lazar
Orange Lazar 4 months ago
kate's hair turned like a coral
Shyann's Cool
Shyann's Cool 4 months ago
Harmail Mattu
Harmail Mattu 4 months ago
Do u guys do work in Canada? Would u consider coming to Vancouver?
asla nabila
asla nabila 4 months ago
The babies🥺
Sarah Wheeler
Sarah Wheeler 4 months ago
You guys make me me creative
Nirula Sharma
Nirula Sharma 4 months ago
Who want them in india
Nirula Sharma
Nirula Sharma 4 months ago
Mrs.kate -2020 is my golden year Me- seriously 😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣☺️
Ilham Imani
Ilham Imani 4 months ago
2020 is our golden year.. HAH!CORONA DOT YA'!!
Ilham Imani
Ilham Imani 4 months ago
2020 is our golden year.. HAH!CORONA DOT YA'!!
아마도 생각
아마도 생각 4 months ago
Was than a bohemian, modern, Scandinavian, farmhouse style?? I hate the organe 💔 it doesn't go will with floor also the furniture aren't cohesive with each other. The only thing I liked was the gallery wall it was beautiful
Olivia 4 months ago
I love the fireplace color! Not sure why a lot of comments don’t but to each their own!
Shriya Parange
Shriya Parange 4 months ago
Lucy looked like moon's twin. Both are such smiley babies . They looked adorable.😍
Rainbow Cherry
Rainbow Cherry 4 months ago
Love you from India!
Renita Holland
Renita Holland 4 months ago
The baby makes the video😍
Adventures_with Teddie.bear
Ok but like who else got the grammerly advertisement when they over exaggerated that if you spell things correctly then your boyfriend will hangout with the girl?!?
Megan Davies
Megan Davies 4 months ago
I am going to be moving soon but the house is rented so we can not paint or but any holes in the walls Any tips?
Megan Davies
Megan Davies 3 months ago
Great ideas thank you
Elizabeth c. Graham
Elizabeth c. Graham 3 months ago
You could probably use peel off wallpaper.
Elizabeth c. Graham
Elizabeth c. Graham 3 months ago
You could hang a colourful curtain with the type of hooks that don’t require holes in the walls, as an accent wall. You could also tape a ribbon or piece of string across the wall to hang photos from, like a garland.
Leo Cleeo
Leo Cleeo 4 months ago
Can we just all talk about the lady’s baby’s eyes were so cute
Mz.Krissy B Love
Mz.Krissy B Love 5 months ago
I absolutely love you all ..one my favs . I am also a mom currently still breastfeeding (baby # 3 ) so when you mentioned the migraines and said you couldn't take very much for them because of the breast feeding . That was up my alley. Love you guys and don't want mom in any kind of pain . So thought when you get the chance get doc to check your iron it could be low and adding to the breastfeeding headaches . But what doc did tell me when I mentioned the cluster breast feeding my little one was doing and the horrible painful migraines she said I needed to drink water after the feeding it would help ( she was right ) . Lots of water ...Plus for the possible low iron you could be having.. beans and greens for an increase in iron plus fruits rich in vitamin C (iron+vita C=best buds) I am super animic so I take iron 2-3 times a day ) It should help lower the headaches and make you feel better plus keeps you being the Super Awesome Designer and mom I know you are . ( sorry didnt know your email to drop this there )😍😍🤗
Carla Ware
Carla Ware 5 months ago
Nope not yet :(
Berlin Guettlein
Berlin Guettlein 5 months ago
did anyone notice how Kate had a painting of a uterus on her jacket... made my day better
Karen Schifman
Karen Schifman 5 months ago
I just found your channel. Your baby is so adorable.
Lynae Handley
Lynae Handley 5 months ago
Yes alot of babys do look alike, but they look even more alike. I would think they were cousin's. But the baby fever is real with this video 😍
Avery Coleman
Avery Coleman 5 months ago
Why does this channel only have 4 million subscribers, This channel is amazing I’ve been watching this since 11
GeeFlare 5 months ago
I jus luv u 2
Juliana Jolly
Juliana Jolly 5 months ago
Cah you ensure that the baby is not near open /fresh paint - You do not mention any safety standards used.
Aloha Leslie
Aloha Leslie 5 months ago
Aloha you two! I know others have mentioned in previous videos, but I will affirm. Your gift, among many, is that you decorate FOR the people. I never know how things will turn out with you. With other RUvidrs, although very talented, I can pretty much know that they will do black and white, or contemporary with same colors, pillow arrangement, etc. You truly LISTEN!!!! Love your results! Love your humor and playfulness, Love your LOVE!!!
Sabrina Saber
Sabrina Saber 5 months ago
Love your channel, during quarantine I’ve been bing watching your episodes. It’s making me want to decorate!
Dot h
Dot h 5 months ago
Not one of your better efforts. I hate the blue on the fireplace, also hate the orangy walls. Looks like a kindergarten class chose the colors.
Dina Lewandowski
Dina Lewandowski 5 months ago
Love you two. Beautiful make over. Love your choices with the colors and light fixture, everything about this. Where is the console table in the dining room from?
TheGreeneBead 5 months ago
What's super hilarious is that I'm just now seeing this video, but we bought a house on Feb 18th and ended up choosing Creamy Mushroom (from dutch boy, not behr) at the end of the month for the accent wall in our bedroom :D
Torre Young
Torre Young 5 months ago
22:29 Joey: “Let’s take advantage of moon being with grandma.” Kate: “AND WHAT?!” Joey: “And HUG!” Kate: “Hahah ok” 😂😂
Cyn X
Cyn X 5 months ago
Iris-Maria Valtmann-Valdson
Unsolicited migraine advice - as someone busty getting an actually well fitting bra cut down pain in my upper body (including head) A LOT. I still get a migraine type headache occasionally but the difference is huge. Check out A Bra That fits on Reddit (they also have a Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter but most of the information is on Reddit). You are not going to believe the size they suggest at first but just give it a try.
Teagan C
Teagan C 5 months ago
My parents let me design my entire room! I love it so much and I’m so proud :)
How to live life Life
They said 2020 will be there golden year A week later Corona
Stablemate Girl 13
Stablemate Girl 13 5 months ago
Kate: “we’ll give you a consultation and your baby can play with ours!” . . . . Yep. Iconic. She just won over all the moms. And those two babies... I need a baby lol
Ruth V
Ruth V 5 months ago
Yep, my theory has just been proven... Boring people LoooooVe Boring colors.... (except my husband, he's super boring, but LoooooVe colors THE right colors).
chand sultana
chand sultana 5 months ago
I just luv to watch their videos.
giorgi Arsenidze
giorgi Arsenidze 5 months ago
Mr kate:i love the idea... Blah blah blah Me:skiping every 20 seconds Sorry Mr kate i didn't mean to be rude
giorgi Arsenidze
giorgi Arsenidze 5 months ago
Mr kate: started decorating Joe: just started making a frame 😂
Dyuti Basu
Dyuti Basu 5 months ago
I kinda like that wonky light...maybe for a nook or an office... Rewired and all. For this space, this chandelier is perfect. Also, I want that pumpkin chair!!!
Dyuti Basu
Dyuti Basu 5 months ago
Day one: consult+play date. Is it a wonder that everyone loves these guys?
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