We Try the Ultimate Real vs Candy Challenge

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Gummy Shark or Fermented Icelandic Shark? Candy Chicken Feet or Real Chicken Feet? Vat19ers spin the wheel and take their chances!
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Jan 18, 2020




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Comments 3 598
TheTopTiger 2 minutes ago
Adam:Whats six? Danny:Its the number after five What has Vat19 come to?
mytronny 8 minutes ago
Let a real Asian play this
Dis guy
Dis guy 31 minute ago
Why didnt they leave the part where jamie was slamming that giant spoon when he was looking for Danny?
Ty Adam
Ty Adam 44 minutes ago
I have tried dog food
Ty Adam
Ty Adam 47 minutes ago
Bull shark
Ty Adam
Ty Adam 47 minutes ago
Not Hakarl
Ty Adam
Ty Adam 49 minutes ago
I love shark 🦈
Sergei Savard
Sergei Savard Hour ago
so what if he ate a candle my uncle ate a hole candle and he enjoyed it like how?!
CADEN HEALY 3 hours ago
Sour patch kids vs real kids ?
Rasheed Elie
Rasheed Elie 4 hours ago
Eats cigar 2 days later: starts smoking
Rasheed Elie
Rasheed Elie 4 hours ago
Guys ive eaten cat food before not that bad
Rasheed Elie
Rasheed Elie 4 hours ago
4:42 that expression tho
dzung pham
dzung pham 4 hours ago
i like chicken feet comment if you like chicken feet to :3
sheetmaster jdmfreak1738
I miss those gummy sharks
Addison Carlson
Addison Carlson 6 hours ago
Omg jamies in the background looking for Danny
Landen Penner
Landen Penner 10 hours ago
I’ve ate blood pudding before
Tamuna Abazadze
Tamuna Abazadze 12 hours ago
J L 14 hours ago
Has anyone noticed that the bad food just switches from the left to right person everytime?
Naomi Reiber
Naomi Reiber 14 hours ago
Lol this was made in a hidden in plain sight and it was getting shot when jamie was about to get danny when kara's partner said "image if you saw that under a curtin
Quek Ngee Woon
Quek Ngee Woon 19 hours ago
0:15 Well...there's a thing called shark fin soup,(I seen it, looks nice, but never ate it cos it kills sharks. Just fufilling my childhood swear.)
Luke Zahony
Luke Zahony 19 hours ago
The cow one is a calf
Alexandra Bierman
Alexandra Bierman 23 hours ago
R.I.P. Anthony Bordane My dad use to love his show
Arya Williams
They videoed this at the same time as hidden in plain sight
Camden Oof
Camden Oof Day ago
Thomas Luu
Thomas Luu Day ago
I don’t need people not to eat chicken feet
SUPER 1 YT Day ago
IST georgian am from georgia and its ჩურჩხელა
Russian Ghoul
1:28 Jamie: *walks by with a large spoon* MMMM Don't mind me.
Naindra Winaya
This is funny
iovedogs love
I just love how he screams 1:34 🤣
nicole Verduin
Chicken feet is delicious I’m Asian
Arron Hanson
Arron Hanson Day ago
03:01 he sounded like the ohhhhmygod meme
Crazy King
Crazy King Day ago
6:22 The Vampires
stupid potato
"I feel like im eating pee" Wait how do you know how pee taste like
UmmiChan Day ago
i really love chicken leg
Mousie Mouse
Mousie Mouse Day ago
“Where do you get canned rattlesnake?” Texas
AnemixPlayz / Draws
Chicken feet is soooooooooooooooooooo good
Blue Water Sheep
But like... Shark is delicious!
kira Day ago
Let's be honest. These people didn't know how to cook chicken feet and didn't try at all.
timeglass Day ago
1:35 that's how everyone screams
Stxtxh 2 days ago
There is snake bones ... Snakes don’t have bones
Goodboigames :b
Goodboigames :b 2 days ago
You know wax is poisonous when you ingest it...
Moon light Gacha
Moon light Gacha 2 days ago
I eat cat food irl 😳😳😳😳
Adlan Syuhada
Adlan Syuhada 2 days ago
Where is eric 😢
Emil Tagala
Emil Tagala 2 days ago
In Philippines that is delicious (Chicken feet)
Anika Banana
Anika Banana 2 days ago
There's some countries that hav dinagouan which is blood soup and a delicacy I hate it tho
Allgold skull
Allgold skull 2 days ago
Who didn't laugh at this part 3:00
MarsPeople 2 days ago
1:18 In Asia we love Chicken feet it taste good when you fried it
Chespro Masrukin
Chespro Masrukin 2 days ago
1:30 Looks at chicken feet at my plate Eats more chicken feet, Spits* hold on, you never ate chicken feet
Cringey Cracker
Cringey Cracker 2 days ago
Comments: 50% Asia And Chicken Foot 50% Hidden In Plain Sight Episode
Frostey 1
Frostey 1 2 days ago
1:41 that was the clue used for Jamie to find Danny I have finally found the video
I Ran Out of Names to say
2:59 your welcome
ItsDerpyLogan 2 days ago
This is the video that they were making in one of the Hidden in Plain Sight videos
Johua Puha
Johua Puha 2 days ago
This is the one jamie ran in on
CreeperDuDE 89
CreeperDuDE 89 2 days ago
why didnt you guys keep the clip when Jamie interrupts their shot when he was looking for Danny in Hidden in Plain Sight?
Cow bell Kalustian
I feel like they always go easy with the new girls, like with Joey who has to eat the bad thing twice
INSTINCT Sprayed 3 days ago
I’m icelandic. Shark tastes good. Btw the way they said hákarl xD
The amazing puppy
To make you feel better my cousin is a whole bowl of dog food 😂
Luka Playzz
Luka Playzz 3 days ago
Georgia is not a part of Russia it is a normal country
Beth Medford
Beth Medford 3 days ago
am i the only one who was eating whiwhile watching this
Heropon_Riki 3 days ago
Looks like Danny really did get work done that day
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