We Try the Ultimate Real vs Candy Challenge

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Gummy Shark or Fermented Icelandic Shark? Candy Chicken Feet or Real Chicken Feet? Vat19ers spin the wheel and take their chances!
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Comments 80
Spoiled Milk
Spoiled Milk 8 hours ago
Skipped an 5secad to watch an 10 minute ad
Pheral TheFlamingFox
Why do they hate Hákarl? I find it really tasty!
Tanha I'm nice Quaresma
Cas it's salty
Tanha I'm nice Quaresma
I love dog food
한영이 18 hours ago
Philipinos like me loves chicken feet
Elizabeth Cuellar
Elizabeth Cuellar 18 hours ago
This is wen you guys did hide in the site
Dawn Montoya
Dawn Montoya Day ago
Why would you eat wax you could die!!!
Niamh Hanlon
Niamh Hanlon Day ago
“How are you supposed to eat chicken feet?!” Pythons: “Am I a joke to you?”
Vhh Cghgfy
Vhh Cghgfy Day ago
chicken poopie nugget dog meat cat face velociraptor toe cheeseburger
Clayton Jamison
its an alien
Bob Man
Bob Man Day ago
Its illegal to kill sharks
yeet SITD
yeet SITD Day ago
I LOVE black pudding!!
lulu Day ago
Cow tail is like an actual dish here in indonesia. it's like a soup that has the chopped up pieces of the cow tail.
Danny just casually waves around a gummy shark
Allison Gibson
I had hammer head shark tacos once and it’s like a flavored down chicken it was good tho
Raine Rose
Raine Rose Day ago
Mek a Jamaican cook fi u
Sheralle Brissett
Rattle snake bro in case u were under a rock the freaking caronavirus!! is out bro😒😫😫
Duckplayz Day ago
I have chickens and chickens are related to dinosours
Asmr princess
Am I the only one that loves chicken feet
Abby Bee
Abby Bee Day ago
when adam ate shark i felt bad because sharks pee through their skin..
:I 2 days ago
I used to eat milk bones as a toddler and I still enjoy their crunchy musty flavour to this day Jk idk what it tastes like
Axzel Ceneta
Axzel Ceneta 2 days ago
In the Philippines we love chicken feet it's called "Adidas" you're supposed to eat the skin only not the whole thing 😂
Ethan Fernandez
Ethan Fernandez 2 days ago
Fried shark is actually delicious. I eat it.
lps crybaby
lps crybaby 2 days ago
Danny choking to death Jamie mmmhhh !!! This is so good 😋😋😋
Lien Editz_
Lien Editz_ 2 days ago
In Indonesia they eat chiken feet
Mervyn Liew
Mervyn Liew 2 days ago
It’s a ox tail
Beaconwatch 1
Beaconwatch 1 2 days ago
Cow tail is ox tail
Pontus Gustafsson
If you think Icelandic rotten shark (hakarl) smells bad, try surströmming from Sweden.
Unicorn CuteAria
Unicorn CuteAria 2 days ago
*the chicken foot isn't an alien it's a chicken foot and aliens don't even exist, al there is is just chicken feet, not aliens*
Dee22855 3 days ago
I Love COWTAILS BTW I mean the candy
Big_potato_135 Lauri
Jamie frickin came through in one of the food tastings to find one of his co-workers
Ranea Lambie
Ranea Lambie 3 days ago
The chicken feet looked like mini hands
6L1TCII3D 3 days ago
Andrew Thomas
Andrew Thomas 3 days ago
how did they fit the plunger in the lid thing if they just left it out why did they all act surprised when they saw it
Irene M
Irene M 3 days ago
6:03 todo España: MORCILLLLA
M ZMS 3 days ago
Indonesia people is really like chicken feet they made them into chicken feet soup
Mystic _ Panda
Mystic _ Panda 3 days ago
This is death show how can you eat a cigar
ice cream pusheen
I eat cow tails cause its tasty
Spritzsy 3 days ago
ThAt sicko ate heAven
Emma Victor
Emma Victor 3 days ago
My mom's friend smokes cigars
Lily Manuel
Lily Manuel 3 days ago
Who else heard Diaper Genie in the shark round? Lol
Kate Ponslow
Kate Ponslow 3 days ago
i like dannys hat
Kiah Boudreau-Fanning
I bet the dog bone was not that bad
Logan Steelrock
Logan Steelrock 4 days ago
My ex: 2:47
Fernanda del Carmen TEJERO RIZO PATRÓN
Emmm do they know sharks are in extinction cause they are killing them to make fin soup
French Toast
French Toast 4 days ago
8:17 My mom holding me for the first time
Oshin Food and Supply
Maja Cichowlaz
Maja Cichowlaz 4 days ago
I was eating chicken legs and shark
I Like Memes
I Like Memes 4 days ago
As a Georgian i can't believe they got a churchxela out there that's crazy man but... it's not a birthday candle *And please don't say that it's from Russia*
Ronster Gaming
Ronster Gaming 4 days ago
Real shark of course
peachyweachy4 4 days ago
:( WHERES joey
A DUH KIDFLASH 4 days ago
The guy with Kara is very childish, it's pretty funny
Nancy Maddox
Nancy Maddox 4 days ago
In those hidden in plain sight Jamie says dannie does nothing but he does he eats gummy
Paperbag Jonsson
Paperbag Jonsson 5 days ago
In Sweden every kid have eaten blood sausage or like in Sweden blod pudding and most of the kids have the blod pudding vad a favorite
Ayva Turcotte
Ayva Turcotte 5 days ago
I have the same glasses as adam
fortnite boy NiNja
If your Cambodian you would of eaten chicken feet Tbh chicken feet is good
nyanruCat 5 days ago
vietnamese ppl eat chicken feet but it's cooked
Jannice Khoh
Jannice Khoh 5 days ago
actually, chicken feet is a delicacy in some Asian country, for example ,China.
sibba Eiriksdottir
as an icelandic person, it is really funny seeing them trying to pronounce hákarl.
თორნიკე გოგალაძე
dude georgia is not Russia but its nice to see that you my country's food
shanon bracale
shanon bracale 6 days ago
The rattlesnake meat expires on my birthday this year. I feel accomplished
Alexander Bonner
Alexander Bonner 6 days ago
Your eating a greenland shark
Daniel Boi
Daniel Boi 6 days ago
The whole comments: tHiS iS wHeN jAmIe WaS TrYiNg To FiNd DaNnY!
f L҉ - e ى h
f L҉ - e ى h 6 days ago
Georgia? Pretty sure not russia
sergo sergo
sergo sergo 6 days ago
Georgia is not in Europe it is in Caucasus... churckhela i Georgian not Russian....
Quackys 6 days ago
HariyoBimo Ranuwicaksono
I know if cow tails are good
Urban Outtlet
Urban Outtlet 6 days ago
I’m Jamaican so we eat chicken feet in soups
PlayStation 4 ZombieZachary5
Number 7 use my delicious blood I DRINK MY OWN BLOOD I can be one blood man who will give their blood
Brooke Gelts
Brooke Gelts 6 days ago
I Ate a jumbo dog treat
Mason Hunter
Mason Hunter 6 days ago
Have you ever tried shark leve a like if you have
Andi 7 days ago
Shark meat looks tasty
saffia najieha
saffia najieha 7 days ago
Isn't this time where they're filming hidden in plain sight and theres hint wheres Jamie was looking for
Estrellas 7 days ago
Georgian🙋🏻‍♀️🇬🇪 and we are not part of Russia.
Oscar Ball
Oscar Ball 7 days ago
Some shark is nice
EU domantic
EU domantic 7 days ago
Opaaa churchxela sagol dddd
Daniyal ismail
Daniyal ismail 7 days ago
I wonder how many gummies have kosher gelatin
Adam Sam
Adam Sam 7 days ago
eating a snake😁 (Welcome Corona)👍🏻
Cocoa Kubo
Cocoa Kubo 7 days ago
Ben: is it good? Kara: nOO!!! >:(
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