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"Please don't vomit!"
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May 25, 2019

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Comments 1 296
Zita Kovács
Zita Kovács 2 hours ago
Jen: *dips broccoli in the water and eats it* Kristen: "WHY ARE YOU LIKE THIS?"
Hanna Chatelain
Hanna Chatelain 2 hours ago
9:15 If Jen was in focus during this part, I think that I would have died from too much cuteness! 😍
Laser chill
Laser chill 10 hours ago
This is the video from make a wish
"I love snacks, they are my life. I would like to make them my wife!" I loved that.
Kimberly Anderson
The probably like Cheetos but not cardboard
Foofoo2424 Day ago
I love your comedy in here
allison wilson
Jen:::The thing about spicy snacks is Also Jen::: for a split second I thought everyone was named Kelly yet I was still Jen hahahahahhahahshahahhahahahahahhahaha I’m wheeezingbgggggg
allison wilson
How can jens skin be so glowyy I’m jealous
kate becker
kate becker Day ago
Jen: QEEEENOOOOOWWWWAAAA Kristen: Quinoa. Jen: Dam-it!
Joanna Diaz-Sanchez
Jen can eat me off the table ;) lol
ScarletSky155 2 days ago
"We have a college nearby" Shout out to Emerson wooooooo
Ecco Crawford
Ecco Crawford 2 days ago
Aww they added morgans suggestion for the beats
Rawan 2 days ago
Trader Joe's sponsor them 😭
Caitlin Boynton
Caitlin Boynton 2 days ago
Jen:??? sounded like “Look at that!”
jesykahope 2 days ago
It's cool watching this video now and knowing it was Morgan's idea to keep Kristin's snack song 😃
Bubbles !
Bubbles ! 3 days ago
“there just ok but we’re not gonna kick them out of the bed” - Jen 😂😂
giulia patrascu
giulia patrascu 3 days ago
Kristen and Jen are the perfect dou. Ilyasm
scooter lps
scooter lps 3 days ago
You kept the song
Riley Raker
Riley Raker 4 days ago
jens hot (I saw a comment saying she should read thirst posts for a video, this is my contribution, I'm gay, hit me up)
james novak
james novak 5 days ago
Who is your favorite lady like girl and tell me why Mine is Jen cause she is so funny and has a great personality
viva 4 days ago
mine is freddie cuz she has a really good fashion sense and is really funny😁
Nick Nack
Nick Nack 5 days ago
We can totally tell the lady on the right tried every single snack at Trader Joe's.
G G 5 days ago
Nick Nack you look exactly like that
Park Chaeyoung
Park Chaeyoung 5 days ago
7:06 Kristen : They’re like fries, but they’re like TRICK fries.. cause they have *VeGeTaBLeS* in them.. Me : *PoTaToEs ArEnT VeGeTaBLeSs?!*
Liszette Castillo
Kirsten irks me
pengu82 6 days ago
What about the tamari rice crackers??
Lippy Jean
Lippy Jean 6 days ago
When you tell me there's gonna be garlic and I can't detect it, you break my heart
ItzMaryPlayz -Gachalife-
I've had the cheddar caramel popcorn and I freaking love them
Tamara Smith
Tamara Smith 7 days ago
I don't know why I watched this whole video, there isn't a Trader Joe's store in my town so I won't ever be buying any of these. 😂 Still, you 2 are funny doing the taste testing!
Shannon Simmons
Shannon Simmons 7 days ago
What if they did Trader Joe’s cereal
Natasha Melady
Natasha Melady 8 days ago
i love those pb puffs :(
Cassidy Jones
Cassidy Jones 8 days ago
“for a split second i thought everyone in this room was named kelly.” -Jen i related to that on a spiritual level but i don’t know how
The Valerie Lorenzo
Yes please 😋
E K 9 days ago
There is a distinct reason the universe had Jen and Kristen meet, and I'm here for it.
Magda Pateraki
Magda Pateraki 9 days ago
They should have done a different video were they try potato chips, a different for pop corn and a different for tortilla chips
Hanako Maki
Hanako Maki 10 days ago
Jen at 12:35: "I like all things rice" is so relatable
Isabella Shamoun
Isabella Shamoun 10 days ago
I love how she thinks the veggie straws have vegetables in them but french fries don't. Potatoes are vegetables 😂😂 7:07
lil' geeky gurl23
lil' geeky gurl23 10 days ago
We don't have a trader Joe's where I live or any of the places around me
Lucy loves dance
Lucy loves dance 10 days ago
3:08 omg I'm dying
LuiC LC 10 days ago
I sprinkle sugar to the TJ's mocha rice nuggets! So yummy!
joshua ramos
joshua ramos 11 days ago
What about the H E A T
DIY Queen
DIY Queen 11 days ago
They forgot the Pickle Popcorn!
madicfell off
madicfell off 12 days ago
I am hungry :(
sad boof
sad boof 12 days ago
"Open that baggg, gimmie that chiiuup" idk why that made me laugh so hard. I relate
Dreamer Vlogz
Dreamer Vlogz 13 days ago
A lot of the snacks you guys didn't like I really liked loll
Megan Stacy
Megan Stacy 13 days ago
When Jen dipped the broccoli in the water 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Anairen Rodriguez
Anairen Rodriguez 13 days ago
omg my fav is in the penalty box 🥺
Joy Lee
Joy Lee 14 days ago
Kristen: broccoli needs water Jen: DUNKS broccoli in closest vessel with water
Delilah Presley
Delilah Presley 14 days ago
Delilah Presley
Delilah Presley 14 days ago
Delilah Presley
Delilah Presley 14 days ago
Delilah Presley
Delilah Presley 14 days ago
5:59 Kristen: I think broccoli requires water. *Jen dips broccoli in water* Kristen: WHY ARE YOU LIKE THIS 😂 hahahaha
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