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"Please don't vomit!"
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May 25, 2019




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Comments 1 450
Natasha Nguyen
Natasha Nguyen 19 hours ago
Jen and Kristen are me and my best friend Pigs and Crackheads(Don’t take this seriously)
Josie Yvonne
Josie Yvonne Day ago
Geez I just wanna spend like 5 hours with Jen. We would play off each other's chaotic energy and it would be a never ending laugh !
Martina Cruz
Martina Cruz Day ago
"Peanut butter tastes like peanuts, " - Kristin Hm......
Annabeth Salisbury
10:25 So I'm in my bed, and it is 3 am. I legit thought a ghost or something farted during this part in the video.
Carmen Chen
Carmen Chen 2 days ago
trader joe chips and tortilla party!! IM IN!!
Praelias Decorum
Praelias Decorum 3 days ago
Kristen's song made it into the video!!! Morgan's input helped convince Mike lmao ;D
Miranda Felix
Miranda Felix 4 days ago
Yet again the music overlay and overall sound engineering on this video is dope. Also, hilarious.
Kai Svetlik
Kai Svetlik 4 days ago
Yes! I hate peanut butter too!
Sydnie Germain
Sydnie Germain 4 days ago
These Kristin and Jen videos make me happy
James Cabrey
James Cabrey 4 days ago
5:56 Kirsten: broccoli is not good dehiraded Jen:*dips broccoli in water* Kristen:WHY ARE U LIKE THIS
MagicCastleCupcakes 90
Also could you do every ice cream or cookie from trader joes?
MagicCastleCupcakes 90
0:05 "So this video today is about how I got a new knife" -Jen, 2019
emma snell
emma snell 5 days ago
When they hated the bamba my poor lil Jewish heart broke 😪😂
Fizzy Soda
Fizzy Soda 6 days ago
Ruh pawer sisor oot Jen
Jessica D'Aulerio
this video made me realize how many trader joes snacks i've actually eaten and i dont like that number
Kelandry Yemrot
Kelandry Yemrot 7 days ago
"I wanted them to hurt us more" .... masochist...
Anonymous User
Anonymous User 7 days ago
i love jen sm 🥺 she’s so sweet and wholesome
Emily Friesen
Emily Friesen 7 days ago
im literally eating the trader joes cheese puffs rn and i vote them really great lol
Alana Jennings
Alana Jennings 7 days ago
Try Trader Joe's Pizzas and Soups!
Juana Corona
Juana Corona 8 days ago
“Ooo I said cumflower seeds”
Jillian Watts
Jillian Watts 9 days ago
Was this just a plan to get snacks for the office😂 Great idea❣️
Sidney Cobbs
Sidney Cobbs 9 days ago
Kristen:They are like fries but they are trick fries because there are veggies in them Me:fries are already potatoes??
woahjibooty 9 days ago
veggie sticks are the best thing ever and anyone who disagrees has no taste buds
Katelyn Cecelia
Katelyn Cecelia 10 days ago
Katelyn Cecelia
Katelyn Cecelia 10 days ago
12:18 oPeN tHaT bAg GiVe Me ThAt ChIp
Kookies and Tae
Kookies and Tae 10 days ago
She called the veggie sticks trick fries cause there veggies but fries are potato’s and that’s a veggie
CanaAlyce 11 days ago
They have way more trail mixes
CanaAlyce 11 days ago
You should have done a separate video with tortilla all trader Joes salsa
Kaylee Ogle
Kaylee Ogle 12 days ago
The “Inner Peas” and “just Beets” are what my two year old cousin eats as his snacks. Legit baby food, lol😂
xXPoki_Master19Xx 12 days ago
12:52 I like that version of the song better XDDD
Awesome Foodie Espiritu
Didn’t Morgan put in the beatbox for just beets? Love you girls ❤️
LynntheVirgo 13 days ago
When you've seen enough trader Joe's videos with Jen that you know you said: "Look at that." In pure monotone at 13:31
Lili Charley
Lili Charley 14 days ago
The ghost pepper chips are not hot at all 💩❤️🍷🥵
Brooke Loscomb
Brooke Loscomb 14 days ago
Jen at 6:39 killed me lololol
Ashley Green
Ashley Green 15 days ago
these videos just make me realize how much I love jen lol
Emma Camper
Emma Camper 16 days ago
When will they get the amount right🤦🏽‍♀️
Rahi Ayala
Rahi Ayala 17 days ago
“It’s the kitchen and jorn show” lol
London1869 17 days ago
How much of my life have I spent watching these two eat TJ’s food?
J C 19 days ago
Veggie sticks. fries but with vegetables . FRIES ARE POTATOS
Lemon & Lime
Lemon & Lime 20 days ago
Who else lives in britan and had no idea what a trader Joe's was? xD
Jacque Ruiz
Jacque Ruiz 21 day ago
I personally hate peanut butter actually
vita narbutiene
vita narbutiene 22 days ago
*jen the psychotic legend*
TheGymnastics 1
TheGymnastics 1 22 days ago
Kristen Cherico 2019: “NO IT’S WHAT ARE YOU? it’s IT TATES IT NOOOOOOOO”
khadijah zaman
khadijah zaman 23 days ago
When someone says they dont like pizza 5:10
maheen mujeeb
maheen mujeeb 24 days ago
Anna Jobe
Anna Jobe 26 days ago
Jen is so amazing!
Kemarie Evans
Kemarie Evans 26 days ago
I feel like I’d love the broccoli florets and I freaking love veggie straws.
Andrea Tang
Andrea Tang 27 days ago
I love the crunchy curls but get them in salt and pepper.
alexis alvarez
alexis alvarez 29 days ago
"We get it your organic!" "And a Virgin" 😏 I fluffing choked because of this!
Y e s - N o
Y e s - N o 29 days ago
Sorry can’t today Kelly. I’m going to the party with Kelly But Kelly is going out with Kelly So Kelly I might Kelly keep you out of tomato soup.
NoSoundAllEcho Month ago
Hey Kitchen, hey Jorn, guess who just got a new knife! it has dragons on it
poppopthebop popbob
Jen🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 said crisp than chip yesssss it is a crips
Amber Mattson
Amber Mattson Month ago
I don't generally laugh out loud while watching videos, but I did quite a few times during this one!! Thank you 💗
Linda the Hermit
Please try all their chocolate, in a video. 😁
Anna banana
Anna banana Month ago
I relate with jen 😂😂😂
RoboDodo .303
RoboDodo .303 Month ago
Wait, do you guys have cheese twists in America?
Caris Songhurst
Caris Songhurst Month ago
just one of the brits shouting its herb with a 'h' at the screen 😂
Josh Jany
Josh Jany Month ago
Kitchen and Jorn are the best friend-couple
Billy Ray Cyrus
Billy Ray Cyrus Month ago
When I think of trader Joe's, I think of gayle
Amber A
Amber A Month ago
Once I got sick to my stomach because of cheese popcorn
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