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Watch Kristin as she travels to far flung places with nothing but an Empty Suitcase: ruvid.net/group/PL0PtUxA4JeEJUsdeMKOjnhfSEj8BNlu8-
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Jul 27, 2019




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Comments 100
The Real Little My
2:29 (turn on the subtitles) *Imitates cat mewing obnoxiously*
Orion Lopez
Orion Lopez 3 days ago
I love Fred! Kristen Is So so rude🙄
Joelles Life
Joelles Life 4 days ago
I always changed in my moms car when I went to gymnastics so I’m really use to it
Laura Carthew
Laura Carthew 7 days ago
I always had to change into my swimmers after school before my swim class and it was really awkward.
Hannah Smith
Hannah Smith 13 days ago
Why does this remind me of 27 Dresses.
Meghan Cannon-Coughlan
I’m actually a reptile I shed skin in my car
Greenalienpotato Dup
I've changed on a bus before
// sleepy //
// sleepy // 22 days ago
Once I had to put on a bathing suit while my mom was driving home from the freeway- Not a very fun experience ;-;
Jasim Hameed
Jasim Hameed 26 days ago
Hilarious,, I adore Devin.... ❤
Madison Davoult
Madison Davoult 28 days ago
Kristin is such a sore loser and complains the whole time meanwhile Devin and Freddie are just having fun
Katelyn Cecelia
Katelyn Cecelia 28 days ago
Stolen comment
Olivia Sewell
Olivia Sewell Month ago
"My choice is to be a mess" Will now forever be my excuse when I'm too lazy to do something.
hello there
hello there Month ago
As a dancer I am used to changing in my car 😏😂💃🏻
ricky gonzalez
ricky gonzalez Month ago
I hope the person editing is a girl bc someone had to sensor the boob that Freddie accidentally showed but it was mike so I bet mike enjoyed that 😂😂😂😂😂😂jkjkjjk......unless
ricky gonzalez
ricky gonzalez 24 days ago
@awkward intensifies yeah
awkward intensifies
@ricky gonzalez oh..Well.guess I didn't get it ahaa...
ricky gonzalez
ricky gonzalez 24 days ago
@awkward intensifies I was joking
awkward intensifies
@ricky gonzalez so he doesn't enjoy it, I don't think he feels anything towards it
ricky gonzalez
ricky gonzalez 24 days ago
@awkward intensifies yeah ik
Yvette Branch
Yvette Branch Month ago
How does mike feel knowing that there were three half naked women in the backseat of his car?
Vic Charms101
Vic Charms101 2 months ago
Had they ‘pregamed’ or something?
Sarah Cervantes
Sarah Cervantes 2 months ago
I've actually legit have changed my entire outfit while driving lol. This is nothing
Audrey Gayer
Audrey Gayer 2 months ago
Kristen is being such a baby and needs to stop complaining
The face of failure
The face of failure 2 months ago
I did this summer camp and we went to go swimming along the coast. (I live in a cold country) Me and about 7 other girls had to share a minivan to get in the wetsuits and when we were done we had to get out of them. If you've ever taken off a tight wetsuit..... it's hard
Claire Barnett
Claire Barnett 2 months ago
I am a diver with a cramped schedule imagine changing into a swimsuit in the car
Tatyana Cano
Tatyana Cano 2 months ago
Spade 134
Spade 134 2 months ago
My mum would get dressed, put on make up and get to where she needed, on time.... while driving... -_-
Lolo Gray
Lolo Gray 2 months ago
Lol I can't with Devin. I love her so much.
Ιωαννα Δημουλα
Kristen was doing the crocs video the same day as this one... Wow this is one of the outfits she had
NL 3 months ago
I have not watched the video yet but I've changed to a formal gown, an entire outfit, changed pants in the driver seat, shirt, you name it. I'm only 4'11" so theres no issue. I've even changed an entire outfit in an airplane bathroom (pajamas and back to clothes again).
Bella Vera
Bella Vera 3 months ago
If you have dance practice right after school.....you know it’s a tassel to change while ur parents driving
Megan Hansen
Megan Hansen 3 months ago
I did this almost every week when I would travel the 3 hours to St.. Louis to see a concert! Sometimes I've managed it while driving. It's a skill.
Sama Dadash
Sama Dadash 3 months ago
I’ve had to do this, it sucks for me
Lilly Rose
Lilly Rose 3 months ago
This was after the mom routine
Elise Shannon
Elise Shannon 3 months ago
Sometimes when I was young I was for swimming lessons I was just change in the car well the car was moving in public areas I really don't care I was in preschool in the bathroom a friend would come in with me and I would pull down my pants and shove my butt into their face yeah I was very inappropriate when I was younger
Elise Shannon
Elise Shannon 3 months ago
Please Don't Judge I am grown up now I am 9 years old and I and always embarrassed talking about stuff like that
Opalla 3 months ago
Kristen was annoying and she only had a one piece.🙄
Chioma Uwagwu
Chioma Uwagwu 3 months ago
I wonder when they edit the videos when they are naked. Imagine working on editing in the office and someone’s like “whose boob is that”? 😹
Kaleb R
Kaleb R 3 months ago
I change while driving
Jasmine Brown
Jasmine Brown 3 months ago
No one Literally no one Kristen: MEOoOoOoOoOoOoWwWwWwWwWwWwWwWwW!!!!!!!
Alicia Williamson
Alicia Williamson 3 months ago
i feel like kristen always comments on something when she loses like take the lost 🤷🏾‍♀️
Olivia Culver
Olivia Culver 3 months ago
I've really started to hate Kristen
Laura Irizarry
Laura Irizarry 3 months ago
Try changing on a charter bus in Italy with 26 other teenagers and 3 adults (driver doesn't count he couldn't see that far back) I went from jeans and a tshirt to a cami and a skirt and I had to switch my swim top to a bra without people staring at me...I was successful
Isabella Chidiak
Isabella Chidiak 3 months ago
This would have been more fair if they were all changing into the same thing. :/
amanda Derp
amanda Derp 4 months ago
If you live by the beach you are a pro at this
Srushti Jadhav
Srushti Jadhav 4 months ago
The moment I saw this I was thinking 27 dresses
Alex Murray
Alex Murray 4 months ago
I hate how everyone is complaining about the fact that one person did this wrong, or the other did this wrong, it’s just annoying
Riverstone Riverstone
I've changed in the front seat of a car while being parked in a Walmart parking lot...
Orion Lopez
Orion Lopez 4 months ago
SleepyCosplays 4 months ago
Damn they seem so freaking annoyed with each other
Sara 4 months ago
hate me all you want but Kristen has always been my least favorite on ladylike, just my personal opinion.
Sille Milther
Sille Milther 4 months ago
Freddie defently won
Belle Thielke
Belle Thielke 4 months ago
Devon's dress looks like a garbage bag😂 no hate
P Prudham
P Prudham 4 months ago
I did it at center parks after school 😂
Hisoka 4 months ago
People in general: ugh this is so hard Gymnast: this would be kinda difficult Dancers: I’m used to it. Kinda easy by now.
Denver Williams
Denver Williams 4 months ago
Kristen looks so good omg
Melissa Prentice
Melissa Prentice 4 months ago
No...its a LEWK!
Dia Gupta-Lemus
Dia Gupta-Lemus 4 months ago
Kristen's just too bitter in this most of the time I was like shut the f*ck up
Pietra Soublin
Pietra Soublin 5 months ago
I hated that Kristen was trying to put the other girls down, Fred should have won because well the jumpsuit and the buckled shoes were a lot to handle and she did it in such a short amount of time, and Devin had never even worn that dress and had to take two pieces of while Kristen only had one thing to take of and didn't even unzip her dress
Fire Cat15
Fire Cat15 5 months ago
For them changing in a car is a challenge but for me it my life
Jimsu TK
Jimsu TK 5 months ago
They're such siblings...🤣🤣🤣
Mattalynn Brannin
Mattalynn Brannin 5 months ago
Putting a jumpsuit on standing up is hard but putting one siting down will be harder props to you Freddy
Cotton Candy
Cotton Candy 5 months ago
Hey how are y’all I hope you have a good day or night from were ever you are
andile gqwabane
andile gqwabane 5 months ago
To be fair Freddie was wearing a jump suit.😕
Trinity Mammon
Trinity Mammon 5 months ago
Bro theres only like 15 comments on their videos, what is happening
Marissa Zanatta
Marissa Zanatta 5 months ago
How is there only 4 comments
Dusk Jones
Dusk Jones 5 months ago
This video was posted 8 months ago with 1.1 million views, and only has 4 comments.
RealRigidMidget 5 months ago
Oop at least since there is no comments I’ll get more likes ehy
langley esterle
langley esterle 5 months ago
just me or is there like 3 comments
Haru chandes
Haru chandes 5 months ago
Omg I used to do that all the time in my mom's car
Bethany Brooks
Bethany Brooks 5 months ago
Why does kristen sit with her legs wide open 🤢😂
Jose Castillo
Jose Castillo 5 months ago
Was it just me or at the beginning only Freddie looked pulled together because their hair
Sophia Cortina
Sophia Cortina 5 months ago
Kristen shut up you lost get over it lolll still love them all though this was just a bit annoying. Still love them all though great vid❤️❤️❤️
Thumper The random
Thumper The random 5 months ago
Kristine is my favorite but in this she showed a lot of criticism and saltiness. 🙄😞 like a flair of jealousy. Kinda bummed me out. Freddie was the most well put together hands down.
Train Wreck
Train Wreck 5 months ago
not trying to be rude but kristen pisses me off like no one cares about a zipper shes just salty.
Moran Mendoza
Moran Mendoza 5 months ago
Story time:when I was 8 I had to change into clothes for a birthday party in a Burger King drive thru
Sophia Conley
Sophia Conley 5 months ago
Freddie: you salty Kristen: I am salty Me: she the whole dang ocean of salt
Random Ryn
Random Ryn 6 months ago
Changing in a car is difficult, but changing wet clothes in a car near damn impossible!
Kenzlee Forney
Kenzlee Forney 6 months ago
Like hey yall
Marilyn15 6 months ago
This is just them hating each other for 12 minutes
Gracie Hadlich
Gracie Hadlich 6 months ago
If you listen in the beginning, Mike says something about that the goal is to look the most put together. So technically Kristen won. Devin is second, and Fred is last. As far as time goes Devin wins, Kristen gets second, and Freddie gets last. All depends on how you joodge it tho
• frostedjosieos
• frostedjosieos 6 months ago
I. Am an excellent car-changer.
• frostedjosieos
• frostedjosieos 6 months ago
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Mike Rose is by far my favorite Ladylike member.
Grass fed chickens
Grass fed chickens 6 months ago
Kristian seems like a sore loser whenever she doesn’t win
Wolfcub 2220
Wolfcub 2220 6 months ago
Love Freddie's outfit! So cute!
RedHood Prince
RedHood Prince 6 months ago
based on what the outcome was supposed to be, I do think Kristin won. her hair didn't look any worse than it did before she entered the car. but I can't help remember the videos where Kristin said Chantel had worse light than Freddy during the Beauty Roulette lighting video or when Fred won the BR eyelash video.
Being Bella
Being Bella 7 months ago
When Freddie said sweating bullets I was like buckets😂😂
Geoff Merritt
Geoff Merritt 7 months ago
Aren't you meant to leave your clothes in the car, assuming that your changing in your car.
Elizabeth Mays
Elizabeth Mays 7 months ago
I feel sorry for the guy
Bebe Bebe
Bebe Bebe 7 months ago
Why is Kristen always in a jelly mood? It’s always me, me, me type of vibe ...
Audrey Gayer
Audrey Gayer 7 months ago
And tbh no one can zip them self up all the way
Audrey Gayer
Audrey Gayer 7 months ago
Lets face it it kristen slipped something off and threw something over her she had no zipper and she was making fun of every one.l Freddie actually tried to challenge her self
Alisha Brown
Alisha Brown 7 months ago
She said on my God I'm president of that! 😂😂😂💕
Alisha Brown
Alisha Brown 7 months ago
I loved this so much
nanna0100 0
nanna0100 0 7 months ago
Kristin's was so easy and she already changed her bra and shoes before going in
Iris Weiss
Iris Weiss 7 months ago
I do this all the time Also I change in rooms full of people because I’m a dancer but I know how to do it without revealing
Nicole Kucharski
Nicole Kucharski 8 months ago
Mikes a creepy person
Space Mom
Space Mom 8 months ago
This brought back sooo many memories of my mom driving me to dance and I had to change in the back seat, while she was going like 60mph and flying around sharp turns and my leotard falling out of my hands. Ahhh the good old days
krystal williams
krystal williams 8 months ago
Space Mom same!!
Kaylee Garay
Kaylee Garay 8 months ago
Kristen didn’t even have a dam zipper🙄
Kaylee Garay
Kaylee Garay 8 months ago
kristen being a sore loser for 12 min straight😂🙄
locoo naii
locoo naii 8 months ago
freddie is a good sport , kristen is a sore loser😂
dragonkitten 8 months ago
Devins bra is cute
Madison Chapman
Madison Chapman 8 months ago
Freddie is so beautiful thought OMG
Chelsea Lopez
Chelsea Lopez 8 months ago
I think Kristen has a problem with zipper not being zipped.I think zippers in general.
Ellan-Rose Caulfield
Thumbs up if you want to see Devon do the dress code video with Kristen 👍👍I really want to see it
Grace Kasper
Grace Kasper 8 months ago
Freddie:day jumpsuit to night jumpsuit Devin:wow that’s hard! Freddie: that jumpsuit also has a zipper in the back... so...I just thought about that Kristen:well that sounds like a you problem👀
_xkxaxdx _
_xkxaxdx _ 8 months ago
Kristine is doing everything to be still in the right 😂😂
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