We Tried The Changing In Our Car Challenge • Ladylike

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“OMG is that woman NAKED?!"
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Jul 27, 2019




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Comments 1 096
Iris Weiss
Iris Weiss 19 hours ago
I do this all the time Also I change in rooms full of people because I’m a dancer but I know how to do it without revealing
Nicole Kucharski
Nicole Kucharski 4 days ago
Mikes a creepy person
Space Mom
Space Mom 8 days ago
This brought back sooo many memories of my mom driving me to dance and I had to change in the back seat, while she was going like 60mph and flying around sharp turns and my leotard falling out of my hands. Ahhh the good old days
krystal williams
krystal williams 6 days ago
Space Mom same!!
Kaylee Garay
Kaylee Garay 13 days ago
Kristen didn’t even have a dam zipper🙄
Kaylee Garay
Kaylee Garay 13 days ago
kristen being a sore loser for 12 min straight😂🙄
{sunflower_kun} 14 days ago
Me eating Mars bar Kirsten: yaaay my two favorite boob seeers! Me *choking* I'm aware I spelled somethings wrong
Naii Coles
Naii Coles 16 days ago
freddie is a good sport , kristen is a sore loser😂
Marquis de Lafayette
I thought Devin was giving birth-
dragonkitten 18 days ago
Devins bra is cute
Madison Chapman
Madison Chapman 22 days ago
Freddie is so beautiful thought OMG
Chelsea Lopez
Chelsea Lopez 22 days ago
I think Kristen has a problem with zipper not being zipped.I think zippers in general.
Ellan-Rose Caulfield
Thumbs up if you want to see Devon do the dress code video with Kristen 👍👍I really want to see it
Grace Kasper
Grace Kasper 25 days ago
Freddie:day jumpsuit to night jumpsuit Devin:wow that’s hard! Freddie: that jumpsuit also has a zipper in the back... so...I just thought about that Kristen:well that sounds like a you problem👀
_xkxaxdx_ xkxaxbx
_xkxaxdx_ xkxaxbx 25 days ago
Kristine is doing everything to be still in the right 😂😂
E White
E White 27 days ago
I miss Chantel
addyson olanski
addyson olanski 28 days ago
u are not child friendly
Doreen Ruiz-Pereyra
Mike: " That's how time works." 😂
Sender It
Sender It Month ago
5:17 look in the background
Santosh Kumar
Santosh Kumar Month ago
Freddie was well put together as well as fleshed very less, that way she is a winner but Devin did it in surprisingly in 47 seconds..... for me both are winners. I am confused for winner in the end, because Devin and Kristen fleshed too much....
Meghan Confalone
Idgaf what anyone says i think Kristen is adorable❤💁💁
Shea Gaier
Shea Gaier Month ago
Ive changed and done makeup in moving vans and busses (mostly for colorguard team related reasons). I wanna see the ladylike ladies do that!!!
•W õ ł f î ë_X Đ•
•W õ ł f î ë_X Đ•
I just read replies on Jenna Reynold comment and someone said "yeah she is pretty annoying" and i say "OMG WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU BEING MEAN"
I also need attention klick me too please
When I was younger I always had ballet lessons and after that boxing lessons but I always had to change in the car 🤷🏽‍♀️
Tsundere Otaku
Tsundere Otaku Month ago
Ever tried listening to the video without watching it just listening to it....it sounds so wrong😂🤣🤣
fan of you
fan of you Month ago
The crime is how obnoxious you are Kristin.. you're a grown woman. Grow the fuck up 🙄
sidney suggett
sidney suggett Month ago
is it just me or did Devin seem kind of depressed in this video?
I can put on t shirt, hoodie, jeans, socks and shoes on in a car that’s moving on a motorway in a seatbelt in the back of the car.. while taking off a jumpsuit however it took me 5 minutes.
ART emiz
ART emiz 2 months ago
I mean, I do this all the time... yes even while the car's moving... just saying
Nikki Deans
Nikki Deans 2 months ago
Zipper i have leaned hangers are your friend
Urprobablyanidiot 2 months ago
I’m going to be honest, Kristen is getting really annoying 🤷🏼‍♀️
Joe Munnelly
Joe Munnelly 2 months ago
That was published on my birthday. PS I'm a girl and 10
Esther Raeburn
Esther Raeburn 2 months ago
I thought they meant night look as in pyjamas pahaha
Stingray Lover123
Stingray Lover123 2 months ago
Freddie’s faces during Kristins story oml😂😂😲
Carly Greiner
Carly Greiner 2 months ago
im apparently in the minority, but i think kristen was robbed of the win
Sanna Björling
Sanna Björling 2 months ago
Freddies outfit looks so good
Owen 99
Owen 99 2 months ago
Can I be the one to point out that Kristen didn't undo the zip on her dress at all??
Isabel wincentsen
Isabel wincentsen 2 months ago
Devin: Your naled baudy
Davan Strommer
Davan Strommer 2 months ago
"WeLl YoUr NoT cOvErEd In TaMpOnS sO
LENAE 2 months ago
cHonestly I love Kristen but she is a sore loser and kind of being annoying in this video .....Calm down sis it's just a game take the loss
Rada Gallegos
Rada Gallegos 2 months ago
Ale Jimenez
Ale Jimenez 2 months ago
Kristen’s Karen personality is showing and it’s not cute
centurion_222 2 months ago
Freddie won as no-one in the car park would have seen anything but head + hair.
Jamie Vee
Jamie Vee 2 months ago
That shirt that fell out when Devin got out of the car was hilarious XD
minji minji
minji minji 2 months ago
I have changed in the car before and it went *so wrong* So we were like, either driving fast or on the freeway but I forgot. So it was me, my dad, my dads girlfriend and my friend. So I had to change and I changed under a blanket, and there was a bumb. I only had my bra and my shorts on, and the blanket *blew off*. Just straight up, blew off. I put my shirt on though lmao
Divya A
Divya A 3 months ago
¨I´m actually a reptile.¨ -Kristen 2019
Shailyn Echevarria
Shailyn Echevarria 3 months ago
can we all agree Kristin won?
Jordyn Russell
Jordyn Russell 3 months ago
3:46 nope I don't have a bra
シDragonFly 3 months ago
I take horseback riding lessons so after school I always have to change into my riding pants in the car.
Samantha P
Samantha P 3 months ago
Freddie won.
Queen Miya
Queen Miya 3 months ago
Hello can you guess subscribe to my channel and check me out I’m new on RUvid 😇
Alexx and joy
Alexx and joy 3 months ago
Is nobody else thinking that mike is a fuckin perv??? I mean he suggested that he the girls get naked in his car while he records it...fOr a ViDeO
Rita C
Rita C 3 months ago
lol I have a 2009 corolla
Alex Fonzi
Alex Fonzi 3 months ago
i love kristen, but her being a sore loser even as a joke is kinda annoying oop
Ashlynn Somers
Ashlynn Somers 3 months ago
I want to say something. Im a dancer and last year i had to change in the char, from school uniform into leotard and tights, and my lesson was at 3:45 pm, but we had to pick my sister up
Always ARMY
Always ARMY 3 months ago
"My two favourite boob-seers" LOL!
blushyyangelz 3 months ago
I feel like Freddie won because she buckled her shoes and did it to where not a lot of people would see her bits if she actually had to change. just saying
hello bitch
hello bitch 3 months ago
I clicked on this cause devin looked like she was dying
Sarah Mabry
Sarah Mabry 3 months ago
somebody never learned about tattling
Mackynzie Rotolly
Mackynzie Rotolly 3 months ago
Kristen looks like Kieran Shipka
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