We Tried Putting On Fake Eyelashes In Seconds • Beauty Roulette • Ladylike

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"I have shaky hands!"
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Mar 20, 2019




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Comments 1 031
Ladylike 6 months ago
I love beauty roulette and I will never stop making them and I will never win one and I will never stop shouting it to the world!! --Kristin
Gwendalynn Alvarado
Princess Pineapple yup lol
lakeisha marquez
lakeisha marquez 28 days ago
Chantel won
aNd I oOp-
aNd I oOp- Month ago
Correct my queen.
Boiled Eyelash
Boiled Eyelash 2 months ago
Yass Queen! 😘👸👏🏼
Alice Dole
Alice Dole 20 hours ago
Everyone thinks they look thike chantell but end up like Jen
K A 4 days ago
It was kind of like watching an Olympian perform her craft. 🤣 Mike
Koolwolfydood 12 days ago
I love how Jen had the most time yet she kept messing around
Isabella Profico
Isabella Profico 13 days ago
At 9:32 Jen looked like she was just out of it and then she was suddenly ready when they said lady tested Edit: nvm it’s 9:30
karris smyth
karris smyth 16 days ago
Oh my god everyone in the comments actually shut up , who cares who won ? It’s just a game
Seza Fink
Seza Fink 16 days ago
God, Chantel moves with such a grace all the time..I’m too gay for this
veggiesaremurder 18 days ago
Highway robbery! Chantel won!
Janhavi Chhabra
Janhavi Chhabra 18 days ago
I love Devin dude ♥
Chelsea Rattay
Chelsea Rattay 18 days ago
1:47 😂
Avocado !
Avocado ! 18 days ago
I think Chantel should have one
gangwarilydrummond 20 days ago
Chantel should have won.
Rylee Kesler
Rylee Kesler 22 days ago
I just started my period SATURDAY so plz make a period hacks vid THANKS!!!!
Rylee Kesler
Rylee Kesler 16 days ago
Talia Gauvain - Hartley srry I hope I didnt
Talia Gauvain - Hartley
Please don't jinx it for me as i still haven't got mine
Charlotte Imogen
Charlotte Imogen 24 days ago
The other day I went swimming and found someone’s fake eyelash in the pool 😅🤮
jacky o
jacky o 25 days ago
I think Devin should have won, Chantel's were crooked and Fred didn't apply mascara. DO OVER!!! and pick a different judge;)
WORK, WORK 27 days ago
“C for comedy” Legit my whole life
Kerry Scottland
Kerry Scottland Month ago
I always love Mike's laughter in the background in ladylike vids 😊😂
Henry NGENO Month ago
All in favour of Chantel *liiiike*
Army Aldc
Army Aldc Month ago
I mean Chantel OBIVIOUSLY should have won! She had less time and hers looked just a little bit worse than Freddie’s eyelashes + Freddie didn’t do mascara and if it didn’t matter that she didn’t do it what was the point of the step?!
Angel Bennett
Angel Bennett Month ago
So how can I get a job at Lady Like, I would work for free just to work with these WACKA DOODLES☺☺☺☺☺
Jasmine.__ Month ago
I really think that Chantel should have one instead of Fred cause even though Fred may have put them on better, Chantel managed to put the lashes on quite well but also put on mascara to. Just saying
Sophia Podgorski
Loved chantels shirt
• PixelChu! •
Jen *_obviously_* should’ve won
Aaliyah Ruelas
Aaliyah Ruelas Month ago
Is it just me or if the video doesn’t have Jen I really don’t want to watch it cause Jen is my favorite
komal surprises
komal surprises Month ago
Chandelier should have won
Chloe Vlogs
Chloe Vlogs Month ago
Nobody: Chantel: KWITEN
I Like Chicken Nuggets
Well Jen only does foundation and eyeliner as she says in almost every vid, also Chantel def won
Ritwika Ghosh
Ritwika Ghosh Month ago
0:30 what was that, Devin 😂😭
Tallulah Wright
Tallulah Wright Month ago
I think Jen one 😂🤣
iivanessaii ;-;
iivanessaii ;-; Month ago
jen wins. it only seems fair.
My Life Vlogs
My Life Vlogs 2 months ago
2:09 Devin: my eyelids are sweaty and I can’t compete Me: 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Brendan Matelan
Brendan Matelan 2 months ago
Poor Jen
camy smith
camy smith 2 months ago
To everyone saying Chantel had the least amount of time, she had 5 seconds less then Freddie, are y’all good?
K K 2 months ago
Jen is me all the time
addie mounger
addie mounger 2 months ago
Chantel should have won
Hannah 2 months ago
I'm literally puting on lashes no problem watching this 😂😂😂😂 "THIS IS SO HARD" me: ._.
Anna Mondragon
Anna Mondragon 2 months ago
Freddie always cheats at beauty roulette
Bless Me
Bless Me 2 months ago
Most amusing video ever...
Tindra Roos-Fredin
Tindra Roos-Fredin 2 months ago
did Chantel say that Mike looked pregnant in that blanket?! c:
Kai Vlogs
Kai Vlogs 2 months ago
5:10 is killing me😭😭😭
Rhea 2 months ago
Jen has me 🤣🤣🤣 with her eye glued shut 😂😂😂😂
trekiegirl 2 months ago
should've said "lady lashed"
Freddy Frost
Freddy Frost 2 months ago
Freddie and I have the same name! 😂😜
unicorn lover1243
unicorn lover1243 2 months ago
This makes no sense Chantel got a higher score then Freddie
Brenda Brinke-Balode
The fact that Jen glued her eye shut 😂
Kasey Mackin
Kasey Mackin 2 months ago
6:47 “ old sticky lids” 😂😂😂
ilike gems
ilike gems 2 months ago
I couldn't stop laughing at Jen's eyelash.
Huma Javeria
Huma Javeria 2 months ago
My life right now is just like chantel in the competition.. She did the best work n yet didn't win when it was obvious that its her victory someone else won.., 😝😅😂😂
Zen June
Zen June 2 months ago
Yess love this
Ariyana Godfrey
Ariyana Godfrey 2 months ago
Everyone is saying that Chantel should have cause she had the least amount of time. 😑 I’m sorry what. How does that even make sense.
Lexi Canfield
Lexi Canfield 2 months ago
Jen is a mood
jelly belly
jelly belly 2 months ago
*S* *P* *O* *O* *N* *!*
WindyKinz 2 months ago
Chantel deserves to win
Debra Wilson
Debra Wilson 2 months ago
definitely jen. fred chantel devin kristen
kassie b
kassie b 2 months ago
Jazzy J
Jazzy J 2 months ago
Chantel clearly should've one
kbarnett7 2 months ago
Chantel won 👍🏼
Taespeachu 2 months ago
Jen ShOulVe Won LiKe JUst LoOk aT thAt beaUtY 👌✨
Wintana Tewolde
Wintana Tewolde 2 months ago
Chantel’’ohh I flirt with him everyday” Me”😂😂😂
rhythmrecall 2 months ago
I literally only watched this video because I wanted to see how Jen did her lashes. She did not disappoint 👍🏼
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