We Tried Putting On Fake Eyelashes In Seconds • Beauty Roulette • Ladylike

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"I have shaky hands!"
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Mar 20, 2019

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Comments 985
Ladylike 4 months ago
I love beauty roulette and I will never stop making them and I will never win one and I will never stop shouting it to the world!! --Kristin
2k no subscribers challenge hehe
Yass Queen! 😘👸👏🏼
Sadie Garcia
Sadie Garcia Month ago
You guys should do a beauty roulette with face masks made of different foods
Silvia Ackerman
Silvia Ackerman Month ago
Ladylike SPOON
Kaitlyn Lim
Kaitlyn Lim Month ago
Ladylike love u guys Keep doing what you’re hearts tell u to do
Angel Vasquez
Angel Vasquez 2 months ago
awesome sauce jj
My Life Vlogs
2:09 Devin: my eyelids are sweaty and I can’t compete Me: 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Brendan Matelan
Brendan Matelan 2 days ago
Poor Jen
camy smith
camy smith 4 days ago
To everyone saying Chantel had the least amount of time, she had 5 seconds less then Freddie, are y’all good?
Well_Hello !
Well_Hello ! 7 days ago
Jen is me all the time
addie mounger
addie mounger 9 days ago
Chantel should have won
Hannah 10 days ago
I'm literally puting on lashes no problem watching this 😂😂😂😂 "THIS IS SO HARD" me: ._.
Anna Mondragon
Anna Mondragon 10 days ago
Freddie always cheats at beauty roulette
Bless Me
Bless Me 12 days ago
Most amusing video ever...
Tindra Roos-Fredin
Tindra Roos-Fredin 15 days ago
did Chantel say that Mike looked pregnant in that blanket?! c:
Kai Vlogs
Kai Vlogs 15 days ago
5:10 is killing me😭😭😭
Rainbow Cheesecake2406
Jen has me 🤣🤣🤣 with her eye glued shut 😂😂😂😂
trekiegirl 17 days ago
should've said "lady lashed"
Freddy Frost
Freddy Frost 17 days ago
Freddie and I have the same name! 😂😜
unicorn lover1243
unicorn lover1243 18 days ago
This makes no sense Chantel got a higher score then Freddie
Brenda Brinke-Balode
The fact that Jen glued her eye shut 😂
Kasey Mackin
Kasey Mackin 21 day ago
6:47 “ old sticky lids” 😂😂😂
ilike gems
ilike gems 21 day ago
I couldn't stop laughing at Jen's eyelash.
Huma Javeria
Huma Javeria 21 day ago
My life right now is just like chantel in the competition.. She did the best work n yet didn't win when it was obvious that its her victory someone else won.., 😝😅😂😂
Zen June
Zen June 22 days ago
Yess love this
Ariyana Godfrey
Ariyana Godfrey 22 days ago
Everyone is saying that Chantel should have cause she had the least amount of time. 😑 I’m sorry what. How does that even make sense.
Lexi Canfield
Lexi Canfield 23 days ago
Jen is a mood
jelly belly
jelly belly 24 days ago
*S* *P* *O* *O* *N* *!*
WindyKinz 24 days ago
Chantel deserves to win
Debra Wilson
Debra Wilson 25 days ago
definitely jen. fred chantel devin kristen
kassie b
kassie b 25 days ago
Jazzy J
Jazzy J 26 days ago
Chantel clearly should've one
kbarnett7 27 days ago
Chantel won 👍🏼
27 days ago
Jen ShOulVe Won LiKe JUst LoOk aT thAt beaUtY 👌✨
Wintana Tewolde
Wintana Tewolde 27 days ago
Chantel’’ohh I flirt with him everyday” Me”😂😂😂
rhythmrecall 28 days ago
I literally only watched this video because I wanted to see how Jen did her lashes. She did not disappoint 👍🏼
Naphat Eungthong
Naphat Eungthong 29 days ago
Chantel should won but it’s okay both of them look great.
Certified Klutz
Certified Klutz 29 days ago
jenna sanchez
jenna sanchez Month ago
hmmmm wonder if Freddie is going to cheat in this one and then throw a temper tantrum when she’s called out for it?
Marnie C Evans
Marnie C Evans Month ago
Oh you want to look into my ehyes? And to lesser extent ma glueee? I’m dead 😂😂😂
Weirdhaven Genics
Aaaaa i love Chantel :D
Ella Hart
Ella Hart Month ago
I can tell sometimes Jen gets annoyed by Kristen
Country_girl16 Month ago
Kristen’s makeup looks amazing!!! And the “your clumpy on the right one” from her😂
Trixie Dadios
Trixie Dadios Month ago
Jen actually had me wheezing😂
Ace Ace
Ace Ace Month ago
“We’re all the coopers” Me:WHERES BETTY IS SHE WITH JUGGIE
Debashree Das
Debashree Das Month ago
C'mon Chantal should have totally won this challenge....she had the least amount of time...and also had applied the mascara
Debashree Das
Debashree Das Month ago
Me putting on fake lashes... Expectation: Chantel Reality: Jen Jen i can relate to u in a personal level......have never seen a bro like u before✌
Gwen Breidinger
Gwen Breidinger Month ago
I’m just here being a dancer😂 I’ve had fake eyelashes put on me since I was 8 and I’ve put them on by myself since I was 11😂
Sadie Garcia
Sadie Garcia Month ago
5:38 I love this guy
Sadie Garcia
Sadie Garcia Month ago
3:21 “YoUr DoInG gReAt SwEeTy” He’s so darn polite and funny. He’s like my fav boy
Chary Davis
Chary Davis Month ago
Hair glue... they all woulda been done in 30 secs
Sophie Ray
Sophie Ray Month ago
0:32 KRITEN I died
Helena Joseph
Helena Joseph Month ago
Everyone knows that when they involve Freddy it's an automatic win for her. We all know this is a fact as much as I love ladylike that part is slightly disappointing.
Gwendalynn Alvarado
Chantel should have won
Chris Jensen
Chris Jensen Month ago
Chantel: This always happens to me!!! Kristin: It literally doesn’t!! Flashback to SpOoN 🥄
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