We Tested VIRAL TikTok Life Hacks... **MIND BLOWING** (Part 3)

FaZe Rug
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Another life hack video! We tested to see if these tiktok life hacks are real or fake.. The results were so cool!
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Jan 13, 2020




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Comments 80
FaZe Rug
FaZe Rug 5 months ago
Slankieope 13 days ago
FaZe Rug make it
Staches Matthews
Staches Matthews 27 days ago
Andi Youkhana
Andi Youkhana Month ago
Israel Costilla
Israel Costilla 2 months ago
let's play call of duty together my name is whitehatisrael
Mindy Otey
Mindy Otey 2 months ago
Can you shout out g otey
Chaitali Shah
Chaitali Shah 7 hours ago
I literally replayed the part a thousand times where rug forgot his shoelaces were tied .😭🤣🤣
Ryan Kurian
Ryan Kurian 12 hours ago
5:15 No offense but that is a full bot lobby
Noyan Ahmed rana
Noyan Ahmed rana 21 hour ago
If u play cod for the first time on mobile every one is a computer bot so faze rug ur a bot at cod
danny nguyen
danny nguyen Day ago
I love your videos
Arick Inman
Arick Inman Day ago
Beastwave05 2 days ago
it vinager and an egg that works ive done it but it can pop
onyx race tamer
onyx race tamer 3 days ago
I don't have tiktok and I already use life hack number 3
Terence Jhay Signio
I though faze rug was flying in the grass
Jackie Elliott
Jackie Elliott 3 days ago
It actually works
Richie Beato
Richie Beato 3 days ago
Max Mousseau
Max Mousseau 3 days ago
Chroma Clapz
Chroma Clapz 4 days ago
Man I wanted it to work
Alisiah Balderas
Alisiah Balderas 4 days ago
Who is here in 2026
Dogg zz
Dogg zz 4 days ago
fir the orange juice thing when i make orange juice from it that is exactly what i do so it's not really a life hack
Immortal 4 days ago
That ewok hoodie tho😃
Mafaz Mehboob
Mafaz Mehboob 5 days ago
FAZE RUG: 3:30 Drinks A sip and Says No pulp
DxterCriticalOps 5 days ago
Brain can you please answer this qs Where is bosly I miss him
nivedh sunil
nivedh sunil 7 days ago
100 Dollars
JaxonLIVE 7 days ago
I have done that before
IsenDK mig
IsenDK mig 7 days ago
12:45 the Guy in tre video did tre same moves before the video if you Are doing the same moves from wen it was Soled it gona be solved agan
Yahight 7 days ago
The plunger one works
Kaleb Everitt
Kaleb Everitt 7 days ago
You o me a hundred dollars
Windows Expert Boi
I already know the Lifehack with the controller
Rxilfn ‘
Rxilfn ‘ 8 days ago
Rug it’s not coke you need to put vinegar
Noii Boat2X
Noii Boat2X 8 days ago
On the plunger on you weren’t supposed to put water in it that was just bcz the people that did it were in a cold place
Nathan Reissner
Nathan Reissner 8 days ago
Yay now i get to make popcorn even slower
Maxihno EG
Maxihno EG 8 days ago
You need vinegar and egg to make the bouncy egg not Coke Zero sugar it's with vinegar not coke zero sugar they're lying
Lena Haill
Lena Haill 8 days ago
You could just break the zip tie on your chest
Jacob Berry
Jacob Berry 9 days ago
Jonathan Tecchio
Jonathan Tecchio 9 days ago
lettt geeteee
Bianca Lambarena
Bianca Lambarena 9 days ago
Rug a second later watch TikTok
Bianca Lambarena
Bianca Lambarena 9 days ago
You j k eat your dog eat eggs
Bianca Lambarena
Bianca Lambarena 9 days ago
Rug fixed the dent but made a new one o think
EXCLUSIVE 9 days ago
I am I talking to myself
Bentley vlog Gamer
Tegan Dodd
Tegan Dodd 9 days ago
Michael Fuiava
Michael Fuiava 9 days ago
Can you do it to Xbox controller
Lidia Cortes
Lidia Cortes 9 days ago
I hace call of duty mobli
Lidia Cortes
Lidia Cortes 9 days ago
The 3rd live hack is hot real a live hack i already knew the 3rd live hack
Dababy Baby
Dababy Baby 10 days ago
The car life hack worked for me!
Dababy Baby
Dababy Baby 6 days ago
Makss since
Mad Man
Mad Man 10 days ago
Merciedies cars have very heavy body that trick will work for week cars
Jainav Jihan
Jainav Jihan 10 days ago
I really know how to solve a rubick cube
EXCLUSIVE 10 days ago
Is that a I phone
EXCLUSIVE 9 days ago
Iam I talking to myself
Giselle Reyes
Giselle Reyes 10 days ago
Oh and if i don't get your response my name is th1th
Giselle Reyes
Giselle Reyes 10 days ago
Whats your name on call of duty mobil?
María Alvarez
María Alvarez 10 days ago
Tik Tok is liying
tejiri osokpor
tejiri osokpor 11 days ago
Braxton Thomas
Braxton Thomas 11 days ago
Works on plastic
Satyavani Dosibhatla
The rubik’s cube one is correct
Dominic Castillo
Dominic Castillo 11 days ago
Rug can you play COD Mobile with me
Pablo Galante
Pablo Galante 12 days ago
Marias Martinez
Marias Martinez 12 days ago
sg_uthmaan 1
sg_uthmaan 1 12 days ago
Spider Bat gaming 23
Im litterry crying cause im scared of sleeping by my self good thing i survived. Yesterday
Spider Bat gaming 23
Did you highlight my comment fase rug thanks
memphis 123 memphis 123
The phone one don't work on LG u
Neelplaysmc 8206
Neelplaysmc 8206 13 days ago
I know how to solve a cabs and that doesn’t work lol
Miguel Garcia
Miguel Garcia 14 days ago
Slayzz Tornado
Slayzz Tornado 14 days ago
100 bucks to kind but thanks
Steelshawnee 14 days ago
I can actually solve a rubix cube
Thomas Spratling
Thomas Spratling 15 days ago
The rubix cube one works you just didn't do it for long enough.
Darian Ramnarine
Darian Ramnarine 15 days ago
Love your videos keep up the good work. I hope I actually get 100$
Black Gamer59
Black Gamer59 17 days ago
It didn't work with Xbox 😞
Chance Mathis
Chance Mathis 17 days ago
Michael Bonsell
Michael Bonsell 17 days ago
Like the video
cesar Gomez
cesar Gomez 18 days ago
Lola in the back is so cute when you did life hack #8
Ruth Bautista
Ruth Bautista 18 days ago
Chowdary Venkat
Chowdary Venkat 18 days ago
If you keep turning the Rubik’s cube the exact same way then it will reset
Jacob Lutjen
Jacob Lutjen 18 days ago
It will work!!! The egg I mean
Yasemin Ada
Yasemin Ada 19 days ago
Wish he put the straightener in the popcorn tub.....
pr7 official
pr7 official 19 days ago
Faze rug lw fuckedd up people are in Africa barely watching you and you tell them your Screwed if you dont have shoe is kinda cold mann
Ayan Ahmad
Ayan Ahmad 19 days ago
your videos are awesome and funny
nikki ivanov
nikki ivanov 20 days ago
Your cool rug
Ruben Santiago
Ruben Santiago 20 days ago
Noer:stuck in the zip tie Faze rug:well good look and falls when his shoe where tied ME:Karma
Wyatt Moss
Wyatt Moss 21 day ago
I did the rubric cube one and it worked
DØMIN8 21 day ago
Max Clark
Max Clark 21 day ago
I thought he was lying on his grass in the intro
Randomgames 654
Randomgames 654 22 days ago
No offense the microwave is faster and u dont need to get tired
RaptorPlayzz 23 days ago
6.19 that's called boiling
LoLoMusic 23 days ago
love you
Unitha Sukur
Unitha Sukur 23 days ago
What's your Call of Duty Name mine is Rutv and Pls become my freind
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