We TASTED Viral TikTok Cooking Life Hacks... (Life Changing) *Part 5*

Brennen Taylor
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We did it again, we tested these tik tok cooking hacks and put them to the test... are they the real deal or just for show in this ep of "We TASTED Viral TikTok Cooking Life Hacks... " Text me: 323-405-9940
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Hi I'm Brennen. I've been eating food for 24 years. I'm basically a professional. Here is my Food Review:

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Brennen Taylor best/worst reviewed videos of 1 star yelp restaurants and businesses series and his newly beloved viral tikok life hack tik tok lifehack series.




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Comments 80
Jed Ay
Jed Ay 8 hours ago
Ng. Ksi is
Chloe McFarling
Do you know how to make homemade cinnamon roll icing just mix water and powdered sugar
Xd GaMeR
Xd GaMeR Day ago
1:58 you should not freez them you have to bake them
Lucy Azaransky
Lucy Azaransky 3 days ago
Every other youtuber who dropped out of school: Stay in school kids! Brennen Taylor: School didn't help me at all.
Thunder 126
Thunder 126 4 days ago
8:43 what is the title of the music?
style corner
style corner 4 days ago
Did you have a girlfriend?
Jenny Elliott
Jenny Elliott 5 days ago
I would honestly do the orange starburst popcorn because its orange!
j1Ortiz559 Xxx
j1Ortiz559 Xxx 8 days ago
Brennen...que pasa wey...
Andrew Diaz
Andrew Diaz 9 days ago
Ayy no fr appreciate the enthusiasm for your ethnicity
Ian Marsh
Ian Marsh 9 days ago
Bruh the Hennessy in the back ground
Aidan Venzor
Aidan Venzor 10 days ago
Do a sweet tea with cream at Sonic. Smack
Abraham Flores
Abraham Flores 10 days ago
If you want to be a Latina speak Spanish better
matin zare
matin zare 11 days ago
he has a ass on his shirt
Cynthia ‘T
Cynthia ‘T 11 days ago
The butter cutting was satisfying
Chennoa Cookie
Chennoa Cookie 11 days ago
The girl that had the hot Cheeto taco thing is a RUvid mom
Sam John
Sam John 12 days ago
Freeze the popcorn
Mrsthick 98
Mrsthick 98 12 days ago
With that omelette one I would crush up the Cheetos
laney 13 days ago
I thought he said racist instead of Reece’s. I was about to be like.... wait. 😂🧐
Estrella Martinez
Estrella Martinez 13 days ago
Viva los latinos por vida asta la muerte vato yassss❤️❤️😂
Lui Shirasagi
Lui Shirasagi 16 days ago
This vid give me easy life
frankie delacruz
frankie delacruz 16 days ago
santitos 84
santitos 84 16 days ago
Did anyone else try to make the cookie because I'm trying it later
Bidou Tchoki
Bidou Tchoki 16 days ago
Love your Tik Tok Hacks
Animator Dude
Animator Dude 17 days ago
Emil Avila
Emil Avila 17 days ago
5:38 haha 😆 🤣 😂
Sam McFadden
Sam McFadden 17 days ago
10:26 that’s makes absolutely no sense. According to this website, protein in cooked eggs is 180% more digestible. It does say some nutrients can be lost, but specifically protein is better. www.saudereggs.com/blog/eggs-vs-egg-whites-which-one-is-healthier/
ShAdY YT 17 days ago
Did he say it looks rather dick 🤨🤨
Malikmus xaum
Malikmus xaum 18 days ago
This is totally diabetes
suchail Rahman
suchail Rahman 18 days ago
Hahahaha lucu banget sih jadi orang yang degit
James Green
James Green 18 days ago
It’s a quarter not a forth
Kita Kita
Kita Kita 19 days ago
Let’s get 1M views YEAH!!!! WE NEED TO GET 1M VIEWS YEAH!!!!!!!!
Steve Jimenez
Steve Jimenez 19 days ago
These guys act like they know what they’re talking about
Xavier Flores
Xavier Flores 20 days ago
I’m too young 😭😭
rhodri whiting
rhodri whiting 20 days ago
ewwwwww you as good a morgz
SlyTheLegend YT
SlyTheLegend YT 21 day ago
Brennen:test by teasting it
GalaxyGamer06 21 day ago
No one: Brennen: It LoOkS rAtHeR dIcK
karla cortes
karla cortes 21 day ago
They’ve been done the sweet tea one
Natalie Olivas
Natalie Olivas 21 day ago
He used a liquid measuring cup instead of a dry ingredient one😭
MrDmcty1 21 day ago
the sweet tea and cream is basically thai ice tea. nothing new.
Crystal Tuu
Crystal Tuu 22 days ago
The sweet tea and creamer is suppose to be a cheaper or like another way of getting milk tea from boba shops
Diede Noort
Diede Noort 22 days ago
This totaly diabetes
lynne evaro
lynne evaro 24 days ago
install fortnite plz my name is alexapants10 add meeeeeeeeee plzzzzzz
lynne evaro
lynne evaro 24 days ago
brennon taylor i love you
Nevaeh Young
Nevaeh Young 24 days ago
Brennen Taylor: Exist Girl be like: 😇🙏😖😮😦 he's sooooo cute
Nevaeh Young
Nevaeh Young 24 days ago
Haven't been watching for long who's older
Kinda Cringy
Kinda Cringy 24 days ago
Ever heard of a mexican
Lißa 24 days ago
Has he never heard of Milk Tea ist nothing new
Erin Smithmeyer
Erin Smithmeyer 25 days ago
Umm.. uk u can buy Starburst unwrapped 😂😂😂
JB 25 days ago
"Grinded up?" Dude, go back to school.
Corinne Boado
Corinne Boado 25 days ago
Try Filipino dishes☺️
skull 106
skull 106 25 days ago
8:11 there’s nothing to say...
Chessie Brown
Chessie Brown 26 days ago
You are cool. I like watching your videos
Patti - Cake
Patti - Cake 26 days ago
Hot tea w sugar and cream is good. Not sure if I’d like it cold.
Soul icyツ
Soul icyツ 26 days ago
Creamy mess
DragonKnight 26 days ago
Kiss a booba >:)
Sk8Mamii Brettany
Sk8Mamii Brettany 27 days ago
Can someone please meme the “that’s amazing” with his hands up like he’s double saluting
Rachel Okarski
Rachel Okarski 27 days ago
Y’all are burning the crap out of anything cookie that you make 🤣 chocolate chip cookies are suppose to be gooey on the inside... it doesn’t mean they’re raw or inedible haha you wont get sick. I just can’t see you burn or ruin any more cookies my goodness hahah
Saleh The big dog
Saleh The big dog 27 days ago
Do more vending machine Huck’s
Slump 27 days ago
8:35 who else cringed when brenden started speaking spanish (for all my latinos)
A Human Being
A Human Being 27 days ago
Made equally as good food except it's more money 2:51
Ethan Jung
Ethan Jung 28 days ago
"We need to start making our own candy." "So according to this TikTok, we could make Reese's Cups" Reese's cups is already a candy though.
Aidan Diaz
Aidan Diaz 28 days ago
Oreos wrapped with cookie dough cooked is bomb
CJ Schor
CJ Schor 28 days ago
for the peanut butter cups you should measure the powered sugar with a dry measuring cup, not a liquid measuring cup. also, melt the peanut butter first. it will make it creamier and softer. you can purchase smaller cupcake tins at a grocery store and make smaller versions so you can get more out of it, not just 3 insanely large ones.
Art By Megan B
Art By Megan B 29 days ago
The sweet tea and creamer thing has been around for years like almost fifteen. My great aunt drank it but don’t rely on McDonald’s yuck!
Patti - Cake
Patti - Cake 26 days ago
Art By Megan B, longer than that. I watched drinking hot tea with sugar and cream from my grandparents, and I’m a mother of teens. That’s been around a lot longer than just 15 years. Lol!
Art By Megan B
Art By Megan B 29 days ago
Why is there a text me sign? Lol
Art By Megan B
Art By Megan B 29 days ago
You’re essentially making food for stoners 😂
Fullsend 69ers
Fullsend 69ers 29 days ago
At 2:40 “it’s very chocolatey” 😂😂
Kyren Blackmon
Kyren Blackmon 29 days ago
Who else see’s his number?
Banana Man
Banana Man 29 days ago
How rude you didn’t even put there TikTok in the description
vale Perez
vale Perez 29 days ago
Who else saw text me and his number at the end
XO hodo & nadira challenges
Exactly a little black never hurt anybody but the news makes it seem like we do
Kayla Hansard
Kayla Hansard 29 days ago
I tried the cinnamon cookie with my grandma and omg it was so good!! And we baked the sex in the pan also
G Ramos
G Ramos Month ago
8:11 did that when Brenn took his sip😭😂
Alexa Barker
Alexa Barker Month ago
he used a liquid measuring cup for the powdered sugar 🤦‍♀️
Arleigh Month ago
My stomach hurting from just watching this video
Little C
Little C Month ago
Jazmine Smith
Jazmine Smith Month ago
They are gay
Squeaky 567
Squeaky 567 Month ago
Text Brennen at 3234057740
Jeremy Medina
Jeremy Medina Month ago
4:21 hahahahhaha
Lisa-Hawaii Month ago
Have u never had milk tea or better yet Thai Milk Tea
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