We Take a DNA Test

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Hi guys this is Ethan here, just wanted to say god bless ya appreciate ya and hope youre having a great day.


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May 9, 2018

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Comments 15 762
Hi guys, the rumors are true, I did shave my face. I do apologize to everyone who was shocked or possibly offended by this and I will strive to do better in the future.
FarnazIransoul 23 days ago
Does anyone know what is this test name and how to start? :D
Spooder Boi
Spooder Boi 2 months ago
Matej Sambolec you mean OwOk?
Je Yi
Je Yi 2 months ago
You suck
pph8er666 2 months ago
h3h3Productions ethan you look skinny
isaac sobey
isaac sobey 3 months ago
h3h3Productions never grow again
I A M 3 hours ago
3:55 Ethan is so relieved after reading about as above 😂😂😂
I A M 3 hours ago
2:42 E: Thats weirddd H: I think its just the way they classify it E: Did you tell your mom about this? 😂😂😂😂😂😂
I A M 3 hours ago
Incestry .com
Kisfo 18 hours ago
Papa mutha fuckin BLESS
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Someone get the gas
Tales of Fay
Tales of Fay Day ago
Why is Ethan's brother in this vid?
Crazed2550 Day ago
So Theodore is an adopted inbred?
xxxticklemyballs 2 days ago
I think fucking your clone isn't gay
AndyMB601 Cars and Guitars
liamdm04 2 days ago
:| why... did... ethan… shave...
Lord Edegaru
Lord Edegaru 2 days ago
Finally subscribed. You guys flow perfectly.
Elisabeth Hale
Elisabeth Hale 2 days ago
Ethan, are you RH NEG blood type?
Scythe 3 days ago
4:32 Tommy Edison knew it all along
Bananas For free
Bananas For free 3 days ago
Why is it so bad to be Iraqi???
brocklanders1984 3 days ago
brocklanders1984 Can’t stop worrying the hila is not his sister so just needs to make sure it’s true incest Love
Mr Taylor
Mr Taylor 3 days ago
enjoy your medical data being in their database
ռɛօռ ɖɛʟʊӼɛ
What's the background song name?
Cruelty Free Living
Don't trust these dna collection places. Pretty sure once they've got that info they could make a vaccine for example to target certain races for extinction. Sounds far fetched but bill gates is a sick guy who wants to depopulate by using vaccines. Look it up. Vaccines are not good for u
Charlemagne of Franks
what website are they using?
koko 3 days ago
Incestory...thanks for the good porn title ethan
Ibn Musa
Ibn Musa 4 days ago
Shaved Ethan looks like young Tony stark
Jonathan Grigoryak
Me eating a chocolate donut as they are taking about poop
dizzy 4 days ago
Ethan be lookin like a baby without his beard bro
ed k
ed k 4 days ago
Love you guys. I SURE AM SICK OF THE GROOVE RING COMMERCIALS (insert crying emoji)
Margot emmy Mc Mc
whut up pimps! I laughed
ehottie8979 5 days ago
Can’t prevent breast cancer, aunt had both removed last year, she died two days ago from it don’t know how it came back,
Will Hosking
Will Hosking 5 days ago
lol your beanie at 4:42
Waylander huehue
Waylander huehue 5 days ago
Just a tip, any kind of medical institute who gets a hold of your DNA, not to mention any other kind of medical data, is sold out god knows where even if you don't agree. And that is actually an old news and it is old as probably as old as the modern hospitals.
Team G
Team G 6 days ago
If I do that health one it’s gonna say all the variants found for fucking everything, yo I am gonna die
Ashton. F.
Ashton. F. 6 days ago
3than is the king of JEWS 🇮🇱
Italian Deli
Italian Deli 6 days ago
I'm hoping that I'm 100% Native American Puerto Rican and Guatemalan
Italian Deli
Italian Deli 6 days ago
I'm just hoping that I'm not fucking Asian when I take my DNA test
Mainiak_72 6 days ago
Ethan has no genes that cause cancer or Alzheimer’s or any of that. My dad has prostate and is going to probably get Alzheimer’s when he is older. I’m fucked.
Youhavethis Metoo
I can see too much iron causing joint pain , that's why when it storms the residue in your bod and joints gets pulled the electromagnetic variance. Sounds right in my head.
Youhavethis Metoo
Mayim Balek thing says the same thing.
Youhavethis Metoo
Damnit if I don't love these two.
David Hughey
David Hughey 7 days ago
Hans Memling
Hans Memling 7 days ago
Ethan looks like a fat shkreli without beard
nawfal safaa
nawfal safaa 7 days ago
TheSteadyAndroid 7 days ago
I wanna do this but I'm just gonna be mexican
Electronic Rat
Electronic Rat 7 days ago
Hila “oh shit” 😂 8:10
Osama Qasho'
Osama Qasho' 8 days ago
What do you mean by "The good news is that you're 10% Italian"? Was it bad news that she's part Iraqi?? 😠 I'm not Iraqi, but I'm offended as an Arab.
tj mcgraw
tj mcgraw 9 days ago
I didnt notice the green screen hat until after 10:00
John Castle
John Castle 9 days ago
Jesus.. this video got me laughing pretty hard!
Car5454 9 days ago
No it’s asexual
soperder man
soperder man 10 days ago
I'm not surprised i wasn't clickbaited
Salvo D'Ippolito
Salvo D'Ippolito 10 days ago
Honestly, that 10% Italian makes total sense combined with the 28% Libyan. Libya has been an Italian colony for a while right until world war 2, Italian families had been living there for a while until Gheddafi kicked everyone out.
Justacoolguy 10 days ago
Ethan looks 10 years younger with a shaved face😂😂
Katelyn Cecelia
Katelyn Cecelia 7 days ago
He looks so hoy
Wiggeoli The third
Wiggeoli The third 11 days ago
Is it just me that can’t stop looking at the top left of Ethan’s beanie it’s a cloth green screen
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