We Stayed In A Japanese Capsule Hotel

Tyler Williams
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Hello! We are back (for at least this one video)! Here is our experience at a capsule hotel in Tokyo, Japan last May! We slept in small pods and ate giant gyoza, it was a ~good time~.

A big thank you to the Bay Hotel in Ginza and to Amanda for helping us produce the video!

You can check out the Bay Hotel here: www.bay-hotel.jp/ginza/eng/

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Assistant Editor: Emily Linden

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Apr 10, 2019




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Comments 10 491
Tyler Williams
Tyler Williams 2 years ago
hello!! here is a video that we filmed almost a year ago - and we finally got it out! i hope that you guys enjoy it!!
Kately Ware
Kately Ware 8 hours ago
Love that
Jullisa Mendoza
Jullisa Mendoza 14 days ago
Te a we
Jesse vee fan
Jesse vee fan Month ago
JS 09
JS 09 2 months ago
I really hope the A&F being fancy was a joke?
Tug And Thug Computing
J.R. Caldoon
J.R. Caldoon 16 hours ago
6:20 I just got one word for those things: Godzillyoza.
Notorius Bookworm
I have taken off my pants in my sleep before. Multiple times.
Laila Fleming
Laila Fleming 5 days ago
Yeah but the thing with the foot bath is so many people have put their feet on it
Jane Du Toit
Jane Du Toit 6 days ago
Can you please speak Afrikaans
anna 6 days ago
imagine if someone breaks in to your pod by accident 😳😭
Sis Shaquitha & Jesus Christ
❤❤❤❤❤first time seeing you
ariel yang
ariel yang 9 days ago
fakhouri Alaai
fakhouri Alaai 9 days ago
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Itsjustbreeandadd Tv
Just the beginning yes ya ya yes 😆
iikeeley 13 days ago
Why are the floors gendered though I mean they could've at least added more genders
Adriana Palomares
Adriana Palomares 13 days ago
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Lethgar Smith
Lethgar Smith 14 days ago
I want to go to Tokyo for two weeks. Stay exclusively in a capsule hotel and eat only vending machine food. It's on my bucket list.
Thewaterspirit57 14 days ago
So, you know like those campers you put in the back of your truck? Like… I could imagine taking one of these pods, and having it in there, but like… the door is changed to have a better lock and entrance Or maybe even the pod is suited up, made bigger with all of the usual amenities, like a mini kitchen, but of course the bed is sorta the same size, being this single bed, and etc
Awkwardg 15 days ago
This is super cool! God bless you all!💞
Ripu Saha
Ripu Saha 16 days ago
3:41 Blackpink's 'How you like that' lyrics
Willow Mercer
Willow Mercer 17 days ago
Is no one going to comment on Tyler putting his contacts in before he showers-
rabbit quartet
rabbit quartet 18 days ago
I don't really like it cutting to them talking but otherwise it was good
Carole Becktoft
Carole Becktoft 19 days ago
Was I the only one that thought that her vlog was like relaxing but then when I cut them saying like this is weird like man
Smith Raj
Smith Raj 20 days ago
I'm getting clostrophobic just seeing it
Smith Raj
Smith Raj 20 days ago
i find even the simplest of the maps confusing......
Hallowench 22 days ago
Personally I thought Saf's delirious vlogging was cute. I would totally watch the unedited vending machine/peach water review. lol
Johanne007 27 days ago
This is my comfort-Channel :)
Ju Ju Knarrly
Ju Ju Knarrly 26 days ago
Yasemin Algan
Yasemin Algan 28 days ago
Saf saying she slept in but waking up at 8 am girl-
Juanita Goodman
Juanita Goodman 28 days ago
I am almost 4' tall I'm taller than 4' tall and I could almost stand up and that I'm done I'm going to put it on my bucket list
Genie Land
Genie Land Month ago
I subscribe to you now too I love Safiya and Tyler duo 🥰🥰 and I have not forgotten about crusty 🐱
Solar3clispe UwU
RUvidrs need to stop getting pregnant Sorry I know she isn't I just needed to say it somewhere!
Francine Bales
Francine Bales Month ago
all that for 30 dollars that is really good
Francine Bales
Francine Bales Month ago
warm foot bath, my feet are envious , they are always cold
GhostLady Darkling
And you all have made other videos? Why? Are the other videos as stupid as this one is, give it up, you two are so annoying, loud, just plain stupid.
Norman Month ago
Is anyone here in 2021 after the pandemic
Rhiannon Jennings
16:33 lmaoooo i jumped hahahah glad i wasnt the only one shocked
FB’s Shorts
FB’s Shorts Month ago
this is like my 3 time watching this video loll
Helen Month ago
The only thing that would make the pod better is the ability to lock it. That would be a must for me. Which is weird cos I’ve shared rooms in hostels before! Something about the pod would make me need it to lock - maybe that I wouldn’t be able to see anybody coming? Idk.
Lisa Ann
Lisa Ann Month ago
I saw sleep pods in one of the US international but I can't remember which one. It looked like a dentist chair and you pull the list d the vet to "closet". You are not completely encased. I remember thing, I could sleep in it if I was exhausted maybe. I'm just so freaking claustrophobic. It sux. A airport is the best place for these things. I think they're cool as shit
Sasha Month ago
are we going to ignore fact that Tyler looks like Nathan Kress? Just me?
ghj qew
ghj qew Month ago
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Brett Mastema
Brett Mastema Month ago
Do you find Saf having just randomly doing narrations of normal life things? Like you walk in and shes by herself describing herself as she eats cereal? lol
UpsideTown Month ago
This video got me into safiya (her video’s)
Minecraft Food
Minecraft Food Month ago
The boys pod was better
Stacie Rowley
Stacie Rowley Month ago
Tyler why u so cute?
Zach and Mia 2 point 0
Love your videos
emmaacant Month ago
this is my ultimate comfort video
Rachel Robins
Rachel Robins Month ago
I couldn’t do this. Seriously claustrophobic and they look like cadaver fridges in a morgue
Amoo Month ago
Having a SafTy marathon
Wait... do non binary people not get to stay in the pod hotel?? It's just men and women???
Guppy 9 days ago
Usually they just with whatever sex they look the most like
Ariadne Biza
Ariadne Biza Month ago
I don't like the idea of women being separated from men. Society was created for equality.
Alyne W aleiyah
Alyne W aleiyah Month ago
The curious adapter conversly entertain because light clearly encourage except a harmonious meteorology. scarce, somber jeans
Zara Yasmin
Zara Yasmin Month ago
Omg imagine if someone was quarantined in one of these 🤣
[Sloth] Month ago
this movie made me thing about that one Scooby doo movie where they are in japan
Kat Griffiths
Kat Griffiths Month ago
I just keep feeling like they’re missing their masks and having to remind myself that this is pre-pandemic .
Zara Yasmin
Zara Yasmin Month ago
Ikr, but I imagine if someone had to be quarantined in one of these !!!!! 🤣
Ace’s Art
Ace’s Art Month ago
These look so fun tho. Like imagine themed ones being available
Neritan Dedja
Neritan Dedja Month ago
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2hyun Month ago
me: wow i that would be so cool to experience my claustrophobia: no
gefeu mabea
gefeu mabea Month ago
The level beet globally reply because hook objectively comb out a humdrum mayonnaise. five, vast brother
Yellow Slinky 123
When they say common room all I think about is Harry Potter lol
It is pronounced tokyo not tokeeyo(I’m not Japanese but I know this is true)
mjk frt
mjk frt Month ago
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Theresa Cantrell
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Hannah Merwin
Hannah Merwin Month ago
i think it’s hilarious that i’ve watched this video probably five times but i could NEVER stay in a capsule hotel cause it makes me feel claustrophobic just looking at
Jhoana Bedoya
Jhoana Bedoya Month ago
People with claustrophobic please do not try this you get sucked in and will gets very scared
Ragmatical Rachel
i would be a terrible pod neighbour I would be banging around and disturbing people by accident all night
Kyle Stewart
Kyle Stewart Month ago
Make some more RUvid videos
Andrea Garcia
Andrea Garcia Month ago
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ℓ є ѕ ℓ ι є
isnt this the same capsule hotel that abroad in japan stayed in??
Brooke Vickers
Brooke Vickers Month ago
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Tatiana Martinez
Elizabeth Cervantes
Japan is cool👍🍵
Gregory Ercoli
Gregory Ercoli Month ago
Who else is benge watching this in 2021
Meredith Hagan
Meredith Hagan Month ago
You said a lot of businessmen use capsule hotels - I wonder if the men who wouldn’t clear out of the common areas in the middle of the night we’re watching foreign stock markets. I would sleep so well in a capsule, I always love being cocooned while I’m sleeping.
Alison Scofield
Alison Scofield Month ago
Claustrophobia anyone???
Dorothy Plummer
Dorothy Plummer 2 months ago
The unable screwdriver unequivocally live because goal hepatosplenomegaly offer until a standing jeep. meaty, happy name
King's Domain
King's Domain 2 months ago
i would hit my head at least 10 times in one of those pods
LindsayDoesDisney 2 months ago
Important question for those of us who love to sleep with air and fans blasting all night, what’s the temperature like in the pods? Is it cool enough? I’m just hot and sweaty all the time lol I have to sleep cold.
KPalz Rhein
KPalz Rhein 2 months ago
You could stay in the pod hotel for a month and it would be cheaper than most apartments in the US
Mark Joseph Pintor
Mark Joseph Pintor 2 months ago
The perfect position equally juggle because community excitingly risk atop a upset scissors. chubby, descriptive visitor
ThatOneSpnFan 2 months ago
Victoria Sattarzadeh
I love how safiya said “ I slept in way more” when she slept until 8:00
Empress 2 months ago
Gay couples staying at that hotel be like 😏
I love watching Saf's Travel vlogs they are so cool!
Just A.R.M.Y💜💜
It looks small but comfy
Muskan Aggarwal
Muskan Aggarwal 2 months ago
Is the capsule hotel giving anxiety to anyone? OR JUST ME?
Seymour Butts
Seymour Butts 2 months ago
A coffin for the living.
Simplymxdsn 2 months ago
Make more contant
Alexandru N
Alexandru N 2 months ago
I really liked this girl ! Her way of talking is attractive
Peter Middo
Peter Middo 2 months ago
So, they're just hard walled Swags? Mind you, I snore like a D9 Dozer.....
Isabella Mikutel
Isabella Mikutel 2 months ago
Is ANYONE else watching this video in 2021?!?
Stephanie R
Stephanie R 2 months ago
I refused to share a room with siblings as a kid so I litterally made this walk in closet my room and this is what these remind me of
Saffanna 3 months ago
It's a COFFIN.
Joana Rodrigues
Joana Rodrigues 3 months ago
Oh my god. I miss Japan !!!!
Michaela O'Quinn
Michaela O'Quinn 3 months ago
Hotel capsulevania lol
Robert Vidal
Robert Vidal 3 months ago
I'm surprised. Most capsule hotels I have stayed in have a basket of random name brand soaps, shampoos, and conditioners to try. I always assumed it was the companies ways of advertising.
Alexzandra Sookhan
Alexzandra Sookhan 3 months ago
I feel claustrophobic
Extra Spicey
Extra Spicey 3 months ago
Hello Hi
Hello Hi 3 months ago
I love ur vids so much keep going
Ine Danger
Ine Danger 3 months ago
These look more comfortable than the cabins on the ship I used to work at haha
bob moe
bob moe 3 months ago
Looks better than my bunk on the submarines I served on. I’d do it.
babiebehavior 3 months ago
maybe it's been years since i genuinely smiled
Art.is.a.dinosaur 3 months ago
Who else is watching this in 2021 and forgot this was 2 years ago and said where are their masks
Crystal Clough
Crystal Clough 3 months ago
I have seen you
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