We Stayed In A Japanese Capsule Hotel

Tyler Williams
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Hello! We are back (for at least this one video)! Here is our experience at a capsule hotel in Tokyo, Japan last May! We slept in small pods and ate giant gyoza, it was a ~good time~.
A big thank you to the Bay Hotel in Ginza and to Amanda for helping us produce the video!
You can check out the Bay Hotel here: www.bay-hotel.jp/ginza/eng/
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Apr 10, 2019




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Comments 7 423
Tyler Williams
Tyler Williams 3 months ago
hello!! here is a video that we filmed almost a year ago - and we finally got it out! i hope that you guys enjoy it!!
KitKitten 5 days ago
get a perm, get a perm, get a perm, get a perm
Britta Olson
Britta Olson 6 days ago
Tyler Williams those scrubs look like American prison garb.
Nicholas bourbaki
You and saf need to go to bunny island in japan
virginia santillan
No way would I be able to sleep in that !!! nor eat out of those vending machines..way to claustrophobic
Samuel Hwang
Samuel Hwang 8 days ago
Would not do, but cool that a capsule could fit your beefy self. 👍
Kat Heilman
Kat Heilman 56 minutes ago
I low key loved ur just whisper vlog lol
creations landscape designs
I'm definitely visiting Japan for 2021, and would would totally spend an entire week in one of these pods
Heather Gilbert
Heather Gilbert 2 hours ago
How is she so gorgeous without makeup?????
Jane’s Corner
Jane’s Corner 2 hours ago
This video reminds me of how Jazz’s capsule thing in the book Artemis
Mochi PJAMas
Mochi PJAMas 3 hours ago
I do not know enough words in enough languages to express the amount of HELL NO I feel about this idea. I'm so claustrophobic, just thinking about it gives me anxiety. I don't even tuck in the top sheet in my bed! *shudder*
Kitty Richardson
Kitty Richardson 4 hours ago
I guess maybe 20 years ago or so, either maybe 60 minutes or 20/20 went to these. These seem bigger and those were sort of rounded, so it was not the same height all around it. I believe it was clear maybe plastic. That there was material hanging down to give you privacy.
brenda stamey
brenda stamey 7 hours ago
I wonder if they offer special pods for the disabled, who have a hard time climbing the ladder or getting in and out of the lower pods .
Julia Ya that’s it
She looks so pretty without makeup
Mindenféle Műsorok
Okay this is so fucking cool 😏
life with Kitty kittens
I wish that it was capsule hotel's in sweden
Nedelcu Ecaterina Angela Rose
You two are adorably weird. Love watching your videos. You rock
Jaamera Anderson
Jaamera Anderson 11 hours ago
Don’t u have to exchange us money for japan money
May Kim Vy Bang Vo 6Y Vestskolen
Are you asian tyler
Aestruel 14 hours ago
The only question on my head is where the non binary floor is
Hannah Czarnecki
Hannah Czarnecki 16 hours ago
If there were lockable doors on those pods it would be like a coffin, but great incase a zombie apocalypse broke out cause you could stay there until things settled down a little before moving on.
manybugs 16 hours ago
Hmmmm what if a dad brings a daughter but she has anxiety when he leaves her 😶
Hannie Stories
Hannie Stories 12 hours ago
stop talking bout me lol
Wee NacFeegle
Wee NacFeegle 18 hours ago
Suggestion for a drinking game: whenever you hear the word 'like' take a swig. You'll be wasted ten minutes in.
BellaCin7783 23 hours ago
Clearly this is for people who don't have claustrophobia. These look like fancy coffins
Make videos about the original countries that you guys came from. Stop exploiting Japanese culture for your videos.
Cari D
Cari D Day ago
Pod people!!
Cari D
Cari D Day ago
Why am I JUST NOW finding these two? I HAD to subscribe! These 2 are hysterical!
Si_ Ncity
Si_ Ncity Day ago
5:56 that's Jeffree Star😦...
Long Legs Legs
Why do I not like the girl in this video. Something about her bothers me. Would not be friends with her.
Annabelle Cochrane
Claustrophobia entered the chat
Rachel Brianna
claustrophobia has entered the chat
Sasha T.
Sasha T. Day ago
All I hear is "like...like..like"
Cara Krzyzanowski
I would LOVE staying in one of those ... but, my middle aged bladder ... :(
BRUHssel Sprouts
They just remind me of the clone barracks in Star Wars
P B Day ago
I feel safer to know the genders are segregated as a girl. Too many scary stories at shared hostels.
Tasoq Day ago
I'd love to go to one of these but I think i'd get a little claustrophobic.
Tinagirl Travels
Just curious, what is all the luggage in the lobby? Do you leave your suitcases there?
Taryn My Heart
Her: "Goodbyye" Him: "Go to your floor" *me & my bf*
Brie The Princess
The men’s area was wayyyy nicer lol
Rhedius 33
Rhedius 33 2 days ago
i would love a capsule bed in my room so i have way more room
Ruby1april 2 days ago
What happens if your hella tall
purplebutterfly 2 days ago
Y'all look like a vampire couple wearing all that black.
Coyte Coyte
Coyte Coyte 2 days ago
“I don’t remember taking off my shirt” Me thats happened to me before!!
AnAutumnWind 2 days ago
One good earthquake and those capsules will be coffins.
Clever Puppy Studios
It'd be cool if places like this could be set up specifically for Homeless people so they can get privacy and a nice place to sleep at night.
julie harris
julie harris 2 days ago
I love you guys your the cutest cupple you were made for each other I am totally shiping you
It’s Just Me, Louise
U should post more!!!
erin the egg
erin the egg 2 days ago
Tyler needs to make more videos!! I thought this video was from safiya’s channel lol
Fadi Jajo
Fadi Jajo 2 days ago
I watch your videos bc I love your voice only 😂
Oya Lazam
Oya Lazam 2 days ago
Yeah but what happenes if you have claustrophobia?
bluebull2006 2 days ago
Show the r rates footage
Freespiritnell 2 days ago
i wonder if they make pods that you can share with like a significant other 🤔
Wunderbar 20
Wunderbar 20 2 days ago
I'm claustrophobic, sorry.
laudanum669 2 days ago
What? No transgender floor?
April 2 days ago
I need Tyler asmr channel IMMEDIATELY
Next videos
Thank you
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