We Spent 24 Hours in a REAL LIFE Minecraft House!

FaZe Rug
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• Ryan's Video - ruvid.net/video/video-fUUAQ5E-u6o.html
My friend Ryan Trahan and I decided to build a life size Minecraft home in my driveway, and we spent 24 hours inside.. IT WAS SO COOL!
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Jun 26, 2019




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Comments 12 157
FaZe Rug
FaZe Rug 8 months ago
subscribe & the minecraft home will be yours FOREVER
King Stang
King Stang 5 days ago
Do it again, just be more realistic with it!!
Lucas Valle
Lucas Valle 20 days ago
What happend to dominos pizza you orderd papa jones
Fluid QuickestJolt
Fluid QuickestJolt 22 days ago
Emyli Vera
Emyli Vera 26 days ago
Faze rug I love your video
Emyli Vera
Emyli Vera 26 days ago
FaZe Rug hi am your biggest fan pls reply
Juan Pardo
Juan Pardo 12 hours ago
100 out of 10
KkCc123 Day ago
Damian Rosas
Damian Rosas Day ago
Faze can u do me a favor can u shoutout jdxo and jdxo 93 put the first none and the one that says dee
Ryan Wachter
Ryan Wachter Day ago
rug is out to because when mama rug tried to scare them he went outside
Chris Camacho
Chris Camacho 2 days ago
Lydel Gabucan
Lydel Gabucan 3 days ago
TBH I'm kind of dissappionted because it's not what I was expecting from the thumbnail so it feels like I was click baited. (Peace)
Jcket 3 days ago
10 hours + score of 10 = 10/10
Shani 4 days ago
When Ryan said he was 6 ft 8 the reminded me how my friend always calls my tall friend 7ft 8 when she is like 5 ft 3
Eva Jezernik
Eva Jezernik 4 days ago
Wu Johan
Wu Johan 4 days ago
Omfg did anyone thought that faze rug crashed into the bed and the table when he drove the car??
lil Summer
lil Summer 5 days ago
Omg u made cry
King Stang
King Stang 5 days ago
Do it again, just be more realistic with it!!
chlo !
chlo ! 6 days ago
his dog omg :((
HyperPlayz Hyper
HyperPlayz Hyper 6 days ago
I have duh
HyperPlayz Hyper
HyperPlayz Hyper 6 days ago
I did check it out firsttt
max pro
max pro 7 days ago
Cryptz 7 days ago
Some people say that the Minecraft house is still there to this day.
Ruben Leus
Ruben Leus 8 days ago
16:31 you must die if you do so
Mxrcy 8 days ago
Live there
Becky Coney
Becky Coney 8 days ago
I love Minecraft and I love your Minecraft house
Leonard Fruehauf
Leonard Fruehauf 9 days ago
Kai Hamilton
Kai Hamilton 9 days ago
Minecraft is never dead even with fortnite came out it's never dead
Ybn Barbie
Ybn Barbie 9 days ago
skrt skrt
skrt skrt 9 days ago
the sad montage is my brain after any of my friends leave me
apex player
apex player 9 days ago
Why didn't you tip that guy he's the nicest guy i ever seen
Trash Beats Only
Trash Beats Only 9 days ago
Playing wet hand while building a house with wet hands
Foxy's Funhouse
Foxy's Funhouse 10 days ago
Did you notice a rug of faze rug
Crypt Gaming
Crypt Gaming 11 days ago
Can you put it on eBay or something?
The Norris Nuts Fan
Me playz minecraft
Daniel Godoy
Daniel Godoy 12 days ago
dont mind me im just passing by in 2020
Bille Kamouche
Bille Kamouche 12 days ago
1 GOOGOL/ 10
HenstaBoy 13 days ago
I did that And I would LIVE there
gatchatuber lover
gatchatuber lover 15 days ago
Sydney McDonald
Sydney McDonald 15 days ago
I LOVE MINECRAFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
FYS_MilYT 15 days ago
No one is going to talk about them not saying the address to the pizza place
Lobardo Valencia
Lobardo Valencia 15 days ago
I would
Lobardo Valencia
Lobardo Valencia 15 days ago
I would stay in the house
GMx 15 days ago
Candles in cardboard house 🤔
Asher Dimonte
Asher Dimonte 16 days ago
Mitchell Burrows
Mitchell Burrows 17 days ago
“Where’s the cobble stone?!”
Estephany Nieto
Estephany Nieto 17 days ago
No b
Dale Russell
Dale Russell 17 days ago
I rede bit one
Eve Kam
Eve Kam 19 days ago
JOEL VASQUEZ 19 days ago
means my little brother did it when we were 6 and 7 and we put a ps3 in and played
munim khaliq
munim khaliq 20 days ago
yo :)
John Kraft
John Kraft 20 days ago
I don’t know if it’s just me but the pizza delivery guy sounded like Rex from Toy Story
Lucas Rasmussen
Lucas Rasmussen 20 days ago
YO faze rug i know what you can do for your video you should make a fortnight house please do it I want to see it and spend 24 hours in it please do it
B O K E T T O 22 days ago
How to you jump on top of the roof if you can only jump a block high?
Gaylene Kepa
Gaylene Kepa 22 days ago
I rate a 100
VorteXGalaxy 22 days ago
*Plot twist: Minecraft Doesn’t have Pizza* 😅
fakegameU eggi boi
fakegameU eggi boi 22 days ago
You only spent 12 hours in there
Gregory Y Chingas
Gregory Y Chingas 22 days ago
This house is AWESOME. I would DEFINITELY stay here overnight.
cruz 23 days ago
I OWN Minecraft
YooaanPlayXz 24 days ago
Hawk Man
Hawk Man 24 days ago
Plot twist this is actually Minecraft with ray tracing, shaders, and ultra realistic texture pack.
Jose Rascon
Jose Rascon 25 days ago
7:00 don't think I didn't see you with those full send chanclas
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*_imagine_* if it *rained*
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