We Smuggled Ourselves Into New York's Abandoned City Hall Station

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Terence Krey

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Aug 28, 2017




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Greek Railways
7:58 I suggest you go to the old athens central railway station building, or the 2004 olympics metro station which is still open but most trains dont stop there and its not really used.
Greek Railways
is that allowed?
Nomis vagabond
Nomis vagabond 10 days ago
Convert this into the best underground skateboard park in the world 👳 no scooters just big ramps . . Ledges . . Sick bowls and a massive wallride 💣💥
Kenechi Buchanan
Kenechi Buchanan 10 days ago
The comment under me almsot has 666 likes....
Cori Dages
Cori Dages 13 days ago
Am I the only one who feels like they might have filmed part of 'Fantastic Beasts' there?
Michael Bobrik
Michael Bobrik 15 days ago
ruvid.net/video/video-vWF3IDk9Gek.html Check this out. Guy walks tracks from Brooklyn Bridge station to the CH station. Visits homeless camps on MTA and Amtrak lines. Then he climbs the Williamsburg Bridge.
Enid Gonzalez
Enid Gonzalez 17 days ago
0ins 20 days ago
This is Andrew Wonders video without any effort and no sense of exploration, go watch Andrew Wonder Undercity
Павел Кролл
Это гавно еще кто-то смотрит?
Blue Roots Denver TV
Why the hell doesn't someone make a blues & jazz club in there damn!
PragaMaterUrbium 27 days ago
Since you guys into city hall looping things you should go to Czech republic and visit there the "pater noster" looping elevator at the Prague city hall, it's kind of like standing between train cars that are moving up and down 😎
NitroCat Gaming
NitroCat Gaming 28 days ago
W-wait t-theres a straight white male doing buzzfeed?!
Victoria Stockman
Victoria Stockman 28 days ago
they didnt hop off???
Albin Johnsson
Albin Johnsson 29 days ago
Why are you filming when your filming? Stop role-playing “Catfish”. This is so fkn cringe and clickbaity. I sincerely hate you.
Lisa F
Lisa F Month ago
That was very cool!
BeastJohn YT
BeastJohn YT Month ago
Wait so your not aloud to be on the train on its last stop
BeastJohn YT
BeastJohn YT 26 days ago
Nichoal King it’s still up over 10 years ago
Nichoal King
Nichoal King 28 days ago
@BeastJohn YT yes they don't like it but it happens
BeastJohn YT
BeastJohn YT 28 days ago
Nichoal King have you tried it then
Nichoal King
Nichoal King Month ago
William W. Campbell-Shepherd IX
I was just screaming the whole time 'it loops around!'....finally.
rvsoccer5 Month ago
Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln Month ago
The guy's face after the camera man said "Or make an internet video about it"
Danny Manny
Danny Manny Month ago
When it all started: 1904
Dañgalan, Eirean Nico Donayre
That station looks so beautiful,why did they abondoned it?
Cheung Donny
Cheung Donny 2 months ago
i know where is an station that is close 91 Street
Player72 2 months ago
all that for 15 seconds of actual content LMFAO what a waste of a fucking video
AlgaeEater09 2 months ago
What's buzzfeed gonna do next.. smuggle candy in a movie theater? Jesus fkn christ, yall didn't smuggle anything.
Ming Sun
Ming Sun 2 months ago
You can always take the Transit Musem Tours.
Mike Borden
Mike Borden 2 months ago
Pretty cool. Except the train operator is called a motorman. The conductor operates the doors. Otherwise, the video was super cool and very interesting. Being a New Yorker myself, I had no idea we had an abandoned station below City Hall. I used to walked through there almost everyday.
GamerFX 2 months ago
Funny how they passed another abandoned station BMT City Hall Lower Level
orabella planos
orabella planos 2 months ago
Paranormal investigator, James GARCIA, "My Haunted Diary" explored all of this a good 4 years ago.. Abandoned city hall subway station special exploration/ My Haunted Diary
Dead Palooza
Dead Palooza 3 months ago
These soyboys make me cringe
Jay Strickland
Jay Strickland 3 months ago
All you have to do is buy a 50 dollar ticket from the new York transit museum.
Graveyard Spliff
Graveyard Spliff 3 months ago
What a waste of time wtf dude
Jesus Gonzalez
Jesus Gonzalez 3 months ago
Seriously, I usually don’t give thumbs down but you get one! lol
Sega 4 Life
Sega 4 Life 3 months ago
Hate to burst your bubble bro.....not hard to smuggle yourself into old city hall. Just stay on the 6, at brooklyn bridge and loop around uptown.
h 3 months ago
They didn't even show it lmao
Yogi Demis
Yogi Demis 3 months ago
Pretty cool unless you guys find a river of slime!
mustange550 3 months ago
Here guys: ruvid.net/video/video-tljxU38EPbA.html skip to 1:35
I_G6 3 months ago
Did this with friends so many times after watching this, it’s cool
adrena 3 months ago
why did they close this station
jh domino
jh domino 3 months ago
Why it is dangerous to transfer to another train car in NYC.
Kenneth Wallace
Kenneth Wallace 3 months ago
Look for a sign that reads ACME entry
Outer Haven NYC
Outer Haven NYC 3 months ago
“Smuggled”? More like “rode the 6 train through the loop”, which many, by the way, do every day! lmfao
mackenzie k
mackenzie k 4 months ago
dude you could've read the Wikipedia around for about 4 seconds and it literally says just to stay on the train while it circles back lol also, why u gotta have a cameraman for the camerman
MOO IKE 4 months ago
if the mta sees this comment, open it as a tourist attraction or some thing other than some mta visit thing
Colin R
Colin R 4 months ago
Please go to the abandoned part of hoyt schumerman station, thats where they filmed Michael Jackson his Bad music video
Andrew Marmorstein
Andrew Marmorstein 4 months ago
Instead of wasting your time watching, check out this link to book an actual official MTA tour and actually visit this station: www.nytransitmuseum.org/oldcityhall/
SuperThesaurusRex 4 months ago
When did RUvid become the history channel? This is the most staged crap I've seen since lizard lick towing
Imposter 4 months ago
Why are there so many hate comments?
Dank The Gank
Dank The Gank 4 months ago
Charlie Richart
Charlie Richart 4 months ago
Kendall K
Kendall K 4 months ago
You were on the wrong side of the street!!! Gahhh so frustrated lol
Kendall K
Kendall K 4 months ago
The entrance is not where those people said it wasssss 😭😭😭
Leo Vivas
Leo Vivas 4 months ago
My booty is full of cobwebs if you want to explore that? It’s been sealed off for years now!
Mason Mckee
Mason Mckee 5 months ago
Whastent the subway area in Ghostbusters2?
LaViLaChay 5 months ago
Shouldve got off the train and went up the stairs
MANGO ZOO 5 months ago
If you was a Black guy Jogging you would of got shot dead for trespassing White Privilege
Pepe The Great
Pepe The Great 4 months ago
no you wouldn't. You would get jumped by five blacks guys robbing you for being white black privilige and black supremacy
TSHERING LAMA 5 months ago
Visit the Beach Pneumatic Transit it was abandoned in the 1870s
Pascack Valley Line Railfan
Ok so the NY Transit museum offers about a 2 hour tour of this station. It’s only for museum members only and it’s 50$ per person. So instead of riding it you can literally explore it but they do sell out fast
Hector’s Productions
I went by the the station when I was on the subway
Jordy Talvella
Jordy Talvella 5 months ago
lisbon, Arroios metro station
thinker 71
thinker 71 5 months ago
2 idiots ....making an idiot video ...bye.
John Daryl Ocampo
John Daryl Ocampo 5 months ago
literally everyone in new york sits in 6 train and just stays for the loop to go uptown -_-
Alma Mater
Alma Mater 5 months ago
🤣🤣🤣 Every tourist in NY has already done that. Even myself...from Europe
James Hoyle
James Hoyle 6 months ago
This video was a complete waste of time
princessconsuela 6 months ago
isn’t that where they filmed that scene in fantastic beasts?
stream my mixtape for clear skin
“We smuggled ourselves in...” Proceeds to try to ask employees how to get there then just take the 6 train loop through it like anyone else can Edgy af
Absolute Madman
Absolute Madman 6 months ago
Just like the Kennington loop in London. Not really smuggling.
Collin Zaffke
Collin Zaffke 6 months ago
You guys are easily scared 😂
fravels 6 months ago
Can #shyan check this for ghost and demons (⌐■-■)
James French
James French 6 months ago
I thought it was the Moscow Metro in the thumbnail.
Glo9ksss 6 months ago
4:45 where he walked right pass a secruit guard ,so this place abandoned
Deb with Diabetes
Deb with Diabetes 6 months ago
The Jennifer lopezes train on the 6
Sheylin McGuinness
Sheylin McGuinness 6 months ago
You could try and walk on the side of the platforms to the station somehow. Idk never been on a subway before
Sydney Rossi
Sydney Rossi 6 months ago
That is so awesome
Dylan F
Dylan F 6 months ago
They were definitely shooting part of this in a WeWork
Charlie Vazquez
Charlie Vazquez 6 months ago
Any Native NYer could’ve told you...
J D 6 months ago
Awesome video gentlemen
mews56 6 months ago
Wouldn’t the question be why it hasn’t it been reopened?
El Chivo
El Chivo 6 months ago
Christian you’re a fucking idiot
Larry Grimaldi
Larry Grimaldi 6 months ago
There is a scene in a mystery novel by Linda Fairstein where the killer is chasing good guys through this station, and they are on the empty platform waving for help to the train driver and he goes whizzing right by on the loop
Nemesis 6 months ago
I can't believe I got click baited to watch a buzzfeed video
Joseph Pechenik
Joseph Pechenik 6 months ago
botalker 6 months ago
6:29 moment you, have been waiting for
Антон Ческидов
Did it a few times in 2008.
Oban Cameron
Oban Cameron 6 months ago
Zach Jones
Zach Jones 6 months ago
You the man Terrance
Morgan Shannon
Morgan Shannon 6 months ago
Patty C
Patty C 6 months ago
There’s better videos of people actually going
Moses Megalli
Moses Megalli 6 months ago
ok now what.....!
ΔΕΛΤΑ 6 months ago
Wow more fricking clickbait from the deteriorating channel - at least they aren’t making snowman bongs like vice.
Eric Lutz
Eric Lutz 6 months ago
Two clueless dudes.
Native Doll
Native Doll 6 months ago
It’s like goin back in time
Native Doll
Native Doll 6 months ago
I’ve been in there
Grin 6 months ago
I feel like I'm watching a pirated film
Brandon Santchell
Brandon Santchell 6 months ago
91 street
VASHNA NERADA 7 months ago
At 6/59......onwards you see some lovely art deco style glass I bet it looked lovely in its day...
Niko Kourouklis
Niko Kourouklis 7 months ago
Damn it. Thought it would be a good video, but saw BUZZFEED.
Teresa Wilkinson
Teresa Wilkinson 7 months ago
Gosh what a beautiful place!, isn't it a shame that they don't organise tours, all that gorgeous artwork hidden away along with all that history 😪
Alan Haroskewicz
Alan Haroskewicz 7 months ago
Waste of time !! It could have been 1 minute long.
Stella Blue
Stella Blue 7 months ago
Jeez, how disappointing! I thought you actually would get off the train and show us something interesting! I've done this little ride myself and if you blink your eyes you miss the station, nothing really to see.
G. Lopez
G. Lopez 7 months ago
That was amazing!! I love New York City history. I was born in Manhattan. My birthplace!
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