We React to Al Pacino & Girlfriend Splitting

The Real Daytime
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Real fam, could you date someone with a 39-year age gap?


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Feb 23, 2020




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Ron Garvin
Ron Garvin 20 days ago
How is a genius and she is a bitter gold digger that didn't get what she was after. Shaming language is always what women bring up following The Break-Up, especially when they lost. Always remember gentlemen, NEVER get married
Kaylah Glasgow
Kaylah Glasgow Month ago
Tam was speaking FACTS!
T D Month ago
Tameras reaction at 1:07 is hilarious when Jeannie said if you “vibe” you vibe
chelsey garrett
chelsey garrett Month ago
It isn't about age but it has much to do with where you are in your life.
Connie Month ago
Jeannie look though 💣💥
Krezcely Borja
Krezcely Borja 2 months ago
I respect couples with huge age gaps.. But sometimes i think couples with 30 or 40 years difference i think something like, so when he was 30 she was 1 y.o.. I mean, im single so a part of thinks that my soul mate hasn't even been born yet 😂👍
buddhism daily
buddhism daily 2 months ago
But had he given her that diamond ring, big house, mercedes and boob job she would not give a damn about his age. Why did you start a relationship in the 1st place? You knew he was 40 yrs older from day 1. Its not like he lied. You chose an older man and when he did not shower you with exorbitance you wanna call it quits? Huhhh?
Loveystar78 cloud
Loveystar78 cloud 2 months ago
I'm with Tam. How you gon' grow old with somebody that already has 39 year head start? I know they say age ain't nothin but a number, but 39 is HUGE age difference! He's almost 2 generations older than her. Probably got grand-kids her age.
joe33334 2 months ago
She knew he was 40 years older on the first date. Don't you have your own money? You were counting on his? And if you were in it for the money, it took you 2 years to realize he ain't giving it to you? A smart person would have realized this in a few months and would have been out of there and on to their next mark.
peachesandpoets 2 months ago
I love lonnis top
x Miuna x
x Miuna x 2 months ago
Loni lookin like a whole snack today ❤️ the girls are out to play amd that colour looks fab on her
Stacy Rancho
Stacy Rancho 2 months ago
Tam is so funny sometimes without trying to be
Erica Anon
Erica Anon 2 months ago
“Men are precious when they know what they want.” That was sweet ❤️
Kimberly Sam
Kimberly Sam 2 months ago
Tam is cutting up TUH DAY!
madison chris
madison chris 2 months ago
Idk, id be out too if someone only gave me flowers after two years of dating and he had millions. F that girl, you dodged a bullet and saved yourself from grief. I don't like that the girls on the panel attacked her in this one. I mean come on she would leave a 30 year old man if he pulled that crap.
Christian Lady
Christian Lady 2 months ago
I can’t be with a man who only gave me flowers 💐 🌺
Lauren Mahon
Lauren Mahon 2 months ago
I have 10 Ur gap ,,, my friend has 20yr gap and its starting to show now his old and she is not 😑 it's awful for her xx
Hansen Says Take A Seat
Al wasn't gonna give her money They been together 4 a min She probably thought she'd get a ring on it or be left with money Al came put winnin lol
Dr Walter Tonetto
Dr Walter Tonetto 3 months ago
*bitches brew!* #NotMe
Desire Tesi
Desire Tesi 3 months ago
Yo’all be sleeping on TAM TAM😂😂😂😂😂👌
Retired Early 53
Retired Early 53 3 months ago
They forget to mention that Al Pacino , probably spend a fortune on this woman ( MEALS , TRIPS ETC) !!!!
Tina 3 months ago
I love my Tamera she is being the realist person on the real today
TRAVIS ANTHONY 3 months ago
I love tamera lol
Regina 3 months ago
Tamera cracks me up!
sam w
sam w 3 months ago
She was just in for the cash and just mad that she didn't get any.
Candace Henry
Candace Henry 3 months ago
Lonis faces😂😂 cracking me up
Ashley Hubbard
Ashley Hubbard 3 months ago
Tam!!!! I agree 💯 percent!!!!! 😂😂😂
Ashley Hubbard
Ashley Hubbard 3 months ago
"what if he was old Jeezy versus Young Jeezy?" 😂😂😂 Hilarious!!!!
brooklynforever1990 3 months ago
Tamara voice “I couldn’t do it!” and “l love sex and I can’t be on edge thinking is he gonna make it through this one!” ⚰️😂🤣
E. T.G
E. T.G 3 months ago
Loni’s face when Adrienne said “we have the same age difference as jayz and Beyoncé” 😂😂😂😂😂
Rachel L.
Rachel L. 3 months ago
Tamera is so funny😂😂😂
#!1Besh638 3 months ago
Tam gets to the facts! Love it🤧😂
Billionairess 3 months ago
Old Jeezy. lmao Amanda
Risse Wagez
Risse Wagez 3 months ago
Adrienne was uncomfortable the whole time Tam was talking. Then she bust out saying "people be acting like I married a man that is 40 yrs older" What people? Where that come from? Cause she was thinking, "damm is this what people think about me?" 😳
Risse Wagez
Risse Wagez 3 months ago
Tamera was definitely awesome today and had me cracking up. Adrienne jumped in because she knows the age difference between her and Israel is creepy. That picture of the two of them on the beach in the beginning of thier relationship 😳🤪 I believe it's more than just the number if years but also the actually age. 17 years older when you are 20 is different than when you 40. Adrienne looks like she is dating her father. But anyway, Age difference doesn't matter much once you older cuz at a certain point we just all old lol
Glenda Rashanna
Glenda Rashanna 3 months ago
Me and my man have a 12 year difference, I love it!
Marquis 3 months ago
Tam 😅😅😅😅😅
Chim Link
Chim Link 3 months ago
Tamera with the straight face and her comment HAS ME IN STITCHES!!! Girl you are hilarious to me!
Nellie K. Adaba
Nellie K. Adaba 3 months ago
Genial Gigi
Genial Gigi 3 months ago
Lol...Tam. Totally there with you.
Jocelyn Manislovich
Jocelyn Manislovich 3 months ago
Lmfaoooo I love tam 🤣🤣❤️
Tariro Mubobo
Tariro Mubobo 3 months ago
Tamera killed me.Lord im dead😂😂😂😂😂
Timothy Alexzander Carthan II
79!!!!! Damn he 80yrs old
Baybeeh Mushie
Baybeeh Mushie 3 months ago
Alondra Romo
Alondra Romo 3 months ago
Ol’ Jeeezzzzyyy
Kenneth Drake
Kenneth Drake 3 months ago
Smh loni they weren’t married
Olivianne Jb
Olivianne Jb 3 months ago
Loni looks beautiful here. She looks like an elegant Queen.
kjdnyhmghfvb 3 months ago
Listen the People say he has been cheap though, he made millions of dollars and would duck the dry cleaner bills, so...research, that's all I can tell you.
kjdnyhmghfvb 3 months ago
Al Pacino had a girlfriend?
Vine Ramazani
Vine Ramazani 3 months ago
Yooo 😂 look at loni’s face at 2:52 😂
Johnnese P
Johnnese P 3 months ago
Tam Tam is a whole mood lol! I couldn't do it. 39 years is a big gap in my opinion. Power to the folks that can, but like tam said I want to be able to grow old with you and for you to at least understand some important events that happened in my childhood. For me the I couldn't be with someone who is over 15 years older than me, and even that is a lot.
HDM 3 months ago
Tam is killing me. I can’t with her 😆😆😂😂🤣🤣 oh my! 😝
Ardent Amateur
Ardent Amateur 3 months ago
Jeannie and A’s makeup is on point and so flattering.
K 3 months ago
7 years is significant to me lol I think it just depends on the people. Love can’t be one size fits all
TRUE-TALK Treasure
TRUE-TALK Treasure 3 months ago
Tam STOLE the show on this!!! I LIV & LOVE!!!
Crystal Morrison
Crystal Morrison 3 months ago
My man 16 years older than me and I love him dearly
Jussica Haynes
Jussica Haynes 3 months ago
Tam has been on it with the jokes!!! 😂😂
mariyaa111 3 months ago
Adrienne always shows her insecurities!! Girl nobody was talking about you.😳
Remedy Kitchen
Remedy Kitchen 3 months ago
Did Amanda day “FUCKboys”?
Cece Offical
Cece Offical 3 months ago
Lmaoooooo Tamera got me rollling 😭😭😭😭 “I love sex” *loni’s face* 😂😂
rohlehr 3 months ago
Lmao Tamera kept it all the way real today! 😂😂😂😂 Keeping it real it's still weird to hear her say "I love sex," though.
butterfliesblue1 3 months ago
Beyonce was 19 when she started dating Jayz. That's predatory at that age.
Madona Tadros
Madona Tadros 3 months ago
Y’all don’t understand the dangers of dating someone who’s cheap because they’re not only cheap with their money, they cheap with their words, their feelings, their actions. Cheap men are the worst, definitely a deal breaker for me!
PurelyAfrican 3 months ago
She dated him for the cash, when she didn't get it- she was like "uhh deuces!...where's my PART of the deal?" lol! 😂
Caramel Lisha
Caramel Lisha 3 months ago
i love this tam her personality is everything lmao
Yanna Positive
Yanna Positive 3 months ago
Tam is so cute!
Doyin M
Doyin M 3 months ago
Tam tam I’m with you girl haha
-Truth -Hurts-
-Truth -Hurts- 3 months ago
She's mad because he wouldnt share the bag. Her game didn't work. 🤷‍♀️
SAli 3 months ago
Adrienne isnt even a momma and israel is a whole ass grandpa. Hm.
Ruth Arana
Ruth Arana 3 months ago
He’s cheap😂😂😂😂😂
Benita Michaels
Benita Michaels 3 months ago
Tam honey you nailed it, thank for the honesty
Arlynn em
Arlynn em 3 months ago
Tamera is my fav 😂😂😂 2:04
DEMETRIUS Avenger Ironman
Smart man not getting broke behind a young sexy face. 79 you learn not be no fool your money and women not married too safe distance
NM 3 months ago
No cheap man gettin this pussy. FOH
Dee Song
Dee Song 3 months ago
Love Tam!! She’s on point.
The Demiurger
The Demiurger 3 months ago
Dm dicks tam...dm dicks
bria 3 months ago
i am CRYING “the whole point is to grow old together and he’s already there” 😭😭😭
-. A
-. A 3 months ago
Isn’t James older than Loni? How old is he?
Softball Mom
Softball Mom 3 months ago
She didn't mind the age difference when she got with him.
Veronica Christopher
Age absolutely matters.
Multifaceted 3 months ago
Tamera so fuckin funny
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