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Remember the hit TV show, Silent Library, on MTV? Well welcome to the smaller budget Silent Library by MEEE. I'm here to steal the show to bring you back the silent but deadly challenges we all loved then, and now again. This is the quietest you will ever see our friend group be. Watch us silently scream through three testing challenges for a chance to win the REALLY rewarding grand prize. Thanks for watching baby boos! Episode two, coming soon...
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Producer: Jason Chen
Supervising Producer: Tracy Chitupatham
Production Assistant: Kari Gatson
Creative Directors: Liza Koshy and Cory Pitkavish (@korywithastory)
Videographers: Cory Pitkavish, Evan Butka, Ben Meredith
Editors: Cory Pitkavish and Liza Koshy
Sound: Leo Chor
Production Designer: Ben Ralston
Art Director: Yesha Hayes
Set Dresser: Gabriel Gonzales
3D Artist: Duncan Rawlings
Music: BBGUNS (@bbgunspgh)

Thank you for watching!
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Jun 19, 2019




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Comments 16 264
Muzz Buzz
Muzz Buzz 8 hours ago
Zane: *Farts and blows up the metor* Zane : (2 seconds later) gets the skull Me: THATS WHAT YOU GET FOR FARTING
Rebecca Almazan
Rebecca Almazan 18 hours ago
7:06 I was gasping for air and it is 2 am 🤣🤣😂😂😂😂🤦‍♀️
X x Ù w Ú G A C H A ‘ S x X
Zane x Lisa Matt x Lisa David x Lisa
liv willick
liv willick Day ago
More silent libary
emily murphy
emily murphy Day ago
i laughed so hard on this
ZLE EP 3 days ago
Isnt it suppose to be silent not wisper lop
Parineeta Satao
Parineeta Satao 4 days ago
Is Liza wearing lock shaped earings??? Love those !!!!!! ☺️😊👍👌
Avocadoen_Ali 4 days ago
I lost it at 7:00 😂
Ninja Boy Ethan
Ninja Boy Ethan 4 days ago
What if a girl got the first challenge 😮
Addison Oxley
Addison Oxley 5 days ago
6:54 The Way She Fell
Addison Oxley
Addison Oxley 5 days ago
5:05 the face heath makes
Addison Oxley
Addison Oxley 5 days ago
0:34 Anyone notice she is wearing 1 lock for an earing
Addison Oxley
Addison Oxley 5 days ago
0:30 OHHHHH That Hat Flip
Julios mind
Julios mind 6 days ago
Zane needs some better underwear lol
Sindi the potato
Sindi the potato 6 days ago
that cheerleader really looked like she was enjoying herself what liza ever do to her????
TaylorAvery XOX
TaylorAvery XOX 6 days ago
This is like the best asmr
Vanesa Perez
Vanesa Perez 7 days ago
What happend to taco the turtle???
Fluffy Puppy12
Fluffy Puppy12 8 days ago
This was published on my bday
Savana Gooch
Savana Gooch 8 days ago
You should do a silent library as Jet. That would be legit
Macy yolo
Macy yolo 9 days ago
7:41 I almost crying of laughter so funny my chest hurts😂😂
Ryosuke Fukuchi
Ryosuke Fukuchi 9 days ago
mellonie Newman
mellonie Newman 9 days ago
I LOVE IT I'm not a quiet person
Francesca John
Francesca John 10 days ago
MARIAH AT 6:59 😂😂😂😂😂☠️☠️☠️☠️💀💀💀💀💀😂😂😂😂😂
Julie A
Julie A 10 days ago
This was more entertaining and hilarious than the original MTV one
Ella B
Ella B 10 days ago
I was in the ground laughing to the point of crying after rewatching the Velcro suits 😂 my mum though I had a real big problem
Skull Crusher
Skull Crusher 10 days ago
Hey guys, search up Azerzz because he looks just like Liza imo
Muffet 11 days ago
Dat amsr thoooo
Sebastian Aquino
Sebastian Aquino 11 days ago
i am also playing silent library watching this @ school trying not to laugh lmaoo
SeaDragon WaterFish
I laughed so hard I started crying
valeria ambriz
valeria ambriz 11 days ago
Since im a child i saw zane rip those little pants u was laughing SO HARD😂
Eronne Kelly
Eronne Kelly 11 days ago
I felt like I had to be silent as well this was so hard
Stephanie Kattar
Stephanie Kattar 11 days ago
I LOVE these videos
Sharon Hart
Sharon Hart 12 days ago
When the baby is born 7:00
Helga 12 days ago
Helga Helga Helga Helga Helga Helga Helga Helga Helga Helga Helga Helga Helga Helga Helga
Yeet Yeet
Yeet Yeet 12 days ago
Bet the next one is gonna be like a sandwich or something
Veronica ftw
Veronica ftw 12 days ago
the cheerleader wasn’t having it damn
Julie M.R
Julie M.R 12 days ago
Am I the only one who stayed quiet hahahaha
Ava Chadwick
Ava Chadwick 12 days ago
6:28 watch Liza’s face 😂 my stomach hurts 😂
Kali Lima
Kali Lima 13 days ago
i loved this
mizzy and more
mizzy and more 13 days ago
why is this the funniest video i’ve watched lol
R E L A X 14 days ago
OMG I was laughing quietly, I dont know why but I tried to make no sound out of my laughing LooL
Af.ro_21 Yt
Af.ro_21 Yt 14 days ago
What if Kristen Liza Mariah got it in the first round 😬😬😬😬😬😳😳😳😳😳
Jane Phua
Jane Phua 14 days ago
7:02 this looks like zane giving birth to Liza 😂
BoOk bOoK
BoOk bOoK 15 days ago
Matt is so tall
Yasmin Merchant - Art Vlogs
Liza is so awesome ☺️
Axolotl._.draws 15 days ago
juan_rosalino 888
juan_rosalino 888 15 days ago
Love this video part 7:00 and 7:22😂😂 had me cracking up
Anonymous Person
Anonymous Person 15 days ago
8:52 that random Mulan reference though
David Gray
David Gray 16 days ago
Ok in 2019 this LIza Koshy is my favorite entertainer (she is the 2019 lucy ball )
Elelwani Malenga
Elelwani Malenga 16 days ago
i laughed so hard i even farted like zayne
Carie Wiebe
Carie Wiebe 17 days ago
Why did Zane have to take off his pants when they did coat chest
Sarah Yousef
Sarah Yousef 18 days ago
باصيح يا رب اصير صديقتهم
Anahi Roman
Anahi Roman 18 days ago
Zane kills me I can’t 😂😂😂❤️
Emily Wiseman
Emily Wiseman 18 days ago
this whole video is like me and my friends trying to stay quite in class while we’re laughing so hard 😂
Bernadette Mercado
Bernadette Mercado 18 days ago
1:11 when me and my friends are doing something during a test in a the quietest room
3:46 me after eating
Darius Allen
Darius Allen 19 days ago
7:01 the noise Liza made
Charlie Puth
Charlie Puth 19 days ago
に、偽物????? どーゆー事だ?😂😂 From Japan 🇯🇵
Benjamin Fost
Benjamin Fost 19 days ago
Meter was RIGGED on the last challenge
Your Average Imperial Guard
Shit, this brings back some late 2000s memories.
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