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We got a basket full of secrets and we're ready to find out!
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Dec 6, 2017




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Comments 3 425
blood dragon
blood dragon 2 days ago
Chantel’s description of crying is so accurate The worst part is when you’re arguing about something I have no confidence, so when I’m trying to defend a point, I get really stressed out So usually I start crying even though my head is completely clear, and it’s really annoying because you come out as crazy and nobody gives credit to your argument if you’re crying It’s horribly frustrating
blood dragon
blood dragon 2 days ago
Honestly, Titanic is SUPER CHEESY It’s a good movie, and it gave us DiCaprio’s career so I’m thankful for that, but it would never make me cry
Abigail Vazquez
Abigail Vazquez 2 days ago
when crying im jen 8:45
uh oh stinky
uh oh stinky 6 days ago
Melinda Warren
Melinda Warren 7 days ago
I don't get the love of Titanic either and I didn't like the notebook. I am in incurable romantic, but don't get those 2 movies.
Taylor Hunt
Taylor Hunt 8 days ago
I cry every time i watch titanic
Always ARMY
Always ARMY 16 days ago
Freddie is me. Do NOT call me, I wont answer!
Audrey U'Ren
Audrey U'Ren 17 days ago
Jen swears a lot when she's not with Kristin.
Autumn Grover
Autumn Grover 19 days ago
I recognise chantels top from the style swap vid 😂
Penny Rodriguez
Penny Rodriguez 28 days ago
I’ve thrown up on my mom on a plane. It was the longest flight I have ever been on. Also she was wearing a new expensive Calvin clien jacket
Amélie Sylte
Amélie Sylte 28 days ago
I was just too young when i watched the titanic i was like 7 lol i dont know whats wrong with my family
ebonyloveivory 28 days ago
Jen: "I don't get the Titanic love." Chantel and *I* BOTH went.... "What do you mean?" at the same time😂😂😂 I was aghast. >< hahaha
Mymindmaywonder 29 days ago
I love lady like. But hate Freddy's shirt 🤦
Addison Smith
Addison Smith Month ago
one time i was at a fair with my brother and cousin and this one girl was hitting on my cousin and came to me to ask me for his phone number bc he wouldnt tell her so i was like " i got you girl" and then gave her our gradma's phone number not his
Gabrielle McGruddy
‘Oh the boat it’s cold’ love it jen 😂
Maureen Kathrein
Jen: I don't get the titanic.... Me:...................... because it's not gay enough
Lilly Alexander
Lilly Alexander Month ago
7:19 Jen attacks her board
Ana Gh.
Ana Gh. Month ago
08.37 Jen trying really hard not to be insensitive
space nugget
space nugget Month ago
Chantel omg same about the crying thing!!!!!
ithildins Month ago
Ya feel - if I don't call you back, just text back; I hate talking on the phone!!!!
Kitty Meows
Kitty Meows Month ago
Jen’s the iceberg
Charlotte Johnson
1:07 Freddie’s face had me dead
Jazmin Saavedra
Jazmin Saavedra Month ago
Jen: I didn’t cry during the titanic- oh a boat it’s cold Me: why does that sound like me?
littlean24 Month ago
Fred is my favorite, she is my friend in my imagination
Chronicle Magpie
Jen: *doesnt cry during the Titanic* Also Jen: "I cry at movies a lot"
gailjj 28 days ago
I've never cried during titanic
Iulia Avram
Iulia Avram Month ago
I was 8 when i saw it and i cried titanic
Alex Lee
Alex Lee Month ago
6:40 is every gay
chicken nugget
chicken nugget Month ago
One time I cried at teenage mutant ninja turtles
Carla Whitlatch
Carla Whitlatch Month ago
Jen I am a monster to. I didn't cry while I whatched Titanic
Slim_Twixxx #Queen
Jen is so funny
Seeker 4 Life
Seeker 4 Life 2 months ago
Oh a boat, it’s cold
Alexandria Ballard
Alexandria Ballard 2 months ago
I have never seen titanic 😂 I refuse
Marina Fathy
Marina Fathy 2 months ago
I didn't cry too while watching titanic i was 11 years old when did watch it 🙈
Burrito Lover
Burrito Lover 2 months ago
I didn't cry watching Titanic either.
Carina Otos
Carina Otos 2 months ago
I did not cry during titanic same jen
brainstormed person
brainstormed person 2 months ago
Oh wow ... in Germany, everyone eats Pizzas on their own 😂😂
Kids Winsor
Kids Winsor 2 months ago
Jen is my favourite she's funny
The Slimer
The Slimer 2 months ago
Roses are red violet s are blue I love lady like how about you
Jami Godfrey
Jami Godfrey 2 months ago
Jens me when it comes to titanic 😂🤦🏼‍♀️
Nova.cos. Deku
Nova.cos. Deku 2 months ago
I have I completely bleed through my pants at school
Shapipi Willson
Shapipi Willson 2 months ago
Jen: says anything Me: MEEEEEEEEE
Lane Thibodeaux
Lane Thibodeaux 2 months ago
Jennnnn I’m in love 😍🤣
Caroline Krell
Caroline Krell 2 months ago
B Tarunicka
B Tarunicka 2 months ago
Awhh it ended ☹️
chelsea mae
chelsea mae 2 months ago
low key in love with jen
silver_moon 16
silver_moon 16 3 months ago
I've never seen the Titanic or the notebook, not even Romeo and Juliet.
Claire Adams
Claire Adams 3 months ago
"It was sitting on a concrete ledge above a concrete floor" So, why did you think your phone screen wouldn't crack?
Turkey Sandwich
Turkey Sandwich 3 months ago
I didn't cry during the notebook
Turkey Sandwich
Turkey Sandwich 3 months ago
Actually in theaters when you see something and someone is crying it does something to like not make you cry... Idk... That's what our acting teacher told us.
Nataleigh Brewer
Nataleigh Brewer 3 months ago
Never have I ever thrown up on someone: I HAVE...
Vivie Jackson
Vivie Jackson 3 months ago
Jen: never have I ever thrown up on someone Me:I threw up on my mum before
Krista Sparling
Krista Sparling 3 months ago
I'm literally making a pizza to eat by myself as I watch this bahaha
Irena Teague
Irena Teague 3 months ago
No one asks Jen for her number?! DID I HEAR THAT RIGHT? And here I am watching this whole damn video just thinking wow I’m so gay and then she says that and I’m just shook
Ash Perskn
Ash Perskn 3 months ago
I cried once in front of my whole grab 😁 It was great.. 😑
user 258
user 258 3 months ago
What was the movie Freddie was talking about ??
Zoey Christensen
Zoey Christensen 3 months ago
I don’t like talking on the phone either Freddie
Yodele Ladejobi
Yodele Ladejobi 3 months ago
Chantel talking about crying is literally me 😭😭😭😭😭😭
Irene -
Irene - 3 months ago
Jen I love you
james novak
james novak 3 months ago
I also don't understand the titanic 😂😂
creepypasta fan
creepypasta fan 3 months ago
Question : did u ever cry when watching titanic? Me : no I laghed while watching it
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