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We got a basket full of secrets and we're ready to find out!
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Dec 6, 2017

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Comments 3 370
Safi Hurley
Safi Hurley 4 hours ago
Is it me or does Channel remind me a little of Tasha Zapata from blind spot
mrs11w 2 days ago
titanic? I'm with Jen.
Symphony Lee
Symphony Lee 3 days ago
Jen in the january video you said u threw up on someone
mack_ 05
mack_ 05 3 days ago
I’ve watched the Titanic bunches of times and have never cried while watching it
Sasha Nathan
Sasha Nathan 3 days ago
I had someone sobbing on my shoulder for like 20 mins and I didn’t even shed a tear. I didn’t know how much of a monster I was until that
kibeom 4 days ago
i didn't cry while watching titanic either, i dont get iiiit lmao
Grace Bunch
Grace Bunch 4 days ago
"Oh the boat,its cold." Jen 2017
Mahwish Amir
Mahwish Amir 4 days ago
Jen not crying during titanic and not liking it is my friend exactly.!!!
Jen- I dont reallt get the titanic love Chantel- What do you mean!?!?!?!? Jen- I just dont get it Also jen- I-Is A bOaT......CoLd
Makenna Johnson
Makenna Johnson 5 days ago
I threw up on my cousin because I wasn’t felling good and we were on the school bus btw I’m only 11 and well she wanted to go home and so did I so she said if u throw up throw up on me! So I did
Halie Bartolome
Halie Bartolome 5 days ago
"Oh the boat... it's cold" -jen 💀💀
Iluminado Martinez
I have not wached the titanic(btw sorry for my horoble speling)
Lynn 6 days ago
I can't really take the romance in Titanic seriously cuz they've knoen each other for like one day and that's it
Gen f
Gen f 6 days ago
i actually have a story. so i’m playing along and when we got to the ‘never have i ever cried in public’ yes i have and it was because i was having a panic attack like a huge panic attack so my oldest brother (16) just sat there with me and hugged me while everyone just stared at me.
Kashyap Bellur
Kashyap Bellur 6 days ago
I love Jen's hair!!!
AudOldEnds 7 days ago
I just finished eating a whole dominoes pizza
Sister_ Squad
Sister_ Squad 7 days ago
Me 7 days ago
I only cried watching Titanic bc of children dying which gets me really hard lmao
Just Curious
Just Curious 7 days ago
I have never gone comando Like if you haven’t either
Stella Ingo
Stella Ingo 8 days ago
On the Titanic one I was like. Haha I laughed through the whole movie. Yes, I laughed through the Titanic🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️😂👍
CT1010101 8 days ago
I had nightmares of being trapped in the water after watching Titanic.
Londyn Whitfield
Londyn Whitfield 8 days ago
Jen: I never cry 😭 I’m a rebel Me : I don’t either The rest of the girls: crying at the movies watching Shrek
Caity Tv
Caity Tv 9 days ago
I haven’t thrown up since 2nd grade😩👀
Gymnast Jenna
Gymnast Jenna 9 days ago
Men is a l
Rebecca Delfosse
Rebecca Delfosse 10 days ago
Glass screen protectors work well for your phone it shatters before your phone does. They last to.
Madyson Reed
Madyson Reed 12 days ago
Very first date I ever had in high school. Shattered my phone and cried and called my parents to come pick me up.
Kiara Animefan
Kiara Animefan 12 days ago
2:18 I kinda think everyone could say yes to this. If you were a baby, you almost definitely threw up on someone at some point. It's just something babies do. So even if you don't remember, just ask your parents or siblings and they'll confirm it.
Dizzy 12 days ago
Chantel crying daily is me
Jaylaraquel & Bri Bri
I love you guys channel I have been binges watching since last night!! You guys are doing I think I would love to do some of you guys challenges on my channel if that’s okay with you!!??? And I will credit you! P.s. this channel is so fun!
Animals by Alex
Animals by Alex 12 days ago
Everyone has thrown up on someone. Babies burp up every time after they eat...
ginny wp
ginny wp 13 days ago
I didn't like Titanic either! I've only ever heard other women who aren't straight say that the Titanic romance didn't do anything for them. Confirming my theories, Jen!
Rylie Hawthorne
Rylie Hawthorne 13 days ago
Chantel and Jen are kinda like bffs
Lalababa 432
Lalababa 432 17 days ago
jen: ohhh the boat...it's cold😂😂
Makeup with Rose
Makeup with Rose 20 days ago
I love Jen she is soooooooooooo pretty
Natalie Cavazos
Natalie Cavazos 21 day ago
Everyone threw up on someone aka your parents
The Queen
The Queen 22 days ago
1:30 Notice how they all lifted their boards
Jessi Wirey
Jessi Wirey 23 days ago
Like zendaya
Jessi Wirey
Jessi Wirey 23 days ago
I cried at school once because my friend said she did not li
Roka Hossam
Roka Hossam 23 days ago
me or the dying girl the first I watch didn't cry
Lilli's Realm
Lilli's Realm 25 days ago
I didn’t cry at movies or tv shows. But my eyes water like wind makes my eyes water, the cold, the heat like it’s sucks i also have since so my eyes are watering and I’m sniffling and people are like “are you ok?!?!?” And I’m just like “yes I’m just weird
Zambie-Girl-1o1 25 days ago
I love Titanic but never cried while watching it
N A S A 26 days ago
“Oh the boat... its cold” M O O D
Halz and Saddi
Halz and Saddi 27 days ago
Jen: I didn’t cry in titanic, I just don’t get it Also Jen: I cry in movies a lot
yolo 28 days ago
Lmao Chantel is a monster if yuall don’t know what I’m talkin about watch the Mumbai and La box exchange
Gracie Dlugosh
Gracie Dlugosh 28 days ago
When they say “imma call you now so you have my number” just say “my phone cards out sorry
Softxweep •
Softxweep • Month ago
My dog threw up on me.. then I threw up on my dog...
muraing cookies
muraing cookies Month ago
I use to cut my ex boyfriends hair don't know why he left me
ANY 206
ANY 206 Month ago
What romantic film Fred was watching??...I didn't understand her
Liza Kabir
Liza Kabir 23 days ago
the movie fred was talking about was me earl and the dying girl
Kenzie Hazzard
Kenzie Hazzard Month ago
When I get mad enough I cry. So I try not to get mad
Madeline Lewis
Madeline Lewis Month ago
I didn't cry in Titanic or watching The Notebook. I saw Me Before You in theaters twice. *SPOILER ALERT* The first time I saw it, at the end when the guy dies the theater got dead quiet and you hear one girl gasping for breath and I broke out laughing. The second time I saw it was with my grandmother and sister and they were balling their eyes out when he died and I was laughing at them.
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