We offered $350 to finish these donuts (most couldn't)

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We hosted a gummy donut eating competition to see who could finish the most donuts in ten minutes!
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We were able to snag three members of the Vat19 crew and rope them into a gummy donut eating contest! First place gets $250, second place gets $100, and third place gets $0.
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Jun 1, 2019




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Comments 100
Vat19 Year ago
Official petition to get Joey to change his name to Jawey Graves starts here! Who's with us? See other crazy gummies here! ruvid.net/video/video-7RXmNRr8x7I.html
Melanie Mejia Pinto
Melanie Mejia Pinto
John Smith
John Smith 5 days ago
Do it Joey
Charley Boyd Gacha
Charley Boyd Gacha 15 days ago
Happy pineapple Buns
How many calories (sorry if i make you guildy) my guess 2,567 calories. I hope your safe %)
Fuzzyball 446
Fuzzyball 446 27 minutes ago
If anyone knows who Matt stone is then this he would probably destroy the competion
Charlotte Brown
Charlotte Brown 11 hours ago
tbh i want to do it just for the gummys and i can eat pretty fast
Swacky 15 hours ago
Clickbait, why vat19, bad marketing skills making sad customers🤨🤨🤨🤔🤔🤔 so 250+100
Mima Kids USA
Mima Kids USA 15 hours ago
You wrote $350 and you said in the video $250
daniella Day ago
I love BTS 2 you guys are haters.
Ria Bhullar
Ria Bhullar Day ago
I would win I love candy
Jet And Sams Gaming
If i was them i would put the donuts in my mouth whole ;-;
FBI_Account 2 days ago
click bait title technicly
Melanie Mejia Pinto
Rhys Murphy murphy
I would be slow at the beginning and then speed up to victory
Wild Girl
Wild Girl 4 days ago
Now I see this video I just realize how many people work at vat19
Marshmallow Fan
Marshmallow Fan 4 days ago
I can eat 50 of them :D
AJ4000 Builds
AJ4000 Builds 5 days ago
Did anyone realize Jamie said $250 instead of $350
YellowAsianRice 6 days ago
So that’s how Jawey got his perfect jawline.
GamingWith Poop
GamingWith Poop 6 days ago
I ate 1 and I was good
C C 7 days ago
Vat19 Vat19 Vat19 Vat19 Vat19
Wobochacha 8 days ago
The title: “earn 350 dollars” The boss: it’s 250
untoasted toast
untoasted toast 7 days ago
I mean it IS 350$ total
Sruthi Chandana
Sruthi Chandana 9 days ago
Scorpion Ox
Scorpion Ox 10 days ago
holy crap i thought it was a normal donut and before he would say its gummy i’d start devouring it in a second or two
Ella Bella
Ella Bella 11 days ago
Coffee flavored gummy
Lego_puff 15 days ago
This is ASMR
Antonio Flores
Antonio Flores 15 days ago
gummy cupcake
Btsot7 Army
Btsot7 Army 16 days ago
1:10 omg she has an Rj Keychain and she likes BTS 😭
Jemma 17 days ago
That was the oddest click bait ever
Jordan Thao
Jordan Thao 18 days ago
Uh we gonna bleep that uh it’s not the word
Keira Ollington
Keira Ollington 19 days ago
Love you guys
Alia Mohammad
Alia Mohammad 21 day ago
Aokie James
Aokie James 21 day ago
Ghaith Hasan
Ghaith Hasan 21 day ago
I would eatum upp boys
Thomas Sutcliffe
Thomas Sutcliffe 21 day ago
I'm English that looks like a good idea if I want diabetes but I want one
Aasia Aslam
Aasia Aslam 22 days ago
do donuts without gelatin
シシJust a Robloxianシシ
Mmmm~.....look delicious mmmm~.....
Lambo Beats
Lambo Beats Month ago
So weak !
Just Flamingo
Just Flamingo Month ago
#bon appesweet ( appetite )
Yana Dysico
Yana Dysico Month ago
I feel like i want some gummy donut
bulliboo uwu
bulliboo uwu Month ago
Matt stonie: haha that's EASYYY Edit: EASYYY from EASYYT
Willow Bishop
Willow Bishop Month ago
Three hundred two hundred im confused 🤣
Che Sinson
Che Sinson Month ago
Okaylah Month ago
The sprinkles on it make it gross to me 😭
Lamar Savage
Lamar Savage Month ago
8:06 why does that look so funny 😂
Muhammad Nizam
Muhammad Nizam Month ago
If we join this challenge. We didnt waste money. But vat19 waste money
Never without Ky Keet
Xx NASH xX Month ago
Not a very good way to sell the product can't get multiple ppl to eat this product even when ur paying them lol
Ariana Month ago
I would do that challenge if I was in that video
Curvytripod3700 Month ago
Title says 350 but it’s really 250 😐
my friends and you
You said 350£ but in the video you said 250£
Vitalie Postolache
I like bts to and donuts
Bella Vlogs
Bella Vlogs Month ago
Diabetes called they want ur location 🤣
Chloe Tia
Chloe Tia Month ago
im still small
Chloe Tia
Chloe Tia Month ago
hiii im a big fan
rippity Month ago
they try way too hard
P E A C H Month ago
If i was there i would eat more than a 2 plates full of those donuts literally in 5 mins
kyle gunter
kyle gunter Month ago
i don't have breakfast am i going nutz like the DEATHNUT
osman khilji
osman khilji Month ago
They would get a lot of more sales if their gummy’s were halal
Kara looks looks like Pam Besily from the office in that outfit
Samuel De boer
Samuel De boer Month ago
It’s Keira has five breakfast today that’s basically just five pancakes or five bowls of cereal
Lmao if I was there I wouldn’t even make it through one I would throw up 😂 I can’t eat to much sugar
NoobAnimator Month ago
He said jon in 3rd place did no one realise that?
bk gang
bk gang Month ago
Oop nope it was masticate
Hoe Hoe
Hoe Hoe Month ago
I wish I didn’t have diabetes
Sav_adz Sav_adz
Sav_adz Sav_adz Month ago
Can I get invited to the competition I promise I would do better than Josh 😂
Sav_adz Sav_adz
Sav_adz Sav_adz Month ago
By the time he/she is done with 1 I would have finished a whole plate
In love with Deku
I would win in like 6 minutes lmao🤣🤣
Mixer Cheeky cheeks3
7:36 the look on kara’s face cracks me up lol, I can’t believe they slipped in so many innuendos
Mixer Cheeky cheeks3
7:17 I love how mean Jon gets during competitions lmao
weeb ._.
weeb ._. Month ago
Bts army
Happy Enaruna
Happy Enaruna Month ago
I wish i can work wit them so that i can make money so easily because i could have finished everything
Paul Groenewald
Paul Groenewald Month ago
Vicky Spachis
Vicky Spachis Month ago
I love how jammie says “ dAllors” Lol 😂
Official JinHit
Official JinHit Month ago
Alex Golden
Alex Golden Month ago
Oh, I could eat at least 12 of those in 10 minutes. I've shoved a full cupcake in my mouth before. Now I want to work at Vat19.
Alex Golden
Alex Golden Month ago
@HostileGaming I am young but my mouth is ginormous.
HostileGaming Month ago
Everyone can do that -_- r u 10? U must be young anyways it’s harder than u think, everyone who said they can eat it probably cant
Nuno Duarte
Nuno Duarte Month ago
I would eat a a cargo ship x1000000000000 full of them
Canon Painter
Canon Painter Month ago
Lol you said it was $350
Julie Littleton
Julie Littleton Month ago
I finished 6 gummy in less then an hour pretty sure that will be gone I 15
dot Month ago
The first one to join was 3rd the 2nd to join came 2nd and 3rd to join was 1st
Caiden Southworth
If I was there I would eat 30
SuperAran Month ago
Most spicy challenge:torture for 100 Donut eating contest:bliss for 250
Sarah Sterly
Sarah Sterly Month ago
Never get these or at least the orange one
keori webb
keori webb Month ago
Does anyone else just wish it was just normal donuts
miss Violet
miss Violet Month ago
i wish i worked at vat 19
Blake Drost
Blake Drost 2 months ago
Masticate but Every one that’s over ten most likely heard something else besides masticate Like if u agree
KingWheelBarrow 2 months ago
Team Myth
Team Myth 2 months ago
Now i want donutssssss🍩🍩🍩🍩
Emma Halloran
Emma Halloran 2 months ago
I ordered 2 and I was sick after one 😂🤣
Dianne Stallings
Dianne Stallings 2 months ago
I don’t really care at this point it just means free gummies and donuts
Martin Damyanov
Martin Damyanov 2 months ago
One word for the donut -YUM
Christine Arcedo
Christine Arcedo 2 months ago
No one: Bts armys like me:"oH wTf iS thAt Rj And sOme bTs sTuffS hoLey cOw"
Safiya Najeeb
Safiya Najeeb Month ago
Army power!
Namjesuswantsyour location
army brudda 🤡
LilGhosty & Cr3w
Julie Bakly
Julie Bakly 2 months ago
I never ate sugar as a kid so I’d feel bad eating one.
Julie Bakly
Julie Bakly 2 months ago
I’d do it for sure. I am younger than fifty, though, so-
William Vuthy Heng
William Vuthy Heng 2 months ago
The thumbnail and the title said 350$ But in the video they said 250$
robstick 2 months ago
I actually buyed these donuts and got 8 donuts in 10 minutes and i feel bad after all that..
cj_does_stuff 2 months ago
Wait. The title said the prize $350 but in the video $250.... LiEs
Day Evans
Day Evans 2 months ago
I can't decide who is cuter. Jon, joey, or Nina. I can't decide! Pansexual problems
Carviello Kennardson
Bruh I would pay to join that competition
What Are You Doing, STEP FNAF
Im hungry rn. I NEED 100 OF THOSE
Dennis Dankz
Dennis Dankz 2 months ago
Why do people call Jamie greedy he’s not!
Arpita Mondal
Arpita Mondal 2 months ago
did jamie just said BTS
Jackson Branham
Jackson Branham 2 months ago
I can beat Joey
⟭⟬•BTS Fanfic•⟬⟭
WOAH WOAH WOAH!- is that RJ at the background? 1:08 wow- we found an another army-😌👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
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