We offered $350 to finish these donuts (most couldn't)

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We hosted a gummy donut eating competition to see who could finish the most donuts in ten minutes!
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We were able to snag three members of the Vat19 crew and rope them into a gummy donut eating contest! First place gets $250, second place gets $100, and third place gets $0.
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Jun 1, 2019




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Comments 8 113
Vat19 8 months ago
Official petition to get Joey to change his name to Jawey Graves starts here! Who's with us? See other crazy gummies here! ruvid.net/video/video-7RXmNRr8x7I.html
LifeWithAUkulele 5 days ago
But why?
Pink Kitty
Pink Kitty 7 days ago
Toca Sophie
Toca Sophie 16 days ago
*Can I be hired?*
whitford noot
whitford noot 23 days ago
Peter Gamelin
Peter Gamelin Month ago
シSaucyxxtakis 7 hours ago
In the start of the video he actually had 300 something dollars because he had three $100 bills
Emily Lawyer
Emily Lawyer 9 hours ago
2160 is the number of calories if they are all 6 donuts
TPEmppu 20 hours ago
Title: 350$ Jamie: 250$
Silver Gate Stables
I love sweets but I bet I couldn't even finish one. Not cause I would get full just cause I really can't eat a mass amount of sugar like that.
Håvard Oiesvold
CLICKBAIT because it says in the title they win $350 dollars but they only get $250 what the fuck
Joshua White
Joshua White 7 hours ago
Watch your language please! #VATSQUADDDDDD
Astro Animatics
We need to get some of these for Sabre Norris.
OXNotLanaXO Lanaa
Guys dont actually eat sugary stuff in the morning unless you drink water after it cuz if you dont the sugar well make you: sleepy_dizzy_and and youre head is going to hurt and youre body well be hurt as well soooo guys really be careful with sugary stuff have a safe day!♡
Phantom Cat
Phantom Cat 2 days ago
Really makes me want to buy the product
GDXdominator Geo
GDXdominator Geo 2 days ago
The person who made the thumbnail and title obviously wanted more of those views
AyanoMiko777 2 days ago
I'm so happy that one of them is an ARMY. 💜 I purple her
manuel bazaldua jr.
I thought it was 350 and he said 250
nigella gerena
nigella gerena 3 days ago
He said 250 but it says 350
Hobi Sprite
Hobi Sprite 3 days ago
So your saying that it took me 8 months to notice rj and jin in jamie's table?
Johnrubio Rubio
Johnrubio Rubio 3 days ago
- rose Edits -
- rose Edits - 3 days ago
Why did it you invite me? I’d win.
Rozay PlayZ
Rozay PlayZ 3 days ago
Go back to your *bts* *I'm shook.* I mean.. I'm an army anyways lololol
emptyyblurr 4 days ago
aw she has an rj and jin pop figure that’s so cute🥰
Kat -Chan
Kat -Chan 4 days ago
Ooohh I could ONLY eat 1 gummy donut in 10 minutes.... I'm amazed
i love how literally everytime jamie comes into jon and joey’s room jon is sitting on the table 😂
GuyAce1 5 days ago
You know what I realized 360 is a circle and a gummy dount is a circle
ZV ANIMATIONz 5 days ago
Vat19:$350 for finishing donuts. Mr.beast: ur cute! Even as a company!
Tennille Courtot
Tennille Courtot 5 days ago
Galaxy Gamer
Galaxy Gamer 6 days ago
Says 350 dolars
Mark Hoang
Mark Hoang 6 days ago
Say something about BTS OMG!!!
Zoe Evardone
Zoe Evardone 6 days ago
To be honest i didnt know that kelsey was an army till this vid and i think her bias is jin cuz she was wearing a rj shirt in one vid and you guys noticed she had an rj collectible
Rita Sais
Rita Sais 7 days ago
go joey go
Mark B
Mark B 7 days ago
Skooby YT
Skooby YT 7 days ago
Mouth:AAAHHHH! Rest:yummy
Mr FBI 8 days ago
I would like some
J4ck Jack
J4ck Jack 10 days ago
I’m surprised they can even put on belts after eating tons of gummy each video
Derpflopz 10 days ago
Mom: i give you $100 if u eat a tomato Me after 3 seconds: Bvlvicyoxfdodorysoroutguclh
Shanen Lucille Vispo
I can finish that gummy donut and eat 20 of it
Rihanna xoxo
Rihanna xoxo 11 days ago
Masterbate, mastercate. Hotel, trivargo
rashmihzb123 Satish
Vat 19 = Diabetes LHS = RHS Hence proved
Vp Optix
Vp Optix 12 days ago
I like to call this donut diabetes with a hole
Aaminah Putin
Aaminah Putin 12 days ago
Why is nobody talking about the masticate thing 😂😂
Unstoppable 13 days ago
I wish I could eat one of dems donuts
Ava Lyons
Ava Lyons 13 days ago
Wo wo wo wait did Ben say his name is Ben Lyons?! Because than we're family
b0trill 14 days ago
Joey and Jon look like a version of Ryan Renolds
Nut But 527
Nut But 527 14 days ago
1:03 She has BT21 RJ plush!😍
Its_ Starsfan
Its_ Starsfan 14 days ago
They too deer they are 6 euros each 😭😭 I don’t even have six cents 😫
Michaela Makov
Michaela Makov 15 days ago
Doctors: you should have 1,000 to 2,500 calories a day. Vat19: wHo wAnTs tO eAt aS mAnY 3,600 cAlOriEs oF A gUmMy dOnUtS fOr mOnEy¿?
Sabiha Vahora
Sabiha Vahora 15 days ago
It is so weird that they are just eating in front of us and saying it's satisfing
•Crystal Studios•
....i’m still wondering how Joey’s teeth stay so white....
Kacper Nope
Kacper Nope 16 days ago
He is saying prize is 250$ but its 350??? 0:05
Jodie Sh
Jodie Sh 17 days ago
“Go back to your bts fan forums” Me: 😯
David Platt
David Platt 18 days ago
Nina and kara are cute! 😘🥰😍
1996 Toyota Camry
1996 Toyota Camry 18 days ago
Dude I wouldn’t have to win I would just eat donuts
Mia Gould
Mia Gould 18 days ago
Title “350 $ “ Person “ 250 $ “ Me “ what’s going on “
C Marshall
C Marshall 18 days ago
Working at Vat19 would be really fun lol
FaZe Klove
FaZe Klove 19 days ago
I thought. It was 350
xXHeinokYTXx 19 days ago
Vat19: 250 for 3and a half donut Mr beast: 10000 for eating a half a donut
Holly Pham
Holly Pham 19 days ago
Joey is going to win
Carter Conarroe
Carter Conarroe 20 days ago
I would do that I love a donuts I've been devoured 10 maybe have a big mouth so I can probably eat a lot so I want to do that so bad if I work with silent and I would say yes maybe I should join them yeah I'm going to do that.
• Kawaii Mochii potato • •
Jerie games
Jerie games 20 days ago
I can bite it one for real
Black Tabby
Black Tabby 21 day ago
8:15 Jon:I Wana go home
Black Tabby
Black Tabby 21 day ago
I would so do that challenging
Meowmeowchinga _
Meowmeowchinga _ 21 day ago
Next videos