Sailing La Vagabonde
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🏡 Yup... we moved into a house.
If you're planning on visiting Hope Town (which you should be) you've gotta stay at our friends Air Bnb bit.ly/yellowbirdcottage
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03:28 To The Moon - Percy Falls Song selected from MusicBed. Get a free trial here: share.mscbd.fm/sailinglavagabonde
07:01 Jordan Merrick - You Gotta Go - jordanmerrick.bandcamp.com/
10:50 Smiling At Strangers - Michael Dunstan - spoti.fi/2D8YGao
13:07 Jordan Merrick - An Unwritten Song - jordanmerrick.bandcamp.com/
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Jul 15, 2019

WE MOVED INTO A HOUSE!move into a house




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Comments 2 651
Anthony Biancone
Anthony Biancone 6 minutes ago
Awesome content!
Dancing Dog
Dancing Dog 21 hour ago
Cute lenny is daddy's boy
russell maycumber
You could reference specific easter eggs in each video from the beginning as proof of watching, accumulating points along the way redeemable as merchandise.
MrCatamaran1 Day ago
you are the best soapy on the planet. love you all . Lenny is proof that we need more sailing in our lives. from south africa
Christina Gebhart
New here Thanks Mates just Amazing lifestyle so Free
The VA Today
The VA Today 2 days ago
You could do a “when did Elayna make this (chocolate mmmh) which episode/ when did she attempt bread with breadcrumbs instead of flour 😜?” Type questions to see if people have watched from the start. Great episode, will be up to real time very soon!
VonBluesman 4 days ago
Beautiful scenery. Ya’ll are so blessed. Life is good !!!
Sports TV
Sports TV 4 days ago
beleive me half of 150M filipino will watch your videos if Eleyna is always on sexy dress shes so beautiful
skooorB 4 days ago
not gonna lie, she's hot..
Felix Schuster
Felix Schuster 5 days ago
@sailinglavagabonde Riley, how long can you hold your breath?
dulce Ramos
dulce Ramos 6 days ago
I love you guysss ❤
Al Villarreal
Al Villarreal 7 days ago
I like it when you teach your kid how to live off the ocean the healthy food good life healthy life
Kenneth F
Kenneth F 7 days ago
Most would have missed it, but we didn't...Here's.2 big glasses full of Josh, raised to ya'll, on this end, from Texas!!!!
Lottie Mosse
Lottie Mosse 7 days ago
Elayna were do you get your bikinis?!
Joep Selles
Joep Selles 8 days ago
You two are doing awesome as parents. Lenny is one lucky man. Please be careful with carrying Lenny in the sling face forward. It can be a bad ergonomic position. Just a tip. Still enjoying slv from the beginning ❤️
Tadpxle 8 days ago
who ever dislikes this video has no soul and that is a fact
Zeus 03 Zeus 03
Zeus 03 Zeus 03 10 days ago
Hi, my name is Enzo and I have a family here in Saigon. I follow you a lot, and if by chance you feel like coming here to Saigon, you are my guests.
Lana 10 days ago
Great to get bubby learning how to hold breath at young age 💛👍 and thanks for not taking a fish too big
TodaysRealHealth 11 days ago
We love ❤️ you Family Vagabounde. About a year ago, you had Stefan on board helping you with all the work you both have just st on the videos and editing. It’s a crazy amount of hours, especially when traveling. We should all give Stefan a shout out. He was also instrumental getting you to 1 Million Subscribers. Anyone know where he is now?
Samantha Sunshine
Samantha Sunshine 11 days ago
I love living vicariously through you guys!
Brenda Womer
Brenda Womer 12 days ago
I scrolled down to find the link you talked about, the comments went on and on FOREVER, like 20 min. of scrolling, AMAZING, #1 FAVORITE ON UTUBE, LOVE YOUR LIVES
Brenda Womer
Brenda Womer 12 days ago
how old is Lenny now????
Asarite Hay
Asarite Hay 12 days ago
He's such a happy baby. Omg
sheloveswilby 12 days ago
Make a Scavenger hunt quiz based off old videos. The answers could be found in old videos.
Brian Petkovic
Brian Petkovic 12 days ago
Good Shot R.
Nikki Boucher
Nikki Boucher 12 days ago
Why don't you stay there? Get another house?
Nikki Boucher
Nikki Boucher 12 days ago
I like the channel the setting is peaceful the filming of your lifestyle speaks to the awareness happening to be more mindful or intentional in lifestyle choices
Ironjawswife 12 days ago
You need to give that baby some Tupperware. Put a little one inside a big one for a homemade toy.
jofiedler 14 days ago
So I am almost up to date. Just started watching about 3 weeks ago. I had to start from the beginning as I needed to know your whole journey. I’m addicted and became a patron. Keep up your amazing work.
vivian Wohl
vivian Wohl 14 days ago
I don't have to proof that I watched from the start. You have to believe I did :-) From the first Vagabonde to the second. Without a child and with Lenny. With moustache and.......still with :-) You guys make my day every single time. I found you because of my son who is a big fan. I don't even know if you read this but keep up the good work. I love your humor and the way you put together your content.
Jeremy Lemons
Jeremy Lemons 14 days ago
I about died when Lenny took that bite.
Jeremy Lemons
Jeremy Lemons 14 days ago
I’ve watched every episode! I have 3 left and feel sad that I have to wait soon.
AayJay 16 days ago
I was one of the newer subscribers.. and i did exactly that i went back and binged all the vids from the beginning! Its taken a fair few weeks..now im roughly up to date im sad il have to WAIT for vids! :/ ;) Love to you three for being such an inspiration and sharing your life with us such good people! Big love from the UK!! xxx
Brian Petkovic
Brian Petkovic 16 days ago
walking down the street w a Machete . so cool.
Stormcauac10 16 days ago
You're such a beautiful couple. So positive and inspiring. Lots of ❤. Thank you.
BrainiacSolutions 17 days ago
That baby is all smiles. Too cute!
JP Arendse
JP Arendse 17 days ago
We are land creatures not sea creatures I can see the joy more
Common Sense
Common Sense 18 days ago
I thought you had moved into a permanent house........... this is temporary I assume............ Any plans to find a permanent home? Great videos......... but some parenting advice.......... try to get Lenny to feel comfortable if he can't see you...... it's okay if he cries few for a minute or two....... plus, he will need to begin socializing with other kids soon too!! Keep up the good work!!
HOME SPORT 18 days ago
Один з кращих каналів! Крутяк)
laBonita_esparza 18 days ago
I wonder what it's like to never have to wear slacks or jeans or any clothes... just a swim suit 🤔 to be half way naked all day everyday
rona smith
rona smith 19 days ago
What are you going to do when Lenny starts walking.
Skioui Soksok
Skioui Soksok 19 days ago
انا سكينة من المغرب
Skioui Soksok
Skioui Soksok 19 days ago
ارجوكم نريد الترجمة .. انا احبكم
Neveen Jacklin
Neveen Jacklin 19 days ago
Hello from Canada love your blog beautiful views
Jessica LT
Jessica LT 19 days ago
Sweet baby!
walmark45 20 days ago
Curious, what kind of sun screen y'all use?
Hey it’s me 21
Hey it’s me 21 19 days ago
Oh yeah didn’t think about that
pokepython 20 days ago
I have watched every EP from start to this one , took me 2 or 3 weeks. I have been a sub since ep 10 but i wanted to see the old ones from the beginning. In YT there is a red string on episodes you have watched, that could be some sort of proof lol.
alice inwonderland
Spending so long moving on the sea wonder if it ever feels like the ground is still moving beneath you when you're finally on solid ground 🌊🌴
Tainted Troll
Tainted Troll 21 day ago
So happy for you guys. Lenny is awesome. Just like your life.
wally wombat
wally wombat 21 day ago
Ģ'day family. Do you have a deep freeze, would you use one. What is smallest size available. Do you need one. Four ? marks.
Andy Ends
Andy Ends 21 day ago
P.S. I love the music!
Andy Ends
Andy Ends 21 day ago
I have watched every episode. I love you guys. Keep it going, please.
Charlotte Riach
Charlotte Riach 21 day ago
HOLY MOLLY how did you get to1M so quick I remember when you guys where at 500k and 100K🌸❤️you guys are amazing lots of love from New Zealand❤️💗
Tom Foster
Tom Foster 21 day ago
Im sure you had a house all along. Yiu just filmyour boat rides. Its ok everyone on RUvid is not totally honest.
Rev. David Willerup
Your soundtrack is fantastic!
Magnolio Palacios
Magnolio Palacios 22 days ago
Jeremy L
Jeremy L 22 days ago
Cutest couple ever.
Marissa L. Ryan
Marissa L. Ryan 22 days ago
new subscriber, and so glad i am one.
Brenda Womer
Brenda Womer 22 days ago
more of Lenny
Eden Garden
Eden Garden 22 days ago
Guys you are living the life
PSUplayboy 23 days ago
This didn't just happen to you, you guys worked for it and it paid off.
Pantelis Christidis
when i saw the IKEA sofa i instantly knew that house was airbnb
Mike Hague
Mike Hague 20 days ago
Pantelis Christidis it’s actually potterybarn haha
JC Baily
JC Baily 23 days ago
I wish we got bananas like those here and thanks for letting Lenny be a part of your vlog, he is absolutely precious!
Raquel Batista
Raquel Batista 23 days ago
Que gente bonita e esse sotaque lindo. Marvelous! Amo ver diferente estilo de vida. God bless y’all.
Patrick Bailey
Patrick Bailey 23 days ago
I can just see the reaction you guys would get here in Chicago if you guys were to walk down the street with a machete in one hand and a baby 👶 strapped to you like a back pack. Hahaha
Patrick Bailey
Patrick Bailey 23 days ago
You should see my library viewing history. Started from the beginning about two weeks ago and have been binge watching ever since. Should finish by the end of the night and be all caught up 🤙. Wazzup from the Chicago burbs!
Oscar Barda
Oscar Barda 24 days ago
To prove that people have watched, you could make a quizz :D
Luca Balestrieri
Luca Balestrieri 24 days ago
Riley soon your full time hobby will be entertaining your son. Dad of a 2 and 4 year old. Cheers.
Panida Mar
Panida Mar 24 days ago
Even i had a bad day your vdo alway give me a lot of positive vibe. Thanks Guys
Anthony Hendra
Anthony Hendra 24 days ago
Creating handicrafts and stuffs maybe a good idea, plus photography and painting.
rinite médico
rinite médico 24 days ago
Pra viver bem e ser feliz não precisamos de muito, mas fazermos da vida um eterno passeio onde quer que estejamos.
Rajeev Anand
Rajeev Anand 24 days ago
Super brother
dante dante
dante dante 24 days ago
l say it again....the best channel on the tube..l accidentally found you episode 81.......went back to the start and watched until 2 am....today l am up to 206,,,simply the best story ever great dad wonderful lady and lennie ....what a great life ahead he has with mum and dad like you..so wonderful to see///////stay safe and good sailing ahead.. .luv it dd
Naika Rivera-Deutsch
The fishes look small in the water but when take them out of the water their so big. I love it!! To have all that fresh fish meat must be amazing.
Yael Torres
Yael Torres 24 days ago
You guys are awesome thanks for sharing your life on here !! 😁
Khyra Edwards
Khyra Edwards 24 days ago
Love you guys! If your ever in Sunny Coast QLD it would be great to hang out. :)
Lorenço Gonzaga Alves
Congrats guys! Cheers from Brazil 🇧🇷
Gordana 25 days ago
How are you so pale?
Remarie's Vlog
Remarie's Vlog 25 days ago
Very nice place...love love love it
Kristin R
Kristin R 25 days ago
Excited people are discovering your beautiful family and wonderful adventure!
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