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It's barbie time! Watch us try all the gourmet meats Australia has to offer! Also, we ate at the same place THOR eats!!! AKA: Chris Hemsworth... AKA: a dream come true! Which meat would you want to try first? Let us know in the comments below! 🥩
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Nov 13, 2019




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Comments 80
The Try Guys
The Try Guys 7 months ago
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Yusiana Suciati
Yusiana Suciati 3 months ago
Ya iknw right
TheEshmolWaffle 3 months ago
@Andrea Rae if you want to be vegan, vegetarian, whatever, doesn't mean everybody has to appeal to you. you can obviously tell your opinion is not favored here, so whats the point? Not like they'd listen to a comment, and change a decently large part of their channel.
cookie_wookie 3 months ago
Keith is annoying. he's not funny.
Emily Kim
Emily Kim 5 months ago
when are y'all gonna head to Korea??
steven 6 months ago
It is a common misconception that we call it shrimp in Australia however we call them prawns. Fun fact!
Gia Jimenez
Gia Jimenez 11 hours ago
mal: rice potato, capsicum, sweet potato- keith: *gAsps* * turns to zach * you cant have it.. capsicum is😔bell pepper😤😤 idk why i found this so funny and sweet at the same time
Stephanie Fuentes
"Do you call little grills - Skippers?" I laughed too hard.
Juli Jagers
Juli Jagers Day ago
After this I suggest u try a 1 week vegan challenge😄🤣🤷🏼‍♀️
The_man_steve UwU
It’s 1:29 am and I’m really heckin hungry aaa help
Ardiana Pimentel
Ardiana Pimentel 2 days ago
I would personally invest in keith starting his own meat pie company in LA lol
Sara Fontanini
Sara Fontanini 2 days ago
yes shrimp is popular here, but its not CALLED shrimp, we call them prawns. that's right, the stereotypical australian saying is a FUCKING LIE because no australian says SHRIMP. That's an AMERICAN thing.
Mateo Lipscomb
Mateo Lipscomb 2 days ago
I love watching the try guys eat all these exotic and expense foods while i scarf down McMuffins
Lugille Castardo
Lugille Castardo 2 days ago
down under
Ellie Menary
Ellie Menary 2 days ago
Btw its prawns not shrimp I don’t know why it’s shrimp on the barbie like it’s not shrimp. I’m sorry for any inconvenience but I am allowed to express my opinion
Andrew Martina
Andrew Martina 3 days ago
Eugene: "British food is terrible." *tastes meat pie* Eugene: "mmmMMMMMMmmm!!!"
Rosegold Donut
Rosegold Donut 3 days ago
Waitt there was no potato top or cheese and steak pie😭
Kris K M
Kris K M 3 days ago
S B 3 days ago
The ooh daddy joke
S B 3 days ago
The crunch on the pie
S B 3 days ago
The bucket of beef song was ADORABLE
Chi’s Sweet home
Hi Try Guys, i know your not going to see this because I’m late but did you know that there is a place in Melbourne South Yarra Called Ned’s and it sells Bread I think it would be cool If Keith worked at Keith’s pies and Ned worked at Ned’s 😂
Freya-Grace 5 days ago
I got so offended by ‘British food is terrible’ no it isn’t. It is good. EVER BEEN TO NANDOS
ame123 5 days ago
I love when they start to sing
Maceo Addis-Jackson
I love their songs so much
Friday13thFreak 6 days ago
Kangaroo are like the deer of Australia. Only some people eat it.
Whitney Hires
Whitney Hires 6 days ago
Male looks horrified like wtf did I get myself into lol
MydnytCoffee 6 days ago
The way Americans say Samoosas kicks me in the face everytime
MydnytCoffee 6 days ago
Americans don't have meat pies??????????????
Starr Kidd
Starr Kidd 6 days ago
In Louisiana and in Jamaica there’s meat pies and they’re beloved too u guys should try them!!!
Hotpink51 6 days ago
I really shouldn't have watched this at like 3 AM cause man I'm fuckin salivating
Pawlikowski_ 7 days ago
they changed the title
Riley Peattie
Riley Peattie 7 days ago
I’m Aussie and I eat that stuff everyday nearly
Norma Benjamin
Norma Benjamin 7 days ago
Export those pies here
Harry Japes
Harry Japes 8 days ago
How dare he call British food bad, we have pasty’s and fish n chips lol
Riley Vafiopulous
I know this video is old but they know they have Australian people watching
Milk Man
Milk Man 8 days ago
I'm embarrassed at how legitimately upset I was when Eugene said that English food is bad. Same thing when they said a meat pie. Like a meat pie is a normal pie. The american apple pie is the not normal one. A meat pie is just a pie!
Karolin Thuesing
Karolin Thuesing 8 days ago
Thanks... now I‘m hungry
Benjamin Shipley
Benjamin Shipley 8 days ago
Bucket of beef is probably what my brain will obsess over next time I have a fever
lizzypooh09 8 days ago
Keith try Zaxbys. Very very very good chicken
Aerol Christopher Infante
Well the joke was so-so Zach.
Tyrano34 8 days ago
0:48 I hate you
Naomi 9 days ago
Not to mention Kangaroo's have been for over 60,000 years a traditional source of food for Aboriginal Australians. Our culture is still strong today, Kangaroo is a much loved delicacy!
Suganth NN
Suganth NN 10 days ago
Mal be vibing with em. He went off sync at 4:53 and then corrected back lol. He’s so sweet.
Riley Greenall
Riley Greenall 11 days ago
We have meat pies in England
Brian Twiss
Brian Twiss 11 days ago
6:40 I don’t know Keith, the last time meat pies were in a musical, things got ugly...
Gargee Bhagat
Gargee Bhagat 11 days ago
I hit the like button for Mal ❤ cutie pie!
Axelle De Wit
Axelle De Wit 11 days ago
I absolutely adore Zach’s “Kevin!” shirt 😂🙈
lee loo
lee loo 12 days ago
🤢🤮nooooooooo not the kangaroo 🦘
Andre Berton
Andre Berton 12 days ago
This remember me a Brazilian food "empada" very delicious
Celine Laurent
Celine Laurent 12 days ago
you guys should go to indonesia, but not bali, try nusa penida or jakarta or labuan bajo (great for relaxing) or else where. most people know indo for bali id like to know if u go to jakarta, indonesia and try berbagai macam makanan khas indonesia. seblak, ayam geprek, nasi padang, bubur ayam, sate taichan, sate maranggi not fancy but its enough to make you crave for more
Giovanna Fransesca
Giovanna Fransesca 13 days ago
You know they’re really close cause they know each other’s allergies and are concern enough to know that Zach cant eat capsicum. But then rub it in his face cause he cant eat it 😂
Onyx Magenta
Onyx Magenta 13 days ago
10:23 is the most wholesome dad exchange between Eugene and Ned. ❤️
Kimberley Buck
Kimberley Buck 13 days ago
10:47 zach... is your neck okay?
Max Gold
Max Gold 13 days ago
TBH Zach's "great" joke was a little sexist
HANNAH hannah
HANNAH hannah 14 days ago
Mal needs a body guard cause he's so special and I know just the person for the job. INTRODUCING BODYGUARD KEITH!!!!!!!!!
Sophia Lazaro
Sophia Lazaro 14 days ago
I wish Mal was my dad he needs to be protected at all cause!!!
Emilia Treviño
Emilia Treviño 14 days ago
Why are the songs lowkey good 😂
Samantha Gamez
Samantha Gamez 14 days ago
As a fellow Texan, I am disappointed that Eugene ate the ribs with a fork and knife.
Kovid Cadera
Kovid Cadera 14 days ago
Every guy they met in this video is pretty much me when I meet one of my American friends and realise how crazy they are xD
Kayla Lyons
Kayla Lyons 14 days ago
I just couldn’t stop laughing at Kie- 😂😂💀 While they were making p- 😂😂💀 Australians must hate us now 😂👍🏽
Coen M
Coen M 14 days ago
Anyone else notice that Keith holds his food in a really weird way??? I've noticed this in a few video's and now i can't unsee it........
Taras Myronov
Taras Myronov 15 days ago
prawn not shrimp
Ray Smith
Ray Smith 15 days ago
Those male kangaroos will fuck you up 😂😂🤣
Luke William
Luke William 16 days ago
Chris Hemsworth or Liam Hemsworth? F for Luke Hemsworth.
Wolvenmoon 17 days ago
When I hear a name that represents america I was expecting like John Wayne, Kirk Douglas or Gregory peck just to name a few not....guy fieri...
Bruh Moment
Bruh Moment 17 days ago
As soon as they said “shrimp”. Every Australian at the same time. “ ITS NOT SHRIMP, IS PRAWN”
c. c
c. c 18 days ago
U know, my uncle and cousin went on a carnivore diet and they both basically just ate what there was at the steak place for every meal
kira the creepypasta
7:21 zach should've said "well im not afraid to put some of keiths meat in my mouth"
Sasha-Lee Webster
Sasha-Lee Webster 18 days ago
I never realised how similar South African food is to Australian. Makes sense though
vh2 18 days ago
Should name this group 'The Soy Boys'. Girly men.
Riohnna Domingo
Riohnna Domingo 18 days ago
7:21 Eugene’s face of disappointment
Riohnna Domingo
Riohnna Domingo 18 days ago
Monica Domanguera
Monica Domanguera 19 days ago
Good joke, Zach
Megan Nguyen
Megan Nguyen 19 days ago
when they get surrounded by australians, I remember how weird americans are
hellonikky11 19 days ago
As a Nigerian whose lived in Australia, I'm living!!!
Grace Does Makeup
Grace Does Makeup 19 days ago
this is the seratonin factory in partial quarantine as well as after i stopped watching a storyline ending
Maayan Stern
Maayan Stern 19 days ago
Fuck, I don't even eat anything anywhere near pork, and those ribs look appetizing! HELPPPPPPP!!!!!!! And then they tried the lamb, which is something I am allowed to eat, and my mouth started watering like mad.
blaise faulkner
blaise faulkner 20 days ago
When are you guys gonna try a Bunnings Sausage ?
blaise faulkner
blaise faulkner 20 days ago
Damn right pies are good 😂😂 should of had an oak choccy milk with it.
hello you
hello you 20 days ago
I really want to go to Australia... the landscapes, the wildlife, the people............. (but mostly I wanna go for Keith's pies...)
Dakota 20 days ago
Mal is so uncomfortable and I love it.
WowUsagi 20 days ago
How did Lewberger do nothing with the bucket of beef song???
Karina Servin
Karina Servin 20 days ago
How does Keith always effortlessly make beautiful music
Nella Lagergren
Nella Lagergren 20 days ago
I can’t believe they missed the opportunity to joke about their own logo when the “dinosaur steak” came in!!!
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