We Made A Giant 30-Pound S'More For Quinta

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“I want to squish my face into the marshmallow like a pillow.”
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Two women with safety vests and hard hats in warehouse
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Oct 19, 2019




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Comments 6 430
Alvin Zhou
Alvin Zhou 4 months ago
I’d never thought squishing my face into a marshmallow would be so fun. Especially with m-my..best f-friend..Rie! *looks around nervously*
pure.water Month ago
500th Reply.
Not Harrison
Not Harrison Month ago
ConrRonc Month ago
@XingingBaobei make one with all of them
Eni Gjinaj
Eni Gjinaj Month ago
Hey fuck you who sees this comment
Izzy Dollins
Izzy Dollins 52 minutes ago
Is it just me or does Alvin sound like the main bee from the bee movie lol
Buffalo 86
Buffalo 86 5 hours ago
Alvin sounds like the Mr. Good guy aka Chucky doll " Your my best friend"
Harrison Smith
Harrison Smith 8 hours ago
14:00 cringe 😬
Buffalo 86
Buffalo 86 9 hours ago
A centimeter apart ? Um...that's not a centimeter, that's more like an inch, inch and 3/4. Y'all maybe should have used a fractional tape measure.
Buffalo 86
Buffalo 86 9 hours ago
The video editor should have put "Chariots of Fire" as the background music when they were making the graham cracker dough.
Buffalo 86
Buffalo 86 9 hours ago
Just like that baseball bat of a rolling pin that Rie dubbed "Big Boi" when her and Niki made those pineapple tarts.
Buffalo 86
Buffalo 86 9 hours ago
And that's why you never get in an arm wrestling match with a baker !
Buffalo 86
Buffalo 86 9 hours ago
Way to almost break the boom mike Alvin.
Noah Burgman
Noah Burgman 14 hours ago
You are a "True Asian" im ded
Sarah anne Spikes
Sarah anne Spikes 15 hours ago
Merrelltwins: Making a giant smore! Tasty: *hold my torch*
Somebody Plays
Somebody Plays 16 hours ago
Alvin make things big and rie makes it tasty 😋
Somebody Plays
Somebody Plays 16 hours ago
The best teamwork
Katie Joy
Katie Joy 22 hours ago
i see quinta i click
The Opposites M-J and phantom
Rie: have you ever made concrete Me: I’ve made concrete food version earlier today
Jeremiah Playz
Paige Berdos
Paige Berdos Day ago
And to think that Alvin was correct in solving 454 times 8. The answer is legit 3632
Konoha Miyagi
Konoha Miyagi 2 days ago
Imagine if you’ve been waiting 5 hours on a s’more and then walking in on this 14:05
Kup's Sauser
Kup's Sauser 2 days ago
*blink twice if you need help* Proceeds to blink four times Y'all this is serious :0
Rennie 2 days ago
Gabriela Urra
Gabriela Urra 2 days ago
alvin and rie are my new shipp
Luis Lopez
Luis Lopez 2 days ago
Alvin should make a giant taco
Hafsah Hussain
Hafsah Hussain 2 days ago
This is how many times alvin said "best friend " I I ♢
Kiwix [] FlowerFox []
Best friend zoned
Sarah Winkleburg
Sarah Winkleburg 3 days ago
Alvin: Names all the stuff Rie did. Me: Also got pregnant.
Papa Zomble
Papa Zomble 4 days ago
they a ship
Trxq 33
Trxq 33 4 days ago
8:27 Yaaaaa and 16:10 yaaaaa
meme machine
meme machine 4 days ago
This is the gram you take the chocolate. And.you place it on the gram then.you roast a mallow and you put it on the chocolate and you squash it like so
Selina Zhuo
Selina Zhuo 4 days ago
how many watches does alvin have
l_l.Torichi.l_ l
l_l.Torichi.l_ l 5 days ago
Rie and Alvin are the best combination... E V E R
`-` Simple Sympathy `-`
#Asian squad
Catkid !!
Catkid !! 6 days ago
How are you still single
Halo Nightwing
Halo Nightwing 6 days ago
Don't you just love watching two fully grown adults take turns smashing their faces into a giant marshmallow?
‘ ‘Daily dose of gacha Life’ ‘
Soooo I was gonna say Rie and Alvin are a cute couple and when I went to type “Rie” it auto corrected to DIE ;-;
•{Gacha Frappé}•
They remind me of a fun mom and son relationship,Its so adorable and funny!
Savanna Brown
Savanna Brown 7 days ago
Only frustration with this was....you should have popped it in the oven at the end before serving!!! Just for 5-10 mins on 400 and it would have been amazing.
Kpopahjussi63 7 days ago
I'm just glad to see Rie!
Amanda Misàki
Amanda Misàki 7 days ago
You should 100% make a giant ice cream sandwich
Tin Can
Tin Can 7 days ago
afraid of killing people by cooking? girls been playing too many sims games. even a drunk man can deep fry and make it out unscathed. what a strange fear. no judgement, just.... confused. all you gotta do is pay attention and not set the house on fire. ive cooked since i was a little kid, its hard to hurt yourself if youre paying attention, a mistake does suck, ive accidentally blown myself up slightly a few times but that was due to metal smokers left in the sun... doesnt stop me, i just gotta deal with the minor burns. but over the years i siimply forgot to check the surface temperature. and seared myself abit. but thats it, deep frying and pressure cooking, two of the most feared cooking methods regular people have... i find rather safe and predictable. just dont overfill a small pot, or turn off the heat if it reaches a smoke point. and use a candy thermometer. but yea, the grill can be dangerous, and i dont use gas grills, i use charcoal. im not the best at the grill, so ive made mistakes like that. but ill keep getting better, and mistakes wont stop me, all they do is teach me to be a little more weary of temperatures before using igniters and fuel. not reccomended. i knew that, but i wasnt aware at how flamable it really was.... to even a finger touch heat, it can ignite from small extra hot crevices in rusted grills. irreguardless i finished the meal and it took 3 days to deal with the huge scab on half of my face, not fun, but frankly not that bad, the key is to never use more than 10oz of fuel be it lighter fluid or gasoline when putting it on a grill.... i used about a half gallon. use a plastic cup. and never in any type of summer heat squirt a lighter fluid bottle directly onto unlit coals in a metal grill.... it can feedback up the stream and blow the bottle up in your hands.
Kenny Is Best Boi
i love how they both have their own technique’s and they share it with each other and make the perfect thing
Aido Ingal
Aido Ingal 7 days ago
Alvin: *does math Rie: You're a real Asian THIS IS THE CUTEST SCENE I'VE WATCH SO FAR. PROUD TO BE AN ASIAN *tho im not good in math 😭😭
Kenny Is Best Boi
now i know what to do to get stronger, make giant food(s) by yourself-
the meeper
the meeper 8 days ago
For crushing things. Me: just give me a meat tenderizer and let me go! AND PRETEND THE THING IM CRUSHING IS A PERSON I HATE! And that will be smashed into a fine dust
Katy Pozos
Katy Pozos 8 days ago
Rie and Alvin would look so cute together
Leo Key
Leo Key 8 days ago
RIP adam
Charlize Lee
Charlize Lee 8 days ago
17:51 are they going to drink all of that milk 🥛??? 🙄
Teodora Bors
Teodora Bors 8 days ago
Omg I just spent 18 minutes
여우Rose 8 days ago
No one: literally no one: Not even aliens: Me: *where did u get that big apple*
Kuroo Tetsurou
Kuroo Tetsurou 9 days ago
rie has dem guns
Jake T
Jake T 9 days ago
They dont make big stuff. They just shrink the actors and the kitchen down so the food looks big.
Bella Gwin
Bella Gwin 9 days ago
i ship them.
Dat wholesome Gurl UwU
Is this a new ship lmao
charles rufino
charles rufino 9 days ago
Gaint Hotdog! Chicago style!
charles rufino
charles rufino 9 days ago
Gaint Hotdog! Chicago style!
Shayaan Shahid
Shayaan Shahid 10 days ago
Alex i demand a netflix series Now were waiting dude ask your higher powers or a official show
Kennedy Boyer
Kennedy Boyer 10 days ago
Sugar is a wet ingredient
Dudejude2241 10 days ago
John Florer
John Florer 11 days ago
Matt stonie would go ham on this thing
East cali mamah
East cali mamah 11 days ago
Can you do an episode with Liza Koshi please!!!
UltimateSumo Wager
UltimateSumo Wager 11 days ago
Girl has bigger biceps than me Me: Is that even legal 0.0
ShAdY YT 11 days ago
Did he count all the holes??? 🤔
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