We Live In The Dumbest Timeline

Ryan George
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Maybe it's the darkest timeline? Maybe it's the dumbest? Who knows! One thing is for sure though-- we should all avoid speaking moistly.
To be clear-- there's obviously a lot more to this situation than everybody just staying home, and I'm clearly poking fun at those who are out protesting with "me wanty haircut" signs and crowding beaches.
I've made a donation to Food Banks Canada and if you're fortunate enough to be in a position to donate as well, it's very fun to do. These sites have super neat buttons to click on:
Food Banks Canada: www.foodbankscanada.ca/Make-A-Donation.aspx
Feeding America: www.feedingamerica.org/find-your-local-foodbank
Global Foodbanking Network: www.foodbanking.org/take-action/donate/
Special shout-out to my girlfriend for learning to cut my hair for this video!


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May 6, 2020




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Comments 100
Ryan George
Ryan George 4 months ago
To be clear-- there's obviously a lot more to this situation than everybody just staying home, and I'm clearly poking fun at those who are out protesting with "me wanty haircut" signs and crowding beaches. I've made a donation to Food Banks Canada and if you're fortunate enough to be in a position to donate as well, it's very fun to do. These sites have super neat buttons to click on: Food Banks Canada: www.foodbankscanada.ca/Make-A-Donation.aspx Feeding America: www.feedingamerica.org/find-your-local-foodbank Global Foodbanking Network: www.foodbanking.org/take-action/donate/
shane pierce
shane pierce Month ago
WTF DONT DEFEND YOURSELF!!!!!! This was great!!!
Bud Jameson
Bud Jameson 2 months ago
What about those protesting "me wanty social justicy" signs? Are they included?
Florian F. Weissbarth
Ya man fuck these poor evil People going hungry and wanting to work so their kids dont starve. This thing kills almost as many People as the flue! So good on you man, they should get into foodbank Lines and just suck it up - your the good guy here and should continue calling out those working class people as outright evil as you yourself dont suffer severe consequences, they obviously must just be selfish evil filth. Make sure to thank him if you are an out of job Barber if you manage to get the food handout for your kids this week - he earned it by spitting on you, sure, but he threw some of it to you as well so yay what a good guy 👌🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Bryan Sea
Bryan Sea 2 months ago
This is the best thing I've seen all day
CultPOP! 2 months ago
@Vitamin C. B. lol "politics" I don't think that word means what you think it means.
KingJake2511 12 minutes ago
The beginning of this video might be the first time you ever did something not on a greenscreen
Hugo Alberto Marin Ossa
Please do MAGA now. It will be barely an inconvenience.
UrsusArtifex Colfuck
Wait.... wait.... you have legs?
ClyeRandom 6 hours ago
This is pure gold!
Mythki11er 20 hours ago
Most ominous sniffle ever
2 Gaming Bros
2 Gaming Bros 21 hour ago
Teleportation is super easy barely an inconvenience
אלון שיינפלד
it looks like even in other timelines everyone in the ryan georgeverse is ryan george
lee Roberts
lee Roberts Day ago
The irony is the idiots are from the other time line
William Fontanez Jr
Please tell me you are going to redo this one around Christmas time. Love your stuff.
Dip Space
Dip Space Day ago
less than a .5% mortality rate is not worth setting the precedent of SHUTTING DOWN SOCIETY.
Misaka 10032
Misaka 10032 Day ago
ruvid.net/video/video-xpbrvWe3xFk.html&ab_channel=RyanLong This is better :)
Creeper Jones651
Stoner Bland
Stoner Bland Day ago
"speaking moistly" was the best reminder I've gotten that Ryan's Canadian
John Noir Smith
Too true!
phoenixomega 2 days ago
game show host: *brings in person from dumbest timeline* Person from dumbest timeline: There's like a pandemic going on, so we're supposed to wear these to kinda avoid speaking um y'know moistly *saying all this while not wearing said mask* game show host: *after hearing the answer, continues the show* Me: how is the game show host's timeline not the dumbest timeline?
growingoaks productions
Doctors, virologists and medical practitioners all say that 1) masks don't help 2) masks increase infection risk
ErickSoares3 2 days ago
No one: "Only old people are dying". Brazil: "A 2 month old baby dies of COVID-19": saobernardodocampo.info/50554/bebe-meses-coronavirus/
Keegan Duffy
Keegan Duffy 2 days ago
Charles Anderson jr
*GROAN* Dude! im disappointed in you. i watch your show for comedy, not to get disproven virtue signals preached to me. if you would leave fauci and the cdc and the other misinformation sources alone you would be much better served.
Lentis Dophlu
Lentis Dophlu 2 days ago
The quarantine has nothing to do with health. It’s merely a means of control. I actually wrote a book about it. Read it for free here: my.w.tt/ty89AwstV9
Sarah Trachtenberg
"OK, this may as well happen" kinda sums up 2020.
The Axolotl
The Axolotl 3 days ago
"Lol he is so dumb, they like in the dumbest timeline" said the guy who brought someone in the middle of a pandemic with a disease that spreads like wildfire into a room with 4 other people, not including the camera man and mic guy.
Sentimental in San Gabriel
Like if youre here in 2025
Dragon Haxon
Dragon Haxon 3 days ago
Plot twist: COVID is now in different timelines
Pedro Farias
Pedro Farias 3 days ago
That's a show I wanted to watch
Phil Kin
Phil Kin 3 days ago
This message is global! I have Asthma and suffer from Hay fever, I was super vigilant but was short of breath for a few days called GP got sent for test then the results came back positive for covid, even tho I thought I'd be in a bad way with my underlying conditions I thought I couldn't of had it but my symptoms were really nothing out of my ordinary regular bad seasonal days. Please don't hide it< it can be subtle to you but lethal to your loved ones, don't hesitate, get tested!
PKSquirtle 3 days ago
I would actually watch this show
Joseph Dillard
Joseph Dillard 3 days ago
Yeah why would people be worried about having their personal and most basic human rights stripped away from them one after another and being constantly ushered closer and closer to a complete authoritarian police state were you can't even leave your own home without permission? Especially when being faced with a horrible pandemic viral "super bug" with a mortality rate basically equivalent to the seasonal flu, that over 90% of people don't even know they have unless they're tested. And even more especially considering the pcr tests used don't even test for covid 19, but rather for genetic corona viruses and their antibodies, meaning if you've had a cold in the last ten years you'll probably test positive whether you have covid 19 or not. Yeah, that's REAL "dumb". Also, i like how you make out that people needing to go to work so they can survive are just being "selfish". Very "smart" of you. Whatever man 🙄
Verlocity Brand
Verlocity Brand 2 days ago
you do realize over 90% rate of survival mean that millions will die and as the disease spread more, hospitals will be overcrowded and resources depleted meaning that the survival rate will be significantly lowered. also dont forget about all the permanent effects from the virus. and let's be honest most people who want to open up again dont care about small business or the economy they just want to go drinking, or getting haircut.
Brian Heacock
Brian Heacock 3 days ago
What software do you use for your green screen?
Harrison Seeber
Harrison Seeber 3 days ago
2:59 Does Mr. George have a twin?
Potato God
Potato God 4 days ago
I need more of this
STTNGfan15 4 days ago
Plot twist: The reason the guy coughed on him was because he wasn’t wearing his mask correctly. Punishment.
Greg Copeland
Greg Copeland 3 days ago
Or that he was wearing a mask thinking it’s actually going to help him.
random brit
random brit 4 days ago
And then there's Portland
Sean Stewart
Sean Stewart 4 days ago
“Ah, this might as well happen!” He is so funny!
John Keith
John Keith 4 days ago
Should have mentioned Trump is President. That is truly the stupidest thing ever...
Greg Copeland
Greg Copeland 3 days ago
Or that we had 8 years of Obama. Community organizing, arrogant idiot.
Johnna 5 days ago
"Avoid speaking moistly" 🤢
Dark Fun
Dark Fun 5 days ago
Wait till you see the other timelines reaction that the most dangerous virus came from Batman
Rob Whaley
Rob Whaley 5 days ago
Dumb dumb dumb Oh yea this time line is so not tight
Kvothe The Bloodless
To quote a 4chan post: "All timelines that make sense were destroyed after the advent of Nuclear Weapons. So all that's left are the retarded wacky ones."
Josh Pollock
Josh Pollock 5 days ago
If there are infinite timelines, how can one be THE dumbest
Robbie Binns
Robbie Binns 5 days ago
I love how the dumb guy is actually the smart guy. Comedy gold.
Wilber H Force
Wilber H Force 6 days ago
Wait he has LEGS?!
look at my profile pic
home sweet home
Fernando Adrián Pedernera
Life on Venus breathing intensifies
Snake Plissiken
Snake Plissiken 6 days ago
wait hold on a second.... Ya'll haven't discovered teleporting? What's next? You haven't found a sollution to global warming? LOL!
XXXTentacles 6 days ago
Im literally convinced theres like 18 different Ryan's
The Duck King
The Duck King 7 days ago
I wish this was a real show
Mike Craft
Mike Craft 7 days ago
wow why do i feel like this could actually be a thing
Jack Wilson
Jack Wilson 7 days ago
Wait does this mean there are timelines within timelines
Odium 7 days ago
Ahhhhh. I too like to live in fear.
Mahatma Gandhi
Mahatma Gandhi 7 days ago
Also Trump becomes president in this timeline apparantly
Sourish Chakraborty
Its amazing how the Ryan from our timeline has actually been through so much that he is not even really shocked or amazed to see other versions of himself from different timelines play in a Reality show... I have said it before and I will say it again this guy is a Genius!
bmorris1117 8 days ago
People are horneyer than ever
SK- Eferthigra
SK- Eferthigra 8 days ago
you should have talked about the toilet paper incident that was going on.
Book Worm
Book Worm 8 days ago
*There’s still 2021...*
Marklemagne 8 days ago
I'm here waiting for a tropical storm just to watch Ryan say, "This may as well happen" because I can never say it that well.
William Nissen
William Nissen 8 days ago
At least that timeline has multiple copies of Ryan George. We only have one 😔
bartman156 8 days ago
Plot twist the game show thing is the dumbest timeline.
Savage Dog24
Savage Dog24 9 days ago
Ya and there are also killer murder hornets
Just a normal Anime Girl
So in the future humans will be evolved to Ryan George
Naveen 9 days ago
"So you have a new pandemic for me?" "Yes sir I do."
newenglandsun 9 days ago
Maybe we not on the dumbest timeline...???
James Hayter
James Hayter 9 days ago
I've loved and upvoted all of your videos but you just lost me. Trump never said to inject disinfectant. He was talking about UV light, and a company at the time was working on fiber-optic UV to help sterilize the breathing tubes and the patient's trachea. So sick of fake news. Can't believe you went there.
James Hayter
James Hayter 6 days ago
@meow I don't understand why you are so ignorant.
James Hayter
James Hayter 6 days ago
@meow www.bloomberg.com/press-releases/2020-04-20/aytu-bioscience-signs-exclusive-global-license-with-cedars-sinai-for-potential-coronavirus-treatment
Gothica Faircourt
@meow Shining UV light into the lungs has been scientifically studied for awhile now. Studies are also being done on using 'disinfectants' like nitric oxide in the lungs to kill viruses. That's what Trump was talking about. Fake news turned it into 'Trump said inject bleach in your veins.' They are morons. Trump is a smart guy.
Maksimilan Melø
Maksimilan Melø 9 days ago
Could this be an occuring show
Charlotte O'Connell
This is like one student bringing down the class average on a much larger scale
Iron Striker
Iron Striker 10 days ago
the first non-ryan?
andarted 10 days ago
Waking up in San Francisco, looking out the window, and the world is bathed in orange like all portals of hell just opened. _"... okay yeah, this may as well happen."_
Aperture Science Test Subject #31
"Although there are doctors in this dummys timeline he is not one" ...insinuating this timeline does *not * have doctors???
Shaun Whitehead
Shaun Whitehead 11 days ago
Perfect example of 2020
Oron Caspi
Oron Caspi 11 days ago
Monochrome 11 days ago
"That doesn't sound like a compelling argument now that I say it out loud..." and yet we still use it.
Carmen Mencar
Carmen Mencar 11 days ago
So much open space and decides to cough in the face of someone.
chayes 11 days ago
Jesus Christ loves you
Ryan Thompson Guitarist
Is this some kind of in joke that I don’t know about?
nabinnyc 12 days ago
"this may as well happen" 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣
Ruan Claassen
Ruan Claassen 12 days ago
tv host:your from the dumbest timeline.... Dumbest timeline Ryan: says the one who invited someone from a world with an active pandemic and then proceeded to bring people from other timelines so I could possibly infect spread the pandemic...
Derpy Derp
Derpy Derp 12 days ago
And now my state is on fire. Just fantastic.
Liesmith 13 days ago
1.6k dumdums got offended and downvoted the video.
Matthew Neufeld
Matthew Neufeld 13 days ago
Speaking moistly is not tight
LordIchmael 13 days ago
“Is being dumb the same as being evil in this timeline?” Finally someone says it.
Scott Girard-Hulbig
It's the people that make this timeline stupid
Moss 14 days ago
Simply brilliant. I laughed soooo hard :D
sandwich gorsh
sandwich gorsh 14 days ago
Shispy HS
Shispy HS 14 days ago
this is the best game show I have ever seen
littletinyplayer 14 days ago
Thankfully I'm not from that stupid timeline
Star Wars Rush
Star Wars Rush 15 days ago
please pt. 2 i want more
Mr Shtok
Mr Shtok 15 days ago
this is the first video that the fact that everyone looks like ryan makes sense
Lucas 15 days ago
"Its hard because a lot of people don't believe in it" "In what, Science?" *everyone laughs except dumb dumb dumbie*
Timothy Nelson
Timothy Nelson 15 days ago
please continue this, You could make it an ongoing thing. Update before and after the election. It would be great!
Iraj The Builder
Iraj The Builder 15 days ago
How you know he is Canadian “From speaking moistly”
Silent Voyager
Silent Voyager 15 days ago
It actually makes sense that they are all the same person
Brendan Yuki
Brendan Yuki 15 days ago
This should be sent to all anti mask people and people that don’t follow quarantine rules
adoredpariah 15 days ago
Super dumb timeline, barely intelligent.
Watah Bastard
Watah Bastard 16 days ago
We are so fucked
JustKir 16 days ago
Plot twist: *this actually happened.*
Anna *****
Anna ***** 16 days ago
I genuinely feel calmer that there is another human being out there who feels like I do about all this. "Is being evil and stupid correlated in this timeline?" "They seem to overlap...". Yeah...
dragonmb7 16 days ago
I honestly didn’t recognize Ryan George playing the beanie guy at the end. He’s getting good.
migwheels 16 days ago
🤣😂🤣😂 "speaking moistly"!!! 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣
Rachel Fain
Rachel Fain 16 days ago
ive watched multiple times and cant get over "the dumbest timeline" lmao soo true its so sad
Abhishek Dhar
Abhishek Dhar 16 days ago
Which popular disinfectant are they talking about?
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