We Left The Sway House!

Josh Richards
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Although the title of this vlog doesn’t touch on the subject of BLM, please don’t allow that to take away the focus of what is going on in the world. Together we are stronger, together we are unbroken, together we can do anything. I will be donating 100% of the proceeds towards NAACP. Let’s be the change!


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Jun 3, 2020




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Comments 100
Tenisha Daniel
Tenisha Daniel 8 hours ago
Ok the video is a great video 🍪😃💼🐭🐁📢😮🍘
Anas redd
Anas redd 2 days ago
Man these good old dayz
Myah Boodram
Myah Boodram 2 days ago
I am crying
udjd djkslseoie
udjd djkslseoie 3 days ago
Estrella Santos
Estrella Santos 4 days ago
Jessa check
Gracie Spencer
Gracie Spencer 4 days ago
No one: Josh: r U kIdDiNg mE nEsSa!!
Ro Biddle
Ro Biddle 5 days ago
Jaden is literally the funniest person I’ve seen
Mason Kline
Mason Kline 5 days ago
Do you guys still hang with the sway. Boyz.
Mason Kline
Mason Kline 5 days ago
Why did you leave sway?
GirlsGotGang Adriana
I was getting emotional the y'all said prank😑😑
udjd djkslseoie
udjd djkslseoie 6 days ago
Uh xgx💝😍
Chris Thomas
Chris Thomas 7 days ago
Josh Richards and Bryce Hall is so ugly
udjd djkslseoie
udjd djkslseoie 7 days ago
udjd djkslseoie
udjd djkslseoie 7 days ago
udjd djkslseoie
udjd djkslseoie 7 days ago
Snnsnb z koq😍😘
That_mustang _cola
That_mustang _cola 10 days ago
I love how josh and jaden are such good friends and they can actually have an apartment together
Charmaine IP [10C14]
Sheikha Alyafae
Sheikha Alyafae 13 days ago
“IT’S A LIQUID “ 😂😂😂😂
Kendra Collins
Kendra Collins 15 days ago
me but josh your funnyer
udjd djkslseoie
udjd djkslseoie 15 days ago
Dmkddke ok dskos💝
Isabel E.C.
Isabel E.C. 15 days ago
Y me dicen rollo sufero, y yo a ver aver, pero que dices de surfero, que me estás contando si yo soy de Pamplona
ashlyn 18 days ago
jaden (mocking nessa): *this coke tastes like cheese*
jimena e
jimena e 21 day ago
they can handle the sourness but can they handle tapatío
Avery Suliveras
Avery Suliveras 22 days ago
The was weird to watch but I still love Jaden and josh ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Stathis222 Reggina
Stathis222 Reggina 22 days ago
stephanie proffitt
stephanie proffitt 22 days ago
Color of change is also a great foundation to donate to!
NIBBS AND MR B 23 days ago
Wen jaden was hype sorry jaden 😭😭
Danielle Marineau
Danielle Marineau 23 days ago
My 3 favorite sway house members in a video yesss I love this I love you jaden Josh and Anthony so much 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤
Bebes Aesthetic
Bebes Aesthetic 23 days ago
Curtis : are these sour tho Mads: SOUR PACH
Bebes Aesthetic
Bebes Aesthetic 23 days ago
Ok there’s two beds and nessa and josh slept in 5he same bed but mads were did she sleep 😴 😐 with jaden ???
Bebes Aesthetic
Bebes Aesthetic 23 days ago
I love how mads and jaden lived together
Macie Cadwell
Macie Cadwell 24 days ago
Nausheen Abdhul Hameed
Nessa's cute laugh awww ❤️
gema reguera
gema reguera 27 days ago
Cuando nessa y Josh vuelvan nos hacemos los sorprendidos 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡
Audrey Roberts
Audrey Roberts 28 days ago
Nessa “No ew that’s so un-necessary” -The boys swishing and licking- Mads “ Well um I just got licked” I’m dying 😂😂
Elaina Jones
Elaina Jones 29 days ago
Is it just me or did I see the best chips ever in mads hands By the way you don’t have those chips are there Takis I love talkies this video is the best video I’ve ever seen
Tik tok ACCONT
Tik tok ACCONT 29 days ago
Poor sway
Clarita 29 days ago
No one The person behind the camera: hee hee hee
Adelia Sanders
Adelia Sanders Month ago
i love ness she the cutest thing EVR
Adelia Sanders
Adelia Sanders Month ago
wait was thi before or after jessa broke up
Nicole Spencer
Nicole Spencer 15 days ago
This was posted before
Cheryl Kiseyinewakup
Khaliyah Martin
Khaliyah Martin Month ago
4:07 so inspiring josh
Zahra Bhaiji
Zahra Bhaiji Month ago
nooooooooooo jaden
Madi Peitzsch
Madi Peitzsch Month ago
Curtis trues to take another sour patch “ drops it “
Natalynn Davis
Natalynn Davis Month ago
Amanda Tannehill
Jaden is grate at music
Pat no faker
Pat no faker Month ago
josh is kinda smart guy
Alexandria S
Alexandria S Month ago
No one: Josh: I love each and every one of you so much, five min later: u pieces of poop!
Kiara Hammond
Kiara Hammond Month ago
Josh is so funny this were i do my office about bussines its all about bussiness (games)
JuIia Small
JuIia Small Month ago
at 6:32 The Way nessa said what did i do was sooo cutee
Alayna Garrity
Alayna Garrity Month ago
Jaden's laugh is so cute😻
Anastasia Konovalova
Русские август есть?😑
Stance wars Boi
Stance wars Boi Month ago
Jadens face 7:43 - 7:45 😂😂😂
Lina Velkavrh
Lina Velkavrh Month ago
Am sad😭i love them😭
Cheryl Gillon
Cheryl Gillon Month ago
im sorry boys
Germicha Devis
Germicha Devis Month ago
Nessa is always giggling behind the camera
Rebecca M
Rebecca M Month ago
Josh is a great influencer, he knows what’s going on instead of just posting stuff !! Good job josh !!
oompa loompa number 5 bealsey
mad and anthony look so sad bc no one gives them attention literally
Lila Sterio
Lila Sterio Month ago
Where is chemo isn't he a part of this way house ischial not in 😢😞💔
wolf pack
wolf pack Month ago
Why are y’all leaving
Sarvesh Chandhu
Sarvesh Chandhu Month ago
Who else thinks nessa”s giggles are the cutttestt
Heather Morris
Heather Morris Month ago
Josh is sooooooooooooooooo cute 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙❤💙💙💙
Madison Burns
Madison Burns Month ago
Maëva WONG
Maëva WONG Month ago
love you josh
maddiedunhamxo Month ago
Wait isnt this the same penthouse as the one shown in selling sunset season 4 episode 1? Or am i just trippin
•Ghxstin• ༄
this broke my heart :(
It’s. Just. Abby
Jaden: *trying to explain something to the camera* Everyone: *talks and yells over him* Jaden:*stops talking* Everyone: *stops talking to let him finish* Jaden: So basically guys- Mads: *talks over him to Nessa* Jaden: OH MY FUCKING- Mads: Oh sorry 🥺 😂😂😂
Bethany Tom
Bethany Tom Month ago
Jaden and Nessa low key look good together
Olivia Perez
Olivia Perez Month ago
Ummm 😑
ILoveDogs_21 !
ILoveDogs_21 ! Month ago
2:05 Bryce looks sad :/
Rachel S
Rachel S Month ago
Josh: she’s not even fuckin dressed Me: ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
matt peat
matt peat Month ago
Wait is this real ?
Riyanda Utami
Riyanda Utami Month ago
I like jaden when i makes some jokes lol
Angela Dang
Angela Dang Month ago
jaden said “ so basijdjbdjdhdshhhjhbdjba “
Jasmeet Kaur
Jasmeet Kaur Month ago
Why did y’all leave??
Suzana Budimkic
Suzana Budimkic Month ago
Bro i feel like bricy is gona be the onli part of the swat hause but it wil just then be a hause with noone😆
Lilyana Barriga
Lilyana Barriga Month ago
Couple goals 😊✨ 7:58
Tony Lopez
Tony Lopez Month ago
Josh I’m such a big fan I’m crying bc chase is mad at me for liking you but chase is still my BFF but I need to talk 😓❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Clinton Richards
No one: Jaden and Josh: "NOT AT SWAY!!"
Miinam Taga
Miinam Taga Month ago
Is this video after or before nessa and josh breake up?
Kaori Macklin
Kaori Macklin Month ago
Jaden ItS a LiQuId!!!!!!
CocoKittie x
CocoKittie x Month ago
did he just say coloured people
Why did they move out ? Are they still sway boys
Isabel Gutiérrez
It makes me sad that you are no longer in the Sway House but I am glad that you are going to live together ❤️
Asia Johnson
Asia Johnson Month ago
Whait wait wait wait so Jaden mads are broken up and Nessa and Josh or am I just trippen was it a rummor I need some info someone heeeelllpp
BU2ZY Month ago
Bryce looked so sad closing the door
Indigo Fielder
Indigo Fielder Month ago
Cute you,re HAIR please
Joe King
Joe King Month ago
Bryce and I are still kickin' we knew this was going to happen so we had a back up plan. Wait until you see who moves in. We got 69 and Meek bunking in one room. Cardi B and Nicki in one room. T.I and his daughter so he can check her hymen in the other room. That's just a snippet y'all ain't even ready
Emma Tacchino
Emma Tacchino Month ago
*Jaden holding up the wildberries : some people need these for their attitude ya know what I’m sayin* I’m weaaak😭
Aida S
Aida S Month ago
2:12 Mads in one car with Jaden ❤️
Ashley Moore
Ashley Moore Month ago
Come to our house please it is 1609 east Wayne
Hannah Smith
Hannah Smith Month ago
tell me why jaden actually sounded like he was speaking a real language when he stuttered LOL
cameryn rutledge
jaden “ ITS A LIQUID” 🤣🤣🤣 and when nessa at the cheese “🤨😲” like what ummm are you okay jaden
Aubrey Gafford
Aubrey Gafford Month ago
Now I'm crying don't now why tho😢
Zaara Hussain
Zaara Hussain Month ago
Aww Bryce looked so sad when they left the team is just falling apart i feel so bad 🥺🥺
aislyn barlow
aislyn barlow Month ago
I was grounded from my phone so I wasn't able to watch their videos and when I seen the thumbnail i was like WTF
Leena Jain
Leena Jain Month ago
Jaden: * picks up the berries * "some people need these for their attitude" *FACTS*
Neve Alyea
Neve Alyea Month ago
SoMe PeOpLe NeEd ThEsE fOr ThEiR aTtItUdE iF yOu KnOw WhAt Im SaYiNg
Aqeela Viljoen
Aqeela Viljoen Month ago
I absolutely love Nessa's laugh
oshige george
oshige george Month ago
here after Griffin kio and Quinton left
ebp.15 Month ago
U can see how bryce is hurt
•Shadøws Night•
Literally no one? Jaden:someone give me a thick one ☝🏻
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