We Hired a Real Hypnotherapist to Analyze Our Darkest Dreams

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Hypnotherapy is the art of mental suggestion. This isn't the stage entertainment variety of hypnosis. This is real therapy to help people get in touch with what's bothering them deep inside.
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This channel, along with every video that has or will ever be uploaded on this channel, will be deleted after our year has ended. This is inevitable. Inescapable. Irreversible.
Do not archive or re-upload anything. This is our last wish. Our parting gift. Stay true to the purpose of our final year or we shall lay down wrath upon those that attempt to escape the end.
Memento Mori.
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Comments 80
Plasma Snow 2nd account
I actually got teary eyed when Mark started talking about how he felt towards the child. I wonder if some of this crazy confidence we see in his videos is just a mask to please the viewers to build his self esteem, when in reality he might be suffering from not feeling like he's good enough elsewhere. Just a thought.
Plasma Snow 2nd account
What is it with Mark and THE DEATH???
Plasma Snow 2nd account
I love how she had to stop herself from laughing at Mark because that's just Mark.
Raquel 2 hours ago
I actually started crying at 23:49 because I'm kinda looking back on who I wanted to be when I was older and it is no where near who I am now. I wanted to be me and only me, but I can't seem to get past some peoples opinions
Nweo 4 hours ago
I got the chills at the end I closed my eyes and had headphones on and her voice was chilling
Jocelyn Smith
Jocelyn Smith 5 hours ago
I am so lucky that I found this channel.
Silicate02 8 hours ago
Why is she so epic
cribbit 9 hours ago
No one: Mark before he starts an activity on Unus and Annus: so umm death is inevitable
Flowey 10 hours ago
what the heck the ending made me cry T^T
Lexibaba210000 10 hours ago
9:28 look at Mark's big smile
HeadPhonePoe 10 hours ago
Mark: *sniffs the lemon like a cautious cat*
schwing for me
schwing for me 13 hours ago
is the background music.... minecraft?
Expecting Moon
Expecting Moon 14 hours ago
Mark talking about his past self, I’m bawling
Siera Solo
Siera Solo 15 hours ago
1 question. Is there a Unus Annus hoodie?
Most Definitely
Most Definitely 15 hours ago
I was laughing at mark the whole time
Nigel Fontanilla
Nigel Fontanilla 16 hours ago
I'm afraid because here in The Philippines there are people who can hypnotize you to rob you then just run away.
Braydon 16 hours ago
Hypnotyzm. Yes, i spelt that wrong on purpose.
Griffin Koenig
Griffin Koenig 19 hours ago
15:54 yah she’s right for all we know it could feel really nice. There is no reason to be afraid of death if everything dies eventually.
Rodney Lindner
Rodney Lindner 19 hours ago
Therapist- How are you Ethan- iM EtHaN!
Turtle_Rifle_XD 22 hours ago
it got me every time she said dis 😂
Kitty Lover677
Kitty Lover677 23 hours ago
What the fuck happened??? I joined in on it and it really resonated with the sad things that mark said, and just imagining your younger self. This ended up me having a small panic attack, with tears down my face, and I don't know why! Shes amazing at what she does since she made that happen.
chxm.veins_ 23 hours ago
Liza: oh hi mark
Diane Smith
Diane Smith Day ago
So fear is like a nightmare..
Victory and Crumpets
"When we sleep, we are closing the day" WHICH IS WHY I DONT SLEEP
ZuZuZuZu Day ago
Omg...Poor Mark though.
Crazy Gamers
Crazy Gamers Day ago
Can we just give a little credit to the editor for this top quality comedy?
lolziz Day ago
Her: How did you imagine a lemon? Me: Because I've seen lemons before. Ethan: *Shrugs* Her: Because there's been a lemon right here the whole time. Me: *Confused noises*
introvert with a yt channel
An I the one that "sings" along to the intro like *Oonis arnis* *OONIS ARNIS* *_OONIS ARNIS_*
Kim Seokjin 김석진
“I’m slightly afraid...” “Of a lemon?” “No, of you” XD
Olivia Carr
Olivia Carr Day ago
Seriously pumped to see this video. I’ve gotten experimental A.R.T therapy which is similar and holy moly is it powerful. Super cool to see these guys exploring these avenues and showing the positives of therapy.
BambitoBeano Day ago
this lady fees fake 😂😭
bob duncan
bob duncan Day ago
The fact people don’t believe hypnosis (or even hypnotism) is real is like believing the earth is flat.
*Plays the smallest piano ever*
Fear > worry > wonder: cull wondering, end worrying. Fear never ends though, it is reified by the mere thought, so think of death as what it is, a transcendent unknown, and fear it not: no use in doing so: just imagine the life that springs eternal.
Mark: *Unstable Type* Ethan: *Resistive type* =)
Dream_ Fusion
well that was deep
Krisztii Day ago
"What was his fault?" "He wasn't good enough" Why did this hit me hard xD
Bee k
Bee k Day ago
Get mark a chair!!!!
Acid drivze
Acid drivze Day ago
Poor mark lol
Lythist Day ago
I had recurring dreams about the bone lady, the scariest one was when she took her sharp bone fingers and slowly inserted them into my wrists and broke skin on the other side of my forearm. The dream lasted forever and she kept doing it over and over again.
Jay Oakwood
Jay Oakwood Day ago
When she said 10 fingers were massaging your scalp was supposed to be relaxing but I tensed up and got really grossed out.
Ya Boi p92
Ya Boi p92 Day ago
I will never forget cooking with sex toys
Vic P
Vic P Day ago
What was his fault? /he wasnt good enough/ I fucking cried
Sarah Turner
Sarah Turner Day ago
When life gives you lemons, look down and make sure you're not barefoot
Small Bean
Small Bean 2 days ago
That hit deep about Unus Annus being deleted and stuff because that's how I feel but I guess I just have to let it happen and just roll with it even if it makes me cry-
yikes !
yikes ! 2 days ago
It’s 1am and I’m crying at both Ethans and Marks experiences. I related to both of them in different ways. I’m so insecure about myself and I’m angry at myself and at my past self for it. Lizas words really effected me. I don’t know why it took me so long to watch this video but I’m glad I did now.
Michayla White
Michayla White 2 days ago
Me: watches this video Me .2 seconds after: * texts my mom and tells her I want to try hypnosis because I'm willing to try anything to not be in my current state of mind * Side note: I live alone and work and qualify as a "full adult" but I still need my mom to help me with literally everything due to fear of losing my mom after my dad fucked me over
moonuju 2 days ago
mark uses any chance to bring up that ethan thinks he's a masochist
Reven_Ren 2 days ago
I tried doing this, Listening to her voice while my eyes are closed- But when she said to place the lemon on the cutting board, I lost it because my imagination somehow imagined my hand slamming the lemon on the counter with a 'SLAM' then walking to get a glass and to slam it on the counter again. Now im just a laughing psycho in the living room😂
Rohan Moudgill
Rohan Moudgill 2 days ago
My self-esteem went to INFINTE!!
Emma Munoz
Emma Munoz 2 days ago
the editing of this video has to be one of my favorite, it’s hilarious
Metalhead 1966
Metalhead 1966 2 days ago
I practise hypnosis every night before sleep as part of my meditation. It's very relaxing. I highly recommend it.
Amazing Sage
Amazing Sage 2 days ago
Lady: Give me your hand Ethan: gives hand Mark: gives hand but then realizes he doesn't have any one to give his hand to then starts to rethink if he made the right choice. Why is this so relatable 😂
Aydin Curtis
Aydin Curtis 2 days ago
this is how i get to play VR with all of my rich friends
SingingWolf's Random DIY and Gear
Can someone just give these guys some mushrooms so they can finally see the psyco-somatic hallucinations they seem so obsessed with? Lol
Karlo Schmidt
Karlo Schmidt 2 days ago
Oh hi mark
Amy Ramirez
Amy Ramirez 2 days ago
Somerlyn Collum
Somerlyn Collum 2 days ago
Ethan: never speak to me again Mark: ok master😏
Squidgy Doge03
Squidgy Doge03 2 days ago
Ethan: I’m slightly afraid... Her: oF tHe lEmoN..?🍋 Me: yes Ethan, the lemon will kill you. Also me: XD
OrieØ 2 days ago
No one: Absolutely no one: Lady: what does the lemon taste like? Ethan: *L E M O N S*
Jose Solomon
Jose Solomon 2 days ago
Jose Solomon
Jose Solomon 2 days ago
Anime Lover
Anime Lover 2 days ago
Was I the only one starting to cry when Mark said "because he wasn't enough" ? I think I saw in too deep.
son goku
son goku 3 days ago
My face got tight when she was talking about the scary lemon
M Whitehead
M Whitehead 3 days ago
Sisuo Alokoa
Sisuo Alokoa 3 days ago
Awkward beginning had me hooked on the rest of the vid 😂😂
Rainbow Pencils
Rainbow Pencils 3 days ago
People are mostly talking about how Mark blurted "he wasnt good enough" or they're talking about Ethan talking about his self esteem issues that he has, but I haven't seen anyone mentioned how brave they both are. Not only for posting this, but for even filming this video. Also watching the face of whoever isnt in the chair is interesting, because you can see how much they actually care for each other, based off of how they react to the sad things. Ethan and Mark's friendship is really really amazing
THE OFF WORLDER 3 days ago
And now you’re in the sunken place
John Mills, Jr.
John Mills, Jr. 3 days ago
...She wants Ethan. Don’t tell me what I know; because I know this.
catalinabfflol 3 days ago
i actually did the little boy thing: i went to my 11/12 year old me. i was in a dark space and almost took my life and now im crying
Jayden Lacasse
Jayden Lacasse 3 days ago
Tomislav Tkalčec
18:40 GOTTEM
Peach Baby
Peach Baby 3 days ago
Me too, Mark.
Ghadimier 3 days ago
23:49 Mark: "I wasn't good enough." (please click read more) Yes you were Mark.. you always were and always will be no matter what. You're not just good enough... you are more than enough. weather or not you choose to believe that is up to you, but I'm telling you now... you will always go beyond "good enough". we love you Mark.
Chaos 3 days ago
He wasn’t good enough What if they were my own expectations 🥺
Isabella Lopez
Isabella Lopez 3 days ago
This lady is, like, the *Master of Overthinking* .
Noah Way Jose
Noah Way Jose 3 days ago
Ethan: *relaxing* Mark moving a pillow: 👁👄👁
Katherine Dawkins
10:23 : The face I make when I am sneaking a machine when I am not sopoussed to hv it. lol!
m̴u̴s̴h̴y̴ ツ
we are all going to die, yo. ㅑ ㅇ.ㅇㅕ
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