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Feb 7, 2020




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Comments 80
HeyitsEmily Lewis
HeyitsEmily Lewis 4 hours ago
Heath is the best vlog squad member no one can change my mind
Azraa Saldin
Azraa Saldin 7 hours ago
Everyone just standing there to hold heath 😂😂
Azraa Saldin
Azraa Saldin 7 hours ago
Dude I love Matt 😂
Niko Orellana
The intro is just 30 seconds of David laughing before each sentence
green Juann
green Juann Day ago
Crayz Naner
Crayz Naner 2 days ago
Today biting healths ear is so sexy wtf
emily e
emily e 2 days ago
when david talks in his promo part of the vids, he kinda laugh-talks lmao. i kinda love it tho JSNSAKSME
HIHIHU AHAHAH 2 days ago
Jay Kapadia
Jay Kapadia 3 days ago
Why is he laughing at the beginning of all statements
Turtle 3 days ago
honestly let's all agree. Mrbeast is way better at shouting out honey for example what else do I like on my sandwich? honey
K B 3 days ago
Todd gets really gay when he’s drunk
Laura Rodriguez
Laura Rodriguez 3 days ago
What the song called at the end?
Its J Smoke
Its J Smoke 4 days ago
Is anyone gonna adress the fact Todd was LITERALLY eating hieths face 1:46
W Mi
W Mi 5 days ago
Why r u laughing under ur breath every word
K.A.G The Hunter
K.A.G The Hunter 5 days ago
Why do u laugh when ur Talking about honey
Mr Beast6000
Mr Beast6000 6 days ago
I love the intro in the sponsor video he do it like laughing i love it 😂😂😂♥️♥️♥️
Grace Kiepkee
Grace Kiepkee 6 days ago
I have to switch my RUvid profile to watch your videos because some of them are “not suitable for children” even tho I’m 15 . My parents are so strict and is logged onto my RUvid account too and sees everything I watch. It’s not like I’m watching fucking porn or shit. Just David Dobrik😂
Angel Hernandez
Angel Hernandez 6 days ago
3:32 ur welcome
Krispy_ Chicken
Krispy_ Chicken 6 days ago
David laughing every time he talks
billy symons
billy symons 7 days ago
no ser
Alex Ayala
Alex Ayala 9 days ago
does anyone know what restaurant that is?
Harmello808 9 days ago
Natalie casually stuntin yeezys throwing dirt on jason😒
Larry Cucumber
Larry Cucumber 9 days ago
Why does he always do a fake laugh before every part during his sponsor ad
Ole Mortensen
Ole Mortensen 10 days ago
David laughs before every every Word he says😂
Vert -
Vert - 10 days ago
Moral of the story *Don’t ever take Jason to a restaurant*
Areeb Iqbal
Areeb Iqbal 11 days ago
He is giggling even in the sponsorship part like bro wtf
Ed 11 days ago
Im sorry, but these blooper videos are just the same as his usual ones, except they aren’t 4.20 long
imran ali
imran ali 11 days ago
Thomas Waters
Thomas Waters 12 days ago
You should date Natalie
Reckless panda Gaming
Why does David laugh at the beginning of every sentence during the honey promo
Slicer Gamez
Slicer Gamez 13 days ago
calll 0633008715
Khallil Marshall
Khallil Marshall 13 days ago
Imagine being Corinna. You wake up every morning and you’re just ... sexy.
Sal Bro
Sal Bro 14 days ago
These guys should stop simping Natalie she's not a nice person
Adrian 69
Adrian 69 14 days ago
0:02 sounded like he glitches lolll
Nov's Gaming Life
Nov's Gaming Life 14 days ago
Is Todd okay? 1:43 He looks SO gay..
Aden Binder
Aden Binder 14 days ago
Lmao its not normal how funny jason is
Dreamz 15 days ago
Kaden Owens
Kaden Owens 16 days ago
Can he finish a sentence without laughing
TeeOhEm 16 days ago
slightly unusual laughing after every sentence of the promo🤔
Hazel Anne Pula
Hazel Anne Pula 17 days ago
Is it just me or... I just ship David and Natalie And sometimes David and Corrina? Just me? Ok...
Chndr L
Chndr L 17 days ago
Why does David laugh on every second setence?
Casey Roy
Casey Roy 17 days ago
todd! good taste
Rheeq {Official}
Rheeq {Official} 18 days ago
In the biggening when he was talking about honey or whatever that was, every cut he laughs then continues
EscapistVibrations 18 days ago
Anyone else think they were on 1.5x speed in the beginning of the video?
Gabriel Gore
Gabriel Gore 18 days ago
I like how Zane would save Erin if a glass shard would come her way!
PP Chan
PP Chan 15 days ago
He was just being a good friend, sorry to burst that fantasy for you 🤷🏻‍♂️
Pablo Salazar
Pablo Salazar 15 days ago
I mean I would hope any friend would...
Opper _Red
Opper _Red 19 days ago
Why does he all start a sponsor by laughing at the start of each sentence
Vinxe 19 days ago
Look at this Alex Warren clone.
BRIX PLAYS 19 days ago
can somebody tell me what hoodie he's wearing on the intro
BRIX PLAYS 14 days ago
who's merch?
BRIX PLAYS 14 days ago
@-Hind ST is it a merch?
BRIX PLAYS 14 days ago
@-Hind ST shit
-Hind ST
-Hind ST 17 days ago
It's sold out
Max Smyth
Max Smyth 21 day ago
the pool player acted like such a virgin😂
Diego Hernandez
Diego Hernandez 19 days ago
Max Smyth fax
ZZZ 22 days ago
Why he sound tired when he’s speaking in the beginning of the video 😂💀
Regina Balanovsky
Regina Balanovsky 22 days ago
I thrive to have a friend group like this and live like this when im older
Zer0 Paradox
Zer0 Paradox 22 days ago
When jona was on the phone paused the vid and the mirror was olaf
Kam Killz
Kam Killz 23 days ago
Corinna more like corona
Martin Dooner
Martin Dooner 23 days ago
Anyone else think matt king is the biggest pusst
______ 23 days ago
drunk people are such fun to watch
Dojo Limes
Dojo Limes 23 days ago
why is half the merch sold out I want some
Alissa's Cooking
Alissa's Cooking 23 days ago
I just realized I've been watching David's vlogs for 2 hours
my daddy
my daddy 3 days ago
SaNiya Booker
SaNiya Booker 22 days ago
I been watching since this lockdown stared
Vilhelm Gidner
Vilhelm Gidner 24 days ago
they are deff high
Jacen Colantuono
Jacen Colantuono 24 days ago
Matt is the biggest pussy ever
Dory Azar
Dory Azar 25 days ago
Who watching this after Todd and Natalie got together
Elliott sisters play
5:36 he ant no pretty girl 🤦‍♀️
King king
King king 25 days ago
4:48 zane describing that moment made me cry😂😂😂😂
MindOfHyper 25 days ago
It’s a hag not a princess
Benita Akpandara
Benita Akpandara 26 days ago
That fat princess 😂😂😂💀💀💀
The Misfit03
The Misfit03 26 days ago
Ursula isn’t a princess you dumb fu- (JK Much love but don’t disrespect my queen Ursula)
NSC_GoldYt 34
NSC_GoldYt 34 26 days ago
Lol Jason savage
Theo Trevino
Theo Trevino 26 days ago
This isn't funny but we'll watch Jason's channel
Sohum Datta
Sohum Datta 27 days ago
david in the start of every sentence during the sponsorship- giggles
EternalEagle 27 days ago
Corinna at the end looked like she was willingly getting kidnapped by a bunch of black guys driving slowly away don't worry well bring her back by noon.
Andrew Michua
Andrew Michua 27 days ago
David is a jedi he told zane "no its not your life" and he said "no its not"
Kareem Aldabbas
Kareem Aldabbas 28 days ago
Why do i feel like david dobrik channel is more exciting than david dobrik too ???
money Lover1738
money Lover1738 28 days ago
I swear if your videos where longer they would be so much fun
Itsmearianys Heheh
Itsmearianys Heheh 28 days ago
Corrina and David would be cute together 🥵
lux 28 days ago
3:30 David you fucked it up she was gonna go topless
julian Zamora
julian Zamora Month ago
Fuck todd
Nicholas Reyzin
Nicholas Reyzin Month ago
Pool guy at the end is in the hall of cap
ReeLayte Month ago
U should of made jason an alien face dug underground
Beanbagboy #2
Beanbagboy #2 Month ago
Why does he always laugh at the beginning “ this video *giggle* is sponsored by honey * giggle*
Irina CH
Irina CH Month ago
Jason looks like Rick Sanchez
Lucas Mason
Lucas Mason Month ago
Pool dudes a fucking loser lmao
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