We Got Married...(Pt. 2/4)

Danielle Cohn
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The Day i Committed To My Bestfriend!!

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Apr 13, 2019




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Comments 80
Little Simran
Little Simran 2 days ago
Jojo Siwa i'm extremely sry for disrespecting you.
bri freshly
bri freshly 2 days ago
They really played Ave Maria in the background... 🙄
Geovanna Almeida
Geovanna Almeida 3 days ago
Vim Du Jean luca
Maggie Thomson
Maggie Thomson 4 days ago
When I thought jojo siwa was bad
Geovanna Santos mendes
Cadê os brasileiros????????
NeeNee's Lifestyle
Watching this 1 year later
Cute Xoxo
Cute Xoxo 9 days ago
Mikey is so handsome
Ashleigh Jackson
Ashleigh Jackson 10 days ago
Guys this isn’t marriage this a commitment ceremony. All you are saying is that you will be best friends and never let anything get between you friendship. So this is NOT a marriage
Jughead Jones
Jughead Jones 10 days ago
Auto cringe
Stephanie Gaston
Stephanie Gaston 10 days ago
Like I'm not saying you guys are the worst RUvidr but why you get married at 13 it doesn't make any sense
Oreo cookie
Oreo cookie 10 days ago
that dude is definitely not in love with her
Omma Hyung
Omma Hyung 10 days ago
Essa menina é doida ela ainda vai fazer 14 anos esse ano
mojo frag
mojo frag 11 days ago
they didnt get married lmaoooooooooo
DiamondSapphire 11 days ago
his parents was disgusted
DiamondSapphire 11 days ago
scratch that his family was disgusted
Janasia Smith
Janasia Smith 11 days ago
Notice how she said back with my boyfriend not finance or at least soon to be husband 0:02
Nicole Mendoza
Nicole Mendoza 11 days ago
Does anyone else notice WillyTube there
Andi Rae McCuistion
This is prob the most stupid thing I've ever seen she is literally my age
YouYouMore 13 days ago
I’ve seen a lot of cringe videos, I’ve even seen a lot of Danielle’s videos which are a whole ‘nother level of cringe. But this. This was the cringiest thing I’ve ever watched. Especially the wedding part.
Francisca Marques
Francisca Marques 14 days ago
Manu Diversão
Manu Diversão 14 days ago
what a more real lie, I was impressed!
SCP 096
SCP 096 14 days ago
You little fucking slag
Kah Eduarda
Kah Eduarda 14 days ago
Oh my good She is... 🤢
An-Thien Nguyen
An-Thien Nguyen 15 days ago
Why would she fake such things. Btw I’m not hating. I support her. That’s just my opinion
charlotte catherine
SkyplayZ GameZ
SkyplayZ GameZ 16 days ago
Girl...your 13.. you pretend like your 15 and still 15 is young to get married
Dione Metzger
Dione Metzger 16 days ago
How old are you
Madison Wetenkamp
Madison Wetenkamp 17 days ago
mi l
mi l 18 days ago
Quem veio pelo jean?
Victoria Maclansana
Jojo is a romodel
Kelyanne Maria Sousa Andrade
ow my good
Gacha Videos
Gacha Videos 18 days ago
Is this in a bedroom I swear is it like for real 😳
Gacha Videos
Gacha Videos 18 days ago
Bring in the jojo power we need it to a level 1028372819190101
gxcha baddie!
gxcha baddie! 18 days ago
a 13 year old getting married to a Adult me: :^ let me see the video me after seeing the video:i think igtg me: goes to bed and about to cry from seeing the video
Amekali Ayemi
Amekali Ayemi 19 days ago
Marriage with 3 4 people 😂
Amekali Ayemi
Amekali Ayemi 19 days ago
I'm laughing hard😂😂😂 Is this joke come on Kids this is child marriage?? 😂😂😂 I feel like it's a joke
Amekali Ayemi
Amekali Ayemi 19 days ago
What the hell is wrong with this kids Lmfaoooo
Gombraogo Ouedraogo
We all know this is not real ok
Beautybykeysh 20 days ago
Is it legal there to marry at such young age?..
Gryka Sasutil
Gryka Sasutil 21 day ago
Do your mom ever taught you about dignity?
Footbulla Periodtt
They ain't cute 😹😹
Natalia Demachk
Natalia Demachk 21 day ago
Linn K
Linn K 22 days ago
I don't hate Dani But THIS IS so weird FOREVER I *LAUGH*
Linn K
Linn K 22 days ago
Linn K
Linn K 22 days ago
Mønįlïnđa_ Chan
Can someone explain to me how she is allowed to 'marry at 13 or 14 years old or whatever her age is-
Bete Cajusa
Bete Cajusa 22 days ago
Your still on the getting bullied by memelous fans hahahaha
Miyaa TV
Miyaa TV 23 days ago
13 yrs old WOW😒
Unknownnn 1_1
Unknownnn 1_1 24 days ago
The fact that Mikey was taking that more serious than Dani for Dani was more like playing wedding
3Queenzzz 25 days ago
nume nume
nume nume 26 days ago
52k likes and 52k dislikes
Kiely Gould plays
Kiely Gould plays 26 days ago
But they r dating again! 😃🙂
Kiely Gould plays
Kiely Gould plays 26 days ago
Well this didn’t work out
Sabrina a
Sabrina a 26 days ago
e vamos de polícia
Daisy Dohyeong Lim the EVERYTHING channel!
They eyes at the beginning, AHHHH I have fear of like that
Blissxful Mochaツ
Blissxful Mochaツ 27 days ago
*Milk Tea*
*Milk Tea* 27 days ago
This is why JoJo Siwa is the best role model out there for kids don’t grow up like Donnelle
*Milk Tea*
*Milk Tea* 27 days ago
It’s not possible you’re too young
Ashley Fletcher
Ashley Fletcher 27 days ago
Stop hating she likes him one day she wants to Mary him if that’s so bad don’t watch her k some people don’t want to here y’all being annoying
unknown 16
unknown 16 27 days ago
52k likes 52k dislikes ok
Paty Mestezk
Paty Mestezk 27 days ago
Gente alguém veio pelo Juca ?
Kayla micheleee
Kayla micheleee 27 days ago
I would rather walk in an isle on my wedding than that fake chapel
AYeaH AYeaH 28 days ago
strxaw berry
strxaw berry 28 days ago
52K likes and dislikes
viv Viv
viv Viv 28 days ago
So disgusting
Isla Bishop
Isla Bishop 29 days ago
I don’t know why but this made me cry coz I am soo happy for her
Isla Bishop
Isla Bishop 29 days ago
How old is dannie
Chris Sumpter
Chris Sumpter Month ago
Use me as a divorce button!
Elsie Schultz
Elsie Schultz Month ago
😂😂Chad the entire time: 😐
Lexi Almager
Lexi Almager Month ago
Is that Mickey
Sophie Grande
Sophie Grande Month ago
Amanda Maia
Amanda Maia Month ago
That is so messed up
yhyxz 03
yhyxz 03 Month ago
What the fvck is this?
Mel Kliman Guenzburger Baumann
Pessoas que acreditaram:🤡🤡🤡
Daniela Rosales
Daniela Rosales Month ago
Imma be real BUT this shit is soooooooo cringey. lord bless them. THEY NEED HELP!
Mavi Sotnas
Mavi Sotnas Month ago
que horror.
Catarina Dias
Catarina Dias Month ago
Oh meu amor, vai brincar com as Barbies vai. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ Quem veio pelo Jean? 🙋🏻‍♀️
Rain Lyrics
Rain Lyrics Month ago
Sofia B
Sofia B Month ago
Did her mom wear that to her daughters "wedding" 4:33
Kimmie Swan
Kimmie Swan Month ago
After Watching This, I Have So Much More Respect For Jojo Siwa.
Maria Month ago
And apparently shes 14 so how come shes getting married at such a young age
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