We got into a bathtub full of Liquid Glass Thinking Putty!

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We filled up a bathtub with 500 pounds of crystal clear Liquid Glass Thinking Putty.
Buy at Vat19: goo.gl/mmLsKp
Can the putty bath be escaped? Enjoy!
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Comments 80
Vat19 3 years ago
We agree that it would be awesome to fill a pool with Liquid Glass Putty. While we haven't done that, we have filled an entire pool with 10 MILLION Orbeez! It was crazy fun. ruvid.net/video/video-pjjO84p18sU.html
Horatio 12 days ago
Horatio 12 days ago
Horatio 12 days ago
Ahmad Attoun
Ahmad Attoun 24 days ago
Abby Bee
Abby Bee Day ago
So how am I supposed to tell people who my favourite Vat19 guy is? “Hey man my favourite commercialist youtuber advertiser giant challenger is Jamie”
Ailson Neto
Ailson Neto Day ago
Vim pelo fatos desconhecidos.
xXEthan_GamerXx 3 days ago
Legend had it that he still had the putty on his armpits to this day
WeezleFuz ¿
WeezleFuz ¿ 5 days ago
Welcome back to another episode of "Why is this on my reccomended"
David’s Production
1:28 what the fu-
Tên dài nhất Hệ mặt trời
1:18 me when my friend bug the game and stuck
Shiela Reyes
Shiela Reyes 5 days ago
We got into a bathtub full of liquid glass thinking putty WE *WE* *W E* sounds gay, also only put 1 person wth??
котик Вася 300
1:15 uhhh....
OMARGOD 5 days ago
I have the feeling he volunteers for this one.
Boiboivine Yt
Boiboivine Yt 6 days ago
Drowning in liquid glass thinking putty
rosita la del barrio
I just kerp coming back to this video
Cayline Manlutac
Cayline Manlutac 7 days ago
I have seen all the putties now and I'm thinking why is there always an Aaron on the name
it looked like u put plastic
@I AM BIRB but i thought-
I AM BIRB 5 days ago
@ZE GACHA CREATURE yes it is putty is made of a rubbery substance and plastic
I AM BIRB 6 days ago
Bc its plastic
Fery Fernando
Fery Fernando 8 days ago
Do they re-sell the putty or throw it away?
Aaron Pham
Aaron Pham 8 days ago
His balls must be dying in there but he didn't wanna tell...
GD Catlover
GD Catlover Day ago
ae yo
Nightangle Gacha
Nightangle Gacha 8 days ago
0:04 sell it of course
mandy leggett
mandy leggett 8 days ago
It’s like when Gumball said, “the atmosphere is so thick you can cut it with a knife!”
Jaliah :3
Jaliah :3 8 days ago
Good luck getting that out of your armpit
Aaron The Gamer
Aaron The Gamer 8 days ago
0:49 Seizure Time
Tiara Sok
Tiara Sok 9 days ago
You should do a collab with the try guys
Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith 9 days ago
Dude his physique is so clean and nice
Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith 9 days ago
Dude his physique is so clean and nice
・.-좋아해요- 10 days ago
*We know Another hair he forgot to shave*
DND Skipper
DND Skipper 10 days ago
Imagine belly flopping into that
Benny Hall 29
Benny Hall 29 10 days ago
**Goes into liquid glass, burns to death**
joey Brown
joey Brown 10 days ago
This is the first vat19 vid I watched 3 years ago
Wailer faint
Wailer faint 11 days ago
what if this was a kink someone had... ew
Azharie Raemy
Azharie Raemy 11 days ago
my mission: *be straight* obsticle: *joey*
PinkOtter1 1
PinkOtter1 1 11 days ago
Who else wanted a vid where he tried to get the putty off of his armpit????Just me.......oh ok
Yandel Crespo
Yandel Crespo 12 days ago
He only spent like 10 seconds in the bathroom
Noahmoahreal 14 days ago
Honey water
Selfmade Maker
Selfmade Maker 14 days ago
Liquid ass
Jerica Ong
Jerica Ong 14 days ago
U guys don't have A LOT of putty. U guys have TOO MUCH putty.
Dr J’s Slime Shop
He’s so hot sorry
Someradom Peep
Someradom Peep 15 days ago
“What can you do with lots of putty?” Me: Play with it......?
Debashree Chatterjee
Adomas Stelionis
Adomas Stelionis 15 days ago
Imagine if they just put it back on shelves afterwards
Leah Boutte
Leah Boutte 15 days ago
2020 yes no
Vix inity
Vix inity 16 days ago
big brain
poker mafia
poker mafia 16 days ago
I know what to do if u have lots of putty please give it to meh 😺😺😺😺😺🤗
Cobraman 16 days ago
i That iT is plastic
JDog Gaming
JDog Gaming 16 days ago
2 minutes of 75 million views bro that’s impressive But the man earned it, that must’ve been painful for the pits bro
Safaa Lag
Safaa Lag 17 days ago
this stuff is really amazing like wow
easily offended
easily offended 17 days ago
Liked for the hot guy.
Genaro Fernández
Genaro Fernández 17 days ago
michael tan
michael tan 17 days ago
Looks like plastic
beyblade the king
beyblade the king 17 days ago
You are such a dump stupid and your arm peat is so hairy
areli lara
areli lara 17 days ago
I feel bad for Joey and with his hair, I feel his pain
hi im a normal person
Liquid glass... gay
Jake the Octoling
Jake the Octoling 18 days ago
My wife loves to bathe in mud. Odd I know. I got pulled in by her once. Edit worst thing is she does it without a bathing suit or clothing. yes fully nude
Cookie Girl Lover
Cookie Girl Lover 18 days ago
It looks like plastic
Cookie Senpie
Cookie Senpie 18 days ago
What did they do with the putty after?
Mai Trần Huỳnh Khánh
Oh god thats PAINFUL!!!😂😂
Simone Taylor
Simone Taylor 19 days ago
Do more of this
mEmE lOrD
mEmE lOrD 19 days ago
Simone Taylor this is old
I have made a scientific discovery: Joey Is an angel who has come to be in your putty bath
Lydia Mino_meh_name
This was the first video I ever saw of u guys
밀리하 20 days ago
진짜 투명하다..
BrickBattle 22 days ago
Guys im going to the bathroom, wanna come, we will have a party 👍👍
Editha Mose
Editha Mose 22 days ago
So satisfying awwww yes
Ahmad Attoun
Ahmad Attoun 24 days ago
Nuvaani Nembhard
Nuvaani Nembhard 25 days ago
If u can't breath.....GET THE HECK OUT OF THAT!!!! It's a matter of life and death!!!!!!! U crazy
VashTheAnimator 25 days ago
It has been 4 years lol.
kelsea mae
kelsea mae 26 days ago
this wand NOT 4 years agooooo
Coco Hackerz
Coco Hackerz 26 days ago
How much work they (waste not really) on this
Blazer Burner
Blazer Burner 26 days ago
About a year ago this is how I got interested into Vat19, *you didn't disappoint me.*
Kiraaa C
Kiraaa C 27 days ago
This videos was my childhood
Blaze Frost
Blaze Frost 29 days ago
Lol XD
Nicole Stevenson
Kaykay Abuel
Kaykay Abuel Month ago
Can you guys at least fill the putty containers more generously you fill half the container it takes 2 containers to fill one container
xxgamer YT Bro
xxgamer YT Bro Month ago
Bruh when he goes in the tub it looks like.... he has six packs!
Melanija Bejkovska
Getting in putty bath.........also getting a wax😖
weirdos and wombats
Who else thought it looked like they where putting Moulton plastic in the bath tube
chris thompson
chris thompson Month ago
i miss eric
GamerGhosty -U-
GamerGhosty -U- Month ago
Clickbait! I don't see the putty!
Elizabeth Arnold
Just imagine how much it would hurt to get out of there with body hair
DuckMan Month ago
I bought that putty when I was younger and it got all stained and yellow within a few days
Noxxarian - Lore Spotlight
If vat19 doesn't work out for him, he would have a highly successful career in the adult film industry.
Apple Cider
Apple Cider Month ago
I can't tell if it's liquid glass or the plastic on XD
Crazyguy890 Month ago
Glass is technically a liquid as it is
Andrew Schwarz
Andrew Schwarz Month ago
At 0:44 , it does look like plastic.
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