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We get custom skins in this GMOD Trouble in Terrorist Town gameplay for Ju-Lie!
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Innocent Roles:
• Innocent - No special abilities or weapons. Must take out all Traitors to win.
• Detective - Has equipment to find out who the Traitors are.
• Mercenary - Can buy both Traitor and Detective's Equipment.
• Glitch - Looks like a Traitor to other Traitors. Cannot see who the Traitors are.
• Phantom - Haunts their killer on Death. If that person dies, the Phantom comes back to life.
Traitor Roles:
• Traitor - Can buy unique equipment and weapons. Must take out all Innocents to win.
• Vampire - Can briefly become invisible. Gets health from dead people.
• Zombie - Can kill other players with a knife and turn them into other Zombies.
• Assassin - Has one Innocent as their target. Does extra damage to that target and half damage to everyone else. Gets a new target when the current target dies.
Other Roles:
• Jester - Role is shown to Traitors. If they die, they win. Cannot do damage to other players. Cannot be hurt by environmental or fall damage.
• Swapper - Appears as Jester to Traitors. If they are killed, the killer dies and the Swapper is revived as the killer's role.
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Jul 14, 2019

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Comments 1 215
Michael Lance
Michael Lance 58 minutes ago
hyman hall
hyman hall 2 hours ago
Anyone else see Lindsey just stood behind Matt like a ghost 16:17
Daluna13 Day ago
27:13 the most Justified Anger Jack has felt towards Gavin in years
jj70098 Day ago
No one can say Geralt properly lol
Emily Kosoff
Emily Kosoff 3 days ago
I've seen so many of Gmod and I loved this and the cup of friendship (gmod). I've laughed so hard. Thanks for making me laugh every time.
Theodore Reynolds
The probability of Gavin shooting the glitch instead of the traitor is the same as flipping a coin and getting heads three times.
bacon_ lettuce_tomato
glitch aka gavins only weakness
Yakom 6 days ago
Hearing Ryan say 'sus' is funny.
Logan X
Logan X 6 days ago
Lindsey is a tard
pheonixflyer14 6 days ago
Gavin you team-killing fucktard
Kyle Etter
Kyle Etter 6 days ago
FOR THE LOVE OF GOD... it's pronounced GAR-alt... not Ger-alt lmao
Nitin Suryadevara
I'd add the timestamp for AH Animated - Deadpool, Bane and Cats!, but there's no point as it's literally the start of the video.
National Sarcasm Society
AH animated 0:00 begins instantly
red squirl12
red squirl12 8 days ago
35:49 Gavin!!😂😂😂
Pengu Penguin
Pengu Penguin 8 days ago
I freaking died at 7:10 when Michael is sniping Jack, and Jack literally just turned and shot the sweet little Lindsay cat for almost no reason.
lil crispy
lil crispy 8 days ago
I hate Lindsey not gonna lie, the only funny thing about her is that she's a cat, other than that she's a plank of wood
SHADOW 最高 8 days ago
Hey Gavin, whats a 'roll cole'?? XD
g4tviscool 8 days ago
Gavin saying your dead shut up, I'm glad he dies from the barrels
that one guy
that one guy 8 days ago
Funny how Michael suspected everyone and it was
Jesús Trejo
Jesús Trejo 8 days ago
The only benefit of outing yourself as a Glitch is that you put a teeny TINY bit of pressure on the traitors They out themselves for no reason all the time lol
LiteralRandom 8 days ago
Just what I wanted, 6/7(?) random fandom characters going against each other
TheSkaBouncer 8 days ago
Why are Michael and Jack's skins the only ones that shows up in their own views? Everyone else sees themselves as just a terrorist
Aidan Merrill
Aidan Merrill 8 days ago
Lindsay as a zombie... it’s pet cemetery all over again
Ghost Massacre
Ghost Massacre 8 days ago
do the others not have channels?
Blarx 8 days ago
The AH animation started from the begging lol
Josh Haworth
Josh Haworth 9 days ago
Less than a minute in, Lindsay has won the video.
Mitchell Crego
Mitchell Crego 9 days ago
I feel like Lindsay has really improved at this
Samuel Cheffins
Samuel Cheffins 10 days ago
4:39 **comes back to life** MATT: "I'm Back!" **dies immediately**
giorgi liparteliani
angry jeremy is the best jeremy :)
Bilbo Swaggins
Bilbo Swaggins 11 days ago
Howler 13 days ago
They do know anyone can ID, right? Or is it they own rules?
Rewi 13 days ago
is there team chat? should have call outs to out for glitch play.
Hannah Benton
Hannah Benton 13 days ago
666k views 2SPOOKY4me
Ace Gamer
Ace Gamer 14 days ago
If you jump to 4:30 then utter chaos goes off
DinosaurFan88 14 days ago
I don't know why Matt is Geralt in a bath towel, but it's fitting that Gavin is Oddjob, considering he's the Bond mark of the crew and likes to reference Goldeneye.
ImaginationDisorder Productions
If Lindsey ever dies of a barrel explosion it’s always a stupid accident
Seraphina Edan
Seraphina Edan 15 days ago
Situational irony is watching Michael in the second last round while knowing every single other player is a zombie Edit for spelling
Seraphina Edan
Seraphina Edan 15 days ago
I love th stark difference between them with everyone alive and talking and then when it’s just two people left and how much quieter it is
Seraphina Edan
Seraphina Edan 15 days ago
Listen,,,Lindsey going in the traitor tester chamber while being a zombie was...the most BDE and such a power move we love our chaos queen
Seraphina Edan
Seraphina Edan 15 days ago
Listen when Lindsey revealed herself as the cat I lost it
memes Morales
memes Morales 15 days ago
The sound Michael makes when he dies 😂😂
Marie Rosalie Flina
13:55 I was laughing so hard when gavin got blown up
Rasmus Ek
Rasmus Ek 16 days ago
The glitch mind games are REAL
Diolki800 16 days ago
Anyone else think to themselves, "I could totally see Deadpool actually playing this type of game."
Broddiccus 17 days ago
manjot kharbanda
manjot kharbanda 17 days ago
Fuckin Lindsay man. She ruins so many possible fun y moments and literally has no strategy. Just shoots people immediately wtf kind of entertainment is that?
stone spicher
stone spicher 18 days ago
I wish there was a webcam to just see Jeremy’s rage when Matt shot him
Zachary Folse
Zachary Folse 18 days ago
Something about waltzing over to bane ending oddjob with a shotgun and him laughing being the funniest shit ever lol
blarp flarp
blarp flarp 19 days ago
Can't wait for them to figure out that the jester can't be killed by fall damage or barrels
mr boss
mr boss 19 days ago
Lindsey is so stupid. Its entertaining, but a real life zombie is smarter
RetryAgainAgain 20 days ago
This is the best by far. More of this.
LavaCaptain2000 20 days ago
If I was the detective and I found a glitch’s body I would said that the body is the terrorist
Braian guimarães siqueira dos reis
what is the player model that Lindsay was using ?
Goddess Ilias
Goddess Ilias 20 days ago
16:20 "Where's Lindsey?" *Jeremy looks at her, slowly pans away*
Casey Taylor
Casey Taylor 21 day ago
Why do all achievement hunter videos now have a woman who doesn’t know what the fuck is happening i don’t know if I like it or not
Julian Handy
Julian Handy 22 days ago
28:27 I can’t... *inhale* the cat made it 10 is times better🤣🤣🤣
MicRaVin Xenos
MicRaVin Xenos 22 days ago
This was hilarious with the skins, they need to stat playing this with consequences of the moonball or& taser :P
Caboose Resurrected
0:45 Actually, it's more like: "Meow, b*tches."
A D 22 days ago
I lose about six months of my life every time they pronounce Geralt's name wrong
Layton Silz
Layton Silz 23 days ago
Lindsey’s small hitbox handicap because women suck at video games.
Liam Jonas
Liam Jonas 23 days ago
It's funny how everyone pronounces geralt as GUR-ALT instead of GER-ULT
Undeawolfife Gamer
Undeawolfife Gamer 24 days ago
Jack best moment he was Screaming friendly dragon Which is at 11:38
Madi Risi
Madi Risi 24 days ago
Ryan’s “I don’t give a FUCK” suicide at 46:41 is officially the mood for 2019
Yo Dawgz Gaming
Yo Dawgz Gaming 24 days ago
Please do this every week! TTT is the best content you guys have made in 2019
Redflametrow 24 days ago
This has been promoted in so many other videos. Glad it finally came out.
Justin Goodnow
Justin Goodnow 24 days ago
Omg please do more of these !!! Keep or change up costumes either way...i love it. I want to see what skins Fredo, Trevor, Fiona and Jeff pick !!
TJM99 24 days ago
Doubt Lindsay has played Night in the Woods, but Mae would have been a perfect Cat to play as.
Justin Poels
Justin Poels 24 days ago
"any equipment you want me to buy?" "Catnip" Lindsay stays in character
Spencer miller
Spencer miller 25 days ago
I killed Lindsay because I was bored
Gage Kulland
Gage Kulland 25 days ago
Abunai Gaming
Abunai Gaming 26 days ago
i will admit. The skins are both hilarious with their choices (shout-out to cat Lindsay), however, from a gameplay standpoint, I personally preferred when they all were the same skin. Knowing exactly who someone is to call them out at a quick glance just removes the possibility to try and use some anonymity in a strategy or even on-the-spot. There's a massive difference between someone turning a corner to see a random NPC that looks like everyone else, versus seeing a handsome naked man clad in nothing but a towel and swords.
James Nickels
James Nickels 26 days ago
Who else here want the AH crew to play SCP just to hear Gavin scream to peanut chasing him.
Mohkx 26 days ago
It took me a week to watch this but it stayed at the top of my Watch Later because I knew it would be great! Did not disappoint one bit, please do more!!!
Marcus Pantoja
Marcus Pantoja 26 days ago
Slaton Lucero
Slaton Lucero 26 days ago
Lindsey cat is genius. It’s a good momma handicap.
cloneboi 26 days ago
I fucking love every moment someone turns around and there’s just a cat zooming towards them with a gun strapped to its back like what a fucking look for lindsay lmao
Marco Rio
Marco Rio 27 days ago
I think... the gun is the cat skin's head hitbox. I'm just guesstimating, but the cat's gun kinda lines up with the heads of the enderdragon and the Link skins
Amber 27 days ago
I can't get enough GMOD
Miss Lioness
Miss Lioness 27 days ago
friendly dragon 11:40
HamLover17 27 days ago
I don't get what these new roles do.
Shades Insert last name
HamLover17 they go over it in a previous video
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