We gave Will Smith a Flame Thrower - The Slow Mo Guys

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Gav and new Slow Mo Guy Will run a gauntlet of destruction. Melons, mannequins and a car are about to get it.
On this channel we don't usually film an entire video in less than 40 minutes in the car park of the RUvid Space with about 50 people watching, but this one was a bit special.
Massive thanks to the LEGEND that is Will Smith for popping on Dan's labcoat and becoming a Slow Mo Guy for a day. Make sure you go and see Gemini Man!
All of this was performed under the supervision of professionals.
Filmed at 1000fps with a Phantom Flex 4K
We gave Will Smith a Flame Thrower - The Slow Mo Guys


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Oct 9, 2019




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Comments 80
Alphawinter/ Icewolf
Is will Smith going back to being dead shot 😃
eric dela cruz
eric dela cruz 12 hours ago
oh thats hot thats hot
Christopher Kendrick
gav looks different today
Gamer Productions!
Gamer Productions! 19 hours ago
2:50 did u hear that?
Silent Peccatum
Silent Peccatum 22 hours ago
The Flesh Prince of Bel Air is something I want to see now.
Eclipse XSR
Eclipse XSR 23 hours ago
Ahh thas hot! Thas hot!
Doge Bond
Doge Bond Day ago
I wish he said “ahh that’s hot” when he flamethrowers the thing (I have not finished the video)
Boris Bobbington
Lah mayo
Singh Day ago
Without Dan It's no no no for me No one can replace him
Y Day ago
Why does the fire look fake in slow mo, looks so cool
DJD Entertainment - Darcy
2:43 What are those red food ball type things called?
James Holiday
Will will smith the flamethrower? Will Smith will smith the flamethrower.
Number5_ Rerun
Number5_ Rerun 2 days ago
Aha!!!!! That’s hot!!!!(literally) 😂
Jad Zem
Jad Zem 2 days ago
will smiths face in the car 6:41 is like I'm outa here
MedSou 2 days ago
*Dear stranger whoever reads this:* . . . 👇 *Hope you and your family are safe and well ❤*
Endel Pällin
Endel Pällin 2 days ago
there was a paparazzi behind. Did you see it, if you did click like
Wow Just Wow
Wow Just Wow 2 days ago
I wonder if this red button is better than the one he pressed in MIB
Beth 3 days ago
And it all comes full circle... "Push the little red button"
Guillermo Martinez
6:14 look the woman behind scene put speed 0,25 to see it well
Diego Mercado
Diego Mercado 3 days ago
Some might say. Uhh thats hot.
remind me never to show Will Smith my knife collection... he'll probably take over the world
Adam L
Adam L 4 days ago
WTF they really missed the "fire at Will" line?
Neai Tuppi
Neai Tuppi 4 days ago
12:20 I like how Will shifts to camera angles and directing to get the best acting.
Ashley Penick
Ashley Penick 4 days ago
he met MJ in a storage closet
Roki Kebsio
Roki Kebsio 4 days ago
thats hot
Ryzen Amber-
Ryzen Amber- 4 days ago
Squishy Dog 4
Squishy Dog 4 5 days ago
He looked like he was not happy with will smith
s Script
s Script 5 days ago
will smith's so hype its amazing 😂
Silas Silander
Silas Silander 5 days ago
6:14 look honey a wild will smith
Silas Silander
Silas Silander 5 days ago
love wills laugh
Sandwich of Knowledge
Will Smith is awesome.
Ely Brege
Ely Brege 5 days ago
I thought it was click bait
Jellie Michael
Jellie Michael 5 days ago
awh that’s hot
Lite King
Lite King 5 days ago
Lite King
Lite King 5 days ago
Ahha that’s hot
Abhinas Regmi
Abhinas Regmi 5 days ago
sloʍ ɯo ƃnʎs
Love bad boy
Epic Elz
Epic Elz 5 days ago
Will Smith is already really funny
Cobyn Swan
Cobyn Swan 5 days ago
Corona Time
Corona Time 5 days ago
Out of everything ohhhhhhhhhh potatoes
Mary Bridges
Mary Bridges 5 days ago
Are we not going to talk about how the potato cracked the windshield but the sledgehammer did nothing
Richard Peterson
Richard Peterson 6 days ago
Will,wtf bro? Your getting rusty dude.i mean that wasn't even a ligit flame thrower lol.
Stuffi List_is back
Clagneso Gachette
Him screaming like he literally just flamed someone up XD
PGU Studios
PGU Studios 6 days ago
It seems weird that it looked like the window changed color after the camera appears to pause. Looks cool though!
bagus dwi
bagus dwi 6 days ago
So awesome... 😁
K Migz
K Migz 6 days ago
Give will smith a boring company flame thrower
LVL 99
LVL 99 6 days ago
When will smith uses a flamethrower. "AHAHA!!! THAT'S HOT!!!!".
Eliana Allen
Eliana Allen 6 days ago
I love the smug Will Smith in the car behind the flames
RReprah 7 days ago
It will look like will smith spam but just read it a little closer. | Will Smith will smith Will Smith if Will Smith smiths Will Smith as Will Smith would smith Will Smith. If Will Smith will smith, Will Smith will smith Will Smith
lucas gabriel tillvitz
5:10 Big Smoke voice. GTA S.A.
Grayson Cardinali
the Cyber Truck had nothing on that car
GKjohnny44 7 days ago
Il a pas tellement changé will smith
Verano 7 days ago
I LOVE Will's laughing.
Clicking A Potato Soup
Will is younger than my dad lol
Steven Graefe
Steven Graefe 7 days ago
12:55 Fail 😅
Jeannette O'Rourke
Fabian aan het vloggen
The dream of the fresh prince of bel air
Quinn Vriends
Quinn Vriends 8 days ago
I love Will Smith
BmurDoesntExist 8 days ago
Must be nice when it's not c.g.i
C4-Tokes 8 days ago
Gloots Window: Are You Dumb Stoopid Or Dumb 😂
Vivek Prasad
Vivek Prasad 8 days ago
Floyd before becoming Deadshot - Thanks @TheSlowMoGuys !!
6:38 Will Smith is in the car behind him
Emilio Hernandez
Emilio Hernandez 10 days ago
I kinda wish one of the giant faces was Tommy Lee Jones
Steven Perez
Steven Perez 10 days ago
Will Smith-the most important thing is the line couldn't think of a good line lol
Aria Moradi
Aria Moradi 10 days ago
When will smith fired the potato cannon the first time in slow mo for some reason I was just waiting for quicksilver to come out and catch it
SkyGamer 10 days ago
that car is a tesla cybertruck in disguise (unbreakable window)
a random boi
a random boi 10 days ago
Now "that's hot"
Mahcel Eshan
Mahcel Eshan 10 days ago
Hans get ze Flammenwerfer
Hexe Nacht
Hexe Nacht 10 days ago
Should have tried with frozen potatoes....
Unknown User
Unknown User 11 days ago
5:10 Ahh thats hot, thats hot.
Pail Horse Gaming
Pail Horse Gaming 11 days ago
I love will smith, he seems like a legit cool dude.
J0seph Sta1in
J0seph Sta1in 11 days ago
*ah thats hot*
Hi-Lux Optics
Hi-Lux Optics 11 days ago
I guess this is a pretty good reason to be afraid of cars...
Gryffindor Girl
Gryffindor Girl 11 days ago
Where is dan
rōnin57 11 days ago
dude will is so chill
Arpit Singh
Arpit Singh 11 days ago
Never meet your heros.
Anu Vaishnav
Anu Vaishnav 11 days ago
Imagine taking a stroll around your neighbourhood and seeing will smith in the parking lot firing a potato at a car
William Kirkoff
William Kirkoff 12 days ago
So cool!
Duel 1971 Vroom Vroom
Will with the flamethrower:Ahhh that’s hot.
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