We Fixed The Worst VFX Shot Ever

Corridor Crew
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The Crew attempts a VFX Makeover on "The Worst CGI shot ever." Will it work?
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Jul 12, 2019




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Comments 15 258
Vansh Shukla
Vansh Shukla Hour ago
Its very old movie otherwise its vfx will be good ☺☺☺☺
Plaglist Hour ago
I can't stop laughing when you said that looks like PS2 cinematic, haha,
Ross Baxter
Ross Baxter 8 hours ago
So awesome.
Alexandros Sar
Alexandros Sar 16 hours ago
Terminator eye surgery replace the animatronic head pleaseeeee!!!
ian gatuz
ian gatuz 20 hours ago
The original shot of Scorpion King looks like The Rock's model imported from old Smackdown game.
DKP Productions
DKP Productions 22 hours ago
Conan obriens kid is so similar looking
MC Chase
MC Chase Day ago
If you smeeeeeell, what The Rock, is cookin'!
sam Bullknickers
It looks like a video game
sam pope
sam pope Day ago
You look up the definition of mean muggin and then you see a picture of the Rock.
Steve Warris
Steve Warris Day ago
should have run deepfake over it.
Augustus Day ago
Corridor crew make a video of lort and the Hobbit vfx
Matt Wood
Matt Wood Day ago
i don't know. I thought the facial expression of him in the original was just a smirk. You guys should have also fixed the hair, that's a dead give away and his skin tone doesn't blend in with the rest of him.
KA RA 2 days ago
For the time it was good for a video game but for movie I see clearly it isn't that good.
Gary Lam
Gary Lam 2 days ago
So ,how can you fix it with out deepfake?😉
ISSAC.J 2 days ago
I would like to see the hulk redone from the early 2000s movie
Josh M
Josh M 2 days ago
Hahaha, you guys made that so much worse!
menegakis 2 days ago
pimp my scene!!!
Rodrigo González Larrondo
the only thing that you want is to validate your 2019s skills. Millennial stuff
snelhestarna 3 days ago
While this might not be up your alley. The CGI used to create the monsters in the anime Arifureta is simply put, awful. It's bad at the best of times, and at the worst end, the quality of the facial movements looks ripped off from South Park. Namely how they depict Canadians in that show.
Mohsen Tarassoli
Mohsen Tarassoli 3 days ago
i mean i respect what the did in one day. but come on. it's still pretty bad.
Afif Zakwan
Afif Zakwan 4 days ago
Do look at gemini, sam smith younger age cgi at the end on the movie.
CR LV 4 days ago
8:30 Aethewulf, Wessex needs you
Naru Williams
Naru Williams 5 days ago
Fix Superman's face from Justice League!
veyronRC 5 days ago
Can you lads attack Star wars 8, in particular, those damn birds and the sound lol
Little Gamer
Little Gamer 6 days ago
Goofy looking
BlueGuise 6 days ago
Do the Rancor!
spark sharif
spark sharif 7 days ago
He is not a human ! Rock will rook difference that's simple!!
Alysa Fajard
Alysa Fajard 7 days ago
Did you remodel the face? or did you extract Dwayne Johnson's face from the Scorpion King movie and put it on The Mummy Returns?
8meterwish 7 days ago
The face he made was a snarl.
Lindsey Ragan
Lindsey Ragan 7 days ago
victor evans
victor evans 8 days ago
Sorry but still look shitty..
Kazimzadeh AnaR
Kazimzadeh AnaR 8 days ago
Original scene : ps2 graphics Edited scene : ps3 graphics
NoSuchThing 9 days ago
Fix the t800 (Arny) in Salvation, pls
Reilpikram 9 days ago
The CGI car jump in 2000's Gone in 60 Seconds is unbelievably bad. Almost ruins the film. Give that some tweaks!
Doraoramuda za
Doraoramuda za 9 days ago
Krisztián Hodossy
Krisztián Hodossy 10 days ago
Can you fix jabba the hutt from star wars? Hun solo scene?
Dweeb 10 days ago
@8:34 - Nigga hold up.
Wert's Channel
Wert's Channel 10 days ago
Now I wanna see a video called “VFX Artists Dig Their Own CG Graves”
FallenDraconian 10 days ago
But can you guys fix Malebolgia from Spawn the movie? That is one hell of a CGI mess.
Taylor G Medina
Taylor G Medina 10 days ago
Spawn 90s movie had cgi effects of the year, storyline is awesome, cgi is horrible lol, please fix!
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