We Fixed The Worst VFX Shot Ever

Corridor Crew
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The Crew attempts a VFX Makeover on "The Worst CGI shot ever." Will it work?
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Jul 12, 2019

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Comments 14 554
Jose Rodriguez
Jose Rodriguez 6 hours ago
His hair is also a major flop
Logan Byrne
Logan Byrne 8 hours ago
You attempt was awesome, but Rock in Monoa was better
Cantaloops 9 hours ago
In the original he kinda actually looked like maui
CollarSpike 13 hours ago
Does anyone know the song at 8:44 for Scorpion space battle take?
Huzaifa Ibrahim
Huzaifa Ibrahim 19 hours ago
Can we get some reaction from The Rock please?
sherman1ai 22 hours ago
Btw, Those Raycon earbuds suck, way overhyped. Short range (less than 6 ft), loses reception easily without direct line of sight, battery life is overinflated advertising-wise... It's by no means a competitor to airpods or anything 200 dollar value. There's a reason they're less expensive. Anyway
alfi kufta
alfi kufta 22 hours ago
cgi fight in Black panter
Bala Ji
Bala Ji Day ago
Me444 Day ago
Fix Mortal Kombat 2nd movie.
Jacob Thomas
Jacob Thomas Day ago
For the people saying it isn't that good of a fix, please send us a link of the superior fix you created in a single day off...
Jacob Thomas
Jacob Thomas Day ago
Well done guys
In The End There Was Cheese
Can you fix my face?
Kevin Miller
Kevin Miller Day ago
Can you guys undo all the added CG garbage in the original Star Wars Trilogy special editions that George Lucas ruined.
TMX1138 Day ago
Video suggestion: Fix Voldemort in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone when he was on Quirell's head (get rid of the nose, and make his eyes blue, in other words, resembling more like how Ralph Fiennes looked starting in Year 4).
TheDarkDylan Day ago
Kyle Wellcome
Fix The Mist. Such shitty CG creature effects.
Fanganooman Day ago
Fix jaws 3 scenes
Jorge Rosa
Jorge Rosa Day ago
If you REALLY wanna test yourselves, try fixing the bike scene in Ultraviolet (2006), with Mila Jovovich.
Light Heart
Light Heart Day ago
Ryan Fecarotta
this video ROCKS
UNITY 5 Videos
7500 employees of the original movie SFX studio disliked this video
Fitted Beatz #4EVA
Plz fix Superman's lips
Chun Kit Lee
Chun Kit Lee 2 days ago
boy in the blue
boy in the blue 2 days ago
you guys worked so much on detailing the face and now the body doesn't blend with the face very well. but hey, we can fix only so much on a very bad thing ha? good work guys
Jez Quintero
Jez Quintero 2 days ago
The rock should see this
Rebecca Phillips
Rebecca Phillips 2 days ago
Oh yes I agree with the comment on trying to fix 2019 lion king - realistic animals but more emotion. Maybe mufasa s death. Something was wrong with it. Actually made me laugh this time.
Rebecca Phillips
Rebecca Phillips 2 days ago
Please do a follow up and redo the whole shot. No time limit.
Seon King
Seon King 2 days ago
You captured all that facial data and implemented in the fixed video in 'a fun DAY'??
Charles Gaines
Charles Gaines 2 days ago
Could y’all do this for the Burly Brawl from Matrix Reloaded? Neo looks like he’s in a ps2 cinematic in that.
soupie 2 days ago
Is Sam Related to Ryan Bruce aka Fluff? He is so like him
ripseeze 2 days ago
Uh... that was still pretty bad. Slightly improved but that's not saying much.
Tamil vagayara
Tamil vagayara 3 days ago
Pls fixed tamil Endhiran movie cgi fixed
Samson Kipp
Samson Kipp 3 days ago
pleease fix *JAR JAR BINKS*
Steven Doolittle
Steven Doolittle 3 days ago
You guys did such a great job, especially for just one day. I know you'd do substantial improvement if given the months of prep time that a full film VFX crew often has. If you could make that much of a difference in a day's work, I can only imagine what you'd be capable over six months or so.
The Tillman Review
You guy are fucking epically talented. You fixed that shit show so easily.
Santino Musi
Santino Musi 3 days ago
Please fix Sonic the movie
Richard Mark
Richard Mark 3 days ago
Bill Bixby as the modern day MCU CGI HULK. Deepfake Bixby onto Ruffalo Hulk
The electric probe scene from Star Trek: The Motion Picture looks much worse than anything else in that film. I doubt it could be fixed without a fairly large budget, but I'd like to see it happen.
trazzzzz 3 days ago
So...the algorithm fixed it? ^o^
iliyaDZ 3 days ago
Just a little bit more of the lens flairs and you don't have to worry about the face at all.
Cartoonman154 3 days ago
Blade cgi improvement.
Mark Sadlay
Mark Sadlay 3 days ago
I don't know. The face was kind of warping and it's pretty obvious...
Jacob Thomas
Jacob Thomas Day ago
They had like 12 hours max to work on it... Let's see your version of the fix under the same time restraints without warping, then you can criticize
TheUnderlost 4 days ago
Looks like Ricardo Milos.
farrel amantes
farrel amantes 4 days ago
I think the face tracking is still not correct
lazer tag
lazer tag 4 days ago
im not impressed
blue jay
blue jay 4 days ago
The rock so ugly don't know why he's the leading male in movies. He's always looking the same. Ugly.
Christopher G.
Christopher G. 4 days ago
While it looks 100x better than the original, his face still looks odd. Like its made of clay or something.
chris diaz
chris diaz 4 days ago
How about the scene in infinity war that had Bruce Banner’s head inside of the Haulk breaker like a weird fish in a fishbowl.
Axel Stone
Axel Stone 4 days ago
It's weird because you'd think that if his whole body changed into a scorpion, his face would kinda change into something more creature like...not just Dwayne's normal head on a scorpion's body. No matter how real they would have made the Rock's face/head look..it still would have looked weird.
darkmanthroop 4 days ago
any of yall send this to the Rock ? ^_^ grate work as always !
Tim Enchanter
Tim Enchanter 4 days ago
He looks tired in the edit with those sleepy eyes!
Vincent Allain
Vincent Allain 4 days ago
That was awesome! And this in one day? Wow! Not sure if you can re-do this, because it's not CGI (I think?), but that scene always bugged me because it's such lower quality than the rest of the movie. That scene I'm talking about is in the original Terminator movie, that part where he removes his eye... isshhhhh :D Cheers!
Jessica April Shepherd
this video would have been more impresasive if they used the technology available at the time to fix things. It's like comparable 9 generations of techonology up against each other.
Lee Ashby
Lee Ashby 5 days ago
Is it me, or does his right claw coming through the door clip it?
Kold Kustard
Kold Kustard 5 days ago
Fix matrix reloaded neo vs smiths
GoobyPls 5 days ago
yo this is sooo much better
Scott Heslin
Scott Heslin 5 days ago
The worst vfx shot(s) ever are from Spawn.
Amadeo Portillo
Amadeo Portillo 5 days ago
He looks like Ricardo Milos
Noiseheads 5 days ago
Pretty cool... but you do know some VFX team is going to watch this in 10 years and do the exact same thing to your video, right? lol
thedragonmusic88 5 days ago
take a look at the last confrontation in the 99 movie "virus" kind of reminesent of this. could problably be improved also
Elephant Weasel
Elephant Weasel 5 days ago
Maybe i missed it but would have liked to also have seen a comparison where all the changes OTHER THAN the face were in. As good? as that was, it was still very distracting and stood out from the rest of the visual.
Spottedleaf 5 days ago
1:38 that's what she said
I hate stairs
I hate stairs 5 days ago
smoldering rock
FURRYDUCKIE 5 days ago
Fix the Matrix 3 final fight scene.
Valters Soms
Valters Soms 5 days ago
FIX the robot from (Replicas)
Kyle Brookes
Kyle Brookes 5 days ago
Is this the Pimp my Ride of VFX?
Dony Ariandy
Dony Ariandy 5 days ago
This series should be called "Pimp My CG"
Oders Are Rats
Oders Are Rats 5 days ago
Oders are rats m.ruvid.net/video/video-iaon4c9dHEs.html
JE Luna
JE Luna 5 days ago
Do one fixing the first MORTAL KOMBAT MOVIE
Rr Bidayanjr
Rr Bidayanjr 6 days ago
You earn my sub my good sir
Drakoblu 6 days ago
I love this whole cgi fixing/editing series it soooo good
Farva 6 days ago
Where did you get that wrist brace from?
willeseitz och affeseitz
Squidward's Testicles
It’s pretty sad that a few guys can deep fake the rock’s face on the original in 1 day and it looks significantly better
EliProduction 6 days ago
Did I just see Tom Cruise?
JAMES M 6 days ago
There is a chinese drama series about esports online gaming that uses the main characters' faces on their video game avatars. The show is called KING'S AVATAR... check it out.
Joltimus22 6 days ago
Having this one scene edited into the full movie would be great if you just want to watch the film
Daniel Bishop
Daniel Bishop 6 days ago
There are probably alot of scenes in Starship Troopers that could be re-done.
TheHolyPotato 6 days ago
Peter with the Brockhampton shirt nice
Oblivian Hollow
Oblivian Hollow 6 days ago
does anybody knows the name of the type of gloves that clint is wearing
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