We Finally Know Why Nina Dobrev And Ian Somerhalder Really Split

Nicki Swift
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Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder had great chemistry as Elena and Damon on The Vampire Diaries - and it wasn't exactly shocking when the pair started dating in 2011. But not all celeb couples are built to last, and the romance was off, by 2013. Here's why.
While some couples feel age isn't a factor when it comes to love, a difference in life experience could make it difficult to stay together long-term. Although these two looked as though they were close in age, in actuality, Dobrev was 24 and Somerhalder was 34 when their three-year relationship came to an end. It's likely the two were at very different places in their lives due to their ages.
This was more than apparent based on the speed at which Somerhalder moved on. After his 2013 split with from Dobrev, he started dating actress Nikki Reed. The two confirmed their relationship in 2014, and became engaged after just six months of dating. The couple then tied the knot in 2015, two years before welcoming their daughter.
Inevitably, Dobrev was asked to comment about seeing her ex happily married to someone else. But she told E! News,
"They look happy and I am happy […] so I don't see why there should be a problem with that. The drama is in the media, it's not with us."
Watch the video to see Why Nina Dobrev And Ian Somerhalder Really Split!
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Jonesing to settle down | 0:17
Working better as friends | 1:19
Breakup goals | 2:28
A made-for-TV reunion | 3:21
Were fans too intense? | 4:08
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Comments 80
Nicki Swift
Nicki Swift Month ago
Which Vampire Diaries character deserves their own spin-off series?
Georgette Darcy
Georgette Darcy 5 days ago
The life of Damon and elena
Riri Q
Riri Q 6 days ago
Enzo abd Bonny
Kalan Shwani
Kalan Shwani 7 days ago
Damon but a spinoff series based on him and his civil war days
Basketball Bros
Basketball Bros 8 days ago
Damon and Elena for when they had their human life together
Rambo Bambi
Rambo Bambi 8 days ago
Why is everyine saying Stefan?? Duh his dead as a door nail!! I personal would have like to seen a spin-off of Damon and Elena as human's.
Kathleen Wood
Kathleen Wood 20 hours ago
Nikki sucks
Rutaba Arif
Rutaba Arif 2 days ago
I wonder what will Somerholder's child will have to say when he grows up knowing that delena fans will continue to talk about them for a further twenty years
Manat Sidhu
Manat Sidhu 2 days ago
Why do I think Nina looks like Victoria Justice
Hardin Scott's Fan
If they're friends why don't they follow each other on Instagram....I wish they become best of friends. Want Nian back...
Hardin Scott's Fan
@Kaylee I know...but wishing for it isn't bad.
Kaylee Day ago
Nian's not coming back. Deal with it.
Lilly Sucker
Lilly Sucker 3 days ago
But Ian and Nina aren’t friends anymore tho....they claim that she’s close with the couple but she’s not. I mean it is understandable ngl but their facts aren’t entirely true
Journae Baker
Journae Baker 3 days ago
he must really like vampires then
Andrew Harnett
Andrew Harnett 4 days ago
That's interesting video about I like that looks good
Godwin Marquez
Godwin Marquez 5 days ago
I can't believe. 😭😵
Katja Rasmussen
Katja Rasmussen 5 days ago
I LOVED Delena!
agata wyciszkiewicz
omg a video on them in 2020 i did not expect that
Ariel Medina
Ariel Medina 6 days ago
Still want them together 😌
Jamie Heck
Jamie Heck 6 days ago
All of this has been public information for years. Lol
bill naris
bill naris 6 days ago
Calling it. In a few years, Ian, will go back to dobrev. Just like Ashton and Mila lol.
Jason Zimmerman
Jason Zimmerman 7 days ago
Catspaw 7 days ago
Ok people, Nina & Ian wanted different things he wanted to start a family Nina didn't she wanted to have fun & experience life she wasn't ready to get married & have kids. So they went their separate ways Ian found love with another vampire Nikki Reed they now have a kid Ian has what he always wanted there it is in a nutshell so how about letting it go & get a life. Leave the past where it is.
Robot Cat
Robot Cat 7 days ago
Bro nobody cares
Rambo Bambi
Rambo Bambi 8 days ago
Sorry but not sorry Ian can do so much better then his wife! 😝 Nikki isn't hit enough for the smolder!!
Beth Yh
Beth Yh 8 days ago
Get over it Oh my GOd
Paisley Russell
Paisley Russell 9 days ago
1: Elena 2: Stefan 3: Damon 4: Bonnie 5: Caroline 6: Jeremy 7: Jenna 8: Alaric 9: Enzo 10: Katerina Petrova 11: Matt Donovan 12: Tyler Lockwood 13: Liz Forbes 14: Kai 15: Jo 16: Lizzie 17: Josie 18: Klous 19: Rebekah 20: Finn 21: Kol 22: Sybil Who is your favorite?❤️
brina fortuna
brina fortuna 10 days ago
u have too keep on mind that Damon and Elena were written for each other that's why the couple worked so well on tv and not irl
KANDICE C 10 days ago
I hhope they make more or at least they could have gorren married in the vampire diaries and then they could have shown stehpanie
KANDICE C 10 days ago
By the way LOVED vampire diareis
KANDICE C 10 days ago
Oh come on I think nina dobrev and ian were a cute couple
Anessa Smith
Anessa Smith 11 days ago
i think the fbi is watching me... i never saw anything about vampire diaries on my recommended until i started watching it just the other day...
Sara Davies
Sara Davies 12 days ago
im sorry but did anyone else get really mad when they used clip of katherine posing to be elena when it was actually Katherine
Hanginwit Mayflowers
That show was sooooooooo godawful the way the treated Bonnie IS DISRESPECTFUL
M E T A L 14 days ago
Bruh I didn’t know they were dating
Marily Martinez
Marily Martinez 14 days ago
Wow she just spoiled the ending of vampire diaries for me. I didn't even get a spoiler alert🥺👉👈
BrownGurlsRead 14 days ago
She was able to chill only because perhaps Ian did her no evil. I swear if he had lied, cheated she would be sending out poop emojis like all of us🙄 Oh it's just me??😐
Tamil Stream Highlighter
Hold Nick Priyanka's beer
Michelle Proskovec
Michelle Proskovec 15 days ago
I think they still have feelings for each other
Sarah Ashraf Amasha
I still ship them 😅
Celine Rezeig
Celine Rezeig 16 days ago
i miss this show more then i can explain
SieMarie 17 days ago
She’s the only other person I’ve heard say “things shouldn’t change” like that after a break up. I like her 💯 more now, good personality.
LogandraGoals 2019
LogandraGoals 2019 19 days ago
Logandra (Logan Lerman/Alexandra Daddario) - Nian (Nina/Ian) - Axelbelle (Isabelle Furhman/Alexander Ludwig) were my biggest celebrity ships as a kid.
Benefit Counterbench
It's still funny to me that Damon Salvatore married Rosalie Hale irl. What a hilarious family dinner would be between the Cullens and the Salvatores.
Ki’erra Dye
Ki’erra Dye 20 days ago
Yooo y’all this mad old lmfao lack of content? This was when I was 11 and I’m 20 now like it’s been forever
Only Positive Beauty
Really Delena fans are the worst. Ok they made them together for you in the movie. But it's just a movie after all it's not real life. They are ordinary people who have a choice. Ian is a much better person than his fans. They are so obsessed with him and Nina that they flame, hurt people, they even threaten his wife Nikki saying she is old, worse, they will kill her... People who are real fans of Ian would care more about his happiness than their movie dream. Maybe if you didn't put so much pressure they could still be together but I do believe he's better with Nikki.
Vivi 21 day ago
I love Nina Dobrev!
Silvia 22 days ago
Delena Forever 😍😍😍😍😍
Silvia 22 days ago
NIAN FOREVER (Nina and Ian) 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Silvia 21 day ago
@Olivia P I always prefer Nina, I never liked Nikki. Never. Not even when it was Twilight.
Olivia P
Olivia P 21 day ago
Silvia Blech.. glad Ian moved on from her.
Taijalon Jenkins
Taijalon Jenkins 22 days ago
EnchantedxPassion xo
I wish it was them married instead of him and Nikki.
yo lo
yo lo 22 days ago
Guys he loves us, he loves, but he just wants to spend to with his family
shalvin prakash
shalvin prakash 22 days ago
I still think Elena should have ended up with Stefan tho
Marie Lawson
Marie Lawson 22 days ago
I want to see another culins Family... I love the movies with Niki Reed in them......
Marie Lawson
Marie Lawson 22 days ago
I love the Vampire Diaries....They Rocked That Series!!!!
Cate H
Cate H 24 days ago
I wish this show didn’t end, like it was long but damn, I miss the characters and story
Jemma Rooney
Jemma Rooney 24 days ago
Ian and Nina don’t follow each other on Instagram anymore.
Alain Brice
Alain Brice 24 days ago
Wow a woman with a beautiful soul 😍❣️😍❤️❤️😭😍😍
Annakarin Nombre
Annakarin Nombre 22 days ago
Only on public . In fact she jumped after Derek Hough 3 weeks after break up with Ian. She also liked shady comment about him and his wife.
Leon Charles
Leon Charles 24 days ago
Rule number one don't hook up with your co star because everybody says you have chemistry on screen
Nadja Bexley
Nadja Bexley 24 days ago
Don’t buy the smooth break up story .. the last episode of the vampire diaries had NO chemistry while the other episodes had the most chemistry ever, you can tell there was bad blood between them or it was just bad acting..
Nadja Bexley
Nadja Bexley 17 days ago
Kaylee no need to be rude, honey
Kaylee 23 days ago
Then you're an idiot.
frutela 24 days ago
Kaylee 23 days ago
No, Nikki and his daughter are. That's real love.
ninja man
ninja man 25 days ago
Nikki is like 9 yrs younger than him and nina 10 yrs younger . Way the hell is this yaaar I love them so muchh
ninja man
ninja man 25 days ago
Sorry I wish they were friends but they not even follow each other anyway.
hazel drea
hazel drea 25 days ago
there is no substantial proof! they broke up yes bc age difference, he wanted to start a family and want something more she wasnt ready. Broke up good terms...BUT HE DECIDED TO GO OUT WITH ONE OF HER CLOSES FRIEND thats when the drift happen Who in the world wants to work with an ex dating your best friend? quite any!. it was witness throughout the seasonin VP, it changed from them not begin together at all on screen until her final emotional dance like it was a messy horrible break up. Let alone she dipped before the series ended and that series finale scene was so0 akward if ya dnt see it then damn...so nah this video super inaccurate and move on why talk about it 2020 everyone is good wounds are healed.
frutela 24 days ago
Maynardo 25 days ago
I think the fandom was more heartbroken over the break up then Nina and Ian were😂
Nikolai Kalashnikov
Quickest & easiest down-vote ever.
the1975grimes 25 days ago
I really love Delena, and it always sucks to hear that shippers treated the actors poorly or crossed the line from fiction to reality. It seems to happen with all ships and fandom, and then everyone gets a bad reputation for it. I wish everyone could just keep the ships away from the actors, or at least not harass them about it. :(
euniii 26 days ago
damn.... i don’t care but yes, i will watch.
Cheyenne Wyatt
Cheyenne Wyatt 26 days ago
He wanted to get married and have kids. She wasn’t ready.
Olivia P
Olivia P 24 days ago
frutela Facts only
frutela 24 days ago
This was only rumor and Nina denied it. She said that he never proposed her. I personally think they broke up bc they did not fit well together. They have different interests and different look on life and priorities.
Cj Hein
Cj Hein 26 days ago
frutela 24 days ago
Aysha3338 26 days ago
Did you guys not see how Ian was acting during the finale? He couldn’t even bring himself to smile at her. So unprofessional.
frutela 24 days ago
No , I did not see that. In fact, he was way more professional than Nina who left the show when Ian was about to marry Nikki Reed. She showed the highest unprofessionalism ever. Ian stayed and never disappointed his tvd fans. Btw, in the last episode Damon lost his brother, it was in script that he had to be sad. Blame Julie Plec for that and not Ian.
Kaylee 24 days ago
Did YOU not watch the finale? Stefan just died! I wouldn't care if the love of my life came back if my brother died either!
m b
m b 27 days ago
Still haven't told why they actually broke up,
Raquella Grace
Raquella Grace 27 days ago
I find it amusing that Nina and Nikki look quite similar, even close in age and even their names are similar... I guess that's just Ian's type
Firestorm 27 days ago
Well she's a lot more easy going then I am. I could never be friends with an ex.
Dime Rose
Dime Rose 27 days ago
Jessica and Mark’s relationship had the same age gap (thank God they didn’t marry lol).
Sabrina woodall
Sabrina woodall 27 days ago
Fans are jealous and Nina is Happy for Ian and Nikki
Baby Duck
Baby Duck 27 days ago
nobody gonna talk abt jojo siwas supposedly new BF
Trinity Whitfield
Trinity Whitfield 28 days ago
50% get over it 48% he wanted kids she didn't 2% i'M a tVd FaN fOrEvEr yOu gUyS
Libera 28 days ago
"It too shall pass" this reminds me of my favorite break up song from puscifer "momma seed"
Stephanie C
Stephanie C 28 days ago
Very honorable. It's life. Love it.
Elly Elizabet
Elly Elizabet 28 days ago
i only now realise that the Ian girl now it's Rose from twilight 🤯🤯🤯🤯 I don't know why but now that I know that I ship dem 🤔 (sry for my English)
Araba Afedzi
Araba Afedzi 28 days ago
He’s so hot
Josefine Bliss
Josefine Bliss 28 days ago
Um. Their on screen chemistry did take a dip after they broke up and there was 0 chemistry in their 5 second reunion in the last episode. Almost started shipping Stelena again tbh
Kaylee 24 days ago
Cause Stefan just died in the worst way possible. I wouldn't be very happy either, if me brother died either, even if my one true love came back.
Sarah Holmes
Sarah Holmes 28 days ago
It's been years and yet I still will rewatch the series every now and then 😂
BlinkFU 28 days ago
Or damion and bonnie
datsweetsansabooty 28 days ago
Cause this chick is a plain Jane to his panty dropping looks
Veronica Class
Veronica Class 28 days ago
I saw someone say on tik tok that they broke up Bc Ian wanted to get married and have children but Nina didn’t want to. Not sure if it’s true but I’m happy their happy now.
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