We Finally Got Into The Secret Bunker 11! - Call of Duty Warzone

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May 21, 2020




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Comments 80
Ronaldo Larose
Ronaldo Larose 9 days ago
They literally ran pass the mp7 lol they so clueless
Ronaldo Larose
Ronaldo Larose 9 days ago
bronze is like top 15 in plunder u have get jade and other and ruby
Covert Anon
Covert Anon 12 days ago
Anyone else think the other guy sounds like Sterling Archer?
CIB Show
CIB Show 22 days ago
Да полный ржачь😂 ( I'm a Russian )
aSAp zed
aSAp zed 25 days ago
Kranjos 28 days ago
Anyone else see Basically run right past the MP7 Blueprint at like 7:30 ?
Ghost Month ago
I got in before you lmaooooo
Yeah Im Glitch
Yeah Im Glitch Month ago
doesnt the phone remind you of stranger things s3
Tay-Elsa Kenneth
7:28 you almost had it hahahahhaha
Ethan De Silva
Ethan De Silva Month ago
I just opened the vault. And how has no one said anything about the red writing on the wall after you crawl into the “nuke assembly area” what does the numbers ‘207 A 14’ mean. Look closely.
Grom Squad
Grom Squad Month ago
Marcel u passed the mp7 😂
gavin hruby
gavin hruby Month ago
Ur so funny bro I'm gonna show this to the wify just for the soulja boi music shell get a kick out of that
Ben Sarling
Ben Sarling Month ago
If you get 9 or 10 then you better be Russian I messed up twice cause of it and then was killed twice when trying to enter - the iron sight is so much better tho
Beanie Eyelash
Beanie Eyelash Month ago
Anyone wanna help me
Coldage Month ago
The mp7 was right in his face😂
Craig Wagner
Craig Wagner Month ago
They ran right past it😂
Mr. Throbbs
Mr. Throbbs Month ago
It’s so hard to watch someone miss something that’s right in their face
El Dumbo
El Dumbo Month ago
Unlocked the blueprint by waiting for a squad to unlock it and sabotaged them as it was opening. My squad got it and the other squad left the match straight after, dick move but whatever. Hehe.
Hartbreaker Month ago
It took me 5 hours to do this Easter egg
Bimmy Beutron
Bimmy Beutron Month ago
The full video on twitter is so funny
Gabriel Garcia
Gabriel Garcia Month ago
More Minecraft videos please
rhiley whritenour
had to go to the twitter asap after u said that🤣🤣
GOKU Month ago
Best ending to a video I've ever seen
Daniel Welker
Daniel Welker Month ago
Nobody: The people playing in Russia 💪
Angel Gamer045
Angel Gamer045 Month ago
10:03 fortnite events be like
N0T Z10N
N0T Z10N Month ago
Lmao I like how the passed the mp7
Lussiano Duran
Lussiano Duran Month ago
Lol tht shyt was funny asf
X-Ops Insane
X-Ops Insane Month ago
I did it by myself it was easy
RTGaming28 Month ago
He literally passed the mp7 @7:32😂
Mayor McCheese
Mayor McCheese Month ago
This is like a battlefield level of an Easter egg
Dessy Month ago
them getting into the bunker and asking where stuff was made me wanna scream
Marko Santiago
Marko Santiago Month ago
What I did was when I got the gun was to equip it as soon as I got it so it didn't glitch it worked for me n accurate asf
Andy MartinezV3
Andy MartinezV3 Month ago
Anyone care to help me with this?
Prodi6y Gaming
Prodi6y Gaming Month ago
SacredFollower Month ago
Idk if you know this but the mp7 was in your inventory of blue prints. You did get it you just over looked it.
MW Gaming
MW Gaming Month ago
There’s a glitch to get in and It still work till this day you need a ATv and just 2 players. WHAT You need to do is get the atv vehicle and you need the second player to get onto the front of the atv then go to the bunker and you drive into the bunker but you have to do a whelle then the second player needs to sprint and jump on t has to be on the right side of the bunker door so the second player has to sprint and then you will glitch and it will push you into the bunker if you need help reply to this comment
Merced 209
Merced 209 Month ago
The blue print doesn’t save for anyone
S22tracks *
S22tracks * Month ago
The blueprint wasn't even worth it though 😔😔😔
Snarlingflea 606
he litterally ran right fucking past it
Daemo Uchiha
Daemo Uchiha Month ago
Still waiting on Soulja Boy to announce that Stadium concert 😋
Wilfredo D Rivera Rivera
I just keep daying doing this
Dimi Nares
Dimi Nares Month ago
My friend speaks Russian so I got a free translator
Iamlittlebrad Month ago
When they continued to run by the MP7 I just facepalmed over and over
Ferguson Month ago
Warzone is really gonna be just as cringe as fortnite.
Bruno DelCosta
Bruno DelCosta Month ago
Unfortunately is almost impossible to do it now because of the campers, because they camp on the bunker
Harshit Das
Harshit Das Month ago
How did Smi77y did it so calmly lol
Jonathan Martinez
My dude at the end was laughing like Elmo 💀
YesImNoah Month ago
I was shaking my head at 7:30 when he literally ran right past the mp7😂
Gayle Anderson
Gayle Anderson Month ago
my friend saw a good method to receive cod points on: *trickempire xyz* I got a lot from here. :))
Braedon Wong
Braedon Wong Month ago
He walked passed it
Matthew Lopez
Matthew Lopez Month ago
Update us if u ever get it
Spades Month ago
I've been so depressed but this made me smile ty
Pxin Fvll
Pxin Fvll Month ago
ignore my comments on the other vid lmaoooo
[ ] Sora
[ ] Sora Month ago
Numbers on wall could be another easter egg🤷‍♂️
Angelo Granato
Angelo Granato Month ago
Watching your videos drunk is the best thing I’ve ever done dude 😂☠️☠️☠️🤪
pallas12345 Month ago
Love it this video is 13:37 long
Wesley V
Wesley V Month ago
That ending tho
jtrimble772 Month ago
Ngl I got a little pissed watching him run past the mp7
Ethan Eyberg
Ethan Eyberg Month ago
literally my favorite video yet, laughing so hard i’m crying thanks marcel
LeightUh Month ago
you ran past it, that got me bro 😂
BySh Month ago
Poor Smii7y, if only he uploaded sooner.
Isaiah Jolin
Isaiah Jolin Month ago
Smash Bros Ultimate has new characters. Please play smash again when ya get the chance.
Kyle Huth
Kyle Huth Month ago
As an Air Traffic Controller, I was losing my mind when they didn't know what ATC meant and referred to the ATC tower at the airport as Empire lol.
Grumpy-shrimp Idk
Bro this man ran past the mp7
Flow Unlukaay
Flow Unlukaay Month ago
At 7:30 u ran past the mp7
Ata ur Rahman
Ata ur Rahman Month ago
iCraniums Z
iCraniums Z Month ago
This took me and my friends too long to do honestly don’t know if it was even worth it
Tal Zysberg
Tal Zysberg Month ago
You ARE suppose to get the MP7 blueprint, if you didnt get it, its a bug :/
Wayne Brown
Wayne Brown Month ago
U walked right past the mp7
Prodigy Month ago
Bro I tried it, pressed all the buttons and it didn’t work
Justin Moreno
Justin Moreno Month ago
You have to get bancor 11 and the code well de 847
RudTheDud Month ago
I loved when he said hey hitch die
Dead Inside
Dead Inside Month ago
when u dont know how plunder works and think that you got when u didnt even place 5:37
Mal p
Mal p Month ago
Nuke downtown=New destroy Tilted Exact same energy
Zackaboy 42
Zackaboy 42 Month ago
I also got 3rd place when trying to do this easter egg
Neutsie Month ago
78% of your subscribers have no idea who soulja boy is.
Dylan D'Ambrosio
Lol marcel ran right past the MP7 😂😂
Randy Chen
Randy Chen Month ago
Smii7y has got a pretty good guide to this easter egg
Ghost metro
Ghost metro Month ago
That's funny yall ran past the mp7 and it was practically in yo face on the table.
Jacob McNabb
Jacob McNabb Month ago
They really did him like that at the end... thats cold 😂😂
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