We Explored A Polygamy CULT TOWN & This Was Our Experience...

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This was our experience exploring a polygamy cult town led by a convicted criminal with 78 wives... 😱
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Sep 17, 2018




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jimmy j
jimmy j 6 months ago
What happened to your ig's?
Classic 7 months ago
So I'm a mormon and I'm from utah basically the place famous for having a lot of mormons and I'm not angry at the incorrect information you got online I meet many people who have misunderstandings about us so I'll like to correct some 1) So we dont change the scriptures for are own purposes nor do we change what it says we try to interpret it the best way we can like one thing is that they didn't always have an abundant amount of water so they would use the word wine instead but over time different words mean different things back then they ment grape juice that is fresh but now people sometimes tend to think that they were talking about alcoholic brevige 2) another thing is that in the scriptures it never says that it is ok to marry more then one person onles your spouse dies the reasons are because it is understandable to be lonely and need emotional support and it's not like you are replacing them for someone else the last thing is that it is important to have someone help you take care of your kids if you had them with your last spouse and many people get different religions mixed up together but there are a lot of differences between each religion I hope you guys see this and have a better understanding of are religion.
ayme c
ayme c 7 months ago
They purposely don't finish the homes so they don't have to pay taxes.
cam Marks
cam Marks 8 months ago
There are more than two sects of Mormonism. There are many more, all with different heads of their churches, and all claiming to be true mormons. Lots of info available if you're interested.
Tyler Butler
Tyler Butler 8 months ago
so true story although I'm not proud to admit this but years ago i actually got arrested in St George Utah on my bday of all days for a bar fight i was only like 22ish maybe younger but anyway at that point in time they took me to the county jail which was actually a satellite prison/ private prison so they house state,federal and county inmates altogether n because i wasnt from there they wouldn't give me a bond until my court date so i sat in there about a month and wss actually locked up with Warren Jeffs as he was there at the same time n the scariest thing of all is i believe he was actually in my same tank but was on the bottom floor so came out at different times of the day but the prison was called purgatory correctional facility,idk if it's still called that or not but at the time i didn't know what he looked like but there wss this guy down stairs that everybody said was a child molester n all he would do is spend all his hours of the day pacing around the tank super fast n never spoke to anyone,one day they called him n few other inmates out to go to court n then about an hour later we had a complete lockdown for the rest of the day because Warren Jeff's had court that day and had to be flown out in a federal helicopter to the courthouse to prevent all the media sources from following n blocking him n harassing him,but when i finally got out about a month later i looked him up n idk for sure but he looked am awful lot like that dude that paced around in my tank everyday n just so happened to have court that same day,so yea I'm 95% sure i wss actually locked up with that monster sorry for the super long comment but this video brought all that back to me n i had to share!!!
Kamryn Rose
Kamryn Rose 7 hours ago
Thank you for telling the truth about us flds. But you did get it wrong about Warren Jeff's. people made all that crap up. And also good luck finding the imaginary tunnels 😂.
Warren Murphy
Warren Murphy 8 hours ago
Sirlie08 18 hours ago
Poor kids
James 6 days ago
10:26 hmmm whats 3-1 .......11? close enough XD
Professional Gamer
What's the point on having a cult town?
Sierra Stamps
Sierra Stamps 12 days ago
Anyone else think it’s funny how he says “anywhereS” with an “S” at the end.😆
Nola West
Nola West 12 days ago
I have to say.... I'm sure these people are most likely Relieved in a way that Mr. Jeffs is in Prison. Why? Because, no one likes to be ruled with an Iron Fist Who Rapes Their Precious Babes, Takes Control Of Every Aspect Of Their Lives & Does Pretty Much What He Wants!!! No Prophet Of God Sins As Much As That/A Common Creep! IMHO So, now that he's behind bars ---they can play again, breath easier & relax a little, have reasonable toys & enjoy God's Beautiful Earth with the Ones They Love ~ Peace!
Norah Warren
Norah Warren 14 days ago
Love your adventures and follow you and your daughter. Keep on with your travels 😊 btw I love your long hair. My mom used to keep my hair long til one day I cut it short. I haven't ever been able to grow my hair really long ever again ☹ humph
Randal M. Bundy
Randal M. Bundy 14 days ago
Their home do not have running water. They all share one water source from the park.
DIANE Quelch
DIANE Quelch 14 days ago
Sorry thay are not Mormons nothing is to do with them
DIANE Quelch
DIANE Quelch 14 days ago
If I'm right someone was told to leave the one and set up them if you know what I mean
Tasha Pool
Tasha Pool 15 days ago
It’s really common to name cemeteries for babies 1 and under as Baby Land. My son is buried in a huge cemetery in a separate section named Baby Land. The plots are 4 foot long rather than 8 foot.. so they’re able to fit many more in the small area.
Jamie Leden
Jamie Leden 15 days ago
I really enjoyed watching your video. 👍👍❤️
mikehunt video
mikehunt video 16 days ago
"Big Love" on HBO was a great show .... The "God Squad" knows your there ...
Angelina Paxton
Angelina Paxton 16 days ago
I really love how much respect you guys showed towards a society that made you uncomfortable. You guys are great humans. This was very educational I loved it.
Brent Grant
Brent Grant 16 days ago
a bunch of good looking ladies in there - better then in my city 🦅
Frank Forrest
Frank Forrest 16 days ago
Awesome Investigation! Please do a follow-up with "the men folk" and any members that have left the church. You (EWU crew) are an awesome family, setting a excellent example. ✌🤘✌🖖👍🍿
Frank Forrest
Frank Forrest 16 days ago
@EXPLORE WITH US That's great! Thanks 😊
EXPLORE WITH US 16 days ago
Yes, we definitely want to talk to those who left the FLDS and hear their stories. We can also see if we can interview some of the men currently in the FLDS.
sll4214 17 days ago
I really liked this video!!! Is the God Squad a myth??
EXPLORE WITH US 17 days ago
Hey there! Tune into our next video to find out... Should be posted some time this week! Make sure you subscribe and hit the bell! 😄
Mary Noyola
Mary Noyola 17 days ago
What does that mean
soccerjohn17 17 days ago
Man the last time I was out there, I got followed out of town by the police who are also apart of the fundamentalist
Tina bowbina
Tina bowbina 17 days ago
This is so freakin interesting! I love your long hair dad. I see where your daughters get theirs
EXPLORE WITH US 17 days ago
Thank you Tina.
Karla Garcia
Karla Garcia 18 days ago
Parley Harker
Parley Harker 18 days ago
That water is the best In the world, you should try it. Look on the north end of town for the tunnels.
Julie Allen
Julie Allen 19 days ago
Love this Channel
Patrick Isles
Patrick Isles 20 days ago
I need to visit. This place looks *insane*
Devin Quintana
Devin Quintana 20 days ago
I thought prisoners were legaly slaves to the us goverment so wouldn't the government own the land now
Eric Thompson
Eric Thompson 21 day ago
Emma is sooo pretty
Yunhua Yiu
Yunhua Yiu 21 day ago
So people still on there?
Reborn Ducky
Reborn Ducky 23 days ago
Why do her eyes look super huge in the thumbnail
Karen v
Karen v 25 days ago
I guess it makes sense that some of the followers are brain washed because they were born into the community and dont know anything different. Its sad they still feel controled by a leader from prison. The kids cemetary and banning marital sex as a way to stop the inbreeding, very, very sick man. A very scared community that keeps following his rules. If only someone could convince these people that living in america means making our own decisions and enjoying life
Raymond Lene
Raymond Lene 26 days ago
Mormonism is a cult full stop.
Brent Jessop
Brent Jessop 28 days ago
I'm from Hildale Utah and Colorado City Az. And we always been taught to be respectful and kind to everyone including the outsiders because they look at us of who we are. I really enjoyed the tour and I have know idea of what tunnels you were talking about unless you wanted to go for a hike, there is a few different places you could go but probably the best is the natural bridge up in the canyon.
nXjXhXcX 29 days ago
E dicks lol
Kenneth Dispain
Kenneth Dispain 29 days ago
That is so sad
James Roberts
James Roberts Month ago
I’ll move there and take over this town overnight
Graham conquer GHC
I think what use do is amazing and have so much respect for use Emma your great,those ppl are sick n that peadophile is pure evil theirs a name for that when kidnap victims stick up for their kidnapper same with cults
Jake Roark
Jake Roark Month ago
warren Jeff is a pedophile I don't know about the rest of them but there leader should be burned alive.sicksicksick
MeBeKiwi 666
MeBeKiwi 666 Month ago
Bob, now with that hair your daughter looks even more like you. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree on the reals with your two.
Leslie Murphy
Leslie Murphy Month ago
3 sister made a show about it
Penny Milledge
Penny Milledge Month ago
Warren Jeffs is in my opinion a DEMON and the people who allow them selves to be ruled by him I just don't get it 🤔
Kaylee Ahlers
Kaylee Ahlers Month ago
There is a lot of them in Pennsylvania but the woman are always wearing blue and the kids also wearing blue. The men are wearing the cloths in the vid but I see one boy, 3 girls, then the mom and dad. The only way I know this is because my dad is friends with them but we never talk. When we say hi to them they just get in there mini van for a little then go and work. It’s also the dad and the boy that are working. If they have problems they try to fix it but they just leave it there for my dad to fix or my grandfather will fix it for us. 2 years ago they left but they told the us the people here are mean and left but I still see them at the farm once a month or a year.
Jimmie Hanshaw
Jimmie Hanshaw Month ago
the things you thought were true--BEFORE W.J. went to prison seemed to have been true because I saw videos from different people, (some were ex-members who were trying to see family members, others were ppl who wanted to check out rumors they heard), who went with cameras.. they were all treated very bad. ex-members were shunned and ignored-outsiders were chased around, harassed, and bullied with intimidation tactics. obviously these people are embracing a more laid back existence now that their leader is Not there to bully them around. they do seem happier and less uptight than what I saw before Jeff's left.. is good to know! excellent video!
Dave Oz
Dave Oz Month ago
In my late teens, a friend and I wanted to fake as if we were Mormons and travel 5 hours to Colorado City to hook up with some hot women. We never fulfilled our goal but it was a good thought. I'm not into their doctrine but hey, if a guy can have several women as wives, more power to them. Try that at home and your woman will have a lawyer on your ass in no time flat.
Dave Oz
Dave Oz Month ago
Some of those homes and businesses look dilapidated and unfinished, because state government won't tax their properties until they are finished in construction. Saves the owners money, tricky thinking residents.
Stephanie Leigh
Stephanie Leigh Month ago
A few years ago we drove through Col. City on our way to the Grand Canyon. We drove around the neighborhood in a white truck (nothing too attention-getting) but man...every head turned, even the kids and stared at us and within one minute, there were cars starting to follow us. The women were working in gardens in their dresses and the kids were working or playing on their scooters. Its like they were sitting in their cars on watch just waiting and watching for outsiders.
Mike Taylor
Mike Taylor Month ago
If he is a profit of God his grave or the way its neglected won't matter because he will be with God or he wouldn't have been a profit. Just my Christian thought and I'm a man of God myself.
Zacch Canavan
Zacch Canavan Month ago
Who the Fuck follows a cult ran by a pedophile?....never understood why so many people follow cults willingly... always be an individual thinker.
Zacch Canavan
Zacch Canavan 24 days ago
I've already written back to your reply and I don't think it got through. I'm 21. I smoke cigars, I powerlift and train for strongman. I hunt and make my our weapons and gear. I do a solo survival for 3 days. I have fought a lone pit bull, seen meteorite enter our planet. Don't be a cunt just because you lack the capability to be your own man.
Mia Schulz
Mia Schulz Month ago
Explored the amish :D
Your Face
Your Face Month ago
Maybe they thought you were Jesus, lol.
SecondRiley Month ago
I think the things that people in the media say about them being rude towards outsiders is from years back but I do know they are SUPPOSED to treat the ones who had abandoned the cult and left their family as If they didn't know them and they disowned them..
Cambamm54 Forcht
The reason they are getting water is because the water in the sink is unsdrinkable, im not polagemas but I lived there for a while.
Svetlana Lana The Fam Tisaj
So sad to see graves with baby's! 😢
Svetlana Lana The Fam Tisaj
The death penalty should have been given to him!
u need a hug
u need a hug Month ago
A gay couple should go there or a person of color
E. Reed
E. Reed Month ago
great job you two. what a interest place to visit.
Markie Harper
Markie Harper Month ago
Theres a branch from flds that is similar to flds and could be better.
sid robles
sid robles Month ago
Great video, good job👍👍
tim jones
tim jones Month ago
What would happen if I visited and started playing music
scott kernan
scott kernan Month ago
Next videos