We Explored A Polygamy CULT TOWN & This Was Our Experience...

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This was our experience exploring a polygamy cult town led by a convicted criminal with 78 wives... 😱
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Sep 17, 2018




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Comments 60
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Cindy Preston
Cindy Preston 4 months ago
Completely unfair and unjustified to demonitize this. Fantastic video. Super informative. Thank you EWU Crew.
Cindy Sue
Cindy Sue 6 months ago
They had to break off or Utah could not be a state if that had not been in place FLDS would still be going on in Utah.
WidowUK 6 months ago
What a strange place to live that would be. If I ever make a trip from the U.K. to the USA I will have to make sure I don’t visit that place lol. Might hit you up for a coffee and a list of places to visit of interest.
jimmy j
jimmy j Year ago
What happened to your ig's?
Classic Year ago
So I'm a mormon and I'm from utah basically the place famous for having a lot of mormons and I'm not angry at the incorrect information you got online I meet many people who have misunderstandings about us so I'll like to correct some 1) So we dont change the scriptures for are own purposes nor do we change what it says we try to interpret it the best way we can like one thing is that they didn't always have an abundant amount of water so they would use the word wine instead but over time different words mean different things back then they ment grape juice that is fresh but now people sometimes tend to think that they were talking about alcoholic brevige 2) another thing is that in the scriptures it never says that it is ok to marry more then one person onles your spouse dies the reasons are because it is understandable to be lonely and need emotional support and it's not like you are replacing them for someone else the last thing is that it is important to have someone help you take care of your kids if you had them with your last spouse and many people get different religions mixed up together but there are a lot of differences between each religion I hope you guys see this and have a better understanding of are religion.
I'd like to know why he has phone and other privileges. He should have nothing and be stopped from having any kind of influence from prison.
Harry burnett
Harry burnett 3 days ago
Emmas hair is beautiful
Parker Franzen
Parker Franzen 5 days ago
This reminds me of the movie the village
Steven Guegens
Steven Guegens 6 days ago
In America 🇱🇷 there's REAL 👹 EVIL and 💩WEIRDO'S and 💩 SICKO'S 💯💯 Percent 😴
Alejandro Cabrera
It's good that this video helped people get insight as to how they really are and thatvthey aren't crazy like we think. But I do hope their leader rots in prison.
John Meyer
John Meyer 7 days ago
Wow I thought Wisconsin was weird y’all are crazy yet great Job . Way too be non judgmental 😇😇
A 20 days ago
This is so good!!! Exciting investigation!
Maura McCormick
Maura McCormick 29 days ago
I would have just gone up to them and talked to them
Lorelai Gilmore
Lorelai Gilmore Month ago
I am so fascinated by this. Thank you for putting out amazing content!
Housel Month ago
Whenever I hear the word "cult", I just think of people in robes doing human sacrifices in a random cave. I've been playing too much oblivion.
Khetman of the Zaporozhyan Cossack Host
Warren Jeffs has been dead for a very long time. They do have internet and cellphones They also have television and satellite TV.
Clarissa Luna
Clarissa Luna Month ago
My husband works with a man who went down a wrong road in the mountains of central utah. It was a huge house with tons of windows like a huge hotel. He said there were kids looking out the windows. There was nothing else out there. There was also a polygamy wife that was just found in Venice utah in the sevier river floating naked. Sounds fishy to me. The husband said she has seizures and she must of fallen in the river while washing her clothes. They have a home in sigurd utah.
Susan Spring
Susan Spring Month ago
He would marry 15 years old girls
Susan Spring
Susan Spring Month ago
Father's married there daughter's too
Susan Spring
Susan Spring Month ago
Yhaaa I see that on TV young girls ranaway and there parents don't talk to them yhaaa nuts
Kevin Murphy
Kevin Murphy Month ago
I hope that stinking pervert is getting a taste of his own medicine in prison.
mason hammon
mason hammon Month ago
A split happened
mason hammon
mason hammon Month ago
It's called Cotton Wood Park
nesns .corny
nesns .corny 2 months ago
how is this still going on ? it’s illegal in all 50 states
Lisa Roberts
Lisa Roberts 2 months ago
Jeffs is in jail his crazy ranting cant be enforced so maybe they are slowly breaking away.
Kessia Wright
Kessia Wright 2 months ago
I am not involved with the FLDS and I have a brother who died the same day he was born and we have never been to the grave site after the burial. Same with my other relatives who have passed. Some of my relatives do get comfort from grave site visits though. We don't think it is wrong to look after a grave, it just isn't a priority. My mother always says that a body is just a shell for our spirit (which is eternal) and when you die, the shell is no longer important. We don't grieve where the shell is buried, but we don't think it is wrong if someone else does. We grieve in private. My step-father believed the same thing. He was cremated after his funeral and my mom will be too. My mom has his ashes and when she is ready we are going to release them at his favorite place.
Craig Rauscher
Craig Rauscher 2 months ago
...theres a small native cemetery in Carson that all the graves are mounds of dirt....lik 4 foot mounds
Kirkwoodclay 2 months ago
Their all jam’n out to some old school ice cream man music
Kirkwoodclay 2 months ago
Someone should shank Jeff’s in the pen and free those people from the psychological prison
pdyish 2 months ago
OK ill come outthere show how to SWINGGG BATTERRR
pdyish 2 months ago
those folks look at a couple good looking modern folk to bring into there way of thinking ull have swapping invitations take alot pics let me know pr n cons
Dreams 2020
Dreams 2020 2 months ago
Boyd Jessop
Boyd Jessop 2 months ago
This is not cult
kate 2 months ago
I learned so much in this video!! Thank you for making good, informational, entertaining content!
Deden Bangkit
Deden Bangkit 2 months ago
😮 so creepy.
Julie Krienke
Julie Krienke 3 months ago
Im glad....jeffs is gone...no the children are nice, the men are protective
Julie Krienke
Julie Krienke 3 months ago
Maybe its changed a bit...since jeff is gone
Julie Krienke
Julie Krienke 3 months ago
No they are kind, but the elders are protecting their own
Julie Krienke
Julie Krienke 3 months ago
Im scared for you
Julie Krienke
Julie Krienke 3 months ago
Terrible stuff happened to children
Julie Krienke
Julie Krienke 3 months ago
Be careful guys....they have their own security that pop out in trucks
Julie Krienke
Julie Krienke 3 months ago
Be careful
Julie Krienke
Julie Krienke 3 months ago
The young ladies and young boys are friendly....they need to get out ..and they can...one phone call to the rescuers....and these rescurers come and get them to new lives
Julie Krienke
Julie Krienke 3 months ago
Be careful you guys, they take law in their own hands....be careful!
Julie Krienke
Julie Krienke 3 months ago
Fdls....fundamental latter day saints....they still exist all thecway from pocatello to salt lake city....watch yourselves....keep safe.....there are rescue groups who rescue girls from FLDS, UNTIL THIS DAY....THEY HELP PEOPLE GET OUT....YOUNGER KIDS, GIRLS AND BOYS AND SET UP NEW PLACES FOR THESE GIRLS AND BOYS TO LIVE....THEY ARE YOU TUBBERS AND HAVE SECURITY TO HELP THEM SAVE CHILDREN FROM THE CULT....jewish grandma just julie
311mdub 3 months ago
Did guys ever get followed by white or black trucks? They always follow outsiders
Patricia Lynn Moore
Patricia Lynn Moore 3 months ago
Hi Bob and Emma, I have just discovered the Kingston Clan, also known as The Order, through various sources. They are also private cult I believe in or near Colorado City as well. I was wondering have you guys ever investigated that polygamist group in the past or if you plan on investigating the group. It is purely horrifying evil the things I have discovered about the group and the individuals who lead this cult. I, probably one of thousands, would like to know more about the cult in hopes of exposing them further. EWU is really the only source of investigative truth that I trust and would love to get your perspective on the cult. Thank you for your time to read my message. Please reply or send me a direct message. Best Regards, Patricia 🙏🙏❣
carolinavlogs 3 months ago
I’m apart of the LDS Mormons which is not a CULT but the FLDS is a damn CULT lol
Jason Month ago
The flds would not exist if it wasn't for the lds church and Joseph Smith. These flds read the book of mormon and believe Joseph Smith was there prophet.
Ryan Ehlis
Ryan Ehlis 3 months ago
Plural marriage is actually biblical. True Mormonism is a cult, there are no “normal Mormons” Jesus depicts himself as polygamist in parable of the 10 virgins. Exodus 21:10.
Jason Month ago
Not true
TwinSun's2187 3 months ago
This stuff is so interesting.
Gordon Shumway
Gordon Shumway 3 months ago
Yeah, they get a bad rap. They are good neighbors and good people.
ello mate
ello mate 3 months ago
Plot twist they’re apart of the group this whole time & they make these videos to help out the group👀 hehehe jk but this was a good video!
Monaesha Alsay
Monaesha Alsay 3 months ago
Wow i know this was year ago but i have never known this city was in Arizona and i have been in Arizona my whole life wow im shocked thnx for the videos i love watching them
James horton
James horton 3 months ago
these people do judge u because u have long hair and a beard and the daughters hhair is down and shes not covered up her body
James horton
James horton 3 months ago
this church makes the young girls to marry the old men
James horton
James horton 3 months ago
these people are Holiness my mother in law was a member at one time they are kind of strange people I wasnt allowed to go to this church , they are very strange my wife was a member also but when she meet me she was told that was not allowed to date people out of the church when she wouldnt listen to them they kicked her and mom and dad and brother out of the church
Rayne J
Rayne J 4 months ago
I would say dont trust the media hype. They spread lies. If it makes national news it's a lie.
Steven 4 months ago
Warren Jeffs sounds like a real life "High Plains Drifter". One that blames his followers for his demise, in this case, his life sentence in prison, and has set the townspeople out to acheive their own destruction to dismantle what he feels is an injust reward that he "earned" for them and that they no longer deserve.
Stagnant Walter
Stagnant Walter 4 months ago
It's spring water. When i go up north to the mountains thats all we have to. We take empty water jugs down to the spring and fill them up same system. Not a mystery.
Nikki Garcia - Armijo
They would stone EWU wifey to death for her "Slutty" shirt... lmfao (I know, I know this subject ain't funny and Jeff is sick) but yeah imagine what their thinking "Look at the shirt shes wearing she must be sleeping with everybody" bunch of weirdos they are... I'm sorry but the LDS is a joke and a cult...
Abram Cooke
Abram Cooke 4 months ago
I was born into this colt town and lived there till I was about 9 now I'm a 13 year old in texas.my family left a few years ago. So if u want to ask questions go ahead
Kelli Gordon
Kelli Gordon 4 months ago
All those baby graves😔💔
sdrockrgirl 5 months ago
Watch escaping polygamy amd read Rachel Jeff's book. Since warren Jeff's had a breakdown in prison people there have been coming around. They arent as wary of outsiders. But back then if you left the church and town you were an apostate and never allowed to see your family again.
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